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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Ask the Imam

The Sudanese teddy bear blasphemy case is a reminder that our Western understanding of Islam is very limited. Here are some questions and answers regarding the practice of Islam:

> Women > Question 9511 from South Africa:
According to islam, are women lacking in intellect as compared to men??
According to this verse: " And women have rights similar to the rights against them(ie that of men) according to what is equitable and men have a degree over them" Baqarah: 228 Does this mean that men are SUPERIOR to women? If so, is it because of these 3 reasons: 1)men have perfect understanding, and women have a DEFICIENCY in INTELLECT. 2)Is it also because women lack perfection of deen because they miss out on salaah during menses and men have perfection of deen? 3)Is it also because men spend of their wealth on women?? Are all the reasons valid? What is the true interpretation of the above quoted verse? Please advise me on the truth of this matter. I appreciate every effort undertaken.

Short answer: Yes, but inferiority is not considered bad.
It is true that Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam) has mentioned that women have less intelligence than men. This is recorded in Bukhari Shareef. As far as decision making between husband and wife, the Shari'ah has made the husband the head of the family. The wife has to obey his lawful demands. This does not mean that he should not consult with her, or that she has no say whatsoever in the family, but it means that time final authority lies with the husband. [...]

The root of the issue is that you view Islam from a western mindset. Your values and principles lie in the kuffaar way of life, hence your apologetic attitude regarding many of the teachings of Islam. We are all in need of shedding some pride, which is the cornerstone of western ideology.

One of the principles that you have inherited from the kuffaar is the equating of inferiority with derogation. [...]
Ask-Imam.com > Money Matters > Question 523 from UK:
Is buying a house on mortgage allowed in islam?
Here in UK some ulama say it is allowed due to the high cost of living, is this true?
Answer: No, buying a house using a mortgage is not allowed.
It is not permissible to purchase a house on interest (mortgage). One may
fulfil his need by renting a house.
Ask-Imam.com > Women > Question 8636 from South Africa:
Is it permisable for women to go to gay male hair-dressers --

1. Is it permisable for women to go to gay male hair-dressers, beauticians, clothing designers or to get body piecings done (etc) (by gays) & remove hijaab in front of them? Can men go to beauticians etc?

2. Can husband and wife wear each others clothes? Example, tee-shirts, jackets, sweaters, jeans etc that are unisex.
Answer: 1. No, gay hairdressers; 2. Yes, sharing unisex clothes is allowed.
1. In principle, it is not permissible for females to go to any Ghayr Mahrahm male without a reason acceptable in Shari’ah. The reasons explained in the details does not fall in the category of need. Furthermore, it is inconceivable that a Muslim will have anything to do with a gay.

2. In principle, a husband may wear the clothes of his wife and vice versa which are not exclusively for the opposite gender.
Ask-Imam.com > Women > Question 13110 from Austria:
Can a women enter mosque during her periods? -- My children go to the mosque for weekend schooling. My wife has to stay with them till they finish. Since parents cannot stay in the class so the only other place is inside mosque. Is it permissble for women to stay in mosque during their periods?
Answer: No, a menstruating women may not enter the house of prayer.
A woman whilst having her menses may not enter the Musjid proper. She may be in the courtyard, ablution block, passage and other areas of the complex.

Enquire from the trustees the boundaries of the Musjid proper.
Ask-Imam.com > Women > Question 13349 from United States:
Is it permissible for the father to cut the hair of his 11 year old daughter, because it is long up to her hips and knots and tangles easily which takes time and much pain to comb out?
Answer: Yes, but "the best is to abstain."
On the basis of what you mention, it is permissible to cut her hair. It seems she hasn’t reached puberty as yet. Hence, you may cut her hair due to the inconvenience. However, since she is on the threshold of puberty, the best is to abstain.

If she has attained puberty, her hair may not be cut even if it is an inconvenience
Ask-Imam.com > Women > Question 12396 from Canada
Is Laser Hair Removal allowed in Islam if done by a female to a female?
Answer: Depends on what kind of hair is being removed.
If your query is about pubic hair, it would not be permissible since this will entail a female looking into the private part of another female. This is not permissible according to the Shari’ah.

If your question relate to those hair which you can remove, e.g. moustaches, beard, etc. then in this specific situation, it will be permissible. However, it is not permissible for female to trim/cut hair of the head.
Ask-Imam.com > Women > Question 12631 from UAE:
Women doing job under what circumstances is it allowed in islam:
1) A woman says she want to do a job because she gets bored in the house. What does the Quran & Hadith say in this regard? 2) Is there any thing stated in the Quran & hadith that “women should not used as a source of business”. 3) If the Imams of the Masjids near to our place trim their beard – for the Jamat what to be done?
Answer: Yes, but many restrictions.
1. Nabi [Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam] said, ‘Everyone of your has a responsibility and everyone is responsible.’ The responsibility of a woman is to take care of the home. Note that ‘house’ is not used, since home is much broader than normal ‘house’hold chores. One of the most important jobs is the upbringing of children, which if you ask any professional or business person, is the most demanding job. Reason being that the challenge the children are facing today demands constant assistance and skills to overcome them. Who better to assist them, than the first school of the child, i.e. mother. However, if the woman does not have any children, and his taking care of the husband and the home, then she may proceed to work but with conditions like there must be women only like in an all-girls school, nursery school and the life.

2. Your question is not clear. Islam does not prohibit women from doing business only on the basis that it is within the Shari’ah, e.g. there is no mixing with non-Mahram or doing business with Haraam items. Women can get into businesses like, dressmaking, which is restricted to women and brings a healthy income.

3. According to the Shari’ah, the beard of a man / Imaam needs to be one fist long. If it exceeds this length, he is permitted to trim the beard to make it to that level.
Ask-Imam.com > Men > Question 13708 from South Africa
Is it permisable for males to wear yellow and red clothes?
I read a book on sunnahs and in it it says that males are not allowed to wear red and yellow.
Answer: Only if it is "a small bit of red or orange or stripes of red."

Yes, bright red and orange clothing are colours normally worn by women. It is undesirable for men to wear such colours.

Yes, if the clothing has a small bit of red or orange or stripes of red, such clothing may be worn by males.
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