Saturday, August 19, 2006

Duke Case: The Cowards - Nifong & Brodhead

Robert Wellington, a Duke lacrosse parent, wrote an essay calling for both Durham district attorney, Mike Nifong, and Duke President Richard Brodhead to do the right thing - end the travesty. A tale of two men:

Both men have reacted to the Duke Lacrosse circumstances with one overriding impetus: their personal survival. Neither looked more than one move ahead when they condemned the Duke team, its coach, and its players. Both followed an agenda laid out long before, in one case by those unhappy with the status quo and in the other by the almighty god to those in public office, the politics of reelection. Neither looked at the facts as they related to the circumstances and players in the Duke Lacrosse travesty; neither cared much for seeking the truth...

In the end it appears that the only crimes committed were by these two men...

Both want to be seen as leaders of men, yet both lack the courage to be honest...

This is a case of honesty, both legally and socially. I call upon these men to do what is right and I pray that they will find the wisdom to know what that is and the courage to do it. Justice will be meted out eventually. The opportunity can be theirs or left to their inheritors. It is time for them to choose.

A tale of two men [Durhan-In-Wonderland, Aug. 19, 2006]

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