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Open Letter to Crystal Gail Mangum

Dear Ms. Mangum:

This is a certainly an extremely difficult time for you. You have reported that a very violent sexual assault was committed against you. Now is the time to be brave and step forward again if you want to seek justice for those who have hurt you.

You need to find strength from your family and church in order to face your assailants in full public view. Your case has become a symbol for so much it is no longer possible for you to remain known to the world as simply the "accuser" or "the alleged Duke lacrosse rape victim" and hope that you receive justice. Your presence is needed and your voice or the voice of your spokesperson must be heard.

The reality is that you will only find justice after a long and torturous journey in a court of law. Today you must aid and reinforce that mission of seeking justice by stepping forward and saying you are not afraid to face your assailants in public. Because this is a case where justice needs a champion and you can help.

Hopefully your family and church will help you find the strength to continue your fight for justice before the eyes of the world.

The Johnsville News

What this means practically is:

Find a good lawyer and/or law firm.
Let your lawyer be your spokesperson on all matters related to your case.
Ask your family and friends to not speak about the case.
Ask the police or FBI for protection if you are being threatened.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Duke Lacrosse Rape - Accuser Crystal Gail Mangum says she was raped by three men in 1993

updated: May 2, 2006

From - Duke Accuser In Prior Rape Claim, April 28, 2006:

Ten years ago, Crystal Gail Mangum told N.C. cops of assault by three men

A decade before accusing three Duke University lacrosse players of rape, a North Carolina woman claimed to have been sexually assaulted by a trio of men when she was a teenager. In 1996, the woman, now 27, told police that three attackers had assaulted her several years earlier, when she was 14. The woman's first rape claim was recorded in August 1996 by police in Creedmoor, N.C., though none of the men she identified as her assailants were ever charged.

From the 1996 rape report: The subjects did for a continual time rape and beat the victim about her person. The rape happened at "an unspecified location on Hillsboro St." in Creedmoor, N.C.

Crystal Gail Mangum Rape Report, pg 1, Creedmoor, NC, August 8, 1996

Crystal Gail Mangum Rape Report, pg 2, Creedmoor, NC, August 8, 1996

Essence Magazine reporter Dr. Kristal Brent Zook recently spent over 20 hours in the home of Crystal Gail Mangum's parents. Ms. Mangum was living in her parents home with her two children prior to the March 14th attack. The Mangum home is located in a working-class neighborhood across the street from one of the three churches the family attends regularly. Ms. Zook wrote three very interesting stories about Ms. Mangum and the Duke Lacrosse rape case for the current issue of Essence Magazine.
[Ms. Mangum's mother] told ESSENCE that when her daughter was 17 or 18, she was raped by several men, one of whom was someone she knew. The attack took place in the town of Creedmoor, about 15 miles northeast of Durham, and was a “set up,” according to the accuser’s mother. Although other family members confirmed that the alleged victim reported the incident to police in that jurisdiction, the young woman declined to pursue the case, relatives say out of fear for her safety. Officials from both the Granville county sheriff’s department and the Creedmoor police department said they were unable to locate any records of the incident. They also added that this does not mean that the assault did not occur.

Family members said that after the first alleged assault, the young woman underwent about a year of professional therapy and received a course of prescription medication. Her parents said that they were not aware of any other drug use in their daughter’s past, as defense attorneys have suggested. The woman’s mother told ESSENCE that her daughter, who had lived in the same home with her parents and her two children prior to the March 13 incident, appeared to have recovered after the therapy she had following the incident. provided more details about the reported rape:
The woman's parents told NBC17 that their daughter was attacked by the boy she was dating at the time and two of his friends. The three allegedly held her against her will in a house, raped her and threatened to kill her...

Durham police officer Brian Bishop, who interviewed the accuser in 1996 while working on the Creedmoor force, said Thursday he had a vague recollection of the report but couldn't remember any details.
CNN reported:
The woman identified her attackers as black males, giving police names and addresses.

The police officer who interviewed the woman advised her to "write a chronological-order statement of the incidents and occurrences that had taken place and return the statement for investigative purposes," the report states.

The report concludes: "No further information."

Pollard said there is no indication that the three men cited in the report were ever interviewed.

The officer who took the report no longer works for the department...
From The Abrams Report on Friday, April 28th:
Joining me now is reporter Carolyn Costello from NBC station WNCN-TV in Raleigh-Durham. She tracked down one of the men who has been named as one the attackers or presumably as one of the people in there. Carolyn, what do he have to say about this?

CAROLYN COSTELLO, WNCN-TV REPORTER: Well, he says he was 13 years old back in 1993, he says his brother also named in that police report is one of the attackers. We know no charges have been filed in this case, but he also says that he never even knew he was named as an attacker. He says he‘s just learning about this now. He says he has no idea who the accuser is. He says a rape never happened, and he also says that he‘s getting married very soon, and he really doesn‘t need this in his life right now.
Also, Crystal Gail Mangum had a "nervous breakdown" last year. It was possibly brought on by money problems:
The mother of the alleged victim told ESSENCE magazine that her daughter did go away to a hospital in Raleigh, North Carolina, for about a week last year, where she was treated for a “nervous breakdown.” While the accuser’s parents did not say they knew what brought on the breakdown, they did say that their daughter was upset about mounting bills.
One negative reaction to the Essence Magazine articles:
"Essence magazine" and "damn stupid" are two things I NEVER in my life thought I would type in the same sentence. What in the world did Dr. Kristal Brent Zook and Ms.Tasha Robertson of Essence Magazine Online hope to accomplish by writing the story that the alleged victim in the Duke Lacrosse rape case had previously reported being raped in 1996 and that she was treated for a nervous breakdown last year? How does this help her? According to WNCN 17 news in Raleigh, the defense did not even know this until Essence ran it. Why doesn't Essence just cut the child's head off and hand it to the defense on a platter?
Essence Magazine reporter Kristal Brent Zook said:
The family has received death threats. They say that she has received death threats, anonymous phone calls. There were even some flyers, they say, that were strewn across the front yard of the family home a couple of weeks ago that had death threats on them. So it's understandable. No matter what happened that night ... she is going through a lot right now in the aftermath.
Family Defends Daughter’s Painful Past [Essence Magazine]
Nowhere to Turn [Essence Magazine]
Accuser’s Mother Meets With Famed Attorney [Essence Magazine]
Duke Lacrosse Accuser Filed Gang Rape Claim 10 Years Ago [, Apr. 28, 2006]
Police: Accuser didn't pursue prior rape report [, Apr. 28, 2006]
Essence reporter: Alleged rape victim running scared [, Apr. 25, 2006]

Who Robbed Crystal Gail Mangum? [TJN, April 25, 2006]
Duke Lacrosse Rape: Money at Center of Dispute [TJN, April 27, 2006]
Duke Rape Accuser: Crystal Gail Mangum [TJN, April 21, 2006]
Duke Lacrosse Rape Timeline [TJN, April 21, 2006]

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Duke Lacrosse Rape: Money at Center of Dispute

ABC News/ESPN is reporting - Duke Players say Money, Services Were at Center of Dispute:

April 27, 2006 — Several Duke lacrosse players who say they were at a team party the night of the alleged rape of a 27-year-old woman have told ESPN's George Smith that an argument over money and the amount of time two exotic dancers were expected to perform was at the center of a dispute that night.

The players, who agreed to speak with ESPN on the condition their names not be used, also admitted that slurs and bad language were used by some players and the dancers during the argument.

Follow the money.
My Money has been acting funny lately
All I ever did was love her!
Maybe too much!
Cause now it's like we ain't cool no more....
I haven't seen Money in months
I got more than a hunch she's playing me
Trying to make me jealous
Hanging out in some other brother's pocket!

