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Friday, November 9, 2007

Duke Case — Sad Sacks

NC NAACP is on the move------
Today's items - updated:

Jim Buie / HK on J / CarolinaJustice / NCProsecutorialMisconduct.com:
NC NAACP Launches Website on Prosecutorial Misconduct.com -- So far, this press release, issued November 1, 2007, has appeared on page C4 of the November 3 edition of the Durham Herald Sun newspaper. Where is the rest of the media coverage? Why has prosecutorial misconduct against Black and poor citizens in North Carolina gotten such little ongoing notice in the national and NC media? Why have lawyers, prosecutors and political leaders shown such little concern for these grave injustices, ESPECIALLY in comparison to the Duke lacrosse case? Where are the major network news outfits, 60 Minutes, the national news magazines?

The North Carolina NAACP has launched a new interactive web site, www.ncprosecutorialmisconduct.com, focusing on legal cases where citizens have been victimized by either deliberate prosecutorial misconduct or sloppy and unjust treatment, jailed for years without bond or trial, convicted for crimes the preponderance of the evidence indicates they did not commit, or sentenced for years if not decades before they were freed.

Several articles on the site contrast the the international frenzy that erupted after privileged white males at Duke University were accused of rape without the evidence to support the claims, with the continuing and deafening silence of the political and media establishments over injustices committed routinely against minorities.

The site includes video clips from the Rev. William Barber, president of the North Carolina NAACP [...]
comment: The North Carolina NAACP was blind to the most blatant case of prosecutorial misconduct in the history of the United States of America. They also actively supported that blatant misconduct by Durham DA Mike Nifong. But now they want to call attention to prosecutorial misconduct? Earth to Rev. William Barber, hello.
Ed Bradley & 60 Minutes: The Duke Rape Case CBS win Peabody awardEd Bradley died one year ago today. The Duke lacrosse story was his last one for CBS's 60 Minutes. He saw the gross injustice and willed his body to complete his work on the story. He posthumously won a Peabody award for it.
A "60 Minutes" team led by correspondent Ed Bradley delved into the allegations of rape against Duke University lacrosse players and stopped a prosecutorial rush to judgment in its tracks.
While Bradley was working on his last story the North Carolina NAACP was busy falsely smearing the Duke lacrosse players.
CBS / November 9, 2006:
60 Minutes' Ed Bradley Dead At 65 — Veteran 60 Minutes correspondent Ed Bradley died Thursday at Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan of complications from leukemia. [...]
Ed Bradley Dies, discussion: TalkLeft, FreeRepublic, LieStoppers
Stanley B. Chambers Jr. / News & Observer:
Durham officers suspended in sexual misconduct case -- A small number of Durham police officers have been placed on administrative leave with pay pending the outcome of an investigation into possible sexual misconduct, Police Chief Jose Lopez Sr. said Thursday.

City officials wouldn't elaborate on the nature of the allegations, but they were serious enough to notify federal officials.

The department's Internal Affairs unit discovered information that spurred the investigation during a vice operation, Lopez said. He said the officers being investigated number fewer than 10, and that some already have been cleared.

"This is something I don't want to see but this is a reality," he said.

"Disappointment, I don't have time for disappointment. I have to take action and that's what I'm doing."

Lopez said the Durham District Attorney's Office and the FBI have been notified of the investigation "in the event that it becomes very serious." [...]

Lopez said earlier this week that he plans to restructure the department's code of conduct.
LieStoppers forum:
Speaking of Prostitution rings in Durham...., Brothers III -- Brothers III was located on Angier Blvd in Durham and was the most obviously ***** house and the word on the streets when I lived in Durham was that it was fine and dandy with the DPD. The place was an obvious ***** house, they did not even try to cover that fact up.

Guess who loved it, Barry Saunders.

I will admit to having been there before. While I was not "served" I did get propositioned immediately upon entering the place in the form of an unexpected hand down my shorts by what was actually an attractive female and a provocative proposal. I declined, I was engaged at the time.

Anyone else heard of this place, at best being enabled by the DPD for so long?

