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Monday, January 29, 2007

Duke/Nifong Hoax: Day #286

Updated - today's items:

Editorial, NY Times:
The True State of C.S.I. Justice — Modern DNA testing is steadily uncovering a dark history of justice denied. More than 190 DNA exonerations in 18 years show ever more alarming patterns of citizens, wrongly convicted, suffering in prison. Consider the eight felons finally exonerated through DNA challenges in New York State in just the last 13 months. Or the 12 people who had to fight long and hard to prove their innocence in Dallas County, Tex., alone in the past five years. New York and Texas are, in fact, the leading states in yielding these hard-fought exonerations. This is hardly a credit to their justice systems since the victories are won by dedicated pro bono lawyers, not by state monitors charged with finding injustice.

It’s clearly time for these grim showcase states to join the half-dozen pioneering states that have created what are termed innocence commissions...

KC Johnson: The Times: DNA Exonerates (Except When It Doesn't) - this is the same paper where columnists Selena Roberts and Harvey Araton published columns dripping with a presumption of guilt based solely on the version of events presented by one witness—just the type of person the editorial notes North Carolina’s innocence commission demands be vetted “more carefully.” ...

The Innocence Project (see latest news) Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law at Yeshiva University — The Innocence Project is hiring.
Kathleen Eckelt RN, FNE; Forensic TalkKathleen Eckelt RN, FNE; Forensic Talk:
Question and Answer With Attorney Jim Cooney on Duke Case — I couldn't agree more! I too am afraid that this case has set back victim's rights. One of the things that has concerned me so much about this case, aside from the apparent injustice against innocent young men, is that it is hurting the true victims of rape.

Because of my criticisms of this case, those reading my blog may be under the mistaken impression that I am overly critical of rape victims in general. Not so. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. I wouldn't be working in this field if I felt that way. It is for all true victims, both of rape and of injustice, that I speak out. I admit though that I can be quite critical of those who would deliberately file false charges, thereby hurting the credibility of all the true rape victims. I'm afraid that the notoriety of this case is going to cause true rape victims, in the near future, to be reluctant to come forward, for fear of not being believed.

And it is the Cash Michael's, Victoria Peterson's, Wendy Murphy's, and yes, the Jesse Jackson's of this world who apparently fail to see that by enabling any false accuser - black or white - by means of their extremely vocal or high profile status, in order to push their own particular agenda, they are spitting in the face of all those truly in need....
related: Charlotte-Observer: Jim Cooney interview
Announcement, LewRockwell.com:
January 29th — Arlington, VA. On Monday the Robert Taft Club will discuss the Duke Lacrosse Non-Rape Case and Its Meaning. Featured speakers will be William Anderson, Richard Spencer, Robert Stacy McCain and Nicholas Stix. Location: Sala Thai Restaurant, 2300 Wilson Blvd., (corner of Clarendon & Adams, near the Court House station on the Metrorail Orange line.) Time: 7:30pm (dinner at 6:30pm). Contact Marcus Epstein, (757 375-0179.

Steven MillerSteven Miller, Duke Chronicle:
A portrait of radicalism — While there are many good, decent and commendable professors on our campus, there are also a number of professors that are unethical, unbalanced and out of control. The lacrosse scandal has made this shameful reality all too apparent. And it is students who pay the price for their radical behavior.

Consider the case of Kyle Dowd, a Duke lacrosse player who graduated last year with an above-average GPA. Last spring, his professor, Kim Curtis, signed the abominable "social disaster" ad, which pointed the finger of guilt at the lacrosse team, praised the protesters who rushed to judgment and slandered our student body as racist.