Money by Poetri

Duke lacrosse players cite money dispute []

Who Robbed Crystal Gail Mangum? [TJN, Apr. 25, 2006]
Duke Rape Accuser: Crystal Gail Mangum [TJN, Apr. 21, 2006]
Duke Lacrosse Rape Timeline [TJN, Apr. 26, 2006]
Duke Lawyer seeks Mangum's Records [TJN, Apr. 24, 2006]
Duke Rape Case: The Squirm Factor [TJN, Apr. 19, 2006]
Two Duke Lacrosse Players Are Arrested and Charged [TJN, Apr. 18, 2006]
Duke Lacrosse Athletes tested in gang rape inquiry [TJN, Mar. 24, 2006]

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Who Robbed Crystal Gail Mangum?

updated: June 14, 2006

Is this Duke mess really about getting ripped off? Did Kim Roberts (stripper #1) and Ms. Mangum (stripper #2) have a money problem that is at the heart of the Duke Lacrosse rape case?

The big question, of course, remains -- was Crystal Gail Mangum raped by three players from the Duke Lacrosse team?

But, a small and easily overlooked question is -- who robbed Crystal Gail Mangum that evening? Answering the small question first might help unravel the bigger mystery. Initial stories from last month like this one from The News & Observer said:

Police think at least three of the men could be responsible for the sexual assault, beating, robbery and near-strangulation of one of two women who had an appointment to dance at the party March 13...
Another News & Observer story, dated March 22nd, Assault victim says she was robbed, too:
According to the report, the victim, who told police she was raped March 13 at a party at 610 N. Buchanan Blvd., was also robbed of a $300 cell phone and a large amount of cash.
When the police returned with a search warrant for 610 N. Buchanan Blvd. they were looking for the following property belonging to Ms. Mangum:
Property belonging to Crystal Gale Mangum to include but not limited to a purse, wallet, make-up and make-up bag, cellular camera telephone, and a shoe.

United States Currency totaling $400.00 or portions of said currency (all twenty dollar bills).
Neither the DA, Mike Nifong, or the defense lawyers for the Duke lacrosse players have said much of anything about what happened to the money ($400) that was reportedly robbed from Ms. Mangum that evening. Robbery is not included in any of the current charges in the case.

So what happened to Ms. Mangum's money and property?

Did anyone have motive and opportunity to rob or victimize Ms. Mangum?

Crystal Gail Mangum, age 27, and her "exotic dancing" partner for the evening, Kim Roberts, age 31, were hired to work for $400 apiece. The two women worked for two different local escort services. Ms. Roberts worked for Allure Escort Services and Ms. Mangum worked for Bunny Hole Entertainment. Ms. Mangum and Ms. Roberts had never met prior to this evening.


Kim M. Roberts, age 31, born June 18, 1974 is a convicted felon.

Kim Roberts is a convicted thief, who is on parole. Ms. Roberts was convicted on December 11, 2001, for embezzling $25,000 from a photofinishing company in Durham where she was a payroll specialist. Kim Roberts, 31, was arrested on March 22 — eight days after the party for a probation violation stemming from her 2001 conviction.

Kim Roberts

Kim M. Roberts - North Carolina Department of Correction conviction record - 12/11/2001


Again, remember Ms. Roberts had never met Ms. Mangum prior to the evening of the Duke Lacrosse party.

The Duke lacrosse party dance appointment was at 11:00 p.m. Ms. Roberts showed up ontime, at about 11:00 p.m. She drove to the party in her own car. Ms. Roberts had to wait while about 40 rowdy Duke Lacrosse players drank alcohol, urinated off the porch, and wondered when the show would start.

Ms. Mangum is dropped off some time around 11:30 p.m, about a half hour after Ms. Roberts arrived. Ms. Mangum arrived without a chaperone or security and was dressed only in her performance outfit (a negligee and shiny white strappy high heels) - both actions are considered unprofessional. Ms. Roberts changed into her dance outfit after she arrived at the party and out of it before she left.

This was certainly, not a good professional way to start a job with a new dance partner - late and dressed inappropriately. Reports are that both women were paid some money before they started dancing around midnight. Ms. Mangum stated that one of the players paid her $400. It is unclear exactly how much money Ms. Roberts was paid.

See the complete timeline for the party - here.
According to Roberts, who was interviewed last week by NEWSWEEK, the boys gave each of them mixed drinks. Roberts says she did not drink hers, but the other dancer did, knocking her cup over after finishing half her drink, then imbibing Roberts's.
At a minimum, Ms. Roberts must be wondering who is this women the escort agency sent out to work with her? She is acting very unprofessional.
Roberts said that she thought the other woman arrived sober. But when the two began their strip show around midnight, the other woman began having trouble. "She started stumbling," recalled Roberts. "When I think back on it, she had a glassy look in her eyes." Roberts says she "gave her a look that said, 'C'mon, girl, what's going on?' "—but got no response.
The women only danced for a short time until "the males watching them started to get excited and aggressive. The two women the decided to leave because they were concerned with their safety. As the two women got into a vehicle when they were approached by one of the suspects. He apologized and requested that they go back inside and continue to dance." At this point there are two different stories of what happened.

Ms. Mangum says she was lured back into the house and raped by three men in a bathroom for 30 minutes. The defense says the women spent time doing their nails and/or drugs in the bathroom.

Kim Roberts made these statements regarding the party:
Roberts also told The Associated Press that by the end of the party the woman was so incapacitated, she couldn't tell Roberts what had happened.

"I didn't do enough," Roberts said, tears welling in her eyes. "I didn't do enough. I didn't do enough."
Crocodile Tears? Again, where and what exactly was Ms. Roberts doing for the "30 minutes" that Ms. Mangum says she was being raped in a bathroom?
By the time the party was over, Roberts told The Associated Press that the accuser was too incoherent to tell her where she lived, let alone that she had been raped.
From the alleged rape timeline:

12:30:12 a.m., (photo time stamp) The accuser is on the back porch, carrying what appears to be her purse and a makeup bag. Her clothes are intact.

12:30:47 a.m., (photo time stamp) Photo of accuser on back porch apparently smiling. [also described as "demurely smiling" or as "having her mouth open with her teeth showing"] She appears to have a purse in her hand.

altered photo of Crystal Gail Mangum leaving 610 N. Buchanan Blvd. with her purse
12:31:26 a.m., (photo time stamp) But 30 seconds after the last photo, next photo shows the alleged victim stumbling down the back steps of the house.

12:41:32 a.m., (photo time stamp) The accuser is seen getting into a black Honda Accord helped by a partygoer. The accuser is in the passenger seat.

about 12:50 a.m, Cab driver, Moez Mostafa, returns to 610 N. Buchanan Blvd. pick up four more players (at rear of 610 N. Buchanan), whose identities are unknown, around the same time he claims to have seen Kim Roberts get into a white car.
Mostafa said the woman (Ms. Roberts) appeared to exchange words with some people in the crowd before getting into the driver's side of a car.

"She looked, like, mad," he said. "In her face, the way she walked, the way she talked, she looked like mad."

Four men got into the taxi, Mostafa said, and they appeared to be drunk. One of them said, "She's just a stripper, She's going to call the police." Mostafa quoted.
12:53 a.m., (Police) Kim Roberts calls 911 to report racial epithets being shouted from residence at 610 N. Buchanan Road. Roberts acknowledged that she made the call. "I was angry and I had to tell somebody," says Roberts. "I didn't want everyone to know I'm a dancer."
police got a call from a women (Roberts) who says she was passing by the house.

"Hi, I don't know if this is emergency or not necessarily, but I'm in Durham driving down near Duke's campus," the caller said.

Seconds into the call, the woman said she wasn't driving.

