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Duke Lacrosse Rape Timeline

Duke Lacrosse House - 610 N. Buchanan Blvd.Duke lacrosse house at 610 N. Buchanan Blvd.

Timeline of events for the Duke Lacrosse party and reported rape.

Starting Monday afternoon, March 13, 2006:

Using the name Dan Flanigan, Dan Flannery, a senior team captain, called a local escort service and hired two dancers for $400 each. The dancers worked for two different escort agencies. Kim Roberts worked for Allure Escort Services and the accuser worked for Bunny Hole Entertainment. The time of the party was 11:00 p.m. on March 13th. The location was 610 N. Buchanan Blvd., Durham.

Duke Lacrosse House - 610 N. Buchanan Blvd.

2:00 p.m., Neighbor Jason Bissey sees at least five men standing in the backyard of 610 N. Buchanan Blvd. drinking beer. Jason Bissey police statement:
At the approximate hour of 2 p.m. on Monday, March 13,2006, I had noticed that a group of young men were playing a game of "washers" and drinking beer in the back yard of 610 Buchanan as I left the house on foot. I remember in particular one young man wearing a sort of suspenders-like harness that would hold two cans or bottles of beer. My roommate, Derek Anderson, also recalls seeing this back-yard game occurring on this day.

neighbor's house - Jason Bissey

driveway/alley between Duke Lacrosse House (left) and Jason Bissey's house (right)

about 3:?? p.m., Jarriel Johnson is driving the accuser from an escort agency appointment to her parents' house in Durham when she asked him to stop so she could go to the bathroom.

"She got out of the car and started walking down Creedmoor Rd.(Raleigh)," Johnson wrote in a statement. "I pulled my car over and got out to chase her down. She told me to leave her alone."

Johnson said he asked several times before she climbed back in the car.

about 4:30 p.m., The accuser and Jarriel Johnson arrive at Mr. Johnson's home.

about 8:30 p.m., The accuser is called by her escort agency and told to report to the 610 N. Buchanan Boulevard house that night.

about 9:30 p.m., The accuser brought her two children to their grandparents' house for the evening.

about 10:00 p.m., The accuser and her father took a short car ride to a neighborhood convenience store at Cornwallis Road and South Roxboro Street. He bought a pack of cigarettes but said he did not recall what his daughter purchased. When the two returned to his house, the woman said she had to go out and wouldn't return until 1:30 a.m.

about ??:?? p.m., Accuser arrives at the home of Brian Taylor. Taylor said she arrived about 9:00 p.m. and he did not know how she got there. Note: this time conflicts with the two times the father provided above.
As he sat in front of his PlayStation console March 13, the accuser showered behind a closed door and modeled at least two negligees for her host, he said.
about 10:45 p.m., Brian Taylor and the accuser leave Taylor's house for 610 N. Buchanan Blvd. Taylor is driving.
"The deal was for me to take her over there for about a two-hour show," he said. "She was supposed to call me to come pick her up."
about 11:00 p.m., Kim Roberts a.k.a Kim Pittman a.k.a. Nikki, exotic dancing partner of the accuser arrives at the party. She drove herself. Kim Roberts/Pittman police statement:
I arrived at about 11 p.m. I spoke to Dan F. and was told that this was not a bachelor party but a get together amongst friends. They told me that they were on a sports team and were all Grad students at Duke.

I walked to the back of the house with Dan and Dave and entered the house thru a back door. There I received by $400.00 payment ($200/hr for 2 hours) from Dan and waited for the second girl to arrive. As we waited, I met a few of the fellas in the house and chit chatted for several minutes. The guys were anxious and asked me to call Melissa and check on the second girl. We were told that she was soon on her way.
11:02 p.m., (photo time stamp from student camera) Students are hanging out in a living room (at 610 N. Buchanan), apparently waiting for the dancers to arrive. Most have drinking cups in their hands.
The photos are believed to be authentic and taken by one of the students at the March 13 party. The time stamps on the photos appear to be accurate. Pictures of a wristwatch magnified for clarity correspond with the time on the photos.
11:02:36 p.m., (photo time stamp) Men are sitting around the house. Many have plastic cups in their hands.

11:08:28 p.m., (photo time stamp) Men throw their arms in the air as if they are cheering and posing for the camera.

11:09:25 p.m., (photo time stamp) A closer picture of a few men posing for the camera.

Reade Seligman at party, 11:09:25 p.m.
Team captains have told the police that 41 of the 47 Duke lacrosse players attended the party. The team captains left Reade Seligmann off the list they gave to the police although he had been photographed watching the dancers.

11:25 p.m., (accuser's cell phone records) Accuser calls her father while being driven to the Duke lacrosse party by Brian Taylor. Call lasts 7 minutes.

