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Monday, November 12, 2007

Duke Case — The Duke Effect

Items of interest - updated:

Laurie Mason / Bucks County Courier Times / Phillyburbs.com:
Duke lacrosse fiasco becomes tool for defense lawyers -- In an effort to direct them toward a not-guilty verdict, more and more defense attorneys are asking jurors to look south.

The Duke University lacrosse team rape case and so-called “rogue prosecutor” Mike Nifong are providing closing argument fodder for defense lawyers everywhere, including Bucks County.

Prosecutors say the tactic is unethical, but defense attorneys say the 2006 case — in which three North Carolina college athletes were falsely accused of rape, leading to the disbarment of the Durham, N.C., district attorney and a recent federal probe — is fair game.

“I think the reason defense counsel are seizing on it is because, for the first time in a long time, a prosecutor got caught exaggerating a case, that in the end, didn't exist,” said defense attorney Ronald Elgart. “We've been long upset that the rules of professional conduct are routinely ignored by prosecutors who make extraneous comments that simply aren't supposed to be said. Prosecutors do not have a franchise on the truth and, with their need to feed the media frenzy, they often overstate their cases, all in an effort to pollute the potential jury pool.”

Not so, said prosecutor Gary Gambardella, chief of special investigations in the Bucks County DA's office and a frequent lecturer on legal ethics.

“I find this tactic particularly distasteful and somewhat ironic,” Gambardella said. “When a defense attorney says something like, "All this prosecutor wants is a conviction, a feather in his cap, he doesn't care about the truth, just like the prosecutor who falsely accused the Duke lacrosse players of rape,' that defense attorney is debasing the entire truth-determining process. It is a red herring. It is a deflection from the evidence and the reason why the jury is there — to determine the facts of that particular case. In my opinion, no defense attorney worth his salt would ever use such an objectionable tactic.”

Nationwide, the “Duke Effect” is a growing phenomenon that seems to strike a chord with jurors. [...]

LieStoppers forum:
Mike Nifong's Legal Legacy, The "Duke Effect" Aids Defense Arguments
Stuart Taylor Jr. / National Journal:
Academia's Pervasive PC Rot --
"A RACIST: A racist is one who is both privileged and socialized on the basis of race by a white supremacist (racist) system. 'The term applies to all white people (i.e., people of European descent) living in the United States, regardless of class, gender, religion, culture, or sexuality. By this definition, people of color cannot be racists.' " [emphasis added]
Such stuff has long been a staple of the totalitarian "diversity" obsessives who pollute -- and often dominate -- political discourse at almost all of our universities, from coast to coast. The University of Delaware recently got a step ahead of its peers by including the all-whites-are-racists dogma in training those who administered a systematic thought-reform program for incoming (and other) students.

The quoted language appears in an August 2007 "diversity facilitation training" program for resident assistants. The RAs were, in turn, assigned to use far-left propaganda such as this in what university documents called the mandatory "treatment" of freshmen and the rest of the 7,000 students in university residence halls.

University President Patrick Harker suspended this particular program two days after an October 30 expose spurred media reports and horrified parents and other citizens. But history suggests that it may well be back in some less obvious form before long [...]

In academia today, a professor who falsely smears his university’s students as racists is a hot commodity. And hate means never having to say you’re sorry. [...]
KC Johnson:
Taylor on the State of the Academy

Duke Students for an Ethical Duke:
[now on Duke lacrosse sidebar replacing dead DBR lax forum]

University of Delaware Diversity Facilitation Training

LieStoppers forum:

Duke's bad? Try U. Delaware
Janet PresslerJohn Gillooly / projo.com / Providence Journal:
Digging Deep -- Mike Pressler and Don Yaeger, a former Sports Illustrated associated editor, wrote a book about the case titled It’s Not About the Truth — The Untold Story of the Duke Lacrosse Case and the Lives It Shattered that was released last summer.

There are the obvious lives that were shattered by the case, such as Mike Pressler’s and his Duke players.

