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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Duke Case — Nov. 20, 2007

Item's of interest - updated:

Luke Sheahan / Foundation for Individual Rights in Education / TheFire.org
The ‘Group of 88’ and Richard Brodhead -- I’ve posted a few times on Stuart Taylor Jr.’s and KC Johnson’s wonderful and frightening book Until Proven Innocent: Political Correctness and the Shameful Injustices of the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case. FIRE friends need no introduction to the disregard for due process and common decency permeating the academy, but let the following serve as yet more anecdotal evidence. [...]

Lacrosse player John Walsh was given a bad grade for a make-up assignment by Professor Claire Ashton-James. When Walsh met with her about it she said, “If you guys really were innocent, I would feel sorry for you.” Visiting Professor Kim Curtis flunked one of the lacrosse players. He sued and Duke changed his grade to a pass. Other faculty members took class time to publicly demonize the students and discuss their presumed guilt, even with some of them present in the class. Professor William Chafe compared the students to the murderers of Emmett Till. Professor Sally Deutsch, now a dean, still believes that the rape occurred, the overwhelming evidence to the contrary notwithstanding. North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper has taken the extraordinary step of declaring the young men innocent, an unnecessary measure in the American judicial system that demonstrated the absurdity of the claims against them. But the Duke faculty never seemed to care about the facts. [...]

American Council of Trustees and Alumni / goactablog.org:
Getting a grip on groupthink -- Several years ago, Emory English professor Mark Bauerlein published what remains one of our sharpest commentaries on how academic groupthink narrows the scope of scholarship and teaching--and, by extension, the kinds of knowledge that are valued and produced within our higher education system. Responding to recent studies documenting the political uniformity of four-year college and university faculties (especially those in the humanities and social sciences), Bauerlein sought to deepen our understanding of how pervasive and yet subtle intellectual conformity is in the academy. [...]

These ideas were taken up last week at a conference hosted by the American Enterprise Institute. Entitled "Reforming the Politically Correct University," the conference featured presentations by ACTA president Anne Neal, the Manhattan Institute's John McWhorter, National Association of Scholars executive director Peter Wood, and FIRE president Greg Lukianoff. Neal spoke about what alumni and trustees can do to help ensure free inquiry, fair personnel decisions, and curricular integrity at the institutions where they are stakeholders and fiduciary overseers.

Another key participant was National Journal's Stuart Taylor, co-author with KC Johnson of the remarkable Until Proven Innocent: Political Correctness and the Shameful Injustices of the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case. The book outlined the institutional obsession with race, class, and gender at Duke and beyond--a theme Taylor revisits in his recent commentary on the University of Delaware's doctrinaire residential life curriculum (see "Academia's Pervasive PC Rot"). [...]
The Home of TheEmerged blog:
My take on the Durham Hoax / Nifong Case -- . . . Brodhead in particular acted with a cowardice that is shameful to exam even from the distance I have. The Gang of 88's reactions are shameful but unsurprising to anyone that's experienced the groupthink common to university faculty. [...]
Law & Order Criminal Intent TV series / USA Network:
When a key witness in a high profile rape is found dead, Logan and Falacci dig into the rape case, discovering a football team who protect their own, and an ambitious Assistant District Attorney with an agenda. Don't miss the premiere of "Offense" on Thursday, November 29 at 10/9C on USA! [preview clip]
LieStoppers forum:
Law and Order : Criminal Intent, Nov. 29th episode?
North Carolina Academy of Trial Lawyers:
Lessons Learned from the Duke Lacrosse Case -- Join Joe Cheshire, V, NCATL President, Jim Cooney III, Brad Bannon, and Wade Smith as they discuss the details of the Duke Lacrosse case and the lessons that they learned during one of the most nationally publicized and scrutinized cases of this century. [...]

Time: Friday, Nov 30, 2007 - 08:00 AM - 12:20 PM
Location: Academy Headquarters, 1312 Annapolis Drive, Raleigh, NC
LieStoppers forum: Duke lacrosse lawyers on how they did it
Shuchi Parikh / Duke Chronicle:
Nowicki sets judicial review body -- A committee of students, faculty and staff formed by Dean of Undergraduate Education Steve Nowicki will appraise the University's judicial policies and produce recommendations by the end of Spring.

The committee was created in response to concerns about the state of judicial affairs raised by Duke Student Government President Paul Slattery, Nowicki said.

In a memo to administrators and the Board of Trustees sent in September, Slattery, a senior, argued that current policy infringes on a number of students' rights, including the right to remain silent, call or cross-examine witnesses and request a hearing panel. [...]
KC Johnson: update -- . . . Steve Nowicki has named a special committee to look into the due process-unfriendly student judicial system. The committee membership suggests that the group could produce meaningful change [...]

On the Liestoppers board, Michael Gaynor continues his peculiar defense of Dr. Brian Meehan, whose failure to produce a report that listed all his test results (as he was required to do under both North Carolina law and his own lab's protocols) was concealed for seven months. [...]
Barry Saunders / News & Observer:
NAACP can skip this case -- Maybe, just maybe, this is why NAACP membership is down and the once-mighty civil rights organization is regarded as an afterthought -- if it is regarded at all.

It's certainly one reason that I am sitting here trying to decide whether to send in my membership application.

As much as I appreciate the NAACP's history, its current actions are hard to defend. [...]
TJN / 10/23/06: R.I.P. NAACP 1909 - 2006
LieStoppers blog:
The Missing EZ DRY ERASE Board -- After extensive research using the "Gottlieb Method" of recovering missing notes we were able to recreate the EZ DRY ERASE Board of 10 April 2006.
John in Carolina:
Brawley $$$: Anyone Surprised? -- Who’s surprised Glenda Brawley and Ralph King think they should be millionaires? [...]

