Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Deadly Danger Of Dow 50,000

Will a broke U.S. government go nuts? So we end up with monetary and tax inflation, plus simultaneous asset deflation.

Todd Harrison / Minyanville:
The Eye of the Financial Storm -- We often discuss our current crossroads; government drugs that mask the symptoms after years of societal largesse versus medicine that cures the disease in the form of asset class deflation...

I believe we’re in the eye of the storm, a relative calm between the first phase of the financial crisis and the cumulative comeuppance that'll flush -- and perhaps reset -- the system...

James Kostohryz / Minyanville:
Ten Observations On Risk of Rising Inflation -- A doomsday scenario is neither necessary, nor even likely. Furthermore, I can envision many scenarios in which the US economy does quite well in an environment of moderately accelerating inflation and rising nominal bond yields.

However, in the event that my predictions regarding cyclical and secular forces leading to higher inflation prove prescient, the situation will become quite fluid.

You could even call it scary...


Daniel Amerman / SafeHaven:
Deadly Danger Of Dow 50,000 (1 Minute Article)

The Johnsville News:
$14 Trillion U.S. Debt really is ---> $130 Trillion

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