Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Gangs of New York: Rudaj vs. Gambinos

The New York media continues to dribble out stories about the Rudaj Organization aka Albanian Mafia. Here is one from The Daily News regarding the Rudaj Organization's violent power play for control of Queens gambling clubs:

Rudaj's organization battled with the Gambinos for clubs once controlled by the Luchese family, prosecutors say. After a violent confrontation over one club taken over by the Gambinos, acting boss Arnold Squitieri asked for a meeting with Rudaj and associates at a New Jersey gas station, Treanor (Assistant U.S. Attorney Timothy Treanor) said.

When Squitieri pulled out a gun at the meeting, a Rudaj henchman pointed his firearm at a gas pump, threatening to blow them all to pieces if Squitieri and the others didn't back away. They did.

"The Rudaj organization then operated without retribution in Astoria (Queens) after that," Treanor said.
Mob, Albanians in surf-and-turf war [NY Daily News, Dec. 10, 2004]
The Rudaj Organization aka: The Albanian Mafia
Arnold "Zeke" Squitieri

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