It seems Curtis, however, did not limit herself to merely using words to unleash her contempt at the lacrosse team and to issue her warped brand of justice. No, it seems she decided to give Dowd an F in her course simply because he was a member of the lacrosse team...
FreeRepublic: A Portrait of Radicalism
LieStoppers: A Portrait of Radicalism, Steven Miller
Dr. William J. BarberRev. Dr. William H. Barber Guest Preacher at Duke Chapel, Sunday Jan. 28th, Webcast Archive

John in Carolina:
Race and Rev. Barber’s sermon — When he said he would speak about bad choices, I knew he would not speak about Kim's bad choice to strip in front of strangers or Crystal's bad choice to use a sex toy on herself for money but the bad choices of the Duke players for hiring strippers...

John in Carolina:
Rev. Barber at Duke Chapel — Barber only focused on the black women as victims of the slurs; and he directed his censure only at the white players. Such discriminations are expected nowadays from NAACP leaders and others like them, but such discriminations have no basis in Christian theology....

KC Johnson:
Barber, Wells, and the Sins of Denial — NAACP, Rev. William Barber, was invited to preach at yesterday’s Duke Chapel Sunday service by the man he described as his “good friend,” Duke Chaplain Sam Wells....Wells’ disturbing record on the lacrosse affair began with his April 2 sermon...Barber, alas, seems reluctant to apply his desired “theology of truth” to his own organization’s statements. Instead, the NAACP head tailored his remarks to fit the organization’s new talking points—namely, that any dismissal of the case would be based on prosecutors caving in to public opinion rather than acting on the merits...

NAACP Network.org:
Duke Lacrosse Update: Crimes and Torts committed by Duke Lacrosse Team Players on 3/13 and 3/14[The NAACP continues to publish lies on its website]
> The sexual assault nurse examiner (SANE) found the "victim had signs, symptoms and injuries consistent with being raped and sexually assaulted vaginally and anally." The SANE also said the injuries and the victim’s behavior were consistent with a traumatic experience. Theresa Arico, the SANE coordinator at Duke Hospital said "there was a certain amount of blunt force trauma present to create injury" and that the injuries the victim suffered were "consistent with the story she told." The ER doctor on duty that night also has reported that Ms. M. suffered trauma consistent with her story.
In Herald Sun article (4/1/06)...nurse Arico speaks generically about what a SANE nurse might say in a report....sexual assault nurse examiners do not render an opinion on whether a rape has occurred
> Ms. M.’s account of the rape included an accusation that Ms. Roberts had urged her to have sex with her and with the men, and that Ms. M. was taken into the bathroom and raped anally, vaginally and orally, and the three men used racial and sexual slurs during the assault. The serial killer in American Psycho followed a similar pattern with his female victims...

comment: The rape charges were dropped, but the NAACP still publishes these accusations without correction or update.
LieStoppers forum: Barber Live Broadcast, in progress

Letter by Charles Littleton (Atlanta), Herald-Sun:
'Old South' mentality — As a Duke alum, proud not only of the university but also the economic progress of the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area, I am embarrassed for all of you who are subjected to "old South" political tricks and mentalities. To take the word of a stripper with a criminal record and create a globally covered media event just to get into office deserves more than an investigation of the Durham prosecutor, it deserves a public apology by the Durham government to Duke and the students wrongfully accused.

I live in Atlanta, where the "old South" mentality is gone. Race baiting politicians would be looked upon as civic embarrassments. Durham needs to become as sophisticated as its world renowned Duke University. Otherwise, we have some land here in Georgia that Duke might be interested in.

Forum topics of note:
LieStoppers: TalkLeft shuts down for the week..., She doesn't trust her posters
TalkLeft: Forum Announcement — I (Jeralyn Merritt) am leaving for Washington in the morning to cover the Scooter Libby trial for the week...Should I close the forum for a week until I get back? Should I allow you all to go wild...
comment: release the hounds
LieStoppers: Brodhead booed, At Sheldon Williams ceremony — I just listened to Joe Alleva introduce Richard Brodhead at the Duke game and a huge round of boos cascaded from the stands. Brodhead then went on to retire Williams' No. 23 jersey...
Editorial - Duke Chronicle:
Alums: Don't stop donating to Duke — In the recent Chronicle article "Has lax case changed alum support, giving?" (Jan. 26), some Duke alumni expressed a desire to no longer donate to the University, citing the faculty reaction to and the administration's management of the aftermath of charges brought against three men's lacrosse players.