"It's right in front of 610 Buchanan St. and I saw them all come out like a big frat house and me and my black girlfriend were walking by and they called us n--------," the caller said.

Ms. Roberts told NEWSWEEK that she yelled out at the boys, "I called the cops, you dumbasses."
Kim Roberts 911 call, mp3, 12:53 a.m., March 14, 2006 []
Kroger supermarket guard 911 call, mp3, 1:20 a.m., March 14, 2006 []
Durham Police Radio Transmissions On Night Of Alleged Rape, mp3 []


Is it possible Ms. Roberts drove away from the Duke party house and didn't notice that Ms. Mangum was missing all her property? Everything Ms. Mangum had brought with her that evening was gone? Her purse, her wallet, her makeup kit, her cell phone, and even her one white shoe were gone. Ms. Mangum was driven from the Duke house with only her negligee and one shiny white strappy high heel shoe.

Since Ms. Roberts called 911 why didn't she report a robbery? Her dance partner had nothing left, right. The Duke lacrosse players had all of Ms. Mangum's property and money.

A very angry Kim Roberts then has an incapacitated Crystal Gail Mangum in her car for about 30 minutes. She then tries to dump her off at the Kroger supermarket at 3457 Hillsborough Road.

Google map - Duke Lacrosse House to Kroger supermarket
The Kroger supermarket at 3457 Hillsborough Rd, Durham, is 2.3 miles or about a maximum of a 4 minute drive from the Duke Lacrosse House at 610 N. Buchanan Blvd.

Driving from the Duke lacrosse party to the Kroger supermarket is going in the opposite direction from where Ms. Mangum reportedly lived.

Summary - Kim Roberts left the Duke lacrosse house about 12:50 a.m., places the 911 call at 12:53 a.m., and then waits until 1:20 to dump Ms. Mangum 2.3 miles away.
NEWSWEEK reported - Ms. Roberts was mad at the other stripper, who was almost passed out in the car and not talking. Roberts said she had not collected all the money owed them for the dance, and she wondered if the other dancer was somehow hustling her.
What were Ms. Mangum's arrangements to get home from the Duke Lacrosse Party? How did Kim Roberts get the job of being chauffeur for an apparently intoxicated, unprofessional loser who may have hustled her? Kim Roberts never heard the word rape until the police interviewed her eight days after the party on March 22nd, when she was also arrest for a probation violation.

What happened in the 30 minutes that an incapacitated Ms. Mangum was in Ms. Roberts car? It only takes 4 minutes if that (at 1 a.m.) to drive to the Kroger supermarket.

Did any of Ms. Mangum's money get lost during the time she was in the car?

About 1:20 a.m., Ms. Roberts drives to a local Kroger supermarket and tells the security guard that she had a woman in her car who could barely move. The security guard calls the police:
"The problem is there's a lady in someone else's car and she won't get out," the caller said.
How much of an effort did Ms. Roberts make to help an apparently intoxicated Ms. Mangum get home? Did she try to call the escort agency to find out where Ms. Mangum lived? Did she try and call anyone? What do her cell phone records indicate? Were there any calls made from Ms. Mangum's cell phone during the incident?

About 1:30 a.m. the police arrived to aid Ms. Mangum.
First officer to arrive at the Kroger tells the dispatcher: "She's 10-56 and unconscious." The radio code 10-56 means an intoxicated person. The dispatcher asks: "You need a medic truck or are you 10-4?" The officer replies: "She's breathing, appears to be fine, she's not in distress. She's just passed out drunk."
Did the police ever check Ms. Roberts' car to see if Ms. Mangum lost any of her property there?

During the entire evening who had motive and opportunity to victimize Crystal Gail Mangum?

Police found Ms. Mangum's makeup kit, cell phone and ID at the party house three days after the party. Her purse and wallet have not been recovered. The police also found $160, in twenty's, at the party house, but it's unclear whose money that is. If that $160 did belong to Ms. Mangum, there is still $240 that is unaccounted for. It's also unclear what happened to her white shoe.

Who said money is the root of all evil? Is it true here?

Perhaps this whole mess is due to the fact that Crystal Gail Mangum felt she had been ripped off by the Duke Lacrosse players. She wakes up at the Kroger supermarket her purse and her wallet, her $300 cellular camera telephone, her makeup bag and makeup, her shoe, and her money ($400) are all missing. Ms. Mangum was $800 to $900 poorer when she finally woke up.

Was Ms. Roberts saying in her ear: "you poor baby they took everything you had and called you a n----- too. Why don't you get out of my car and tell the cops what they did to you?" Kim Roberts certainly had an axe to grind with the Duke players. Kim Roberts said:
"Don't forget that they called me a damn nigger," she said. "She (the accuser) was passed out in the car. She doesn't know what she was called. I was called that. I can never forget that."
Ms. Mangum then turns from victim to victimizer in order to fight back.

Ms. Mangum was reportedly "crying uncontrollably" and appeared "visibly shaken" when police interviewed her at Duke University Medical Center after 2:31 a.m. that morning. Could the theft of everything she had with her that morning possibly cause that reaction?

Her parents said Crystal Gail Mangum had a "nervous breakdown" last year. It was possibly brought on by money problems.
[Kim] Roberts said she knows what it's like to sit in jail, and that she would never wrongly accuse an innocent person.
What Happened at Duke? [Newsweek, May 1, 2006 issue]
2nd woman speaks out on Duke party [, April 24, 2006]
Second Duke Stripper Offers Account [, April 21, 2006]
2nd Duke Stripper Didn't See Alledged Rape [ABC News, April 21, 2006]


"A Girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do"

Kim Roberts' character and her actions the night of the alleged Duke Lacrosse rape are an important part of untangling this mystery. Ms. Roberts actions since the alleged rape confirm that she is an opportunist looking to take advantage of any situation that presents itself.

Roberts, 31, recently sent an e-mail to 5W Public Relations to request their services.

The company has represented a variety of high profile rappers and celebrities, including its most recent client, rapper Lil' Kim.

"Although I am no celebrity and just an average citizen, I've found myself in the center of one of the biggest stories in the country," Roberts said in an email to 5W Public Relations. "I'm worried about letting this opportunity pass me by without making the best of it and was wondering if you had any advice as to how to spin this to my advantage. I am determined not to let any negative publicity about my life overtake me. I'm so confused as to who to talk to for relevant advice and I hope that you can return my e-mail. If you cannot help, do you know of any names and numbers I can call?"

While 5W Public Relations hasn't officially honored Roberts' request, the company's CEO Ronn Torossian told that his firm is discussing the situation with Roberts.

"We understand now that we were contacted because of our experience in crisis communications with high profile individuals, particularly our representation of Lil' Kim of whom this woman is a huge fan, Torossian told "We have been in discussions with her and are currently evaluating our position on this matter."
How many times did Kim Roberts try and take advantage of Crystal Gail Mangum?

2nd Update:
New York PR Firm Won't Represent Second Dancer At Lacrosse Party --
DURHAM, N.C. -- The chief executive officer of a New York public relations firm said his company will not be representing the second exotic dancer at a Duke men's lacrosse team party on the night another dancer said she was gang-raped and beaten by three members of the team.

Ronn Torossian said 5W Public Relations would not be representing Kim Roberts on any sides in the lacrosse scandal, which has received nationwide attention in the media...
update June 14, 2006:

Crystal Gail Mangum, told the S.A.N.E. (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) nurse in training at Duke Univesity Medical Center that Kim Roberts/Pittman a.k.a. Nikki assisted the players in her alleged sexual assault and that Nikki stole all her "money and everything."

