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Friday, January 19, 2007

Duke/Nifong Hoax: Day #275

Updated - todays items:

Dr. William J. Barberwsoctv - Channel 9, Charlotte, NC:
NAACP Asks Thorough Examination Of Duke Lacrosse Case - The state chapter of the NAACP has called on everyone involved with the Duke lacrosse sexual assault case -- from defense attorneys to state bar officials -- to stop talking publicly while the state attorney general's office begins its review of the case.

"We sincerely believe that the high level of public scrutiny and controversy involved in this matter is unwarranted and threatens to pervert the truth finding process," the Rev. William Barber, president of the North Carolina chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, said Thursday.

Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong, facing heavy criticism for his handling of the case, asked the attorney general's office earlier this month to take over the prosecution -- a decision Barber said his organization applauded.

"Nobody knows the totality of the facts," Barber said. "We do not expect, nor should North Carolina citizens condone, a resolution of this case based on biased and political or public pressure from the public or any overzealous supporters on either side. What we must do is insist that we follow the facts wherever they lead and face the facts when they are all in."

discussion: TalkLeft - NAACP on Special Prosecutor- Article

NAACP Applauds Cooper Promise in Duke Lacross Case - State Attorney General Roy Cooper’s office has taken over the case at Nifong’s request and has promised a complete new look at everything. State NAACP president Rev. William Barber says he is holding the attorney general to his word.

“We expect no less in this case, despite the high level of controversy and the notoriety which have attached to this case,” Barber said. "What heals the public is when people have a clear perception that everything was done fairly, meticulously, thoroughly and without favoritism either way," Barber said. Barber called on attorneys to refrain from leaking information about the case to the media, citing it could contaminate a potential jury pool and heighten community emotions...
John DanowskiSteven Marcus, Newsday:
Danowski: Duke of spoils - Are you ready for some lacrosse? It is just a month away and all eyes will initially turn to Duke, last season's headline grabber for anything but the sport itself.

The first story goes to coach John Danowski, who now has a charmed life. The man who never was paid his worth at Hofstra is now reaping his rewards, financial and otherwise, at Duke, where just the name of the storied university made everyone cringe when the rape scandal that shortened the season and imperiled the sport surfaced last season...

The scandal, such as it was, doesn't fall on Danowski, who has swept it away with a breath of fresh candor. He has a clean slate and expect him to make the most of it.

John PodhoretzJohn Podhoretz - column, NY Post:
ORWELL UNIVERSITY DUKE PROFS' P.C. TRAVESTY - The school has perhaps 700 professors who teach undergrads. So, at a moment when Duke students were being shadowed by a rape accusation, one-ninth of their professoriate had effectively declared that those students did not deserve the presumption of innocence - primarily because so many of their fellow students were supposedly being victimized by the atmosphere of "racism and sexism."

As Stephen Baldwin, a professor of chemistry who was one of a handful of Duke profs to refuse the rush to judgment when the case first emerged in March, puts it ruefully, "There was a collision between political correctness and due process, and political correctness won." Well, here we are now, seven months later, and no sane person can possibly believe any rape occurred.

But what do the Gang of 88 care? Tuesday night, they released a new statement (or most of them did, anyway). And while complaining of being misunderstood and misperceived, they find after seven months that . . . they were right all along.....Having in the first place prejudged the students, now they speak haughtily of rejecting "all attempts to try the case outside the courts." They "stand firmly by the principle of the presumption of innocence."

You might call that Orwellian if you wanted to put a highfalutin name to it. Here's a better word: Bulls--t...
John in Carolina: Skewering Duke's "new" 88 - Podhoretz gives Duke's "new" faculty group of 88 a well-deserved skewering
Kathleen ParkerKathleen Parker, Washington Post/Charlotte Observer:
Duke case: Smart people, dumb behavior - Spectacle indicts an intellectually dishonest culture on campus.....Who needs evidence? Guilty! - The past year has not been exemplary for the keepers of the flame.Before any charges were brought against the three players, students produced a "wanted" poster with photos of team members and demonstrated with signs reading, "It's Sunday morning, time to confess." Higher up the food chain, Duke faculty formed the "Group of 88" -- a coalition of 88 faculty members representing 13 departments -- and ran an ad demanding that the lacrosse team players confess.