But others also suffered, including a teenage girl who once dreamed of one day being a star of a perennial North Carolina high school girls volleyball power but is now playing high school volleyball in Rhode Island.

BEFORE THE PUBLICATION of the book, nobody except Pressler’s family and friends knew much about Janet Pressler. It wasn’ easy, but Mike Pressler and his wife Sue kept Janet and her younger sister Maggie out of the national glare during the media circus that surrounded the case. That’s what parents do in time of crisis — protect their children first, worry about their own well-being second.

While she’s mentioned in several chapters, it’s in the final 2½ pages of the book that the reader gets to know Janet Pressler. Those pages are a reprint of a letter the coach’s daughter wrote to Duke President Richard Brodhead last March.

She wrote:

“Dear Dr. Brodhead, “My name is Janet Pressler and I am the daughter of Mike Pressler, [...]

The letter was just over 1,000 words. She concluded it by issuing Brodhead a challenge.

“I do ask you make a three-part promise to yourself,” said wrote. “The next time you face a challenge at Duke or in any future endeavor, you will act only when you are sure you have sufficient, legitimate information. Make a commitment to ask yourself one question about each challenging decision you make: Is this real action that makes a difference or the illusion of action to satisfy others? Finally, promise that you will always consider the far and wide-reaching effects of your decisions upon the lives of others.”

A 15-year-old girl issuing a challenge to the president of one of the most prestigious universities in America — that’s pretty hefty stuff, but then Janet Pressler has already proven she doesn’t back off from a challenge.

“I feel I’m a strong person,” said Pressler. “I wrote it (the letter) myself, but I had my English teacher check it.” [...]
LieStoppers forum:
Janet Pressler Interviewed, Letter to Brodhead Quoted
Group of 88 spokesperson

Stuart Rojstaczer - vague and clueless pretend punditStuart Rojstaczer / former Duke professor / Forty Questions blog:
A Book in Need of An Editor: Review of Until Proven Innocent -- I'm very picky about the books that I like. Many times I'll read a glowing review of a book somewhere and after I'm finished reading the book myself will wonder, “What the hell was the reviewer thinking?” Sometimes the book has a good kernel of an idea and there is obviously a lot of work that has been done, but no one bothered to shape the book. If only there had been a decent editor, I think. There's a good book in here somewhere. That's my impression of Until Proven Innocent, the much talked about and somewhat widely read book about the Duke Lacrosse Affair written by Taylor and Johnson. [...]

That all said, I just don't think that the book Until Proven Innocent is very good. The authors are often successful at describing in detail the actions of a rogue District Attorney and a gossip hungry press. But what is good about this book frequently gets muddied by hyperbole, demagoguery, tangents that reflect the authors' political agenda, and an occasional tin ear. [...]

Lets talk about airbrushing. Yes, three young men were both wrongfully arrested by a corrupt and delusional DA and abandoned and vilified by their university. If they hadn't spent somewhere around five million dollars defending themselves, these men might well be in prison. But they aren't angels. They have no halos over their heads. And that is what Taylor and Johnson would lead you to believe. The lacrosse team consists of wonderful human beings and great students. [...]

It’s through no fault of theirs that Taylor and Johnson narrate a story that, while tragic, lacks broad appeal in today’s marketplace. Ultimately, Until Proven Innocent is a book written primarily for Dukies past and present, Carolinians, lawyers, legal junkies, and the segment of the country’s political right wing obsessed with left-wing bias in the academy.

In 2006, an emotionally troubled stripper and a rogue DA were able to bring national attention and unwarranted shame upon an entire city, a major university, college athletics, and a lacrosse team. Most importantly, they managed to make life a living hell for three innocent people and their families. Until Proven Innocent does provide valuable information about how this tragedy came to be. But it is flawed in its depictions. Had someone judiciously knocked out one hundred or so pages, this book just might shine.

And yes, I know this review is too long. It, like the book, could use an editor.

comment: Stuart Rojstaczer is accusing Stuart Taylor and KC Johnson of making a "molehill into a mountain to promote their political agenda" However, he has is own axe to grind regarding the Duke lacrosse case. The shameful behavior of the Duke faculty (Group of 88) and administration was a mountain, or as TJN just pointed out, it was a Black Swan event.

