Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Duke Case: Rigor Mortis

The Duke rape hoax case has settled into a foul smelling summer rigor mortis. The case and everything surrounding it has stiffened. DA Mike Nifong held a press conference last Friday, July 28th. He said he still believes in and stands behind his case. He said:

"I have not backed down from my initial assessments of the case..."
He brushed off all criticism and added:
"...this case remains a Durham problem and it demands a Durham solution"
Missing evidence doesn't bother Mr. Nifong:
"Obviously there were some things that we hoped we would have in terms of evidence that we ended up not having."
Mike Nifong posed as a resolute and confident district attorney, who is convinced that he is doing the right thing. Nothing has changed in four and a half months. Mountains of exculpatory evidence do not matter until they can be presented at a trial.

The Duke President, Richard Brodhead, also remains closed-minded to new facts about the case. Robert KC Johnson writes:
Brodhead seems to have based his actions on one fundamental premise: the players were either guilty or a credible case existed against them. In 99 of 100 such academic crises, this approach would have made sense. But as evidence has mounted that this affair is the exception to the rule, Brodhead has proven unwilling (or unable) to adjust his strategy.

North Carolina Superior Court Judge Kenneth C. Titus plods along towards a trial.

Local North Carolina newspapers like the Durham Herald-Sun continue to ignore the evidence and the gross injustice. They are content to play pundit while not doing a lick of investigation and also just plod along.

The Duke lacrosse case message boards have gone off and are exploring the proclivities of bit characters in this fiction.

Everything stinks in Durham. When will this stinking, good for nothing, dead case get a decent funeral?

Excuse me while I go to rehab.

addendum: Forgot to mention that the false accuser, Crystal Gail Mangum, has also locked up her guilty conscience in some cold dark place, while she hides out this long hot summer.

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