It's been quite a spectacle. It also has been a damning indictment of an intellectually dishonest culture that pretends to the virtue of enlightened tolerance, but only for a select few. White males are the last remaining group approved for public vilification.

In a March 2006 letter to the Duke administration just days after the alleged rape, English professor Houston A. Baker Jr. brought clarity to the anti-white male, anti-jock bias that is today entrenched on many college campuses. It reads in part:
"How many more people of color must fall victim to violent, white, male, athletic privilege before coaches who make Chevrolet and American Express commercials, athletic directors who engage in Miss Ophelia-styled `perfectly horrible' rhetoric, higher administrators who are salaried at least in part to keep us safe, and publicists who are supposed not to praise Caesar but to damn the unconscionable ... how many?"
Meg Bourdillon, Duke Chronicle:
Faculty letter aims to clarify '88' ad - A group of approximately 90 faculty members calling themselves "Concerned Duke Faculty" posted an open letter addressed to the University community online Tuesday. In the letter, the signatories affirmed their support for the authors of an ad published in The Chronicle in April 2006 titled "What Does a Social Disaster Sound Like?" which highlighted concerns brought to light by the lacrosse incident about racism and sexism on campus. The signatories of the recent letter stated that the original ad has been widely misinterpreted in discussions about the lacrosse case and the University.

"We stand by the claim that issues of race and sexual violence on campus are real, and we join the ad's call to all of us at Duke to do something about this," the authors of the open letter wrote. By yesterday afternoon, 90 professors and lecturing fellows appeared on the list of signatories to which the letter links. Of them, 64 were among the 88 signers of the ad printed in April.

"I think that another letter has been needed for months," said Ronen Plesser, associate professor of physics, who signed both the letter and the ad. "What held it up was that it's a complicated thing to do, and nobody wanted to get started."

Christopher G. Adamo - Commentary, CNSNews.com:
Nifong, Fitzgerald, and Earl: American Justice Defiled - A pattern of abuse is spreading and escalating throughout America, as out-of-control public prosecutors pursue their "duties" with less regard to justice than to their personal and political agendas...No doubt the loudest and most publicized event of this nature involves Durham County North Carolina prosecutor Michael Nifong and the Lacrosse team from Duke University. Lately, details of Nifong's malfeasance have come to light, representing a degree of injustice and malice so outrageous that Nifong has finally been forced to recuse himself from the case.

Yet in the course of his malevolent pursuit of the Lacrosse players, he engaged in no less a crime than to knowingly suppress vital evidence sufficient to totally vindicate the accused....Clearly, the unscrupulous actions of such out of control prosecutors as Nifong, Fitzgerald, and Earl exceed any standard warranting removal from decent society.
FreeRepublic: Nifong, Fitzgerald, and Earl: American Justice Defiled
John in Carolina:
Anderson on Duke's liability - Duke University's President Richard H. Brodhead seemed nervous...Or maybe Brodhead had just read an advance copy of professor and pundit Bill Anderson's latest column...

John in Carolina:
Comments erased at N&O - The Raleigh N&O, the paper that said Precious was a "victim...of sex crimes," is now in Watergate cover-up mode....Readers, including now retired North Carolina journalist Bob Wilson and myself, commented on the thread. Bob's and my comments were erased. Melanie said they were erased because they were off point to John's ampersand opus.

Adding Insult to Injury - This is now officially a liability nightmare for Duke. The professors that opened them up to substantial legal jeopardy are on record unrepentantly clarifying their hostile position. Kim Curtis's signature on the letter doesn't help things in view of the pending civil action against her. If the signatories had any sense at all, well, they wouldn't have written this letter, which seems to have evaporated again into thin air, but they surely wouldn't have hitched their wagons to Curtis's falling star. As an educator myself, I wouldn't affix my name to a letter with Kim Curtis's signature on it right now if all it did was state that the sun rises in the east each morning. Open myself up to civil suits for fraud and breach of contract, plus an assault on my (lack of) professional integrity? Uh, no thanks. I'll pass.

KC Johnson:
The Group of 88's Myths and Realities - If nothing else, the rump Group of 88 has demonstrated a talent for revisionist history. Their recent statement unsuccessfully attempted to explain away both the context and the actual wording of their springtime ad....Given that this new statement was undoubtedly cleared by a lawyer, I’d suggest that the rump Group find new counsel.

