Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Stuck in Gov. Chris Christie's Traffic Jam

Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy Fallon lament getting stuck in Governor Chris Christie's traffic jam. 

The cruelest cut: Springsteen goofs on Christie over Bridgegate -- ... Exit question: Jimmy Fallon does a better Springsteen than Springsteen, doesn’t he?

LA Times:
Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy Fallon mock Chris Christie's 'Bridgegate' -- ... In 2012, CBS News reported that Christie had been to more than 100 Springsteen concerts and when they met for the first time in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, Christie said he wept after hugging the rock star.

Washington Post:
Represented below is a composite of how commuters travel into Manhattan from New Jersey over the George Washington Bridge, and how during a four-day closure last September (9-12) the flow pattern was disrupted.

Gov. Chris Christie Traffic Jam

Lyrics to Fallon/Springsteen "Gov. Chris Christie Traffic Jam"
In day the day we sweated out on the streets / Stuck in traffic on the GWB
They shut down the toll booths of glory / 'Cause we didn't endorse Christie
Sprung from cages on highway 9
We got three lanes closed / So Jersey get your ass in a line
Oh baby / This Bridgegate was just payback / It's a bitch slap, to the state Democrats
We gotta get out while we can
We're stuck in Governor Chris Christie's Fort Lee, New Jersey traffic jam

Governor let me in / I wanna to be your friend / There'll be no partisan divisions
Let me wrap my legs 'round your mighty rims / And relieve your stressful condition

You have Wall Street masters stuck check-to-check with blue collar truckers
And man I really gotta take a leak / But I can't
I'm stuck in Governor Chris Christie's Fort Lee, New Jersey traffic jam

[Guitar instrumental]

One, Two, Three, Four

The highway's jammed with pissed off drivers with no place left to go
And the press conference went on and on

It was longer than one of own damn shows

Someday Governor, I don't know when
This will all end, but 'til then

You're killin' the workin' man
Who's stuck in the Governor Chris Christie Fort Lee, New Jersey traffic jam

Who whoa whoa!
Who whoa whoa!

I gotta to take a leak / I really gotta take a leak

Down in Jersey Land

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

London Street View 1927

This is like a Google Street View from 87 years ago. People in 1927 London gawk at the camera just like they do today when the Google camera car goes down their street. It's all very interesting.

London, England, 1927
Rare color film shows what London looked like in 1927 -- 
In 1927 Claude Friese-Greene shot some of the first-ever color film footage around London. He captured everyday life in the city with a technique innovated by his father, called Biocolour...

The people, most now long since gone, pass before us like ghosts. What’s striking is, apart from the noticeably formal clothing and a few old cars, how familiar and unchanged everything seems...

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