Finally she told the S.A.N.E. nurse in training that Kim Pittman assisted the players in her alleged sexual assault and that Kim Pittman stole all her "money and everything."
updated sources:
Defense Lawyers cite omitted items [, June 8, 2006]
Duke Lacrosse Scandal: Kim Roberts/Pittman Police Statement [TJN, June 12, 2006]
Motion To Suppress Non-Testimonial Photographs (pdf.) [, June 8, 2006]

Duke Lacrosse Hoax - Johnsville Archives

Duke Lawyer seeks Mangum's Records

APR 24 -- J. Kirk Osborn, who represents 20-year-old Reade Seligmann, surmises that there is a "good chance" that the accuser, Crystal Gail Mangum, "may have been committed, at least once, to a hospital or drug treatment program." As such, Osborn wants material documenting the woman's supposed "drug abuse history," according to a discovery motion filed this afternoon in Durham's Superior Court.


NOW COMES the Defendant, READE WILLIAM SELIGMANN, through counsel, and respectfully moves this Honorable Court pursuant to the Fifth, Sixth, Eighth and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution, Article I, .19, 23 & 27 of the North Carolina Constitution and Pennsylvania v. Richie, 480 U.S. 39, 59-61 (1987) and its progeny, for orders directing the appropriate agencies to provide to the Court copies of all records of the complaining witness, Crystal Gale Mangum, regarding Mental Disability, Hospital Commitments, Drug Abuse History, Educational Records, Probation and Parole Record, and Department of Social Service Records. This request is based on the fact that the complaining witness has a history of criminal activity and behavior which includes alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and dishonesty, all conduct which indicated mental, emotional and/or physical problems which affect her credibility as a witness. Since these problems do not occur overnight, the probably began in her teenage years and continue to exist. The Defendant requests that these orders include directing both Hillside High School an North Carolina Central University to provide this Court her entire educational records including any disciplinary action and that the State make affirmative inquiry of the complaining witness as to any and all hospitalizations, treatment at mental centers, involvement with the Department of Social Services Agencies, Probation and Parole, Juvenile Agencies, Child Services Agencies, Victims' Advocacy Agencies or Organizations or any other agencies providing services for mental, emotional, drug or alcohol problems.

Seek Duke Accuser's Mental, Drug Records []

Friday, April 21, 2006

Duke Rape Accuser: Crystal Gail Mangum

Crystal Gail Mangum photo taken Mar. 16, 2006 by Officer Reid. Mangum is wearing contact lensCrystal Gail Mangum (born July 16, 1978) is the African-American women, who falsely accused three Duke lacrosse players of kidnapping, raping, strangling, and robbing her.

She is also a convicted murderer.

Crystal Gail Mangum and another stripper, Kim Roberts, age 31, were hired to dance at a Duke lacrosse party on the evening of Monday, March 13, 2006.

Sometime during the party Ms. Mangum claimed she was pulled into a small bathroom at the house rented by three Duke lacrosse captains at 610 N. Buchanan Blvd., Durham. Ms. Mangum said she was then gang-raped for 30 minutes in the bathroom.

Ms. Mangum identified the first names of the three men who attacked her at the lacrosse party. But, she said the players were using different names at different times. The Durham County Probable Cause Affidavit, dated March 27, 2006, described the attack as follows:

Shortly after going back into the dwelling the two women were separated. Two males, Adam and Matt pulled the victim into the bathroom. Someone closed the door to the bathroom where she was, and said "sweet heart you can't leave." The victim stated that she tried to leave, but the three males (Adam, Bret, and Matt) forcefully held her legs arms and raped and sexually assaulted her anally, vaginally and orally. The victim stated she was hit, kicked, and strangled during the assault. As she attempted to defend herself, she was overpowered. The victim reported she was sexually assaulted for an approximately 30 minute time period by the three males.
Information regarding Ms. Mangum's identity soon began circulating on the internet after questions arose about the validity of her story. On April 19, 2006, Dan Abrams of MSNBC released digital photos from the lacrosse party showing Ms. Mangum smiling and then passed out on the back steps of the Duke lacrosse house. These photos caused many to have serious doubts about the truthfulness of Mangum's allegations.

Internet sources revealing her identity were and

Radio personality, Tom Leykis, identified Ms. Mangum on his nationally syndicated radio show, Friday afternoon, April 21, 2006.

On May 15th, MSNBC Host Tucker Carlson said her first name on his show, The Situation with Tucker Carlson.

Her identity was also easily deduced from information provided in news reports. Matt Drudge said Ms. Mangum's name on his Sunday, April 23, 2006, radio show.

Crystal Mangum never told the same story twice about the alleged crime and could not ID any assailants for three weeks. There was also no physical or DNA evidence. Despite having no case, Durham District Attorny Mike Nifong used the rape hoax as a race-baiting strategy to win re-election in the November 2006 election with around 95% of the black vote. The four additional years in office would have allowed him to maximize his pension.

Mangum was finally proven to have lied about the gang-rape by the North Carolina Attorney General's office. They investigated the case for three months and on April 11, 2007, NC Attorney General Roy Cooper declared that the three Duke lacrosse players, Evans, Finnerty, and Seligmann were completely innocent of all charges. Cooper called Durham DA Mike Nifong a "rogue prosecutor" and implied that Crystal Mangum was a mentally unbalanced liar. However, no charges were filed against Mangum.

Because of his misconduct in this case Mike Nifong was disbarred, forced to resign, and sent to jail for 24 hours for contempt of court (lying to the court). He was also sued by the lacrosse players
November 22, 2013, Mangum Found Guilty of 2nd Degree Murder

On April 3, 2011, Mangum was arrested for stabbing her boyfriend seven times in the chest. According to Durham Police Department reports, Mangum stabbed Reginald Daye, 46, with a kitchen knife “with the intent to kill and inflicting serious injury.” The 3:15 AM assault occurred in Daye’s apartment on Century Oaks Drive in Durham, NC.

Arrest Warrant for Crystal Gail Mangum
Mangum was arraigned on April 4, 2011, and her bail bond was set at $300,000. Her next court appearance was scheduled for April 25, 2011. [WTVD-TV]

On April 13, 2011, the victim of Mangum's knife attack, Reginald Daye, 46, died at Duke University Hospital. [WRAL]

On April 18, 2011, Crystal Gail Mangum was indicted on a charge of first-degree murder and two counts of larceny in the death of her boyfriend, Reginald Daye. She has remained in jail since her April 3rd, 2010, arrest.[FoxNews]

On November 22, 2013, Mangum was found guilty of second-degree murder by a jury of seven men and five women. Judge Paul Ridgeway sentenced her to serve a minimum of 14 years, 2 months and a maximum of 18 years in prison. [NewsObserver]
2010 Conviction for child abuse, injury to personal property and resisting a public officer

Early on February 18, 2010, Mangum was arrested and charged with with attempted murder, arson, assault and battery, identity theft, communicating threats, damage to property, resisting an officer and child endangerment. Mangum went into a bathroom and set some clothes on fire in a bathtub following a fight with her boyfriend, Milton Walker, 33. Her three children were in the house, but no one was hurt. (details on Mangum's Feb 18, 2010 arrest)

According to court warrants, Mangum attacked Walker by "scratching, punching, and throwing objects at the victim," who was not arrested. She also threatened, "I'm gonna stab you motherf**ker." Firemen were called to extinguish the bathroom blaze while Mangum, Walker, and three children were evacuated from their home.

Crystal Gail Mangum mugshot following February 2010 arrestMangum mugshot following February 18, 2010 arrest

Crystal Gail Mangum wearing handcuffsDefendant Crystal Gail Mangum enters the courtroom in the Durham County Jail Thursday morning, February 18, 2010 in handcuffs.

