Thursday, April 27, 2006

Duke Lacrosse Rape: Money at Center of Dispute

ABC News/ESPN is reporting - Duke Players say Money, Services Were at Center of Dispute:

April 27, 2006 — Several Duke lacrosse players who say they were at a team party the night of the alleged rape of a 27-year-old woman have told ESPN's George Smith that an argument over money and the amount of time two exotic dancers were expected to perform was at the center of a dispute that night.

The players, who agreed to speak with ESPN on the condition their names not be used, also admitted that slurs and bad language were used by some players and the dancers during the argument.

Follow the money.
My Money has been acting funny lately
All I ever did was love her!
Maybe too much!
Cause now it's like we ain't cool no more....
I haven't seen Money in months
I got more than a hunch she's playing me
Trying to make me jealous
Hanging out in some other brother's pocket!

Money by Poetri

Duke lacrosse players cite money dispute []

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