Sunday, May 29, 2005

Doomsday Recipes: How to Destroy the Earth

Methods for destroying the Earth:

  1. Gobbled up by strangelets

  2. Sucked into a microscopic black hole

  3. Operspun: accelerate the Earth's rotation

  4. Blown up by matter/antimatter reaction

  5. Sucked into a giant black hole

  6. Meticulously and systematically deconstructed

  7. Pulverized by impact with blunt instrument

  8. Frazzled by solar plasma

  9. Eaten by von Neumann machines

  10. Hurled into the Sun

  11. Torn apart by Jupiter

  12. Total existence failure

  13. Whipped by a cosmic string

  14. Written off in the backlash from a stellar collision

  15. Swallowed up as the Sun enters red giant stage

  16. Crunched

  17. Ripped asunder

  18. Decayed

  19. Heat death

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