11:30 p.m., Bissey, after being out for a while, returns to his house. He sees approximately 30 people enter the house. Several young men are gathered near the back door of 610 N. Buchanan. Jason Bissey police statement:
I returned to my residence at approximately 11:30 p.m. on Monday. After getting a bottle of beer from my kitchen, I proceeded to my porch to smoke a cigarette. It was at this point that I noticed that the party from earlier in the day was still in effect next door at 610 Buchanan. I noted that some men were still lingering in the back yard of 610.

From 11:30 to 11:39 p.m. The accuser receives four calls with no caller ID. The final call at 11:36 lasts three minutes.

11:33 p.m., (accuser's cell phone records) Accuser receives a cell phone call while being driven to the party by Brian Taylor.

11:36 p.m., (accuser's cell phone records) Accuser receives a cell phone call while being driven to the party by Brian Taylor. The call lasts 3 minutes.

sometime after 11:39 p.m., The accuser is dropped off at the party house. She was wearing a negligee and shiny white strappy high heels.
Brian Taylor and his passenger, the accuser, were flagged down by a man outside 610 N. Buchanan Blvd. awaiting their arrival. "On our way there, she got two calls on her cell phone saying if you don't come soon, it's going to get canceled," Taylor said.

The were late, because Taylor had difficulty finding the address.
Kim Roberts in her police statement seems to have misjudged the time. She said:
At about 11:30 Precious arrived and came to the back where we met for the first time.
The dancers do not use their real names with each other. Ms. Roberts/Pittman refers to the accuser as "Precious" and the accuser refers to Ms. Roberts as "Nikki."

11:50 p.m., Bissey, on his porch, notices two women walk to the back of the house, where a man greets them. Jason Bissey police statement:
At approximately 11:50 p.m., I saw from my porch that a car had been stopped directly in front of 610, and noted that two young women, both appearing to be African-American, were walking from the direction of the car and proceeded to the back-yard entrance of 610. One of the two was dressed in an extremely short tan skirt and was wearing high heels. Her hair was pinned up above her ears. The other woman was more conservatively dressed in pants and a sweater or blouse of some sort, and her hair was shoulder-length and curly. The two women briefly spoke with one of the men who was in the back yard. I remember hearing that he lived "at the other house," which in retrospect I assume to be the house on Urban Ave. that also was rented to Duke lacrosse team members. This man then left in the direction of Watts St., apparently to the residence to which he had just referred. Another young man spoke briefly with the two women just outside the back door of 610, and then proceeded indoors. At this point no one was outside of 610 besides the two young women.
Bissey media interview:
Two young women, one of them dressed in a short skirt and high heels, and the other woman was dressed a little more conservatively spoke with the gentleman outside of this door here briefly, and then at this point, all of the young men were inside. They spoke amongst themselves for about five minutes or so and then entered the house.
about 11:55 p.m., Jason Bissey police statement:
A very brief conversation between the two women ensued, which I observed by switching to another chair on my porch. The more conservatively dressed woman noticed me at least once, when we made eye contact. She was speaking to the more proactively-dressed woman in a tone that I deduced through body language to be a sort of coaching, as if she was preparing her for something that she herself was comfortable with, but needed to talk the woman with the short skirt though it. I did not overhear any specific words at that time. Twice that I noticed during this conversation, a man or two different men opened the back door of 610 and spoke to the women, and the more conservatively dressed woman responded both times something to the effect that they would "be right there," or "just give us a minute."
Ms. Roberts (aka Ms. Pittman) told Vanity Fair:
The two women chatted for a bit behind the house and had "a regular, normal conversation. We talked. We joked a little bit," Roberts says...."I told her I was new to this and didn't really know what I was doing. [She] told me that she danced at a club and was a little more experienced. She told me about her kids."
Roberts in her police statement said:
I waited outside and she went inside to collect her money. She showed me her payment ($400.00) and we went straight the bathroom where my outfit was to change clothes. Precious came with her dancing gear on and did not need to change.

We conversed about our plan for the dance. There was a knock on the door and we were handed two drinks of equal amounts. We did sip the drinks, but Precious' cup fell into the sink.
Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Midnight, Bissey sees the two women go into the house. After the two women had entered the house Bissey went inside to take a shower. Jason Bissey police statement:
I saw the women enter 610 together. After a moment, I remember quite specifically that it was Midnight. The reason I know it was Midnight is because I looked at my cell phone and noted the time. At approximately 12:05 a.m. on Tuesday, I re-entered my house and took a shower.
Midnight, (photo time stamp) The dancer is sprawled on her stomach on the floor, as a second dancer stands over her. Students are watching the show but not grabbing or attempting to touch the women. Bruises are clearly visible on the legs and thighs of the alleged victim.
They only danced briefly. Time-coded digital photographs, defense lawyers say, show the women talking and dancing in the living room between midnight and 12:04 a.m. In one photo, the accuser is prone on the floor. Men holding beers ring the living room.
12:00:40 a.m., (photo time stamp) Photo shows bruises on the accuser's knees. Her right knee appears to have an open cut.

12:02:16 a.m., (photo time stamp) The accuser is on top of the second dancer. The accuser's right thumbnail does not have a fingernail or polish on it. Her right pinky nail also does not have a nail. The men are smiling. The dancers are smiling.