These graduates are misguided in their thinking, placing too much emphasis on an incident, rather than on Duke as an institution, and potentially hurting the rest of the University because of it...By focusing attention on this single case, these alumni miss the many good, indeed, excellent things that have happened at Duke recently and that are in the works for the future...

John Taddei, Duke Chronicle:
Danowski, Blue Devils kick off '07 campaign — Nearly 300 days after its 2006 season was cut short, Duke could not wait one more to officially start its 2007 campaign when it took the field Friday. "We were actually going to start tomorrow, but we were all jumping out of our skin," head coach John Danowski said. The Blue Devils practiced for the first time this spring on a sunny afternoon that seemed an apropos setting for a team that has developed a truer appreciation for the little things-practicing, playing and simply having a season on the horizon.

"We've been looking forward to this opportunity for a while," senior co-captain Ed Douglas said. "I think there's a heightened sense of urgency from the guys knowing we've had something like this taken away. You respect and value the opportunity a little more." ...

Updated - yesterday's items (1/28):

NY Post: Duke Player's Pain: Life is on HoldFrank Ryan, NY Post:
Duke Player's Pain: Life is on Hold — As the Duke lacrosse team held its first practice of the 2007 season Friday, Collin Finnerty was 500 miles away, wishing he was there - and uncertain he ever will be again.

"I dream of being back on the lacrosse field with my friends one day, but I'm just not sure if that's going to happen," said the Garden City, L.I., resident. "I've worked my whole life for this, and now everything just seems to be on hold until this gets resolved."

Collin Finnerty & girlfriendOne of three Duke lacrosse players charged with raping a stripper who has since changed part of her story, Finnerty, 20, says his entire life has been put on hold since the allegations rocked the prestigious university and polarized the nation...

Finnerty, who first picked up a lacrosse stick at age 5, said those closest to him had never doubted his story.

"Having the truth on our side has made all the difference to us as we just try to get through this," he said. ..."I was always proud to be a member of the Duke team," he said. "I really love those guys."
LieStoppers forum: NY Post Interview With Collin Finnerty
Ted Vaden, News & Observer:
Tricky issue: naming sex case accusers — Should The News & Observer name the accuser in the Duke lacrosse case? Not now, certainly. Several readers have said the withdrawal last month of rape charges against the three players removed the need for protection of the accuser that the paper has provided so far. But serious charges of sexual offense and kidnapping remain, and until those charges are tried or dismissed The N&O's policy on sex crimes -- that it does not identify complainants without their consent -- pertains.

But the readers' inquiries do raise several interesting questions. What happens if the Duke case is dismissed or the players are judged innocent? Then would the paper name the accuser?And a more fundamental question: Why does the paper even have a policy against naming sex crime complainants? Is it fair to name the accused and not the accuser? The Duke case has thrown a spotlight on these issues, and the N&O newsroom is revisiting its policy in that light... I welcome your views. The Public Editor can be reached at ted.vaden@newsobserver.com or by calling (919) 836-5700.

Stephen Littau,TheLibertyPapers.org:
Old Media vs. New Media — A rather interesting comment was posted in response to a minor point I made about the new media vs. the old media in a post I wrote entitled The Scales of Justice Need Rebalancing . I thought the comment raised some interesting questions that deserved to be answered in a post of its own as opposed to a response to the response on the original post.

My original point had to do with the MSM’s (the old media’s) incomplete, sloppy, and biased coverage of the so-called Duke Rape Case and how bloggers and talk radio (the new media) managed to turn the tide against the narrative the MSM was trying to establish. The MSM basically convicted the lacrosse players before they had their day in court. When it comes to accusations of rape or sexual assault, all too often the MSM automatically presumes that women never lie about these sorts of things, therefore; the men who are accused of the act are guilty. Very few in the MSM were even open to the possibility that Crystal Magnum (the stripper who accused the lacrosse players) was lying...

