Saturday, August 19, 2006

Duke Case: Life on the Run

A News & Observer story today tries to pick up the trail of Crystal Gail Mangum, the Duke rape accuser. Ms. Mangum is hiding from everyone, including her own family, and won't even let her parents see their grandchildren.

When will the Durham County Department of Social Services or state DSS step-in and check on the welfare of her children? Hopefully, someone in Durham is keeping an eye on this potentially dangerous situation. Ms. Mangum has a history of mental instability. No more casualties in this case please.

N.C. Central University (NCCU) confirmed that Ms. Mangum is enrolled for the fall semester.

The woman was recently observed leaving the Durham Police Department's headquarters with her two children....

Since making the allegations, the woman has been depressed, lost weight and has stopped communicating with her family, her father said.

The 62-year-old retired truck driver says he hasn't seen his daughter since June, when he happened to spot her sitting in a friend's car at a traffic light on Fayetteville Street.

"She said she was doing fine," he said. "I asked where [her] kids were, and she said they were out of town. ... Then the light changed."

The accuser's father and mother said they are desperate to see their grandchildren, ages 7 and 6.
NCCU classes set for accuser [, August 19, 2006]

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