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Monday, July 5, 2010

Insurrection Wafting over the Land

Items of Interest:

Dont Tread on Me -- Today, we find ourselves in complete subordination to the military-industrial complex, now indenturing over a trillion dollars every year. Institutions bloated and corrupt far beyond any other government institution, yet completely devoid of public criticism. Over the last decades, in what was the founding generation's greatest nightmare, the military creeps further and further into domestic affairs. Two centuries ago, a generation found this situation intolerable and on on this day:

...for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.
Daily Kos:
Why liberals should love the Second Amendment -- The Second Amendment is about revolution.

In no other country, at no other time, has such a right existed. It is not the right to hunt. It is not the right to shoot at soda cans in an empty field. It is not even the right to shoot at a home invader in the middle of the night.

It is the right of revolution.

Let me say that again: It is the right of revolution.
Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government.
Chris Matthews:
'Rise of the New Right: A Hardball Documentary' --
CHRIS MATTHEWS, HOST (voice-over):  The new right, an emerging fact of life in 21st century America: tea parties, birthers, patriot groups, militias.
Their common cause?  A raging hostility toward the elected government of the United States.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  And we are in deep tyranny—deep, deep, deep.
MATTHEWS:  Their common fear: that their personal rights and freedoms stand in imminent jeopardy.
MICHAEL LACKOMAR, SOUTHEAST MICHIGAN VOLUNTEER MILITIA:  Tyranny is something that we‘ve been warned from the very beginning by the Founding Father that we have to be on guard against.
MATTHEWS:  Their common enemy: the president of the United States, Barack Obama. ...
Politics Daily:
Chris Matthews' Documentary 'Rise of the New Right': A Curveball From the Left -- overall Matthews is guilty of attempting to find the most extreme elements of the right, and trying to paint the conservative movement with that broad brush...

Chris Matthews’ ‘The Rise of The New Right’: Deceptions and Delusions -- the entire show was scored with super spooky music. A video clip of Ronald Reagan? Cue ominous horror movie music! A Sarah Palin segment? Dun dun dunnnn. Matthews, of course, portrayed Sarah Palin as a dum-dum “failed candidate”, yet also somehow ominous and fiendish, accusing her of putting those who voted for Obamacare “in the cross-hairs.” Get it? She’s totally fomenting violence...

Huffington Post:
Chris Matthews: 'Rise Of The New Right' Special Will 'Scare The Heck Out' Of Liberals (VIDEO) -- The documentary examines the rise of the Tea Party movement and various right-wing militias that have formed in the wake of the 2008 election of President Obama. Matthews said the disparate people and groups profiled in the special share a fear of the power of the American government.

"There's a similar message," he said. "This government's a tyranny and it has to be, if not overthrown, then something like it. They treat the American government like a foreign occupying force."

He pointed to the right's use of the "Don't Tread On Me" flag — originally flown to protest the British during the American Revolution — as an example of the way it views the current administration as an occupying power.
The New Civil Wars Within the West -- Internecine civil wars are underway almost everywhere within the West, and most virulently in the United States of America. They are not yet kinetic wars, but wars of grinding prepositioning, the kind which lead to foregone conclusions without a shot being fired. They are wars of survival, nonetheless, because the basic architecture for national strength is being altered incrementally or dramatically. And, in many cases, consciously...

The West is at its watershed, not because of a threat from a less-productive society. The collapse of the West is not because Islam is at the gates. Islam is at the gates because of the collapse of the West.
Zero Hedge:
On Why America's 234th Birthday May Not Have Many More To Follow -- After the establishment of the Federal Reserve in 1913, however, the bankers finally got their way in the US. They took control of the US financial system and Fractional Reserve Banking became a reality in the US. What this means is that the financial system was essentially privatized and the commercial banks started to create money “out of thin air” by taking in deposits and then using these deposits to empower them to make loans significantly in excess of those deposits. I'm sure you can see how, through this scheme, the banks had shifted themselves out of a situation where they had primarily been an intermediary between savers and borrowers in the economy, to a situation where they had the authority to create and lend money into the economy.

Practically what this has meant to the American people is that as the banks have created additional units of currency, the value of their savings has been consistently undermined and devalued over time...
Gordon Duff / Veterans Today:
Surrogate Warfare, Killing Americans for Fun and Profit -- Thus, the great Christian colossus, America, and its global military hegemony becomes a helpless dupe, stuck in war after war making even the hypocrisy of Vietnam seem like a holy crusade in comparison, each war more vile, more venal, more cruel than the last. Tens of thousands of troops, spending years away from home, drugged on anti-psychotics, almost afraid to return to the United States to suffer at the hands of our military, courts, the VA, troops who fear ending up in a prison cell as did so many Vietnam vets.

With no jobs, no assurance of anything for many, even families have disintegrated during the senseless ten year conflict, agreeing to spend a lifetime in the military is the only chance for survival for most. What was meant to be a professional army is now a force of highly trained economic hostages. If the Nation of Karzai is a narco-dictatorship, and it is, ruling the city of Kabul with an iron checkbook, a medieval duchy in the midst of a permanent national uprising, can Americans even be called mercenaries anymore?

Are we any better than the street corner thugs seen in so many of America’s cities, peddling the agricultural produce, the poisons brought in by our Mexican and Afghani-NATO cartels? ...
John Robb / Global Guerrillas:
Hollow US States --
"We (California) are on the verge of system failure." John Ross, the California budget project to Canada's Globe and Mail.
Here's an early picture of a world dominated by a global financial oligarchy. One point on a trend line.

Fiscal insolvency leads to an endless reduction in services.

The more you cut, the worse it gets. The worse it gets, the more you cut. Don't cut fast enough and the financial oligarchy whacks you with higher rates and onerous dictates. In the end, there isn't much left.

With the loss of legitimacy and stability this entails, the US could become an exceptional breeding ground for some of the world's most aggressive global guerrillas...
ABC15.com [Arizona]
Cochise County Border Militia leader Bill Davis explains mission -- I was embedded with the Cochise County Border Militia during their 4th of July border patrol operation. This is a blog post about the militia's mission.

The Cochise County Border Militia is clearly a conglomeration of individuals from various backgrounds, professions, cities and states. What they share is a belief that the government isn't doing enough to protect America from a rising tide of illegal workers and the violence caused by drug and human smugglers.

They expected hundreds, but only a handful of men answered Bill Davis’ call to join his Cochise County Border Militia on a 4th of July operation.

The small group, all from cities and towns in Arizona, divided into pairs and dispersed along different elevation points of a vast wash near Tombstone, AZ...
Huffington Post:
Tea Party Jesus: Blog Puts Words Of Conservatives In The Mouth Of Christ (PICTURES) -- The concept behind the site Tea Party Jesus is simple: Put the words of conservative Christian social and political figures in the mouth of Christ. The juxtaposition of hateful, ignorant, or otherwise nonsensical rants with serene photos of JC himself isn't only funny, but says a lot about the people who claim to be Christians. With the site's permission, we've compiled some of our favorites so far. From the predictably fiery Bill O'Reilly and Ann Coulter to various pastors, radio hosts, and senators...
Warning To Gulf Volunteers: Almost Every Cleanup Worker From The 1989 Exxon Valdez Disaster Is Now Dead -- Are you sure that you want to help clean up the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico? In a previous article we documented a number of the health dangers from this oil spill that many scientists are warning us of, and now it has been reported on CNN that the vast majority of those who worked to clean up the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska are now dead. Yes, you read that correctly. Almost all of them are dead...

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