Thursday, August 10, 2006

Duke Case: Digging In For Trench Warfare

Legal pundit, Susan Estrich opines about the case. Sadly, she is right, a trial will not be a "healing experience." Indeed, if Crystal Gail Mangum takes the stand she will "be slaughtered on cross." But, her perjury is the only thing Nifong has to offer at trial, all the evidence proves the three Duke men are innocent.

If Ms. Mangum does take the stand, there could be that once in a lifetime real "Perry Mason" moment where the false accuser actually breaks down on the stand and confesses her fraud. Don't at least three defense attorney's get to cross examine her? How long do you think that will take? Court TV could do pay-per-view those days.

This case looks like it will end up in trench warfare. Estrich said:

That means this case is going to trial, unless a judge steps in to stop it, which is something that rarely happens.

And of this you can be sure: No good will come of it. Trials do not tend to be healing experiences. Sides dig in. Things get more contentious, not less. Tempers are bound to flare. Reliving the evening in living color is not likely to be pretty. Hearing the racial epithets again, rereading the e-mails, all of that will not improve race relations, even if it has nothing to do with whether a rape happened or not.

Even before that, there will be the questions of who serves on the jury and what counts as a jury of their peers. Shall we start counting how many minorities there are, how many "Duke" people, how many of "us" and how many of "them"?

If she takes the stand, she'll be slaughtered on cross.
We can only hope, that after staring into the empty abyss that is his case for a few more months, Mike Nifong will crawl out from under his rock and end the hoax.

Duke Case: Failure of Procedure [newsmax, Aug. 9, 2006]

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