Monday, November 14, 2011

Euro Cabal Works to Crush Democracy

The developments coming out of Europe show that democracy is systematically being destroyed by a cabal of mostly unelected European bureaucrats. This cabal is working to preserve the cozy banking relationships and status quo that are the foundation of a Europe that is dominated by a rotting system of crony capitalism.

Two democratically elected governments have been toppled by this Euro cabal in the last week.

The Greek government headed by former Prime Minister George Papandreou was terminated when Papandreou stepped down on November 10th under pressure from cabal enablers. A provisional coalition government was formed with the task of taking Greece out of the major political crisis caused by the country's debt crisis. The real purpose of this new government is to protect the euro banking interests. In fact, the new government of national unity is headed by former European Central Bank vice-president Lucas Papademos. So the bankers now have their own man at the helm of the Greek government. It was in effect a bloodless coup d'état.

In Italy, Silvio Berlusconi was pressured to resign as Prime Minister on November 8th after the bond markets started dumping Italian sovereign bonds and driving up Italy's cost of borrowing money. The banker owned cabal acted quickly and paved the way for former European Commission insider and Goldman Sachs advisor Mario Monti to be named as the new Italian Prime Minister on Sunday, November 13th.

Mild mannered economist and banker pawn Mario Monti, the new leader of Italy, is a free market assassin. When he was head of the European Commission for Competition back in 2001 he blocked an attempt by two U.S. companies, GE and Honeywell, to merge. Their combination would have formed a more formidable U.S. competitor to the European manufacturers of aircraft systems. This crony capitalist bureaucrat humbled GE's CEO Jack Welch and sent him off into retirement as a loser under the new rules of a Europe run for the benefit of the power elite. He also took anti-trust legal action against Microsoft and shook them down for a $613 million fine. After leaving his EU post he became an international adviser to Goldman Sachs. No one is Europe has ever voted for Monti. Monti's career is an example of how Europe is now run by faceless bureaucrats, who are enablers of crony capitalism and pawns of the bankers.

Here is a round-up of some various voices discussing the power of this sinister Euro cabal.

Australian economist Bill Michell:
Europe – the fierce urgency of tomorrow --

[On Thursday] the European Union put out its – European Economic Forecast – Autumn 2011 – which categorically demonstrates that after 3 years of crisis and one grand plan after another the leadership is failing. Some of the leadership tokens – the Greek and Italian prime ministers have been pushed aside – but not by the people – rather by the cabal that rules Europe. The situation will worsen while this lot hold the power...

The triumph was that the cabal captured governments completely and so now our so-called elected officials do the bidding for small elites and use public funds to lie to us about there being no alternative.

So who is in the cabal in Europe? ...

The cabal is a tight ideological unit that has shown a total disregard for the damage its policy positions are causing.
The UK Guardian’s Larry Elliot summarized it nicely:
The emergence of the Frankfurt Group has turned back the democratic clock --
Electorates are being bypassed as increasing austerity pushes Europe's weaker countries into an economic death spiral

The real decisions in Europe are now taken by the Frankfurt Group, an unelected cabal made of up eight people: Lagarde; Merkel; Sarkozy; Mario Draghi, the new president of the ECB; José Manuel Barroso, the president of the European Commission; Jean-Claude Juncker, chairman of the Eurogroup; Herman van Rompuy, the president of the European Council; and Olli Rehn, Europe’s economic and monetary affairs commissioner.

This group, which is accountable to no one, calls the shots in Europe. The cabal decides whether Greece should be allowed to hold a referendum and if and when Athens should get the next tranche of its bailout cash. What matters to this group is what the financial markets think not what voters might want. To the extent that governments had any power, it has been removed and placed in the hands of the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the IMF. It is as if the democratic clock has been turned back to the days when France was ruled by the Bourbons.
Marshall Auerback / New Economic Perspectives:
A Financial Coup d'etat in the Making? --
It is said that the European Union is a remarkably inefficient organization in terms of organizing economic rescue packages, but when it comes to subverting democracy, they are as ruthless and efficient as a well-oiled crime syndicate.

Consider the following: in the space of less than 2 weeks, the eurocrats have managed to eliminate two troublesome elected leaders, whose actions dared to interfere with their broader objectives of finalizing the “European Project” – a project which, to put it bluntly, is looking more and more like a financial coup d’etat...

How have we come to this pass within the EU? It is hard to point to one person. We have seen this vast project moved along by a handful of unelected bureaucrats for several decades or more. Jacques Delors was a truly seminal figure, but he did not act alone. The whole of the European project has been increasingly driven by these unelected tenured eurocrats, who have rotated in and out of various positions within the EU's governing structures and spent a few years' getting the requisite private sector training at a place like Goldman Sachs or JP Morgan...
UK Independent Party Leader Nigel Farage at 2011 Germany anti-EU - pro Democracy Rally

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