Tuesday, February 3, 2004

The Anthrax Murder Mystery

Lots of white powder/poison stories in the news today. But, the big anthrax story from two years ago has grown cold. However, there are a thousands of well documented clues as to who the anthrax murderer might be and where he or she could be found.

You can even walk up and touch one of the actual crime scenes. Link
Then walk down the street a little further and get a venti extra-shot caramel foamy skim mocha at the Starbucks as you conduct surveillance of the crime scene.

The key piece in the entire murder mystery may be Kathy Nguyen. Who, is Kathy Nguyen and how did she come in contact with the anthrax spores? Link

Richard Smith has done a nice job organizing a large set of the clues. Link

2001 anthrax attacks [wikipedia.org]

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