Durham's 'AWOL' PD Chief - Steve ChalmersRay Gronberg, Herald-Sun:
Chief's absences raising concern (1/27) — Police Chief Steve Chalmers' absences from duty in the past year have the City Council grumbling, but most members say they're relying on Durham's city manager to monitor the situation and make sure the department runs smoothly.

The chief was out of the office for an extended time last spring coping with a family illness, and apparently missed time again in December. In December, he had his top assistant, Deputy Chief Ron Hodge, deliver two key reports to the council, one documenting an increase in violent crime and the other on the Durham Police Department's long-range facilities needs. That delegation of the chief's public role -- coupled with City Manager Patrick Baker's parallel announcement that he hoped to have a replacement for Chalmers hired and in place by mid-August, more than four months before the incumbent's scheduled retirement -- has prompted considerable behind-the-scenes speculation about the department's day-to-day management...

KC Johnson:
Sunday Roundup (see comments) — the city attorney’s office refused a H-S request to release how much time away from the office [Chalmers] spent in 2006. That move doesn’t inspire much confidence, either....Good commentary in college newspapers...The “clarifying” faculty’s missive proved to be one of the worst p.r. moves of the entire case....Linwood Wilson...Duke graduate on Professor Laurie Shannon...Victoria Peterson..."during the rally, Ms. Peterson was advocating burning down the house at 610 N. Buchanan" ...
Michael Biesecker, Bull's eye blog, News & Observer:
Daddy Sang Bass (1/24) — Those interested in learning more about the singing career of Linwood E. Wilson, the chief investigator for Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong, can access the website for his group, The Spokesmen Quartet....

Court TV forum: Burnin' Down the House - Peterson was advocating burning down the house...
Carlos Campos, Atlanta Journal-Constitution:
Eyewitness guidelines urged after man free — Proof positive: Legislation likely to push state standards for conducting suspect lineups and other ID methods. - Willie O. "Pete" Williams' recent release after more than 21 years in prison on a wrongful rape conviction has put a face on an issue once again before the Georgia Legislature: faulty eyewitness identifications.

Williams, 44, was picked out of a photo lineup by a victim who testified in court that she was "120" percent certain he was the man who raped her. But DNA evidence later proved he was not guilty of the crime. All six of the men whose convictions have been thrown out by DNA evidence in Georgia were prosecuted based on eyewitness testimony, said Aimee Maxwell, executive director of the Georgia Innocence Project, which investigates allegations of wrongful convictions...

Michael Gaynor:
A Reverend Revving Up Rioters? (1/26) — The Duke case is Tawana Brawley Two, that is, a hoax based on a lie by a young black woman supported by agenda-driven activists, even including persons who claim to be men of God. Reverend Curtis E. Gatewood is second vice president of the North Carolina NAACP Conference of Branches.Reverend Gatewood has a website (www.curtisgatewood.com)....

Sharpton stands by Brawley's story. In May 2002, when the Associated Press asked whether he would apologize to Pagones, Sharpton replied: 'Apologize for what? For believing a young lady?'...It sure looks like the hoax helpers in Tawana Two will stick to the Big Lie too.

Yolanda Carrington: writer, political activist, African Amer. woman, radical feminist, Marxist, African Amer. nationalistYolanda Carrington (feminist/Marxist), GenderRacePower.com:
Prosecuting an Ideology: Reflections on the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case (1/12) — In discussing the Duke rape case, there are key assumptions that people in US society take for granted, and these assumptions must be examined and challenged. Simply put, most people’s understanding of sexual violence is shaped by rape culture, the dominant ideology that frames the public narrative about rape and violence against women. The main aspects of rape culture in its US context are...White male power is a key component of the rape question...