Here’s another easy prediction: The “civil rights activists” who'll take up Glenda Brawley and King’s “cause” will insist $$ has nothing to do with “the cause.” [...]

Glenda Brawley is a fugitive from NY State. That being the case, has Gov. Spitzer said whether he favors issuing her a NY driver's license if she comes to NY illegally? [...]
John in Carolina:
What’s a newspaper column for? -- In the Oct. 29 post I noted an error Duke professor Karla Holloway [Group of 88 leader] made in an op-ed (Come on, Cosby: Lay off talk about race ) published Oct. 25 by the Orlando Sentinal.

Holloway referred to Harvard Medical School professor Alvin Poussaint as a “psychologist.” He’s in fact one of America’s preeminent child psychiatrists.

I thought to send Holloway a link to my Oct. 29 post which contained links confirming Poussaint's a psychiartist.

But Holloway’s never responded to any email I’ve sent her. I don’t know if she even reads them.

So I called the Sentinal’s public editor, Manning Pynn, to ask about a correction. [...]

When Pynn called he’d already fact checked. He apologized for the error and said the Sentinal would ask Holloway to make a correction.

Fine. But what if a columnist/op-ed writer declines to make a correction? Then what?

Pynn said the Sentinal then goes ahead and makes the correction anyway because – and this is not an exact quote but a close paraphrase of what Pynn said – a column is a place for opinions; not a place to misstate facts.

Pynn went on to say just about all newspapers take very seriously their responsibility to get the facts right and to quickly admit errors when they make them. [...]
Duke lacrosse case ended up being a hate crime against three white college students, but that's not going to be listed in the FBI report.

FBI reports hate crimes rose 8 percent in 2006 -- Annual count doesn't include all police agencies — among them Jena, La.

WASHINGTON - Hate crime incidents in the United States rose last year by nearly 8 percent, the FBI reported Monday, as racial prejudice continued to account for more than half the reported instances.

Police across the nation reported 7,722 criminal incidents in 2006 targeting victims or property as a result of bias against a particular race, religion, sexual orientation, ethnic or national origin or physical or mental disability. That was up 7.8 percent from the 7,163 incidents reported in 2005.

Although the noose incidents and beatings among students at Jena, La., high school occurred in the last half of 2006, they were not included in the report. Only 12,600 of the nation’s more than 17,000 local, county, state and federal police agencies participated in the hate crime reporting program in 2006 and neither Jena nor LaSalle Parish, in which the town is located, were among the agencies reporting. [....]
Flashback: April 25, 2006 -

News Hounds dumping on truthMarie Therese / NewsHounds.us:
Wall Street, "K" Street Take Aim at a Poor Black Woman --

News Hounds Editorial

The ultra-rich protect their own. They'll stomp on anyone who dares to intrude on their world of wealth, privilege, power and prerogative. As we News Hounds have reported extensively, the pundits at FOX News have, to a man and a woman, abandoned their self-proclaimed support for victims of assault and mercilessly denigrated the young African-American woman who has accused members of the Duke University Lacrosse team of rape. The white power elite is out in force to crush a single young woman who had the courage to come forward and do what all those pompous "pro-victim" hypocrites at FOX News told her to do: Report it to the police so the perpetrators will not be able to walk the streets and do it again.

Apparently the "presumption of innocence" does not apply when the perps are the children of people you meet at the White House, in line at the Kennedy Center or at posh soirees at the Plaza Hotel! [???]

Well, it's time to let the world know just what kind of power brokers this young woman is up against, especially since her family reported last night on FOX News, that they have received death threats and that the young woman is "frantic".

What follows is a little glimpse into the intricate web linking some of the Duke player's families to Wall Street and K Street, who'd like nothing better than to see this young woman disappear.



The hypocrisy at FOX News in this case is just staggering. [...]

Two nights ago Greta van Susteren cross-examined - oops! - "interviewed" - the former husband of the victim. She stopped the segment as soon as it became obvious that he was a genuine human being who supported his ex-wife, whom he claimed is not a drinker or a drug user and is the kind of woman who would walk across the street to help someone in trouble. [...]

Had this been a white woman claiming to have been raped by an all-black sports team, FOX News would be asking for the death penalty. You know it. I know it. We all know it.

Somewhere in their deepest hearts, the FOX News hosts know it, too.

In the meantime, we here at News Hounds will continue to the best of our ability to keep you, our readers, informed about the daily distortions on the "fair and balanced" channel that claims it is "most powerful name in news". [...]
comment: Fox News certainly did not distinguish themselves in their coverage of the Duke lacrosse rape hoax. In fact, Fox's coverage was pitiful. There was journalist extraordinaire, Geraldo Rivera, for example:
JOURNALIST EXTRAORDINAIRE - Geraldo Rivera"You know, it's not always the nuns that get raped. Sometimes it's strippers that get raped." — Geraldo Rivera gravely and fatuously intoning on Fox's "The O'Reilly Factor," April 2006.
But, this slimy distorted News Hounds editorial from April 2006 that smeared the indicted lacrosse players and their families was a low point. It was a nonsense rant against Fox News and it completely blew the principle of the "presumption of innocence" to pieces.

News Hounds dumped all over the true story and the facts that had emerged and proved that their blind anti-Fox bias makes them as unbalanced and hypocritical as Fox News.

So, who can you trust to get a story straight?

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