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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Duke Case — A Wrap Party

Items of interest:

Rat retained, pestilence remains.

Duke President Richard BrodheadJane Stancil / News & Observer:
Duke trustees stand behind Brodhead's performance -- Duke University trustees have affirmed their support of President Richard Brodhead after an extensive performance review, despite critics who say he mishandled the lacrosse incident.

The job evaluation spanned two months and included feedback from more than 500 people, said Dan Blue, a state legislator from Raleigh and Duke trustee vice chairman, who headed the review committee."

We think he has articulated a very compelling vision for what Duke is and can become," Blue said. "He is providing leadership for the university that the board is supportive of.

"The review was a routine evaluation of Brodhead after three years in the president's job. The committee interviewed about 120 people directly, Blue said.

Brodhead has been the target of intense criticism by many Duke alumni and others for his handling of the lacrosse situation. Some thought early actions by Brodhead and the faculty amounted to a condemnation of the three players, who were later exonerated. A few prominent Duke alumni have been public in their disapproval of Brodhead. [...]

Ray Gronberg / Herald-Sun:
Brodhead holds on to support at Duke -- A midcontract review of Duke University President Richard Brodhead's tenure has ended, and the group that conducted it ended up "affirming its support" of the president's leadership, its chairman said.

Brodhead has "articulated a very compelling vision of what Duke is and can become," said former Speaker of the N.C. House Dan Blue, a Duke Law School graduate who led the review panel.

Moreover, the panel found in the course of gathering advice from more than 500 people that there remains "general support" for Brodhead, even "overwhelming support," Blue said during a Saturday news conference. [...]
LieStoppers: Duke needs a new seal!LieStoppers blog:
Duke needs a new seal! -- The Blue committee has apparently joined forces with the "MoveOn" crowd. It is clear that the Duke Board of Trustees do not want to investigate Brodhead, his Administration, and the Duke Faculty in their shameful conduct.

The Seal of Duke University proclaims Eruditio et Religioit. Apparently the motto comes from an old Methodist hymn "Sanctified Knowledge" by Charles Wesley, who was the brother of the founder of Methodism. The hymn, lamented the division of the ideals of religion and education and hoped for a future where knowledge and the goals of religion would be united.

Duke University needs a new seal!
LieStoppers forum: Blue Committee Report, Affirms Broadhead's Leadership

Joan Foster/ 'wrap' party / LieStoppers: Move Over Rudolph
PC Savages: Richard Brodhead and Duke Gang of 88Michael Gaynor / WebCommentary.com:
Duke Compounding Its Brodhead Mistake -- Duke's Board of Trustees will extend Mr. Brodhead's time as president, because, with a majority of them, pandering to political correctness extremism trumps demonstrating courage and decency. [...]

LieStoppers' "Baldo":"Duke University, while it has had a history of producing excellent graduates and research, has set a disastrous course for its future. It has a rotten core, including the Board of Trustees."

It had more than enough money to make a confidential settlement and shamelessly stay on its shameful course.

Hero of the Hoax Bill Anderson:

"We have to grasp the enormity of the situation here. Brodhead did the following:

1. Consciously and purposely ignored evidence of innocence, refusing to look at anything that would demonstrate the fact that Nifong was lying;

2. All-but-declared the players guilty in his public statements;

3. Did absolutely nothing to stop the campus hatefest against the players;

4. Kowtowed to the most radical and vocal faculty members at Duke;

5. Did nothing to stop faculty abuse of their students in the classroom, which is one of the worst things any faculty member can do.

"The typical line is that 'had Brodhead spoken out, it would have looked as though Duke was trying to muscle in on the prosecution and get guilty people off.' That, my fellow Blog Hooligans, is crap, and pure crap at that.

"Truth stands by itself, period. However, Brodhead helped set the tone and when Joe Alleva declared, 'It is not about the truth, anymore,' he was only parroting what Brodhead's actions were dictating.

"If Duke University's leadership is so afraid of Durham and so afraid of alienating hardcore leftist radicals that it refuses to permit Truth to intervene, then all is lost at that place. Furthermore, by taking the coward's way out, Duke University has helped set the stage for future hoaxes. [...]
update: Gaynor's 'wrap' party
Michael Gaynor: Duke case: Confront evil at Duke
update: KC's 'wrap' party
KC Johnson: Legacies [see comments]
KC Johnson:
Q&A -- [...] Q: Why do you think they [Durham PD] promoted Cpl. Addison?