He says the Duke case is "a story that, while tragic, lacks broad appeal in today’s marketplace." Then why did HBO acquire the film rights? How come the "Duke Effect" is being felt in court rooms?

His review is a restated version of his November 2006 opinions about the case. Talk about recycling. See these related posts:
current discussion:
LieStoppers forum:
Rojstaczer's review of UPI the "no angels" angle again

KC Johnson's reply:
. . . On the "they're no angels" point: I've been a college professor for more than a decade. I'm not aware of any angels that I've taught. Nor am I aware of any other high-profile case of prosecutorial indiscretions (the Jena 6 and Genarlow Wilson cases come to mind here) where a "they're no angels" argument was relevant or even offered. Yet, of course, it's been offered with regularity in this case. [...]

Stuart Rojstaczer / retired Duke professor / Nov. 25, 2006 / Forty Questions blog:
Hot Air Versus Hot Air — Lately, I’ve read blogs about the Duke lacrosse scandal that have a severe right-wing slant. They tend to focus on a few points. First, they state outright that the charges against the lacrosse players are bogus. If this were their only issue, I’d have no problem. But it doesn’t just stop there. They tend to go on and on. The lacrosse players are great kids and boys will be boys. Those that criticize scholarship athletics are just jealous and envious of those kids. And then there is a need to demonize the "Group of 88," the 88 faculty members that signed an advertisement in the Duke student newspaper decrying the state of race relations at Duke....there is no substance to the right wing blogs attack on the 88 faculty members [...]

LieStoppers blog:
Our Collective Voice - A Duke Mom Responds to Stuart Rojstaczer (see comment from Mr. Rojstaczer) — Well, Mr. R., I’m a Duke mom and the ad certainly had an impact on me. I suspect this will sound kind of “right wing,” to you, but, truth be told, Duke at the end of the day is marketing an educational product, an educational experience, if you will, that is quite costly, and actually requires a lifetime of saving and sacrifice by those who end up paying those tuition bills...

LieStoppers discussion - Oh, Boy - retired Duke Prof...

Stuart Rojstaczer / November 27, 2006 / 40 Questions blog:
Back and forth — My piece of a couple days ago, Hot Air Versus Hot Air, drew some reasoned, civil criticism at Liestoppers. There is unreasoned, uncivil criticism elsewhere that I'm not going to respond to. But civil discourse deserves civil discourse and I responded to some in the comments section of Hot Air Versus Hot Air. Here is my response to Liestoppers, which you can also find on their site. Whatever comes after, civil or not, I won't respond to. I need to move on.

John in Carolina:
DUKE MOM PLUCKS PROF — It wasn't so long ago that Professor Stuart Rojstaczer occupied one of those tenured faculty “roosts” at Duke University. And it was only a day or two ago that Rojstaczer was strutting through the blogoshere gobbling about: "Duke lacrosse [blogs] with a severe right-wing slant [that] state outright that the charges against the lacrosse players are bogus."...Momtothree had him trussed and was plucking her first "Rojstaczer feather"...

Speaking of Hot Air... — It’s difficult to understand how Rojstaczer can recognize the tragedy that has befallen the Duke Three, suggest that Duke owes them an apology, and yet approve of the listening ad that contributed greatly to the false impression that the defendants were guilty of contributing to the racial divide that has been used as an excuse to promote, enable and justify their false prosecution.

John in Carolina:
"Faculty Survivors" (Nov. 27) — Last week's “Faculty Survivors” show featured Duke Professor Thomas J. Crowley who offered Hoax Case “items” he said people had overlooked...BUT DON’T TOUCH THAT REMOTE. I want you to meet the newest member of our “Faculty Survivors” cast, blogger and former Duke Professor Stuart Rojstaczer...
Cary Clack / Express-News / MySanAntonio.com:
Book Review: "Until Proven Innocent" -- There is no longer any mystery about what happened between a stripper and the Duke lacrosse players at a party in Durham, N.C., at a house rented by some of the players. Nothing happened. Dave Evans, Reade Seligmann and Collin Finnerty did not rape Crystal Mangum, and had there not been a rush to assume just the opposite, those players, their teammates and the nation would have been spared a profound travesty of justice. [...]

