Friday, June 23, 2006

Duke Case: Friday Linkfest

updated: June 24, 2006

Robert KC Johnson - Turning on Nifong:

Nifong’s behavior at best explicable by incompetence and more likely by malfeasance, the press has started to look hard at the district attorney’s actions...
La Shawn Barber - Scottsboro, NYT, and Hauntings:
The following is a sampling of Nifong’s contradictory and often race-baiting pre-identification statements that were not restricted to a “belief that the victim had in fact been sexually assaulted at the 610 N. Buchanan Blvd. address” or his “hope that one or more of the persons who were present but not involved with that assault would cooperate with the investigation.” It is my hope all these statements come back to haunt him, especially the hate crime charge hints...

AP - Judge Reduces Bond of Duke Lacrosse Player:
None of the players were in court Thursday. Stephens set their next appearance for the week of July 17.

Among the items the defense is seeking is an analysis of the accuser's computer, which Nifong said was still pending, and records from the mental health facility where authorities took the woman before she told police she had been raped. The only record from the facility, Nifong said, is a single page from a log book he is still working to obtain.

The defense also has requested the results of any toxicology tests performed on the accuser in the hours after the party. One of the first police officers to encounter the woman described her as "just passed-out drunk," and the defense has suggested she arrived at the party impaired.

Nifong told the court he didn't have a toxicology report to turn over...
Joseph C. Phillips of writes - Cosmic Justice in Durham:
in the final analysis that makes Mike Nifong as irresponsible as politicians fanning the flames of racial discord for votes or as wicked as the racist jurist puffed-up with the dangerous and misguided notion that they alone are the arbiters of the beneficiaries of justice.
The NY Times - Defense Criticizes Duke Case Accuser:
Mr. Cheshire described the woman as "the false accuser" and said she had claimed rape by 3, 5 and 20 men.
Duke Chronicle - Abrams lambastes Nifong:
Dan Abrams-former news anchor for MSNBC's "The Abrams Report" and recently named general manager of MSNBC...

one of the most vocal critics of what he calls the "outrageous" rape charges and of District Attorney Mike Nifong's handling of the case.

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