Saturday, March 13, 2004

Omarosa Saga Continues

Omarosa 100% Bitch
Our favorite bitch, Omarosa, is at it again; stirring up trouble. She now says another contestant (Ereka) called her the "N" word.

Omarosa's allegation -- which would appear to be completely false and quite slanderous given the near immediate comments of denial from numerous other key Apprentice parties -- came during a Wednesday appearance on ABC's syndicated The View daytime series.

Anyone following "The Apprentice" and Omarosa would not be surprised that she made this accusation. She is totally clueless that the majority of people find her obnoxious when
she talks of capitalizing on her "public brand." Earth to Omarosa - you've had your 15 minutes please go away. The only cashing in that you will have is if you choose to drop trou for Playboy. However, you have to fear that she becomes reality TV's "bad penny" and will make a career out of torturing us. Somewhere there is a damned producer planning just that.

Ongoing 'Apprentice' catfight gets uglier as Omarosa makes unsupported racial slur allegation [Reality TV World]
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