Dan Abrams of MSNBC, who has seen the photos said: "My subjective opinion of looking at these pictures is they are two buck-naked women performing sexual acts on one another in front of a lot of different people."

12:03 a.m., The lacrosse players say:
But by 12:03, the mood has turned: in a photo, the women are standing and the second stripper appears to be reaching toward the guys, all of whom have lost their smiles. She slaps one of them for suggesting the alleged victim use a broom as a sex toy, according to Ekstrand [defense attorney].
12:03:57 a.m., (photo time stamp) Photo of both strippers by the door leaving the room. The photo clearly shows that the accuser left behind her right shoe on the floor. The men in the room are sitting.
12:03:57 AM photo of lacrosse party----------
accuser's shoeblowup of white shoe from larger photo above
Defense lawyers say the players told the dancers to leave because one was drunk. They said the women went in the bathroom for 10 to 20 minutes then left the house. The women, however, say they were scared off. The accuser told the police that the men had become "excited and aggressive" as they danced. She and Ms. Roberts said one man held up a broomstick and threatened to sexually assault them with it.
Roberts in her police statement said:
We finished getting dressed and proceeded to the living room, led by Dan, to do our show. There were about 20-25 young guys there, who were all sitting down. Precious and I began our show which, in my opinion, seemed to be going well. Precious began showing signs of intoxication at this point. We continued with the performance until one of the boys brought out a broomstick and after asking if we had any toys, said he would use the broomstick on us.

That statement made me uncomfortable and I felt like I wanted to leave. I raised my voice to the boys and said the show was over. The commotion riled Precious up and caused her to get irate. I went to the bathroom with Precious and I told her I wanted to leave. Precious felt we could get more money and that we shouldn't leave yet. She was uncontrollable at this point and was yelling at the boys who were knocking on the door to leave us alone.
Sworn affidavit of Robert Wellington:
After the two women danced for a few minutes in the main livingroom, they then left the main living room.
about 12:04 a.m., The two women lock themselves in the bathroom. The lacrosse players say:
Then both women lock themselves in the bathroom, [defense attorney] Ekstrand details. The partygoers get nervous about what the women are up to and start slipping money under the door asking them to leave, says Bill Thomas, a lawyer who represents one of the captains.
12:05:00 a.m., (Verizon cell phone record) Reade Seligmann makes a cell phone call to his girlfriend. Call lasts 32 seconds.

Note: Between 12:05 and 12:14 a.m. Mr. Seligmann called his girlfriend, another Duke sophomore, 6 times and another person twice. None of these eight calls is longer than 36 seconds.

12:06:00 a.m., (cell phone record) Reade Seligmann makes a cell phone call to his girlfriend (33 seconds)

12:07:00 a.m., (cell phone record) Reade Seligmann makes a cell phone call to his girlfriend (36 seconds)

12:09:00 a.m., (cell phone record) Reade Seligmann makes two quick cell phone calls to a cell phone based in Cranford, N.J. (23 seconds and 13 seconds).

12:10:00 a.m., (cell phone record) Reade Seligmann makes a cell phone call to his girlfriend (26 seconds)

12:10:39 a.m., (photo time stamp) A young man passed out. His shorts are slightly pulled down.
Between 12:10:39 a.m. and 12:30 a.m.: No photos were taken during this time.
12:12:00 a.m., (cell phone record) Reade Seligmann makes another cell phone call to his girlfriend (20 seconds).

12:14:00 a.m.
, (cab company record & cell phone record) Reade Seligmann makes cell phone call for cab, On Time Taxi (call lasts 58 seconds).

Ahmad Elmostafa a.k.a Moez Mostafa, owner of On Time Taxi, statement:
I received a telephone call from a man requesting that I pick him up at the corner Watts Street and Urban Avenue in Durham, North Carolina.

My cellular telephone bill [Sprint] indicates that this call came in at 12:14 a.m. on March 14, 2006. The calling number is 973-953-4832 (Seligmann). I left immediately from my location at 1803 Chapel Hill Road, Durham, North Carolina and drove to that location which took me about five minutes.
Sworn affidavit of Robert Wellington:
Shortly thereafter[the dancers left the livingroom], I then left the residence through the back door and talked to Reade. As, I went out the back door, I did not see or hear anything unusual. Once outside, I saw Reade, who appeared normal in all respects. We were both tired fiom playing golf that afternoon, and we had practice the next day. In addition the dancers had stopped dancing and were obviously impaired when they left the main living room. Reade said he had just called a cab and asked if I wanted to leave with him. We walked down the alley to Watts Street, took a left and walked to the corner of Watts Street and Urban Avenue (about a block from 610 N. Buchanan Blvd.) to wait for the cab. Our plan was to go to the Cookout Restaurant, get takeout food, and go to our respective dorms.
12:16:03 a.m., (cell phone record) Reade Seligmann makes a call to a cell phone based in Cranford, NJ (11 seconds).