"Until Proven Innocent" is a valuable contribution to the truth in this case, but the authors do it even better by expanding their gaze and examining prosecutorial abuse and corruption. [...]

"Until Proven Innocent," besides being an investigation of how such abuse happened in one heavily publicized case, is a reminder that it happens in lesser-known cases and all of us are challenged to seek the truth and justice and uphold the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.
KC Johnson: New Reviews
Scott Fontain / The News Tribune [Tacoma, WA]:
Review: Authors dissect Duke scandal, blame district attorney, media -- How could something like this happen? That’s what “Until Proven Innocent: Political Correctness and the Shameful Injustice of the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case” set out to explain – and the answer isn’t pretty. The authors, Stuart Taylor Jr. and K.C. Johnson, use painstaking detail to prove that a mentally unstable stripper, an opportunistic district attorney, bitter cops and crusading faculty members used an unquestioning media and a town split by racial and economic divides to destroy the lives of three innocent students. [...]

The authors’ message that academia is too left-wing gets laid on a bit too heavy throughout the book – as does their praise for the character of the lacrosse players – but those issues do little to take away from the overwhelming number of facts they’ve meticulously researched.

And they prove that the Duke lacrosse case was a colossal miscarriage of justice.
Editorial / Herald-Sun:
Pursue probe into police allegations -- It's too soon to draw any conclusions, but the allegations are certainly attention-grabbing. A number of Durham Police Department officers -- fewer than 10, we're told -- were suspended while accusations of "possible sexual misconduct" are investigated.

We don't know a lot about the case because the Police Department is being tight-lipped. Some reticence to discuss the matter is understandable. Sources say the accusations involve officers having sex with prostitutes, but the accusations may prove unfounded. Police Chief Jose Lopez said Thursday that three officers who were suspended were allowed to return to work. Sources said they had been exonerated. [...]

it's unfortunate that the community has had a spate of officers getting in trouble lately. A former sheriff's deputy is facing a possible 20-year term in federal prison for dealing drugs at a nightclub while off-duty. Former deputy Michael Paul Owens also admitted advising other law enforcement officers working security to look the other way when drug deals went down. Three deputies were fired as a result.

And two Durham police officers were fired last year after getting involved in an off-duty fight in Raleigh.

As distasteful and damaging as those incidents were, they were handled decisively by the DPD and Sheriff's Office. The allegations were investigated and the officers who were found in violation were dismissed or disciplined. That's exactly what should happen in this case, with all due speed.

It's bound to be painful when police investigate one of their own. But those investigations must proceed with the same vigor and transparency as they would if any ordinary citizen was involved.

The Police Department is now under scrutiny for its role in the Duke lacrosse case. Ironically, a bedrock legal principle applies to the officers, just as it should have to the players -- the presumption of innocence.
comment: The Herald-Sun itself ignored that bedrock legal principle.
Letter to Herald-Sun:
Our crime problem

Crime in Durham is a major issue. There isn't anyone that can argue with that.

One may not realize how much of an issue it is until you go to tell someone from out of town where you are from. Suddenly you find yourself trying to find some other city nearby so that you don't have to claim Durham because of its well-known crime issues and lack of an effective City Council. Then there is the Duke lacrosse case.

The lacrosse case alone brought to light what many of Durham's residents already knew: our justice system in Durham is a joke. The Police Department is the laughingstock of anyone who knows anything about them, and I'm not so sure if things downtown are any better.

Without the means to end crime in Durham, it's only going to get worse. Where or what will Durham be in 10 years? Twenty years? I'm not sure I'll be around to find out.