Crystal had worked at Diamond Girls right down the street from Brothers III as well as at Cabaret Royale, which was shut down but previously run by the owners of Platinum Club in Hillsborough. My guess would be Crystal also worked at Brother III at some point. In fact, I'd be shocked if she hadn't. To quote one chic at Brothers III, "I have cops all over my tit."
Ray Gronberg / Herald-Sun [reg. req.]
Several police officers suspended -- Durham Police Chief Jose Lopez has suspended several of his department's officers while investigators look into whether they've been involved in what he termed "possible sexual misconduct."

The allegations involved fewer than 10 officers, and investigators have already exonerated some of them, Lopez told reporters late Thursday afternoon. The allegations concern officers receiving sexual services from prostitutes, according to a source.

Lopez said the investigation has been going on for "quite a while," but wasn't more specific about when it started. He did say that police learned of the allegations while they were investigating a different case involving vice.

The probe is focusing on officers assigned to one of the Durham Police Department's five district offices, Lopez said, without specifying which one.

It was unclear Thursday how many officers had been suspended and how many were still suspended. Lopez said he had suspended "five or six," but he didn't specify whether that was the full number or just those who remained on paid leave. He did say authorities were allowing three officers to return to work.

Other sources indicated that five officers from District 1 -- which polices east Durham -- had been suspended and three of those have been exonerated. The allegations are said to concern officers receiving sexual services from prostitutes.

Lopez said the investigation isn't targeting anyone who holds command rank, meaning the officers involved could be anything from ordinary officers up to lieutenants.

City Manager Patrick Baker said that the allegations, if true, would "certainly at a minimum [be] conduct unbecoming" an officer, and "may border or go into criminal allegations as well." [...]
Gary L. Wright / The Charlotte Observer:
High-end prostitution ring outlined -- Federal magistrate orders woman accused of running ring held without bond -- Authorities secretly videotaped clients of a high-end prostitution ring as they arrived and left hotels and mingled with prostitutes in the hotel lobbies, a federal prosecutor announced Wednesday.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Keith Cave also told U.S. Magistrate Judge Carl Horn that Sallie Saxon, accused of running the Charlotte ring for affluent customers, kept detailed records of her clients.

The prosecutor said Saxon took in hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

"These men had money," Cave said. "They had status. They had much to lose. And the defendant knew it."

Cave also said authorities had wiretapped phones in Saxon's home and intercepted hundreds of calls between her and the prostitutes and clients.

"She controlled every aspect of the organization," Cave said. "The defendant kept detailed records of her activities. We have client lists dating back many years." [...]
Stanley B. Chambers Jr. / News & Observer:
Lopez: Combine substations -- New Durham chief wants more collaboration in ranks -- Police Chief Jose L. Lopez Sr. has been in office for two months but is already thinking about some big changes for the Durham Police Department. One is to combine the substations in each of the city's five police districts into two precinct buildings, one each in the northern and southern parts of the city.

This plan, which had been discussed before Lopez arrived, would evenly spread out responsibilities among police personnel, foster more collaboration between police districts and save money because the city would own instead of lease space, Lopez said. The city now pays rent for four substations, among other police buildings. Police districts would not actually change; each precinct building would house two districts.

Ken Gash, president-elect of the InterNeighborhood Council, said he thinks the idea makes sense.

"Typically the objections are that we want to have a substation everywhere there's an infestation of crime," he said. "We need to correct the infestations rather than put substations everywhere."

Melvin Whitley, who runs the Partners Against Crime group in police District One, said he thinks the plan would take away from community policing.

"It takes the emphasis off the district," he said.

When he was a candidate for police chief, Lopez questioned the department's staffing structure and its emphasis on specialized units. Lopez said this week he is still evaluating and any changes would enhance the patrol division, which he said is the department's most important unit because patrol officers deal with the community's everyday issues.

Lopez said the biggest change he wants to see is for residents to "cry harder about what's going on in their communities, not accept criminal behavior and start trusting the organization." [...]
John McCann /Herald Sun [reg. req.]:
Days of black voting bloc gone -- Here, I'm working on catchy slogans for the next election. See if this one does anything for you:


OK, so I couldn't land a gig as a Hollywood scriptwriter -- not even now with the Writer's Guild on strike.

But the point is after a stretch when candidates endorsed by the Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People kept coming up short, the Bull City's bastion of Negro political power netted a perfect score after Tuesday's election yielded success with respect to everyone and everything the committee recommended: All of the bonds passed, Farad Ali got a seat on the City Council and Mayor Bill Bell kept control of the gavel.


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