12:19 a.m., Ahmad Elmostafa, a.k.a. Moez Mostafa, owner of On Time Taxi picks up Reade Seligmann and Robert Wellington at the corner of Watts Street and Urban Avenue (1.5 blocks from lacrosse house). He takes them directly to the Wachovia Bank at the corner of West Main Street and Ninth Street in Durham, N.C.

Statement of Ahmad Elmostafa, owner of On Time Taxi:
When I arrived there I picked up two young men. One was taller and heavier than the other. They indicated that they were the ones had just called me and requested that I drive them first to the Wachovia Bank on the comer of West Main Street and Ninth Street, in Durham, North Carolina (2000 West Main Street), to get cash from the ATM Machine.
Sworn affidavit of Robert Wellington:
The taxi van from "On Time Taxi & Shuttle Company" came to pick us up within a few minutes. He picked us up at the corner of Watts Street and Urban Avenue. Reade needed to get some money so the taxi driver drove us to Wachovia Bank at the comer to West Main Street and Ninth Street. The drive took about three or four minutes.
about 12:20 a.m., Kim Roberts leaves the house and goes to her car. From her police statement:
I finally decided to leave the house. I left the bathroom, grabbed my bag and exited the house with my dancing gear on. I went to my car, wanting to leave, but not wanting to leave the girl in the house alone.
Jason Bissey NY Times interview:
Mr. Bissey said he saw the women get into a car after they had been in the house about 20 minutes. The players and the women exchanged heated words, he said. "Some of them were saying things like, 'I want my money back,' " he recalled the men saying. Mr. Bissey said he then saw the accuser return to the house because she had left a shoe there.
The lacrosse players say:
The women go out to the second stripper's car at about 12:20, but the accuser has left her purse behind; she goes back inside to get it, according to Ekstrand [defense attorney].
shortly after 12:20 a.m., Accuser follows Kim Roberts and goes Roberts' car for the first time. Kim Roberts police statement:
the first time Precious came to the car she left because she felt there was more money to be made.
sometime after 12:20 a.m., The accuser's description of events:
The accuser said later that both women re-entered the house after one player apologized for the behavior during their dance. She said two men then pulled her into a bathroom, locked the door and said, "Sweetheart, you can't leave."

It was then, she told the police, that Mr. Seligmann forced her to perform oral sex, and Mr. Finnerty raped and sodomized her and the third suspect (David Evans) strangled her, according to a transcript of a photo identification session with police on April 4.

She told the police that the attack lasted for about 30 minutes.

Defense lawyers say the rape could only have happened in an improbably short period, between 12:04 and 12:30 a.m.
The accuser identified the first names of three men who attacked her at the lacrosse party, but said the players were using different names at different times. From the Probable Cause Affidavit dated March 27, 2006:
Shortly after going back into the dwelling the two women were separated. Two males, Adam and Matt pulled the victim into the bathroom. Someone closed the door to the bathroom where she was, and said "sweet heart you can't leave." The victim stated that she tried to leave, but the three males (Adam, Bret, and Matt) forcefully held her legs arms and raped and sexually assaulted her anally, vaginally and orally. The victim stated she was hit, kicked, and strangled during the assault. As she attempted to defend herself, she was overpowered. The victim reported she was sexually assaulted for an approximately 30 minute time period by the three males...

She claimed she was clawing at one of the suspect's arms in an attempt to breathe while being strangled. During that time the nails broke off.
sometime after 12:20 a.m., The neighbor, Jason Bissey, has finished his shower. Bissey's police statement:
As I was getting re-dressed in my bedroom, which is on the opposite side of the building from 610, I heard loud voices from outside. I had left my front door open, and the voices were carrying from in front of my residence, as well as open windows along the alley between 608 and 610.

At this point, anywhere from 12:20 a.m. to 12:30 a.m., I observed 20 to 30 young men in the alley between my residence and 610 Buchanan, and on the sidewalk in front of my building. From the front living room of my house, I heard these men yelling amongst themselves about money. Specifically, I heard one man call sarcastically at one of his peers that it was "only $100 bucks" that he had apparently spent. It is not clear to me exactly when I noticed that one of the men was leaning into the driver's side window of the car that was parked directly in front of 610, but it appeared that he was having a conversation with whomever was in the vehicle at the time.
Bissey media interview:
And when I came out, this entire alley was full of men kind of yelling, and I overheard a lot of talk about getting money back and the money they'd spent or whatever. And the young women were back in the car in front, and one of the young men was leaning into the driver's side door, speaking with her.

12:20:50 a.m., (cell phone record) Reade Seligmann makes a call to a cell phone based in Cranford, NJ (12 seconds).

12:21:44 a.m., (cell phone record) Reade Seligmann makes a call to a cell phone based in Cranford, NJ (32 seconds).

12:22:24 a.m., (cell phone record) Reade Seligmann makes a call to a cell phone based in Cranford, NJ (34 seconds).

