Saturday, June 24, 2006

Duke Case: The Banana Republic of North Carolina

Cousin Skeeter is riled up. This Duke scandal is making his state look bad. North Carolina "ain't suspended the Constitution," he grumbles, while talking on his cell phone from his bass boat on Lake Wylie.

"We have a good state and it's getting dragged through the mud by this damn fool in Durham," he complains.

How come you are not giving these guys a speedy trial, Skeeter? Next spring seems like a long time for three innocent young men to have wait until they're exonerated.

"Shoot. I ain't sure about that. But I know our judges don't like to get pushed around by anyone," said Skeeter.

Why did Superior Court Judge Ronald L. Stephens say he won't fast-track the trial? He said the case "is not going to jump ahead of the line and be handled any differently." Doesn't this leave a stench of injustice hanging over Durham and the whole state for months and months?

"I know what the damn judge said. I read the papers," replied an irritated Skeeter.

How come no one in the state is stepping in and forcing Nifong to step aside for a special prosecutor?

"I think some folks are digg'n their heels in because they don't like be told what to do," sighed a resigned Skeeter.

What's with Nifong trying to intimidate that cab driver who was a witness, because he gave a supporting statement to the defense?

"I don't know. I forgot about that one," Skeeter's voice trailed off.

Aren't there some kind of checks or balances on a rogue district attorney? Don't rogue cops go to jail or at least get suspended down your way?

"I'm not a legal expert, but you'd think so wouldn't you," muttered Skeeter.

Skeeter, you North Carolinians seem like you're living in some sort of banana republic.

Cousin Skeeter hung up.

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