Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Duke Case: 60 Minutes of Pleasure, Months of Wait

60 Minutes will air Duke story September 24, 2006So the major league, A-Team, is barnstorming into town to show the minor league, triple FFF level Durham skunk-nut journalists how to play journalism hardball.

60 Minutes will reportedly do a story on the Duke lacrosse case when they premier their 39th season on September 24, 2006.

Durham is a minor league town every way you slice it. The News & Observer has been called one of the 100 best local papers in the country. Likewise the Durham Bulls are a great minor league baseball team. But, the Durham Bulls ain't the NY Yankess and the News & Observer and other local NC media ain't 60 Minutes.

Not even AAA level, but only B level at best journalistic firepower has been brought to bear on this arrogant, bully-boy, opportunistic, pandering, lying, evil Durham district attorney Mike Nifong. Minor league journalism has not made a dent in this evil hoax, this flagrant injustice.

The big boy journalists up in New York are scratching their heads. Like everyone who has closely followed the Duke case they must be saying what the hell is going on down in Durham. When did railroading three innocent young men into a rape hoax qualify as a just legal system?

Here's hoping that 60 Minutes sends in a flame thrower who brings the high heat to the big show. The "Nuke" LaLoosh journalists here in Durham haven't gotten very many hardballs across the plate yet.

Michael Gaynor at said:

"60 Minutes" premiered on September 24, 1968. Its website promotes the show as "the CBS News magazine providing a blend of hard-hitting investigative reports, interviews, feature segments and profiles of people in the news" and "the most successful broadcast in television history." The current plan is for its thirty-ninth season to begin with a blockbuster expose on the Duke case.

Mike Nifong, make a note: as of now, on September 24, 2006, an inevitable hour of infamy finally will follow your undeserved and disgraceful fifteen minutes of fame and you will realize that your short-term political gain from your deplorable (political) decision to prosecute (and persecute) the Duke Three was NOT worth it.
The "60 Minutes" season opener should close the Duke case [, Aug. 16, 2006]

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