Crystal Gail Mangum arrested and charged with with attempted  murder, arson,  assault and battery, identity theft, communicating  threats, damage to  property
On December 17, 2010, a 12-member Durham jury found Mangum guilty of five misdeameanors: three counts of child abuse, one count of injury to personal property, and one count of resisting a public officer.

Superior Court Judge Abe Jones sentenced Mangum to 88 days in jail, which she had already served while awaiting trial. The jury was deadlocked 9-3 on a felony arson charge, and Superior Court Judge Abraham Jones declared a mistrial. [NBC17]

Crystal Mangum at her trial, December 2010

Crystal Gail Mangum - high school yearbook photoFacts about Crystal Gail Mangum:
  • Her birthday is July 16, 1978. She was 27-years-old at the time of the Duke incident.
  • She is the youngest of three children raised in a working-class Durham neighborhood.
  • Ms. Mangum graduated from Hillside High School, Durham, N.C. in 1996.
  • She joined the Navy in the fall of 1996 - signing up for an eight-year enlistment -- two years of active duty followed by six years in the reserves.
  • Ms. Mangum began active duty in the summer of 1997 and was sent to school in Dam Neck, Va., near Virginia Beach. She trained for a job operating radios and navigation equipment.
  • She married a man 14 years her senior in the fall of 1997. His name is Kenneth Nathanial McNeill. They were married for 17 months. She taught him how to read and write. He said:
    "She wanted to see the world. The only thing I knew to tell her was to join the Navy."

    "Our honeymoon was driving out to California"
  • Her parents are Mary and Travis Mangum. Travis Mangum is a retired truck driver.
Mary Mary Mangum - mother of Crystal Gail MangumMary Mangum
  • She and her husband moved to Concord, Calif., where Mangum was assigned to the USS Mount Hood, an ammunition ship. Reportedly:
    She was often away at sea for days or weeks, and tensions flared in the marriage, her former husband said.

    "She was young," he said.

    Along the way, the woman became interested in another sailor, a man who would later father her children, the former husband said. The two separated as the new relationship began, he said. Six months later, she was discharged from the service (in 1998).

    A U.S. Navy spokesman would not release the reason for the discharge, though records indicate it came less than nine months before she had her first child, a boy, named after his father.
  • Ms. Mangum is divorced with three children. She went to court to force the father of her first two children to pay child support.
    In 2003, the children's father was ordered by a Durham court to have a portion of his paycheck, about $400 a month, withheld for child support, court records show. He was also ordered to pay more than $2,700 in public assistance to the children.
  • She had worked at a nursing facility and on an assembly line making catalytic reducers at $10.50 per hour.
  • Ms. Mangum was arrested in June 2002 after she got drunk, stole a car at a strip club, and lead police on a reckless high-speed chase. This incident resulted in the following charges:
    • Felonious Assault with a Deadly Weapon on Police Officer, O2-CRS-49961
    • Felonious Larceny and Felonious Possession of Stolen Vehicle charges, 02-CRS-49955
    • Felonious Speeding to Elude Arrest, Driving while Impaired (.19 Blood Alcohol Content) and Driving while License Revoked, 02-CRS-49956
    • Driving Left of Center, 02-CR-49958
    • Failure to Heed Blue Light and Siren and Reckless Driving in Wanton Disregard to Rights or Safety of Others, 02-CR-49959
    • Driving the Wrong Way on Dual Lane Highway and Open Container After Consuming Alcohol, 02-CR-49960
    • two counts of Injury to Personal Property, 02-CR-49962-63
    • Resisting a Public Officer, 02-CR-49964
  • She plead guilty to four misdemeanors in May 2003: Speeding to elude arrest, assault against a government official, DWI level 3, and larceny. She was required to serve three consecutive weekends in jail and placed on two years' probation.
Crystal Gail Mangum - Inmate Intake form dated May 16, 2003
  • Ms. Mangum paid her legal bills and $4,200 in restitution and court fees from the May 2003 convictions.
  • She also had three driving license suspensions according to WRAL-TV.
  • She went to Durham Technical Community College and graduated in 2004 with an associate degree.
  • Ms. Mangum is a registered Democratic voter.
  • She was a full-time, second-year student at North Carolina Central University (NCCU), a historically black college across town from Duke, at the time of the incident. Ms. Mangum is a police psychology student with a 3.0 (B) grade average. [Note: defense attorneys for the lacrosse players have reportedly said, that there is no evidence that Ms. Mangum was a full-time student at the time of incident.]
  • James D. "Butch" Williams, a prominent Durham lawyer and sports agent, who represented Michael Vick, as well as an unindicted Duke lacrosse player said the following about Ms. Mangum:

    “C’mon, kids. She wasn’t this little poor North Carolina Central student working the fields. She was a whore.”
  • altered photo of Crystal Gail Mangum leaving 610 N. Buchanan Blvd.Ms. Mangum was working for a local escort service, Angels Escort Service (aka: Bunny Hole Entertainment), when she went to the Duke Lacrosse party. Ms. Mangum told The News & Observer she had worked for the escort service for two months, doing one-on-one dates about three times a week.
    "It wasn't the greatest job," she said, her voice trailing off. But with two children, and a full class load at N.C. Central University, it paid well and fit her schedule.
    Ms. Mangum also told The News & Observer that the Duke party was the first time she had been hired to dance provocatively for a group. Lacrosse defense attorneys later found that Mangum was working for at least eight different "escort" agencies.
  • Regarding her career as a stripper the New York Times reported this untruth in a pro-Nifong article:
    She worked flexible hours at Platinum Pleasures, a strip club, and for Angel’s Escorts. She was a stripper, not a prostitute, she later told the police. She told them that "she had been to one event in the past where she thought a male at the party was nice, so after the party they went out and had consensual sexual relations," but just that once.
Mangum pole dancing shortly after incident
  • In the days and weeks after the attack Crystal Mangum went back to the hospital complaining of neck, back and knee pain she claimed was caused by the rape. 60 Minutes and other news outlets show a video of Mangum dancing at the Platinum Pleasures Club on March 25-26th, eleven days after the alleged attack. The club manager, H.P. Thomas, tells 60 Minutes that she had consistently performed her routine normally. Thomas also told Inside Edition that Mangum was back pole dancing three days (Mar. 17th) after making allegations of a brutal sexual assault.
  • Ms. Mangum went to the Duke Lacrosse party without a chaperone or security and was dressed only in her revealing dance outfit - a negligee and shiny white strappy high heels. Professional "exotic dance" performers say both actions are considered unprofessional.
  • Travis Mangum went to Duke University Medical Center the morning following the incident, but was unable to see his daughter. Ms. Mangum told a News & Observer reporter on Friday, March 24th:
    "My father came to see me in the hospital," she said. "I knew if I didn't report it that he would have that hurt forever, knowing that someone hurt his baby and got away with it."
  • Ms. Mangum did not tell her father she had been sexually assaulted. He learned of that from a reporter.
    The father of the woman who has accused members of the Duke lacrosse team of sexually assaulting her said he didn't find out that his daughter was the reported victim - and that she is an exotic dancer - until a reporter visited his house.

    The retired trucker who lives in Durham said he saw his daughter the day after the reported attack, but she didn't say anything was wrong. She even left her car at the house for several days because he said she didn't want to drive it.

    Her father, a quiet man who tinkers on cars as a hobby, said he saw news reports about the attack.

    "I didn't know it was my daughter," he said.
  • Ms. Mangum's father, Travis Mangum, seemed somewhat overwhelmed by all of the attention his daughter's case has received. The Washington Post, which interviewed him, said: "he seemed dazed in the heat of the frenzy."