Chris Delionbach
November 12, 2007
David HillDuke Chronicle:
Student's assailant caught -- David Hill, the suspect connected with assaulting and robbing a Duke graduate student last week, was taken into custody at Howard John Inn Friday by Durham Police Department officers.

Hill reportedly broke into the student's residence in the 1100 block of Lancaster Street shortly before midnight Nov. 7.

He assaulted the student and stole various goods before fleeing in the victim's blue Subaru Forrester, according to a DPD release.

The student, who was seriously injured, called 911 after Hill left and was taken to the Duke University Hospital by police officers.

University officials told The Chronicle Sunday night that the student is recovering from the incident.

"We're always pleased when people who are alleged to have committed a crime is at least apprehended so we can determine if they are indeed guilty or not," Dean of Students Sue Wasiolek said. [...]
LieStoppers forum:
duke grad student assaulted
Stanley B. Chambers Jr. / Nov. 10, 2007 / News & Observer:
Durham police inquiry involves cops, prostitutes -- An internal investigation by the Durham Police Department involves allegations that officers engaged in "inappropriate sexual conduct" with prostitutes while on duty, Chief Jose Lopez Sr. said Friday.

"We have suspicion that it may involve other women," he said. "We know that they're all not prostitutes."

Three officers have been cleared of wrongdoing and have returned to work, Lopez said.

The allegations came to light when officers conducting a vice investigation discovered patrol officers taking part in sexual acts, he said.

How long the investigation will last will depend partly on when evidence is returned from a lab, Lopez said. He did not elaborate on what that evidence is.

Lopez, who took office as chief two months ago, said he was notified of the allegations the same day they were discovered. He did not give an exact date. On Oct. 29, he met with Gregory K. Baker, special agent in charge of the FBI's Raleigh field office, to discuss whether the allegations involved any federal violations. Baker said there was no federal interest in the case. [...]

Ray Gronberg / Nov. 9, 2007 / Herald-Sun [reg. req.]:
Police probe prompts queries -- Reports that internal affairs investigators are looking into whether city police officers have received sexual favors from prostitutes have at least one activist wondering whether official misconduct explains why the east Durham sex trade still flourishes.

The investigation, which went public Thursday when Police Chief Jose Lopez briefed elected officials, prompted the suspension of five officers assigned to the Durham Police Department's District 1 office. The patrol officers and detectives who work in District 1 police east Durham, the most crime-ridden part of the city.

Three officers supposedly have been exonerated, but there's no word on when the investigation will conclude.

In the meantime, city officials are refusing to release the names of the suspended officers, and activists such as Durham Crime Cabinet member Melvin Whitley are fretting about the probe's implications.

"For a long time, officers have been telling us they couldn't arrest prostitutes because they inform on other people," said Whitley, a Harvard Avenue resident prominent in Mayor Bill Bell's just-concluded re-election campaign. "But when I'm reading the story, I'm thinking there might have been another motive, too: If they get arrested, somebody might say something."

Whitley added that he's "always thought it was mysterious that on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, prostitutes could have free reign on our streets and no one would move against them." [...]
Nov. 10, 2007 / WRAL:
Durham Police Target of Internal Investigation Into Misconduct -- An internal investigation by the Durham Police Department involves allegations that officers engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct with prostitutes while on duty, according to the police chief.

"We have suspicion that it may involve other women," Chief Jose Lopez Sr. said. "We know that they're all not prostitutes."

Three officers have been cleared of wrongdoing and have returned to work, Lopez said. The allegations came to light when officers conducting a vice investigation discovered patrol officers taking part in sexual acts, he said.

The length of the investigation depends partly on when evidence is returned from a lab, Lopez said. He did not elaborate on what that evidence is.

Lopez took office as chief two months ago.

On Oct. 29, Lopez met with Gregory K. Baker, special agent in charge of the FBI's Raleigh field office, to discuss whether the allegations involved any federal violations. Baker said there was no federal interest in the case.