A: Because the DPD still hasn’t come to grips with the fact that it spent months in a conscious attempt to frame three innocent people and send them to jail for 30 years.
Q: What has been your most thrilling experience while working on the lacrosse case?
A: In the courtroom on Dec. 15, 2006, hearing Brian Meehan say "yes" when Jim Cooney asked if the lab director and Mike Nifong had entered into an intentional agreement not to report all of the DNA test results.
John in Carolina: Questions re: Until Proven Innocent
Durham PD: Out service availableWRAL:
Search Warrant Reveals Details on Durham Police Sex Probe -- WRAL obtained a search warrant Sunday on the Durham Police Department's investigation into sexual misconduct involving prostitutes. In it, a woman claims she had sex to stay out of jail.

The warrant states the 33-year-old woman is known as a prostitute and she claims she had "numerous sexual encounters with Durham police officers" while they were on duty.

The warrant mentions two officers, but does not name them. The woman claims she and the first officer arranged to meet in Durham's Sherwood Park on Oct. 17. The warrant states "she then performed oral sex on the first officer." She saved physical evidence from the encounter and turned it over to an investigator. [...]
FreeRepublic: Search Warrant Reveals Details on Durham Police Sex Probe
News & Observer:
Woman says she had sex to avoid jail -- Two Durham cops being investigated -- A search warrant returned Saturday describes the claims of a "known prostitute" that she had sexual relations with at least two city police officers-- in one case to avoid going to jail. [...]
Durham Vice Squad
Forum topic(s) of note:
Tony S. / LieStoppers:
Triumvirate of Troubling Events -- Prostitution and Prostitution related ARRESTS in Durham. -
For six consecutive years (out of the last ten) in all of Durham county there were less than 10 prostitution arrests annually. Three of those years, there was five or less arrests and in one of those years there wasn't a single prostitution arrest for the entire year. Drive through Durham late at night and you'll know something is wrong here.
Another high profile false rape allegation.

Daily Mail [UK]:
Stripper must pay Flatley millions over rape claims -- Lord Of The Dance superstar Michael Flatley has been awarded more than £6million damages from an American stripper who claimed he raped her.

The judgment is a massive victory for the 49-year-old multi-millionaire father-of-one, who filed the lawsuit against his accuser and her lawyer almost five years ago.

The woman, 35-year-old Tyna Marie Robertson, had claimed in her original action that Mr Flatley raped her in a Las Vegas hotel room in 2002.

Flatley, however, insisted that sex between the couple, which he did not deny had occurred on two occasions, had been entirely consensual.

It was after their second encounter, Mr Flatley said, that Robertson went to the police in Las Vegas to make allegations of sexual assault, in an attempt to extort millions from him and destroy his reputation.
LieStoppers forum: The Revenge of the Lord of the Dance

comment: David Copperfield is also facing a rape allegation and FBI investigation.
Copperfield denies all allegations of misconduct.
Editorial / Charlotte Observer:
Uncovering corruption -- N.C. Attorney General Roy Cooper is again asking the General Assembly for better tools to investigate wrongdoing in North Carolina. He's got a good case. Without an investigative grand jury and the ability to indict witnesses who lie to investigators -- as federal authorities have -- Mr. Cooper says his office can't even adequately investigate Mike Nifong, the former Durham district attorney who bungled the Duke lacrosse case. That's crazy.

Legislators have not granted to state authorities the same powers federal investigators regularly use to root out wrongdoing -- including corruption in office. In a state with historic concerns about individual liberties -- North Carolina wouldn't ratify the Constitution until a Bill of Rights was added to it -- there are reasonable arguments about granting legal authorities too much power. But given the corruption that has sent a congressman, a state commissioner of agriculture and a speaker of the N.C. House to federal prison thanks to federal investigations, there's a good argument for beefing up state powers as well.

If legislators continue to resist granting those powers to state investigators, the public may very well wonder why not -- and what other official corruption those powers might help uncover. [...]
Thank you to all the readers who have followed the Duke lacrosse story with us. The Johnsville News will be shifting gears as we depart a Durham that we came to know all too well.

Durham: Thank you for visiting our hellhole----

TJN: Lacrosse timeline/archive

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