12:24:12 a.m., (bank receipt & security camera) Reade Seligmann uses the Wachovia Bank ATM. He was at the ATM for approximately two minutes (12:24:12 a.m. to 12:25:23 a.m.)

Reade Seligmann at Wachovia Bank ATM 12:24:12 a.m., March 14, 2006

Wachovia Bank ATM
12:25:08 a.m., (cell phone record) Reade Seligmann calls girlfriend from cell phone (36 seconds).

Jason Bissey police statement:
Because of the agitated nature of the men in the alley and in front of my residence, I kept a close watch on the situation. I was weary of revealing my presence to the group of men for fear of some kind of reaction or retaliation, as the tenor of their dialogue seemed quite heated at that point. Through the windows of my house I monitored the situation, debating with myself whether notifying the police would be a prudent course of action. Eventually, the situation seemed to have subsided, with some of the men calling to each other "guys, let's go" repeatedly in an effort to disperse the party, and the conversation between the women who were apparently in the car and the young man at the driver's window seeming to be calm.
12:26 a.m., Cab driver, Moez Mostafa, drove Seligmann and his friend, Robert Wellington, to the Cook Out fast food restaurant. From Mr. Mostafa's affidavit:
I drove into the left drive-thru lane of the Cookout Restaurant. The young men ordered a lot of food. As I remember it was around eighteen or nineteen dollars worth of food....We were there for about five minutes or more.

Cook Out Drive Thru Cook Out Drive Thru Cook Out Drive Thru

12:26 a.m., (accuser's cell phone records) The accuser's cell phone is used to make a call to her escort service, Centerfold. The call lasted one minute, according to a copy of her cell phone bill reviewed by The News & Observer.

about 12:30 a.m. Accuser returns to the house. Jason Bissey's police statement:
I noted that the skimpily dressed woman had exited the car, saying something to the effect that she would go back into 610 to retrieve her shoe. She seemed agitated, but not hysterical. I left the front door open so that I could hear if the situation flared up again. I would estimate that the young woman left the car at around 12:30am
Bissey media interview:
But at that point, the situation seemed to calm down a little bit, and they were able, I guess, to convince one of the girls to go back inside.

And that's at the point where I overheard her talking about going back and getting her shoe. So the young ladies went back into the house, and at that point, nobody was out in the alley. The situation seemed pretty calm. And I was back in the house
12:30:12 a.m., (photo time stamp) The accuser is on the back porch, carrying what appears to be her purse and a makeup bag. Her clothes are intact. She is missing one white shoe.

accuser on the back porch

12:30:34 a.m., (photo time stamp) The accuser is still on the back steps of the house.

12:30:47 a.m., (photo time stamp) Photo of accuser on back porch apparently smiling. [also described as "demurely smiling" or as "having her mouth open with her teeth showing"]

altered photo of Crystal Gail Mangum leaving 610 N. Buchanan Blvd.
12:31:26 a.m., (photo time stamp) But 30 seconds after the last photo, next photo shows the alleged victim stumbling down the back steps of the house.

back steps of Duke Lacrosse house

12:37:58 a.m., A series of photos beginning at this time shows the woman lying on her left side on the back porch, seemingly passed out or asleep. Pink splotches are on a wrought-iron railing beside her. She had visible cuts on her legs and buttocks that did not appear in the previous photos.
The cuts may be from falling. The cuts on her buttocks line up with the edge of a screen door she may have hit on the way down.

12:38:07 a.m., (photo time stamp) The accuser is lying on the back steps. A tan object can be seen in the background.

12:38:18 a.m., (photo time stamp) The accuser is still on the ground.
Many of the photos taken on the back porch show pink splotches, which the defense says is undried nail polish. They claim the accuser was polishing her nails in the bathroom between 12:10 a.m. and 12:30 a.m. - - not being raped
Kim Roberts/Pittman police statement:
I changed my clothes in the car where some of the boys were coming to my window asking me to talk to them. I was told by one of the guys that Precious was passed out in the back and could I please do something with her. By this point, it seemed that the fellas may have been ready for the evening to be over. I told them that if they could get her to my car, I would get her out of their hair. Within minutes, she was being helped out of the back yard and into my car. At this point, she did not have the bag that I saw her come with and I asked her if she had the most important thing, her money. She told me yes but she did not seem coherent. She then told me that we should go back to the house because there was more money to be made there. I asked her again where her things were and she said "Here," "It's here." But I did not see her things so in my opinion, she was talking crazy.

...the boys helped her to the car. They carried her by throwing her arms over their shoulders and assisting her walking to the car - I can't remember if only one boy helped or 2.
12:41:32 a.m., (photo time stamp) The accuser is seen getting into a black Honda Accord helped by a partygoer. The accuser is in the passenger seat.

12:41:32 a.m.: accuser is getting into a black Honda Accord

12:45 a.m., Moez Mostafa drops off Seligmann and Wellington at Duke's West Campus. Moez Mostafa signs statement for defense the he remembers fare details and $25 tip.

