Monday, August 7, 2006

Duke Case: Pablum & Coming Clean

Following the N&O Neff article, US News puts out a very weak story this week rehashing the intense witch hunt that followed the Duke rape charges in March.

Liz Halloran slings all the colorful metaphors she can at describing the mess. But she doesn't have the journalistic cojones to dig into the guts of this case and call it what it really is- a hoax.

There has been so much water under the bridge regarding this case, any writer who comes in from left field expecting to write about it better do a lot of homework if they want to be taken seriously. Ms. Halloran was apparently too busy.

Her story, "Why the seamy lacrosse scandal may be too hot to be true," is just another colorful media drive-by shooting. It would have been a nice story back in April, now it's just lightweight fluff. Some of her color:

> "toxic collision of race, class, and alcohol"
> "soap opera black-and-white"
> "press firestorm"
> "tail wags the dog"
> "a perfect storm of race, culture, and class"
Ms. Halloran's big conclusion:
The way Wolf [Duke's new student body president] sees it, what happened last spring was not just about a potential crime. It was about people taking advantage. "It was about opportunism. The media for the story, Nifong wanting to get elected, and those raising the bloody flag of racism," he says. "We as students were caught in the middle."
Thanks Liz for filling up your magazine this week with some colorful pablum. Remind us again why we should subscribe to your magazine instead of just using the internet.

On the other hand, William L. Anderson who has closely followed this case goes into the specifics of why the News & Observer and Ruth Sheehan still needs to come clean.
Ruth, I’m going to say something about your "rush to judgment." Let’s face it; you wanted those accusations to be true, because they fit the leftist political viewpoint that dominates your newspaper. In early stories, reporters referred to the accuser as the "victim," not the "alleged victim" which is supposed to be the journalistic standard for these kinds of stories... told everyone they need to "shut up." In other words, people who clearly are falsely accused in Ruthworld should not be permitted to mount a defense, especially if it does not fall within the bounds of "political correctness."
Ruth, Ruth, Ruth...confession is good for the soul.

Why the seamy lacrosse scandal may be too hot to be true [, Aug. 6, 2006]
Ruth Sheehan’s Silence is Sickening [William L. Anderson |, Aug. 7, 2006]

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