Saturday, August 26, 2006

Duke Case: The NY Times and Journalistic Jackassery

Searching for anyone with even a modestly articulate good word to say about the recent The NY Times journalistic jackassery is not easy. However, the diligent Herald-Sun was up to the task.

It now looks like everyone wants to be "fair and balanced." So, if you're going to quote blogs that are saying negative things about The NY Times "editorial" then you need to quote blogs with a positive reaction.

The Herald-Sun provided a couple of pithy pro-NY Times/Nifong quotes in their Friday story about the "no camera ruling" and the NY Times article. Who exactly were these erudite Duke case followers?

One potty rant is from The "litter box mouth" Cat Lady Speaks at Reverse Paranoia:

**** this. The New York Times piece on today’s front page is excellent. After perusing the almost-2,000 pages of evidence collected by the prosecution, the piece proves what will come as no surprise to anyone with a brain: the defense team these Good Old Boys bought has been ruthless in their exaggeration of this case’s supposed flimsiness.
The Herald Sun is quoting "The Cat Lady," wow! The Cat Lady, looks like she has never said a word about the Duke case before now. The Johnsville News should be so lucky.

Note to TJN editor, for next time: to get noticed by main stream media write a profanity laced rant about a subject that you have some vague interest in and support some journalistic jackassery of The New York Times.

The Durham Herald Sun also quotes novelist and rape survivor Marcella Chester of abyss2hope:
One said the article "puts a dent in the sinister agenda of the prosecution's naysayers."
Finally, someone who has been supporting the prosecution since day one and in desperate need of a pick-me up.

KC Johnscon dryly observed
: "No doubt all the pro-Times bloggers are experiencing internet connectivity issues, and are unable to post any items."

For the fairness and balance, here are the two sources for the negative NY Times quotes The Herald Sun used-

Tom Bevan at
One accused Nifong of leaking the documents to The Times "in hopes of countering the public perception that the whole thing is a sham and a textbook example of prosecutorial abuse."
and Nicholas Stix at
With DA Mike Nifong on the ropes, the New York Times is seeking to rig the rape prosecution

It looks like the Herald Sun was peeking at Devils in the Details, by Dylan Matthews at to help it find even two pro NY Times/Nifong blog sources. That's how we found the Ms. Chester quote after exhausting the blog search engines. Matthews first looked at the blogs looking at The New York Times looking at Duke:
Bloggers pore over the latest evidence in the Duke University rape case.


Lacrosse judge bars pre-trial cameras [, Aug. 25, 2006]
Devils in the Details [ Dylan Matthews |, Aug. 25, 2006]


TJN also found a couple pro NY Times/Nifong remarks on the "Why is Gottlieb lying?" thread at
from ChickyGirl: To say that Gottlieb is lying with absolutely no proof is simply incredible.

This last article has leveled the playing field here, IMO, and set off a lot of manic and desperate posts.

Nifong, the police, and the victim are not the criminals here committing crimes such as malfeasence just to get the Dukies.

There is no giant conspiracy to get the Dukies. There is no motive to do this.

The Dukies are not worth it...

from fskatemd: Chickygirl,

I agree with you--the LAX supporters seem so upset about this article--they are acting very desperate and frightened. Frightened because this is not the slamdunk easy dismissal case that they were lead to believe by the defense. Their worldview--ie, the defense only tells the absolute truth, the "boys" are innocent and the women and Nifong caused this problem, there is no evidence whatsoever of a crime occuring--all these suppostitions are under attack in that article. And to really raise their blood pressure, it is not an article in the johnston news or the Durham Herald or the liestoppers blog but it is in the NEW YORK TIMES. Even the producers of 60 minutes read the Times...
What bothers TJN most about that last remark is the fact "skatemd" seems to be refering to The Johnsville News, but he screws our blog name up and calls us the "johnston news."

Ouch, that hurts. Why do the Nifong supporters never want to delve into the specifics of this hoax or get their facts straight?

If we had nickel for everyone who thought this blog was the "Johnston News" or "The Johnsonville News" we could buy all these pro-Nifong weiners a couple cases of Johnsonville Premium Cooked Bratwurst.

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