Moez Mostafa affidavit:
Throughout the whole trip the young men were well behaved, and were laughing and joking. They were not intoxicated. They did not seem afraid or worried about anything.

I remember those to guys starting to enjoy their food inside my car. The fare for the trip was about seventeen dollars. The young men paid me twenty-five dollars, so I received a nice tip.

about 12:4? a.m., Kim Roberts goes back to the house to look for the accuser's belongings. Kim Roberts police statement:
I made an attempt to get her things. I took my belongings, locked her in my car and went back up to the house to try and retrieve her bag. I looked around with Dan and we didn't see anything so I said I've done all I could and went back to my car.

...I went to get Precious' things from the house, I walked to the back of the house thru the side of the house outside. I entered the house from the outside from a back door. I looked in the bathroom to retrieve her things but could not find them. I exited the house the same way I came in, along the side of the house to my car without finding any of her items.

12:46:00 a.m., A card reader at the door of a Duke dorm (Edens 2C) shows Reade Seligmann's student ID card was swiped to get inside. Mr. Robert Wellington enters his respective dorm about the same time.

Seligmann Dorm - Edens 2C Finnerty & Seligmann Dorm - Eden 2C
Seligmann Dorm Card Reader Seligmann Dorm Card Reader

12:4? Mr. Mostafa says he got another call to pick up people at the same 610 North Buchanan address.

about 12:50 a.m., Jason Bissey, the neighbor comes outside on his porch again to see what all the noise is about.

Bissey police statement:
At this point, I believe that I was in my bedroom checking email and reading the news. At some point, I heard a renewed commotion outside. I estimate that another 15-20 minutes had elapsed, making the time approximately 1 :00 a.m. As I opened the screen door to my residence and stepped onto my porch, the car that I had seen parked in fiont of 610 was driving north on Buchanan towards Markham, and young men were beginning to disperse from the house. Most of the men were walking towards Duke's East Campus, but some proceed to the west towards Watts St. Before the car that was parked in front of 61 0 sped off, I distinctly heard one young man's voice who was walking towards East Campus. He yelled at the car that was driving off, 'Hey *****, thank your grandpa for my nice cotton shirt."
Bissey media interview:
I overheard the situation starting to boil up again outside.

And at that point, the young women were coming back out of the house, getting into the car and driving away. And there were a lot of young men running this way, towards Duke's east campus. And that's the point, when the girls were driving off, that I overheard the racial slur. One of the young men yelled, Hey, "expletive," thank your grandpa for my nice cotton shirt.

And within two minutes, everything was totally dispersed, everybody was gone, and the police showed up shortly thereafter.

12:50 a.m., Cab driver, Moez Mostafa told Time Magazine he returned to the house at 12:50 a.m. to pick up four more players (at rear of 610 N. Buchanan), whose identities are unknown, around the same time he claims to have seen Kim Roberts get into a an old white car.

The white car is a discrepancy from the 12:41:32 photo showing the accuser being helped into a black or dark blue car. Some news reports have suggested the photos have been altered and the 12:41:32 photo is really one that shows the accuser arriving at the party before midnight, because the driver does not look like Kim Roberts. Duke Lacrosse Rape: Were Digital Photos tampered with?
While waiting for the four passengers whom he would later drive to a nearby gas station, Mostafa said, he saw a woman walking through a crowd of men toward a car.

He said he saw about 20 people on the lawn of the home, "yelling, talking back" to each other, including one African-American woman (Kim Roberts?) who he said didn't appear to be injured.

Mostafa said the woman appeared to exchange words with some people in the crowd before getting into the driver's side of a car.

"She looked, like, mad," he said. "In her face, the way she walked, the way she talked, she looked like mad."

Four men got into the taxi, Mostafa said, and they appeared to be drunk. One of them said, "She's just a stripper, She's going to call the police." Mostafa quoted.
Kim Roberts police statement:
I finally began leaving and the boys began yelling "Nigger" to us. I called the police to report racial slurs.

12:53 a.m., (Police) Kim Roberts calls 911 to report racial epithets being shouted from residence at 610 N. Buchanan Road. Roberts acknowledged that she made the call. "I was angry and I had to tell somebody," says Roberts. "I didn't want everyone to know I'm a dancer."
police got a call from a women (Roberts) who says she was passing by the house.

"Hi, I don't know if this is emergency or not necessarily, but I'm in Durham driving down near Duke's campus," the caller said.

Seconds into the call, the woman said she wasn't driving.

"It's right in front of 610 Buchanan St. and I saw them all come out like a big frat house and me and my black girlfriend were walking by and they called us n--------," the caller said.