    He said many contradictory statements regarding the case and his daughter, and her willingness or non-willingness to testify.
    “She’s not crazy,” said her father, responding to what he says has become a smear campaign to damage his daughter’s credibility. “She takes her children to school and picks them up. She works. She goes to school herself.”
    Megyn Kendall of Fox News reported that she spoke to the accuser's father who relayed to her that his daughter told him she was sodomized with a broomstick and isn't certain of the third player's identity.
    Mr. Mangum said in an interview on June 8, 2006, that Ms. Mangum was seeing a psychiatrist and was in no condition to testify. "I don't know how long it'll be before she gets back in her right frame of mind," he said. "It could be years."
  • Her parent’s home is located in a working-class neighborhood across the street from one of the three churches the family attends regularly. It is two miles from the NCCU campus. Ms. Mangum was living near her parents home with her two children prior to the Duke incident.
  • Ms. Mangum had a nervous breadkdown in 2005.
    The mother of the alleged victim told ESSENCE magazine that her daughter did go away to a hospital in Raleigh, North Carolina, for about a week last year, where she was treated for a “nervous breakdown.” While the accuser’s parents did not say they knew what brought on the breakdown, they did say that their daughter was upset about mounting bills.
  • Ms. Mangum reported on August 18, 1996, that she was raped by three men three years prior when she was 14 in Creedmoor, N.C. Her parents said that their daughter was attacked by the boy she was dating at the time and two of his friends. The three allegedly held her against her will in a house, raped her and threatened to kill her. The case was never investigated and the men were not interviewed.
    The mother also told ESSENCE that when her daughter was 17 or 18, she was raped by several men, one of whom was someone she knew. The attack took place in the town of Creedmoor, about 15 miles northeast of Durham, and was a “set up,” according to the accuser’s mother. Although other family members confirmed that the alleged victim reported the incident to police in that jurisdiction, the young woman declined to pursue the case, relatives say out of fear for her safety.

    The woman's parents told NBC17 that their daughter was attacked by the boy she was dating at the time and two of his friends. The three allegedly held her against her will in a house, raped her and threatened to kill her.
  • Ms. Mangum's former husband, Kenneth Nathanial McNeill, told ABC News that he believed she had been raped in 1993. She and McNeill were engaged at the time when the police report was filed.
    he urged her to make the report to Creedmoor police to help her overcome the trauma.

    "I wanted them to pay for what they did," said McNeil, who was then engaged to the woman.
    Regarding Creedmoor, Kenneth McNeill, said:
    before he married the accuser in 1997, the woman told him about rape and torture at the hands of a previous boyfriend, a man who was at least seven years older than she.

    The accuser was in high school when she met the man, McNeil said. He was controlling, jealous and abusive, McNeil said. He would beat her, and she would hide the bruises from her parents.

    On a day in June 1993, the man offered up his young girlfriend's body to his friends, McNeil said she told him. "He let his boys take turns," McNeil said.
  • She never pursued the Creedmoor case, CNN reported:
    The woman identified her attackers as black males, giving police names and addresses.

    The police officer who interviewed the woman advised her to "write a chronological-order statement of the incidents and occurrences that had taken place and return the statement for investigative purposes," the report states.

    The report concludes: "No further information."
  • After the Creedmoor incident, Ms. Mangum lost a tremendous amount of weight and became suicidal, so her parents took her to see a psychiatrist, her father said.
  • She filed a complaint in 1998, in which she accused her then-husband, Kenneth Nathanial McNeill, of threatening to kill her. She later failed to appear at a court hearing on the complaint, which was dismissed. From a defense motion for Reade Seligmann:
    On June 16, 1998, she state (sic) under oath that her husband, Kenneth Nathanial McNeill, took her into the wood (sic) and threatened to kill her. On June 23, 1998, she failed to appear at at hearing to prove her allegations and the matter was dismissed. Mr. McNeill has informed our Investigator that her allegations were false. See attached Incident/Investigation Report
  • Ms. Mangum had reportedly been forced into virtual hiding after photos of her from the Duke Lacrosse party were aired on television. Alleged and unproven threats from Duke supporters forced her to stay with different friends almost every night according to Mangum's friends and relatives.
    She even considered pulling the plug after the case turned into a racial pressure cooker, her cousin said.

    "At one point, she wanted to just drop the charges," said the cousin, who gave her name as Jackie. "But as a family, we told her to stand her ground."

    Crystal Gail Mangum's cousin Jakki aka Jackie aka Clyde Lee YancyCousin Jakki a.k.a. Jackie said, [Jackie is also known as Clyde Young and/or Clyde Yancey] there is no way her cousin would have made up the story to get a monetary settlement.
    "I think she'd rather have her life back than be concerned with money," Jackie said.
  • Her ex-husband said: "She doesn’t know who to trust. That’s why she’s running."
    Amid the flurry of personal attacks on her character, the alleged victim seems to be moving farther away from her own family, her relatives have said. Racing back and forth to undisclosed locations with her two small children in tow, the young woman has not spoken to anyone from the press and will only call her parents. Sometimes, said the aunt, she doesn’t even talk to her mother and father when she calls, but simply blurts out, "I’m okay, Mama," before quickly hanging up.
  • Ms. Mangum had a boyfriend, named Matthew Murchison, at the time of the Duke incident. He has a criminal record - see NC records here. His seminal DNA was found in Mangum from vaginal swabs done the morning of March 14th at Duke University Medical Center (DUMC) at the start of the investigation. She also had sex with two other men who drove her in the days prior to the alleged incident. Fox News reported:
    Defense sources also say the accuser admitted to having had sexual intercourse with at least three men around the time of the alleged attack. According to those sources, when investigators questioned her after DNA tests on the semen found inside her body did not match any of the Duke players, the accuser gave police the name of her boyfriend and two men who drove her to her dancing engagements.
  • At a court hearing on December 15, 2006, DNA Security director Brian Meehan, under cross examination, admitted that Mike Nifong knew that the report his company produced failed to include critical exculpatory evidence. Specifically, that multiple DNA samples from at least five men were found in the rape kit. News & Observer reported:
    The head of a private DNA laboratory said under oath today that he and District Attorney Mike Nifong agreed not to report DNA results favorable to Duke lacrosse players charged with rape.

    Brian Meehan, director of DNA Security of Burlington, said his lab found DNA from unidentified men in the underwear, pubic hair and rectum of the woman who said she was gang-raped at a lacrosse party in March. Nurses at Duke Hospital collected the samples a few hours after the alleged assault. Meehan said the DNA did not come from Reade Seligmann, David Evans, or Collin Finnerty, who have been charged with rape and sexual assault in the case...
    The hidden DNA findings were not related to Mangum's boyfriend or two drivers. Comedian Dennis Miller later referred to Ms. Mangum as the "Louvre of DNA" on the Tonight Show.
  • After Evans, Finnerty, & Seligmann were declared innocent by NC AG Roy Cooper, on April 11, 2007, Fox News reported: "As time went on, her romantic life didn't get more stable, either. According to reports, Mangum said she'd had sex with at least three men in the days leading up to the Duke lacrosse incident, including her boyfriend and two of the men who drove her to dancing gigs. Somewhere around this time, she again became pregnant. She gave birth to a premature girl in January 2007."
  • Mangum's two drivers were Jarriel Johnson of Raleigh, and Brian Taylor of Durham. Tne News & Observer reported:
    Her driver, Jarriel Johnson of Raleigh, gave police a handwritten sworn statement on April 6 that detailed his time with her.

    Two days before the party, Johnson said he drove the woman to an hourlong appointment at the Holiday Inn Express in Wakefield. At 11 p.m., Johnson said, he drove her to Platinum, a strip club in Hillsborough. The woman twice asked him to stay another hour, he wrote. At 4:30 a.m., Johnson said, he drove her to an hourlong job at the Millennium Hotel near Duke University.

