Monday, August 28, 2006

Duke Case: 60 Minutes of Pleasure, Months of Wait - Part II

Michael Gaynor reaffirms his earlier report that the 60 Minutes season opening story about the Duke case will break new ground:

The final editing for a season opening presentation on September 24 in an ongoing matter probably will not be done until hours, if not minutes, before broadcast, of course.

I will not be baited into revealing sources or breaking confidences, but there is more comfort that I can provide to the concerned.

First, the idea of a blockbuster expose is not only to be fresh instead of stale, but to break news. A report that the Duke case is disputed and not about to go to trial is NOT newsworthy. CBS would not invest the time, effort and money it is investing in the expose to have "60 Minutes" open its next season with that...

Second, investigation leads to exoneration of the Duke Three and excoriation of their accuser and their prosecutor. CBS has been investigating conscientiously. The facts support the defense and discredit the accuser and the prosecutor.

Cash Michaels added this about 60 Minutes doing the Duke story:
The tension-filled case that has gripped the nation now enters several new phases that are guaranteed to bring even tougher scrutiny of how Durham authorities have handled one of the highest profiled criminal investigations in their history.

This week, a spokesman for the CBS News program “60 Minutes,” citing policy, refused to confirm strong rumors that the investigative television news magazine was working on Duke case expose’ for its season premiere Sept. 24.

However sources have told The Carolinian/Wilmington Journal newspapers that that they are aware of people who have already been interviewed for the broadcast.
The real key to the success of a news show like 60 Minutes is not octogenarian "correspondents" like Mike Wallace, but the producers and assistant producers who grab a story and run with it. Expecting someone like 65 year-old Ed Bradley to pull an all nighter going over 1850+ pages of Duke case discovery information is probably not going to happen.

TJN said a couple of weeks ago when Mr. Gaynor first reported that 60 Minutes was going to do a story:
Here's hoping that 60 Minutes sends in a flame thrower who brings the high heat to the big show.
That comment applies to the production staff. It was the rogue, Peabody Award-winning, 60 Minutes producer, Mary Mapes, that tried to bring down George Bush with forged documents in 2004. She was subsequently fired. There's high heat and then there are beanballs. Mike Nifong has certainly earned a beanball between the eyes, but we'll settle for three hard strikes from 60 Minutes.

When the Duke story airs it will be interesting to see which producer(s) put it together.

60 Minutes II correspondent Charlie Rose, a Duke University and Duke law school graduate would also have a passing interest in what they do with this story.

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