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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Duke Hoax: Day #207

Yolanda Haynes said it wasn't unusual for the exotic dancer to pass out during her stint at the club from January until March.

"It was just constant, every night," she said. "I don't know how many times she fell out on stage."

Haynes said she was telling her story because she felt sorry for three young men who may have been falsely accused in the rape case: Collin Finnerty, Reade Seligmann and David Evans.

"I hate to see those boys get railroaded for something they possibly didn't do," she said.
Updated - Today's items:

William L. Anderson:
Why the Duke Hoax Continues — the system itself encourages dishonesty. It should be ironic (and quite telling) that the government’s system of justice, which claims to be an entity formed on behalf of finding truth, is greased by outright lies and cannot function without dishonesty....To put it another way, state employees watch out for one another. Over time, the system of "justice" is not about "justice." It is about those who are employed in the official state system of "justice."

John Stevenson, The Herald-Sun:
Dancer: Bruises could have come from club — Scratches and bruises on the body of the accuser in the Duke lacrosse rape case might have occurred when she was dragged out of a nightclub onto a gravel parking lot not long before the alleged sexual assault, a former club manager told The Herald-Sun. Yolanda Haynes, who stopped working for Hillsborough's adults-only Platinum Club in July, said the woman had to be dragged and carried from the nightspot because she passed out inside...
TalkLeft (hot topic) - av dragged out of a nightclub..., LieStoppers - Revelations about dancer

related to Herald-Sun story

KC Johnson (does this man ever sleep?):
Change of Tune from the Herald-Sun? — With Nifong safely elected, today's Herald-Sun (in the lowest circulation edition of the week, Saturday) for the first time casts skepticism on the accuser's story....The testimony of the two former employees of the strip club, given to different newspapers on different occasions, will go down as two of the myriad examples of the "facts" that have emerged since he expressed his initial opinion on March 27 that Nifong deemed irrelevant to the case.

Betsy Newmark, Betsy's Place:
More doubts on the Duke lacrosse accuser's story — I don't know how this woman ever imagines that she can get on the witness stand and answer all the questions about her story. Every week seems to bring out a new contradiction to her storyline. Now, in addition to evidence from witnesses that she was doing a stripdance at a club at exactly the same time she was trying to convince doctors that she was in excrutiating pain, comes a witness saying that the accuser had a habit of passing out drunk at the club and having to be dragged outside.

Snooze Room Turns on Nifong (cartoon)
Kerry Sutton's Eyes (Joan Foster poem)

Michael Gaynor:
Beware Kerry Sutton — Ms. Sutton on the 2006 Durham County, North Carolina District Attorney election: "I believe the right person won. While I disagree with Mike's handling of the lacrosse case, he had a right to take the stance he did, and he is doing his job. If I ever mess up a case myself, I hope people won't judge my entire career based on that case alone."
TalkLeft discussion - Why haven't Zash and Flannary fired Sutton...

KC Johnson:
Requiem for a Spoiler — Criticism continues to cascade in regarding the activities of Steve Monks, who Ruth Sheehan dubbed “Spoiler Steve.” The 12 percent of Durham County voters who wrote in Monks’ name—just like the thousands of Florida voters who in 2000 cast ballots for Ralph Nader—paved the way for victory by a candidate anathema to their beliefs. Sheehan has a column this week speculating on why “Spoiler Steve” remained in the race even when everyone who could read a poll could figure out Monks had no chance of victory.

related to "Spoiler Steve"
Ruth Sheehan, Ruth's Metro Blog:
Fellow Repubs calling for Monks' resignation — A group of fellow Republicans in Durham are calling for Steve Monks to step down as party chairman for the county. These folks believe Monks, in fact, should have stepped down in order to run for Durham district attorney. But especially now, after his failed write-in campaign (which many of us believe spoiled the election)

Monkeys — We are very ashamed of the current "official" Durham GOP for thwarting the will of the voters of Durham. Please be aware that these people by no means represent the majority of Republicans in Durham. We are VERY ASHAMED of them and the disgrace they have brought to the Republican Party!!! SHAME ON YOU Durham County GOP!!!

