Saturday, March 24, 2007

Duke/Nifong/Cooper+70 days Hoax — The Hoax Busting Photo

Updated - today's items:

Cyrtal Gail Mangum - 3/16/06 photo left; yearbook photo right

Duke accuser, Crystal Gail Mangum (age - 27 years, 8 months), Mar. 16, 2006 police photo (left) and high school yearbook photo (right)

Crystal Gail Mangum photo taken on March 16, 2006 by Officer R.A. ReidKC Johnson:
A Thousand Words —— On several other occasions, [the father, Travis] Mangum has made such a claim, always mentioning the swollen eyes. Nor is he the only case-related figure to suggest that the accuser had readily detectable physical injuries.

On March 16, when Sgt. Mark Gottlieb'’s team conducted their first interview with the accuser, Officer R.A. Reid photographed the accuser. In his "“straight-from-memory" report, Gottlieb wrote that "“Reid stated [the accuser] had the onset of new bruises present."

[right] is a photograph of the accuser taken by Reid on March 16.

As is readily apparent, the accuser had no bruises. Nor did she have any evidence of swollen eyes. It would seem, in short, that both Gottlieb and Mangum did not tell the truth.
LieStoppers forum: Officer Reid photo Mar 16 - no bruises
FreeRepublic Crystal Mangum's pic from 3/16/06
TalkLeft: March 16th photo of Precious...

comment: What an incredibly important picture and hoax busting story by Prof. KC Johnson. Mike Nifong, the Durham Police Department, the false accuser: Crystal Gail Mangum, and her father are all co-conspirators in a hoax of utterly "fantastic lies." NC Attorney General Roy Cooper must stop this legal insanity now. End the injustice immediately and prosecute the real criminals: Nifong, Gottlieb, Mangum et al.

update: This picture also shows that there are no marks or indications on Mangum's neck that she was strangled. That is another one of the many fantastic lies this woman has told.

Bill Anderson is right. He said this photo "gives us a million words." The more anyone looks at this photo the more outraged they should become at the state of North Carolina and the city of Durham for allowing this criminal conspiracy to continue for over a year.
The Great Unraveler Strikes Again — Professor Johnson’s publication of the police photograph further puts to rest malicious misrepresentations put forth by ESPN, The New York Times, Sgt. Mark Gottlieb, Nancy Grace, Travis Mangum, the Snooze Room, and others.

Joe Neff, News & Observer:
Cop says nurse found trauma in Duke case [Aug. 27, 2006] — According to Gottlieb's typed account of the interview, the woman was in great pain and became emotional: "Tears ran down her face freely and her nose began to run." Gottlieb noted that "the victim stated she had bruising that was beginning to show up from the assault," 60 hours after the party. He ordered Investigator R.A. Reid to take photographs, and noted that "Reid stated she had the onset of new bruises present."

Reid's typed report makes no mention of bruises, only a cut heel, a cut toe and bandages on both knees. Reid's photographs of the accuser's face and neck show no bruises...
comment: Joe Neff of the News & Observer reported on this picture showing "the accuser's face and neck show no bruises," back in August 2006. Seeing it makes a big difference. Too bad the News & Observer didn't have the cojones to publish the picture seven months ago. It may have helped end this injustice sooner rather than later.
Crytal Gail Mangum, March 16, 2006 police photo. Enlarged, slightly enhanced (brightness, contast) version of photo via LieStoppers forum.

Crystal Gail Mangum - police photo Mar. 16, 2006 - enlarged/enhanced

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