Friday, February 3, 2006

Danish Muhammed Cartoons and Islamic Vitriol

Danish flag defaced
A Palestinian militant in Gaza with a makeshift Danish flag defaced by a black foot

The Islamic world is rioting because a few newspapers in Europe published some (12) cartoons with caricatures of Muhammed. Given how may times Jesus, Moses, and Buddha have had their caricatures done in the press it seems unreasonable for Muhammed (also translated as Mohammad) to get a free pass. Compared to some "political" cartoons these seem very tame. Here are the twelve cartoons that have caused the massive controversy:

Muhammad with a bomb in his turban
The most controversial drawing shows Muhammad with a bomb in his turban, with a lit fuse and the Islamic creed written on the bomb.

Muhammed as a peaceful wanderer in the desert with his donkey
Muhammad as a peaceful wanderer, in the desert, at sunset. There is a donkey in the background

Kåre Bluitgen (Danish writer and journalist), wearing a turban with the proverbial orange dropping, with the inscription "Publicity stunt". In his hand is a stick drawing of Muhammad. An "orange in the turban" is a Danish proverb meaning "a stroke of luck."

Muhammed in police line-up
A police line-up of seven people, with the witness saying: "Hm... jeg kan ikke lige genkende ham" ("Hm... I can't really recognise him"). Not all people in the line-up are immediately identifiable. They are: (1) A generic Hippie, (2) politician Pia Kjærsgaard, (3) possibly Jesus, (4) possibly Buddha, (5) possibly Muhammad, (6) a generic Indian Guru, and (7) journalist Kåre Bluitgen, carrying a sign saying: "Kåres PR, ring og få et tilbud" ("Kåre's public relations, call and get an offer")

Muhammed with halo
Muhammad standing with a halo in the shape of a crescent moon.

face of Muhammad
The face of Muhammad as a part of the Islamic star and crescent symbol. His right eye the star, the crescent surrounds his beard and face.

angry Muhammad
An angry Muhammad with a short sabre and a black bar censoring his eyes. He is flanked by two women in niqaabs, having only their eyes visible.

Muhammad standing on a cloud, greeting dead suicide bombers
Muhammad standing on a cloud, greeting dead suicide bombers with "Stop Stop vi er løbet tør for Jomfruer!" ("Stop, stop, we have run out of virgins!"), an allusion to the promised reward to martyrs.

reactionary provocateurs
A boy in front of a blackboard, pointing to the Farsi chalkings, which translate into "the editorial team of Jyllands-Posten is a bunch of reactionary provocateurs". The boy is labelled "Mohammed, Valby school, 7.A", implying that this Muhammed is a second-generation immigrant to Denmark rather than the man Muslims believe was a prophet. On his shirt is written "Fremtiden" (the future). According to the editor of Jyllands Posten, he didn't know what was written on the blackboard before it was published.

nervous caricaturist drawing Muhammed
A nervous caricaturist, shakingly drawing Muhammad while looking over his shoulder.

Prophet! daft and dumb, keeping woman under thumb
An abstract drawing of crescent moons and Stars of David, and a poem on oppression of women "Profet! Med kuk og knald i låget som holder kvinder under åget!". In English the poem could be read as: "Prophet! daft and dumb, keeping woman under thumb"

relax it's just a drawing by some infidel from the middle of nowhere
Two angry Muslims charge forward with sabres and bombs, while Muhammad addresses them with: "Rolig, venner, når alt kommer til alt er det jo bare en tegning lavet af en vantro sønderjyde" (loosely, "Relax guys, it's just a drawing made by some infidel South Jutlander". The reference is to a common Danish expression for a person from the middle of nowhere.)

The Jawa report said:

The interesting question raised by all of this: is Islam inherently unable to support freedom of speech

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update: Michelle Malkin is covering this story very closely.

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