Frank Hyman (former member of the Durham City Council), Durham News
Pursuit of justice deserves 100 percent of the vote — So, still not convinced that Nifong would have won anyway? That's fine. Some things can be debated all day in the media. But debating something as serious as an alleged rape in the papers? Perhaps the election shows that the bulk of Durham voters, and perhaps even the majority, would rather see that settled in court.

Biesecker, Shaffer and Hui, News & Observer:
Nifong revels in victory — "I just wanted to be the first to congratulate you," the man said..."You aren't," Nifong said. "Most people went ahead and congratulated me yesterday."...AN EYE ON HIS ENEMIES: As for the hard-fought campaign, Durham's district attorney told an interviewer he had learned some things..."I don't know if I've learned who my friends are, but I have learned who my friends aren't," Nifong said. "Which in some ways is more valuable."
TalkLeft discussion - Nifong Gloats, Prepares to Go After Enemies (hot topic)

Barry "BS" Saunders, N&O column:
He's here to stay, so get used to it — Votes against Nifong seem to have been cast based on how one feels about the Duke lacrosse rape case and his handling of it. That's like picking a girlfriend because you like the way she giggles: She won't be doing a lot of it, so you'd better find something else about her to appreciate. That's what those spearheading the Anybody But Nifong movement had better do, too.

Yesterday (11/10):

Dear Professor Wiegman — Surely you didn't miss the fact that Baldwin's remarks concerned only certain faculty whose conduct he described. Not all faculty, thankfully, engaged in such despicable conduct. Why did you fail to acknowledge that...

I'm told that Women's Studies has made no statement condemning the threats of physical violence and death threats hurled by racists on May 18 at Reade Seligmann, both outside the courthouse and within the courtroom before the judge entered. Is that true?

related to Dear Prof. Wiegman-
The Johnsville News, Nov. 2, 2006:
Policing Vile Metaphors & Idiot Professors — Since Ms. Wiegman is now throwing vile metaphors, like "tarred and feathered," off the Duke campus here are a few more metaphors/expressions she can expel...

Thomas Sowell, reporter-news.com:
Justice not yet done over rape charges — Nothing should be surprising any more about the Duke University rape case. Still, it is a little staggering that, after all these months, District Attorney Mike Nifong has still not interviewed either the accuser or the accused.Rape is a felony with serious consequences for all concerned. You might think that the District Attorney would have some interest in determining whose story is credible and whose story is full of holes....Unfortunately, this shabby episode is only one sign of a much more pervasive moral dry rot in our academic institutions and in our other institutions.

abyss2hope, A rape survivor..:
Nifong Wins Reelection Bid — ...what many of those who attack Nifong forget. The accusation needs to be taken seriously. This is also true if those accused are innocent. If Nifong lost and the charges were dropped many people would always suspect that the replacement caved into pressure from Duke students and alumni. If justice is fairer to the "good" or respectable defendants than it is to the average defendant or the alleged victim, that isn't real justice.

Older item(s):

Alton H. Maddox (Enabler of Brawley Hoax), amsterdamnews.com (11/8):
Will the Brooklyn Federal Court protect Tawana Brawley? — A Black woman has no right to claim self-defense when a white man engages in sexual intercourse with her. The Missouri Supreme Court announced this rule on December 14, 1855 in Celia, A Slave. This rule will free the lacrosse players in the Duke rape case. Thus, no white man will ever go to prison for raping a Black woman...
TalkLeft discussion - Alton Maddox is Feeling Sorry for Himself...

related to Brawley Hoax
The Johnsville News (9/19):
Where is Tawana Brawley? — While the Duke rape hoax is being debunked day after day after day, the question arises, what happened to that last great rape hoax perpetrator - Tawana Brawley?...And whatever happened to those two outstanding arrest warrants for Brawley and her mother in New York State?

admin note: days counted since arrest of Collin Finnerty and Reade Seligmann