Thursday, August 24, 2006

Who Robbed Crystal Gail Mangum? - Part 3: The Art of the Heist


Astute Duke case observer and message board maven "momtothree" stops over at the LieStopper blog and goes over the twists and turns of who robbed Crystal Gail Mangum. She comes to a very interesting conclusion.

Do thieves start fires to cover up burglaries? Do con artists stage commotions to distract their marks? Do embezzlers try to cover their tracks? Would one sex worker steal from other unknown sex worker who came to work late, intoxicated, acted totally unprofessional, and may have hustled her?

TJN posed these questions back in April:

Who robbed Crystal Gail Mangum?

How did Kim Roberts get the job of being chauffeur for an apparently intoxicated, unprofessional loser who may have hustled her?

Did any of Ms. Mangum's money get lost during the time she was in the car (with Ms. Roberts)?
Did the convicted embezzler Kim Roberts sling the first racial insult for a reason?

momtothree writes:
...Most observers conclude that the AV is holding both a purse and a make up bag in the picture of the AV on the back steps time stamped at 12:30 am. A second later, at 12:31, she has fallen on the steps.

The next question to consider is what, if anything, Kim might have done....

This part of the story has really not been questioned very much, except as to whether there were actual racial slurs that were used at this point, but there are some definite oddities here. First off, what caused the new commotion at the end? Bissey (the next door neighbor) says that things had been calm for quite some time.
All we can say is follow the money. This case is more about money than about rape.

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