    The next night, Johnson said, he drove her to Raleigh "to find this guy she met." They checked into a hotel near Lane Street, bought Chinese food and waited for the man to call. Johnson said he left at midnight. When he came back the next morning, Johnson said, he waited in his car while the accuser performed for an older man in the hotel room.

    Later that day, Johnson said, he was taking the accuser to her parents' house in Durham when she asked him to stop so she could go to the bathroom. "She got out of the car and started walking down Creedmoor Rd.," Johnson wrote. "I pulled my car over and got out to chase her down. She told me to leave her alone."

    Johnson said he asked several times before she climbed back in the car. The two reached Johnson's home about 4:30 p.m.

    Johnson said he wasn't able to drive that evening; the accuser told Johnson that another friend, Brian Taylor of Durham, would drive her to a bachelor party in Durham, the lacrosse party.
  • Mr. Johnson also told investigators he had sex with Ms. Mangum, though he said that took place more than a week before the party.
  • Regarding Mangum's strip club work, Brian Taylor told The News & Observer:
    Taylor had known for a while that [Ms. Mangum] was a dancer. He and a male friend had watched her perform at clubs in Smithfield and Hillsborough.
  • Ms. Mangum used the alias "Precious" at the Duke lacrosse party. She may have also used other aliases.
  • On Jan 4, 2007, Crystal Gail Mangum gave birth to a baby girl at UNC Hospitals. The baby was delivered by a Cesarean section.
    Duke Lacrosse Accuser Gives Birth to Baby Girl - WRAL
    Duke Lacrosse Accuser Gives Birth to Baby Girl - Fox News
  • On April 11, 2007, Fox News quickly identified the false accuser, Crystal Gail Mangum, after the NC Attorney General Roy Cooper announced that Evans, Finnerty, and Seligmann are completely innocent. See: Crystal Gail Mangum: Profile of the Duke Rape Accuser
  • On April 12, 2007, the New York Post published Ms. Mangum's 2003 mugshot on the front page with the headline: The Duke Liar.

    NY Post, April 12, 2007: The Duke Liar - Crystal Gail Mangum
  • On April 13, 2007, the News & Observer published a profile of Ms. Mangum that reviewed her struggle with mental illness and alcohol: Mangum's life: conflict, contradictions
  • On October 5, 2007, attorneys for the three falsely charged and exonerated Duke lacrosse players filed a federal civil rights law suit against the city of Durham, Mike Nifong and others involved in the wrongful prosecution of the case. The lawsuit said the defendants [Nifong and Durham PD] maliciously conspired to charge the three men with rape, even though they knew that charges were "a total fabrication by a mentally troubled, drug-prone exotic dancer whose claims, time and again, were contradicted by physical evidence, documentary evidence, other witnesses, and even the accuser herself."
  • On April 2, 2008, Mangum paid a surprise visit to a classroom at North Carolina A&T State University. She spoke to a few students enrolled in Dr. Myra Shird’s Argumentation and Debate class. They had read about the Duke incident prior to her visit. Mangum read a prepared statement and then answered questions from the students. It was also announced that she would have a website,, in early May to promote her forthcoming book.

    Crystal Mangum's first public appearance at North Carolina A&T State UniversityCrystal Mangum at North Carolina A&T State University, April 2008
  • On May 3, 2008, Crystal Mangum graduated from North Carolina Central University with a degree in criminal psychology. Duke graduate, Kristin Butler, wrote a column for the Duke Chronicle entitled: "Summa Cum Looney" that criticized the conferment of a degree to Ms. Mangum. Butler wrote:
    It seems anyone can get a college degree these days—especially if they go to North Carolina Central University... what makes Mangum's latest milestone so infuriating: It demeans the accomplishments of thousands of hard-working, law-abiding Eagles who also graduated this May.

    A Duke student committing even a fraction of those crimes would have been summarily expelled; being accused of them would be enough for an emergency suspension...

    Mangum is an accomplished liar and criminal, and a credible school shouldn't have allowed her within 50 miles of its graduation ceremony...
  • Mangum holds press conference to promote book and renew lies about lacrosse players assaultOn October 23, 2008, Crystal Mangum held a press conference to promote a forthcoming book, entitled The Last Dance for Grace. The Crystal Mangum Story, in which she maintains she was assaulted by the Duke lacrosse players.

    At the press conference Mangum says, "I'm not just someone that tried to frame innocent people for sexual assault."

    Lacrosse attorney Joe Cheshire said, “Her press conference and her continued assertion that an assault happened is really pathetic . . . She’s clearly doing this to make money. By continuing to lie, she makes everything in the book, everything she says, a lie."

    Phil Seligmann, father of former Duke lacrosse player Reade Seligmann, responded to Mangum's press conference by issuing a statement. He said: "Ms. Mangum's 'manuscript' is simply a pathetic attempt to further her need to remain in the public eye at the expense of demonstrably innocent individuals... We are presently evaluating all available legal options. If Ms. Mangum and those associated with her continue to slander Reade, we will have no choice and will not hesitate to utilize those options."

Youtube: Crystal Mangum speaks at press conference
More information about Crystal Gail Mangum's 2002 arrest and 2003 convictions -

Ms. Mangum has four misdemeanor convictions:
see: Crystal G. Mangum - North Carolina Department of Correction conviction records - May 8, 2003. []

Deputy John Carroll's police report of Crystal Mangum's 2002 arrest:
The suspect was driving a blue taxi cab [which she had stolen at a topless club]. She was completely left of center within my sight without any lights on the vehicle. She then crossed back right and off the road into the shoulder and turning up dirt. [After traveling 70mph in a 55mph zone,] the suspect was then traveling south in the northbound lane . . . She traveled east until it came to a dead end. She then attempted to turn left and run through a fence but was unable to and it appeared that she was not going to go any further. I put my vehicle in park and exited it, and approached the suspect—telling her to turn the car off and get out.

When she saw me approach, she was laughing and put the vehicle in reverse and backed across the road and into the woods. It appeared that she was stuck. I had to run around my vehicle to get back to the driver’s side door, and as I began to approach the vehicle she put it in drive and drove towards me. I jumped out of the way to the right and she missed me. The suspect then struck the right rear quarter of my patrol vehicle . . . and then proceeded west on Briar Creek Parkway, almost striking Deputy Goss in his patrol vehicle.

[Police pursed Mangum and eventually boxed in her vehicle]

... was boxed in. Deputy Goss and I approached the vehicle with our guns drawn, pointing at the suspect, giving verbal commands to exit the car. She refused until we were directly next to the car.

She then opened the door and would not get out, with her hand on the steering wheel and leaning out to the rear of the car. She finally got out of the car and laid down on the ground. She was taken into custody at that time. I put her in the back seat of my vehicle. She kept attempting to lay down but was advised to sit up. She was given an alcosensor and submitted, giving a 0.19 reading, and at the same time, while getting all the information together, the suspect passed out and was unresponsive.

News reports of Mangum's 2002 arrest:

A Durham County Sheriff's Office report -- reviewed four years ago by Sgt. T.H. McCrae and recently obtained by The Herald-Sun -- provides details of the 2002 car chase involving Ms Mangum:
The incident began at a topless dance club [Diamond Girls] while the woman was performing for a taxi driver, McCrae wrote.

"As she was feeling him up and putting her hands in his pockets she removed the keys to his taxi cab, without him knowing," the officer said. "He [the cabbie] told her he would drive her home but needed to go to the restroom first. While in the restroom he was advised that she was driving off in his taxi cab."

McCrae said he chased the woman at speeds up to 70 mph in a 55-mph zone until she finally stopped.

