Friday, April 16, 2004

Omarosa: Can a Pathological Liar Find Success on TV?


Omarosa has got to be one of the most hated people on TV. Everyone from Black ESPN Sports commentator Michael Wilbon to The Washington Post is calling her a total loser and a pathological liar. Among other things, she screwed Kwame out of winning "The Apprentice" and she's made unsubstantiated allegations against fellow contestant Ereka Vetrini.

She has certainly created a unique brand image for herself. Like all A-list celebrities she is now universally known just by her first name. Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth no longer exists, just Omarosa. We will have to leave it some shrewd marketing consultants to figure out how anyone could use that "image."

• Omarosa's mere presence can stir up controversey, as Oprah learned. The New York Post reports:

OPRAH Winfrey's fans continue to swamp the TV queen's Web site - outraged that snarky "Apprentice" castoff Omarosa shared the stage with Winfrey on last Thursday's "Oprah."

"Oprah" fans bombarded over the weekend with more than 200 mostly scathing messages, criticizing Winfrey for allowing Omarosa the privilege of being on-stage - while her fellow "Apprentice" colleagues, Ereka and Heidi, had to sit in the audience

• As for Bill Rancic the winner of "The Apprentice," he had to decide what job to take with the Trump organization. Bill could oversee the construction of a spectacular new building, Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago, or he could manage an incredible golf course on the edge of the ocean, Trump National Golf Club - Los Angeles. Bill said both jobs were tempting, but that his heart is in Chicago, so he chose Trump International Hotel and Tower in the Windy City.

And if we know one thing it is that construction workers will respect someone who won his job on a game show.
Proposed Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago
Proposed Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago

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