Ms. Roberts told NEWSWEEK that she yelled out at the boys, "I called the cops, you dumbasses."
Kim Roberts 911 call, mp3, 12:53 a.m., March 14, 2006 []
Kroger supermarket guard 911 call, mp3, 1:20 a.m., March 14, 2006 []
Durham Police Radio Transmissions On Night Of Alleged Rape, mp3 []

12:55 a.m., Police arrive and see evidence of a party at the house, but no stragglers. No one answers the door, and police can't find the woman who called 911.
"About 3 minutes after they [the women] drove off, the party totally dispersed and the first unit from Durham police responded," Jason Bissey told a reporter.
Bissey police statement:
Within five minutes, the situation was total silence. It appeared that the party had dispersed completely, and no cars were left in the vicinity. Shortly, a few Durham police officers arrived in the alleyldriveway and asked me if I saw where any of the young men had left to. I told the officer that most of them seemed to have gone eastwardly, towards Duke's east campus. The officer thanked me and I proceeded to bed.
1:06 a.m., Police leave residence on Buchanan.
The police spent 11 minutes looking for the woman who called in the complaint. The officers knocked on the door of the house, but there was no answer. They looked in the windows and walked through the yard and alley beside the house.

They saw cups, beer cans and beer kegs. Officers spoke to a neighbor, who said there had been a party. A check of the neighborhood didn't lead to the woman who called 911, and the caller's information -- name, phone number or address -- did not appear on the dispatcher's computer when the call came in.
About 1:20 a.m., Ms. Roberts was mad at the other stripper, who was almost passed out in the car and not talking. Roberts said she had not collected all the money owed them for the dance, and she wondered if the other dancer was somehow hustling her. She drives to a local Kroger supermarket and tells the security guard, Angel Altmon, that she had a woman in her car who could barely move. The security guard calls the police:
"The problem is there's a lady in someone else's car and she will not get out of their car, period" the caller said.
Neither the security guard or Ms. Roberts report any sexual assault to the dispatcher.

1:22 a.m., (Police report) Durham Police called to Kroger store on Hillsborough Road. Durham police received a call from a security guard at a Kroger grocery store located on Hillsborough Road. The guard told the 911 dispatcher that woman named Kim, the second dancer at the party, pulled up and was worried about her friend. She said the accuser did not smell like alcohol.

1:25 a.m., The first officer, Sgt. J.C. Shelton, to arrive at the Kroger tells the dispatcher: "She's 10-56 and unconscious." The radio code 10-56 means an intoxicated person. The dispatcher asks: "You need a medic truck or are you 10-4?" Sgt. Shelton replies: "She's breathing, appears to be fine, she's not in distress. She's just passed out drunk."
The accuser was unconscious in the passenger seat of the car driven by the second dancer at the party.

"She was wearing a see-through red outfit, with no undergarments and one white high heel shoe," Shelton wrote. "She was unconscious."

Shelton says he got an ammonia capsule from his patrol car.

"When I used it, the female began mouth-breathing, which is a sign that she was not really unconscious," he wrote. "My experience is that unconscious people wake up rather quickly when exposed to ammonia capsules.

"I grabbed the female and attempted to pull her from the vehicle. She grabbed the emergency brake with her left hand and would not come out of the car. At this point, I applied a bent wrist come-along [maneuver] to her right-hand arm? once she was out of the car, I released the pressure and she collapsed to the ground."

Shelton says the woman would not speak with police officers, so they decided to take her for involuntary commitment at the Durham Access Center.
About 1:4? a.m., Two other officers arrive. Officer Barfield takes the accuser to Durham Access, a county-run facility for detoxification, because of her inebriated state and she met the criteria for involuntary commitment. Officer Joseph M. Stewart followed Officer Barfield to Durham Access to assist him if needed.

The accuser interacted with at least three Durham Access Center staff members: Alycia Wright, Meriecia Smith, and Gerri Lomuriel Wilkes. In response to a question from one of those staff members, accuser initially alleged that she was raped. DPD event logs indicate that accuser was at the Durham Access Center for 40 minutes. Ms. Wilkes told Kirk Osborn that she took handwritten notes of her observations.

1:58 a.m.
, An e-mail talking about plans for a party that would involve killing dancers is sent from a computer located in 2C Edens Dorm, according to a Durham police search warrant. The e-mail is signed "41," which is lacrosse player Ryan McFadyen's jersey number.

about 2:?? a.m., Officer Barfield calls Sgt. Shelton saying that the woman had reported being raped at the party. Shelton told the officer to take her to Duke Hospital. Officer Willie Barfield, drove women from Durham Access to Duke hospital.