"As I began to approach the vehicle she put it in drive and drove towards me," McCrae added. "I jumped out of the way to the right and she missed me. The suspect then struck the right rear quarter of my patrol vehicle."

Another chase ensued, but the woman finally was apprehended after having a flat tire, according to McCrae.

The officer said she registered a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.19 on a portable sensing device -- more than double North Carolina's 0.08 legal threshold for impairment.

And while being questioned, the dancer "passed out and was unresponsive," McCrae said.

She was taken to the emergency room at Duke University Hospital, McCrae's report indicated.
More details of Crystal Gail Mangum's 2002 arrest and resulting conviction(s):
The episode started at the Diamond Girls club on Angier Avenue in Durham. According to Larry W. Jones, the owner of Diamond Girls, the woman appeared at the club that night and "tried out," giving lap dances to a few men.

Jones said the manager at the time did not offer the woman a job because she was "acting funny."

She started dancing for a taxi driver, whom she asked for a ride, according to a report from the Durham County Sheriff's Office. While dancing, she took the keys from the driver's pocket without his knowledge and, minutes later, drove off in his taxi.

The cab driver called 911 and a sheriff's deputy responded and saw the blue 1992 Chevrolet Caprice heading east on Angier Avenue near Page Road. The headlights were off and the woman was driving on the wrong side of the road, according to the deputy's report.

The woman sped up to pass the officer, and he began to chase the taxi, which ran a stop sign and veered across the road, weaving across a grass median, onto the shoulder and back. The car sped from Angier Avenue onto U.S. 70, the report said.

According to the report, the woman drove down the center of the highway, a 55 mph zone, at 70 mph, heading into Raleigh. She kept speeding, drove the wrong way down Brier Creek Parkway and turned into a dead end, where she tried to drive the taxi through a fence.

The sheriff's deputy said he got out of his car and told the woman to turn off the car. She laughed, backed up the car, then drove forward again and nearly hit the deputy, the report said.

The taxi slammed into the deputy's car and kept going, turning back onto Brier Creek Parkway into oncoming traffic, the report said. Another deputy continued to chase her until the taxi got a flat tire. Officers boxed in the car, pulled the woman out and arrested her.

Her blood alcohol level was 0.19, according to court records, more than twice the legal limit to drive in North Carolina.

The woman was charged with driving while impaired, driving with a revoked license, felony speeding to elude arrest, felony assault with a deadly weapon on a government official, and felony larceny of a motor vehicle. Court documents and her criminal and driving records show that her driver's license had been revoked before the incident, but they do not indicate why.

Under a deal with prosecutors, she pleaded guilty to four misdemeanors in the car chase: larceny, speeding to elude arrest, assault on a government official and DWI, according to court records. She was required to serve three consecutive weekends in jail and was placed on two years' probation. She paid restitution and court costs, and completed her probation.

Woody Vann, a Durham lawyer who defended the woman, said recently that when the case went to court in 2003, he was ready to present 10 character witnesses for his client. She struck him as responsible because she admitted wrongdoing in the case, he said.
Vann said that the allegations that his former client, Ms. Mangum, was trying to hit the sheriff's deputy were in error, and that she was merely trying to turn around.

How the story of Ms. Mangum's arrest was reported in June 2002:
DURHAM (6/22/02) -- A 23-year-old woman was arrested Friday on charges she was driving a stolen taxi and tried to run over a deputy who was pursuing her on DWI, speeding and other offenses.

Crystal Gail Mangum of 211 Charles St. faces 10 charges, including driving while impaired, driving with a revoked license, eluding police, reckless driving, failure to heed a siren and lights, assault on an officer and larceny of a motor vehicle, warrants say.

At 12:42 p.m. Friday, deputy J.P. Carroll spotted the stolen cab at Angier Avenue and Page Road and turned on his lights and siren. The driver fled, arrest warrants say. The chase led onto U.S. 70, where speeds reached 70 mph. After the car traveled into a wooded area, warrants say, Carroll approached, but the taxi driver drove toward him. He jumped away, bumping his vehicle.

Further information wasn't available, but warrants say both cars sustained damage. Mangum, jailed on $ 75,000 bail, is to appear today in District Court.
Mangum's own account of the 2002 arrest from her book The Last Dance for Grace: The Crystal Mangum Story:
I headed towards Raleigh with no headlights shining. I was goining the opposite direction when I should have headed home which was not that far from the club. By now the taxi cab had been reported stolen, and soon the sirens came. There were police cars in hot pursuit.

I feld a jolt of sobriety. I thought, "Why me?" I juse wanted to get home to my kids. I could not think about anything else right now. I needed to keep driving. Police cruisers were all around me and forced me into a parking lot. I sat there quietly for a moment, but then the alcohol started talking to me, "Back up now!" I did but there happened to be police are behind me. I crashed inot the police cruser. The criminal charges were starting to mount, and I had no clue. [...]

Everyone who has had an opinion of me declares I stole a car and led police on a high-speed chase. I suppose that is what it is.
Crystal Gail Mangum, March 16, 2006 police photo. Enlarged, slightly enhanced (brightness, contast) version of photo via LieStoppers forum.

Crystal Gail Mangum - police photo Mar. 16, 2006 - enlarged/enhanced

The March 16, 2006 police photo of Ms. Mangum clearly shows that Mangum had no injuries two days after the reported incident.
Charges filed against Mangum following her February 18, 2010 arrest:

Durham County Sheriff: Inmate Population
Date Confined Date Released Statute Description Bond Type Bond Amount
2/18/2010 [incarcerated] RESISTING PUBLIC OFFICER NO BOND $0.00
2/18/2010 [incarcerated] IDENTITY THEFT NO BOND $0.00
2/18/2010 [incarcerated] COMMUNICATING THREATS NO BOND $0.00
2/18/2010 [incarcerated] ASSAULT AND BATTERY NO BOND $0.00
2/18/2010 [incarcerated] INJURY TO PERSONAL PROPERTY NO BOND $0.00
2/18/2010 [incarcerated] ATTEMPTED FIRST DEGREE MURDER NO BOND $0.00
2/18/2010 [incarcerated] FIRST DEGREE ARSON NO BOND $0.00
2/18/2010 [incarcerated] FIRST DEGREE ARSON NO BOND $0.00
2/18/2010 [incarcerated] MISDEMEANOR CHILD ABUSE NO BOND $0.00
Lawyers question dancer's plea deal in '02 [] [, May 17, 2006]
Parents: Daughter Being Portrayed Unfairly In Duke Lacrosse Rape Case [48 Hours interview with Mary and Travis Mangum, May 15, 2006]
2006 Duke University lacrosse team scandal []
Lacrosse Team Defense Attorneys Speak Out About Rape Allegations [, Mar. 30, 2006]
Mother, dancer, accuser [, Apr. 16, 2006]
Duke accuser's father: Broomstick used in alleged rape [, April 26, 2006]
Tension high in Duke case [NY Daily News, Apr. 20, 2006]
Family Defends Daughter’s Painful Past [Essence Magazine]
Nowhere to Turn [Essence Magazine]
Report involved abuse at age 14 [, April 29, 2006]
Filing disputes lacrosse probe [, June 9, 2006]
Files From Duke Rape Case Give Details but No Answers [NY Times, Aug. 25, 2006]
Summa cum loony [Duke Chronicle, May 15, 2008]

The Mangum yearbook photo was added in December 2006, after it was first published on the Crystal Mess blog.

The police photo of Ms. Mangum was first published by KC Johnson on Mar. 24th.
see: A Thousand Words.

Additional information about Ms. Mangum can be found at Wikitruth.

More about the Duke case at The Johnsville News:
Duke Hoax [Index/Archives]
The Duke Lacrosse Saga in Pictures

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