Monday, November 15, 2004

New Mafia Gangs of New York fly below the radar screen

Some observations about the recent busts of the Albanian (Rudaj Organization - 26 individuals) and Chinese (Wang, Lim, & Wu Organizations - 51 individuals) mobs in New York:

• The Chinese mobs are an equal opportunity employer - women are allowed to work for the criminal enterprise. The Albanian mob had only men.

• Both groups were connected by strong ethnic ties. The Chinese members had ties to Fujian province northeast of Hong Kong. The Albanians were led by a core of six ethnic Albanians and one Italian but had soldiers who were Greek, Arab and Italian.

• "The newcomers have adopted the swagger and the nicknames favored by previous generations of gangsters," according to the indictment.

• Language allowed these groups to protect themselves. The Fujianese speak a dialect that is all but unknown to many second- and third-generation American Chinese. Albanian is also an obscure language.

• This new generation of ethnic Mafia has not drawn the attention of the mainstream news media like the old Italian mobs. No US news organization published the names of all the indicted individuals. Overall media coverage of these stories has been weak. The New York Times did not even run a story about the Albanian Mafia (Rudaj Organization) indictments and arrests.

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