2:31 a.m.
, Accuser arrives at Duke University Medical Center (DUMC) emergency room. Sgt. Shelton goes to DUMC.
"He[other officer] called me and stated the female stated she had been raped...Once at Duke [Hospital], I spoke to the female, who was now cooperative. She told me that she worked as a stripper and that she had been hired through "Angels Escort Service" to dance with another female at 610 N. Buchanan. She said that she and "Nikki" danced and "put on a show" for the men at the party. She said that they left and got into "Nikki's" car. At that time she said that someone from the party wanted them to come back into the house. She said that "Nikki" wanted to go back inside, but that she did not. She said that she and "Nikki" got into an argument about going back inside. She said at that point some of the guys form the party pulled her from the vehicle and groped her. She told me that no one forced her to have sex. She then mentioned that someone had taken her money. I walked to the parking lot to call the Watch Commander and let him know that she had recanted her rape allegation.
2:45 a.m., Accuser checked into the hospital. Staff evaluation indicates possible sexual assualt. A Sexual Abuse nurse is summoned. Sgt Shelton's report says:
Within a few minutes, I was told that she told the SANE doctor that she had been raped. I called the Watch Commander back and told him that she had changed her story back to being raped. I returned to the room where she was and asked her if she had or had not been raped. She told me she did not want to talk to me anymore and then started crying and saying something about them dragging her into the bathroom.
2:50 a.m., Durham police initiate "rape investigation". Accuser submits to 3-4 hour rape kit examination by a physician and a Forensic Sexual Assualt Nurse (S.A.N.E), who was "in training" and not certified, at DUMC. She is likely given a battery of blood and urine tests. According to the DA, Mike Nifong, a hospital report later showed that her injuries and emotional state were consistent with having been raped.
...the only evidence of physical trauma the S.A.N.E nurse in training could find on Crystal Mangum was a scratch on her knee and a small laceration to her heel, both of which were non-bleeding.

Crystal Mangum told the S.A.N.E. nurse in training that she was not choked; that no condoms, fingers or foreign objects were used during the alleged sexual assault; and that the S.A.N.E. nurse in training noted that Crysta Mangum's head, neck, throat, mouth, chest, breasts, addomen, and upper and lower extremities all were normal even though Crystal Mangum complained of "tenderness" over her body.

The S.A.N.E nurse's physical examination of the pelvic area of Crystal Mangum, which included the Vulva, Vagina, Cerix, Fundus and Rectal areas, noted only "diffuse edema of the vaginal walls." The S.A.N.E. nurse's report contains no opinion or conclusion that Crystal Mangum had signs, symptoms, and injuries consistent with beigh raped and sexually assaulted vaginally and anally.

She told the S.A.N.E. nurse in training that Kim Roberts/Pittman a.k.a. Nikki assisted the players in her alleged sexual assault and that Nikki stole all her "money and everything."

3:14 a.m. - 3:40 a.m., Doctor examination of accuser at DUMC. Doctor noted that she denied being hit and that she claimed no neck, back, chest or abdomen tenderness.

about 7:00 a.m., The accuser calls Brian Taylor.
"She was distraught," he said. "I could tell that she was crying. She asked me to pick up her kids."

He said he did not check on the accuser's children or tell her parents where she was. "I told her I would, but I didn't," he said. "I don't know her that well.

Taylor said he has not seen the accuser since that night.

about 1:37 p.m., The accuser leaves the hospital.

The Witnesses:

Jason Bissey next door neighbor
Jason Bissey, age 26, the next door neighbor, works at Pop's in Durham.

Moez Mostafa owner of On Time Taxi
Moez Mostafa (Ahmad Elmostafa), owner of On Time Taxi, looks at the call records on his office computer in Durham, N.C., Thursday, April 20, 2006. Mostafa, who took Duke University lacrosse player Reade Seligmann home from a team party says his passenger, now charged with raping an exotic dancer, seemed calm and even jovial that night.

Kim Roberts
Kim Roberts, 31, was arrested on March 22 — eight days after the party — on a probation violation from a 2001 conviction for embezzling $25,000 from a photofinishing company in Durham where she was a payroll specialist. A judge agreed to a change so that Roberts would no longer have to pay a 15 percent fee to a bonding agent. District Attorney Mike Nifong signed a document saying he would not oppose the change.
"I was not in the bathroom when it happened, so I can’t say a rape occurred — and I never will..."
Robert Wellington
Robert Wellington, sophomore Duke Lacrosse team. From Robert Wellington's affidavit:
"I was with Reade the entire time from when we left the house on 610 N. Buchanan Blvd. until we exited the taxi van at the end of the fire lane a few minutes before 12:46 a.m. to enter our dorms."
Rush to judgment in Duke rape case? [Jason Bissey interview, MSNBC, Mar. 31, 2006]
Call to Escort Service Began a Night of Trouble at Duke [, Apr. 22, 2006]
Defense attorneys: Timeline clears Duke rape suspects [, Apr. 21, 2006]
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2 Duke players arrested [, Apr. 19, 2006]
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Were Duke Players Victims of an E-Mail Sting? [, Apr. 14, 2006]
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Test: Boyfriend likely sperm source [NewsObserver, May 19, 2006]
Police Report: Alleged Victim Changed Story [, May 26, 2006]
Rape case lineup facts are sought [, May 27, 2006]
Accuser seemed OK early on, driver says [, May 27, 2006]
Kim Roberts, Other Dancer in Duke Rape Case, Talks to Vanity Fair [, June 2006]
Motion To Suppress Non-Testimonial Photographs (pdf.) [, June 8, 2006]
Call adds mystery to lacrosse case [, July 12, 2006]

other timelines:
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