I hear that Mike Nifong might be looking for work soon. Given how much the Group of 88 has assisted him over the past ten months, perhaps he’d be willing to take their case on a pro bono basis?

Forum topics of note:
LieStoppers: Burness Responds to, Questions about Cash Michaels Piece - HI Cash. As promised, here is my exchange with Professor Holloway. In our conversation you said you understood the exchange she overheard occurred before the incident of 13 March became public. As I told you, that is incorrect. I believe the conversation described in these emails occurred some 10 days to two weeks later....John F. Burness, Senior Vice President for Public Affairs and Government Relations, Duke University...

LieStoppers: John Burness Duke, Cash's Buddy - I've been told two disturbing things about John Burness....

LieStoppers: Incendiary Charge by Cash Michaels - this topic just keeps going...

Talkleft: that thank-your-grandpa remark

TalkLeft: CNN's Hour on Racism in the Duke Case - A criminal trial is not designed to get to the truth. It is merely a test of evidence, a means by which to determine whether the state has proved criminal charges beyond a reasonable doubt.
CBS News:
Brodhead On The Duke Case (video) - Only On The Web: Duke University President Richard Brodhead talks to Lesley Stahl about the Duke rape case and defends his decision to cancel last year's lacrosse season.

D. Martyn Lloyd-Morgan, Liberty Sphere blog:
Open Letter to the 'Concerned Duke Faculty' (1/17) - In response to the open letter to the Duke community, I have my own 'open letter to the concerned Duke faculty,' which you will find here:

Your 'open letter to the Duke community' is a curious document. Once again, in your steadfast refusal to recognize your role in creating a climate in Durham that made it impossible for a fair trial to be conducted, you are proclaiming to the state of North Carolina, the nation, and the legal community in particular, that deep problems exist within the North Carolina judicial system that only a massive, top-to-bottom revamping of the system will solve. In fact, your latest attempt to defend the indefensible only amplifies your culpability in this entire charade....

Sher Zieve:
North Carolina justice: hang 'em high then try 'em (1/17) - The liberal bent in North Carolina's "justice system" has never been more evident than it has been in its trying-in-the-media case of the three Duke University student Lacrosse team players — who were falsely accused of and then charged with rape. Nifong called the three "hooligans" and said he was "certain" that they had raped stripper Crystal Mangum....the Duke 88 refuse to back down. Instead, they issued another statement...The problem, as I've stated in previous columns, is that politically-inspired jurists can accuse anyone of anything and get away with destroying the accuseds' lives — as long as the jurists' lives are improved....

Rush Limbaugh:
Transcript for Wednesday, January 17, 2007 - RUSH: Other news items out there. 'Dozens of Duke University professors have posted an open letter.' Oh, by the way, gotta find the audio sound bite because I'm going to need it here. Grab audio sound bite 14 and 15, because I'm going to need those lists here in just a second. “Dozens of Duke professors have posted ‘an open letter to the Duke community’ on the Web, explaining an ad last spring that has been widely criticized as a condemnation of lacrosse players. The new letter, signed by 87 faculty and posted at www.concerneddukefaculty.org, refuses to apologize for the ad and reiterates concerns about issues of race and sexual violence on the Duke campus. It says the so-called ‘Group of 88’ ad - published in the university student newspaper The Chronicle last April - has been grossly misinterpreted. That ad has been a subject of heated debate on blogs and its signers have received angry and sometimes racist e-mails. ‘The ad has been read as a comment on the alleged rape, the team party, or the specific students accused,’ the letter said. ‘Worse, it has been read as rendering a judgment in the case...We reject all attempts to try the case outside the courts, and stand firmly by the principle of the presumption of innocence.’” Right! This is laughable....

Michael Gaynor: Paula Zahn and Alberto Gonzales, replace -
CNN's Paula and AG the AG make a pathetic pair.
To the persecuted Duke Three, they have been unfair.

"Out in the Open: The Duke Assault Case: A Question of Race"
Seemed not so much designed to heal as to save CNN face.

Even the title of the special edition is at fault.
Just as there was no rape, there was no assault...