Lopez also contacted Durham District Attorney David Saacks, who said Friday he has not received the investigation's final report. [...]
Quote of the day
A man who won't die for something is not fit to live.
— Martin Luther King, Jr.
Tarah Holland / Shreveport-Times:
Louisiana Lacrosse hosts former Duke coach -- Area lacrosse athletes got a primer on fundamental techniques and critical defensive plays from Bryant University men's lacrosse coach Mike Pressler at a players' clinic Saturday morning at Camp Forbing.

Pressler, the former Duke University men's lacrosse coach, was invited to Shreveport by Louisiana Lacrosse, in association with the Shreveport-Bossier YMCA. In addition to hosting the players' clinic Saturday, Pressler was the guest speaker at the organization's evening fundraiser banquet at Fox Creek Farms. Proceeds raised at the event, themed "An Evening with Mike Pressler," will benefit efforts to transform the open-air gym at Camp Forbing into a lacrosse facility for local athletes.

"Facilities are everything in our sport," Pressler said. "It's important to help grow the game. If you build it, they will come. For me to help them make it to the next step is fulfilling."

Pressler also will host a coaches' clinic from 9 a.m.-noon today at Camp Forbing. The cost is the $50.

More than 70 athletes participated in Saturday's clinic, where they reviewed basic lacrosse techniques, learned new options for setting picks and participated in numerous drills.

The goal of the clinic was to help players improve, said Michael Pabst, an assistant lacrosse coach at Byrd High School. [...]
Ashley / Nov. 11, 2007 / Herald-Sun:
Where are all those up-in-arms voters? -- One way to look at the results of Tuesday's election is as another example of Durham's civic complexity, bordering sometimes on self-contradiction.

That thought occurred to me as I was responding to a question about Durham from a couple of public-policy types.

We are well-known for our tendency to see gloom in all directions, even while enthusing over much about our city. We complain and worry that folks elsewhere belitle and look down on us, even as we consistently get high marks as a place to live and welcome thousands of new residents every year.

And in a city that some might characterize as up in arms over crime, fiscal mismanagement and inefficiencies, voters robustly returned incumbents to office and wrote county and city governments a check for over $200 million in spending.

Crime is emblematic of our conflicted image.

It's tempting to downplay crime to burnish any city's image. By and large, we don't do that in Durham, a civic strength, if one that strikes outsiders as odd and leads them to exaggerate the problem we're so open in discussing.

On the other hand, it's an easy problem to inflate, especially if for reasons conscious or subconscious it's a neat way to foster fear. [...]
John in Carolina:
A Chronicle news blackout
-- A week ago yesterday the Durham Herald Sun reported [excerpt]
[Stuart]Taylor, who co-authored "Until Proven Innocent: Political Correctness and the Shameful Injustices of the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case" with K.C. Johnson, a New York City-based history professor and author of the Durham-In-Wonderland Web log, [spoke last night at Duke at invitation of] the student group Duke Students for an Ethical Duke (DSED). [...]
It’s very newsworthy, especially for what Taylor had to say about Duke as an institution and individual administrators and faculty.

But Duke’s student newspaper, The Chronicle, failed to report the event.

The Chronicle even refused to inform the Duke community of Taylor’s planned appearance. That despite what DSED says was nine days notice it gave The Chronicle of Taylor’s Nov. 2 appearance. [...]
John in Carolina:
John in Carolina:
Bob Harris didn't fail Duke --
Lately, whenever someone's mentioned important, unanswered questions about Duke's shameful response to the Hoax, The Chronicle's editorial board has trumpeted the Allen Building's "MOVE ON" call.

By doing that, the students on the editorial board are, for whatever reason(s), failing Duke.

The Chronicle's editorial board members owe a duty to Duke to do what Bob Harris did this time last year: Speak truth to power.

No one who loves Duke and remembers the incident will ever forget what Bob did. [...]
LieStoppers blog:
Michael Gaynor:
Legal persecution in Indiana finally ends -- INDIANA NEEDS TO MAKE AMENDS! -- The Duke case was a horror for the innocent suspects and their families and friends, of course.

But there are other prosecutorial horror stories too, some stranger than the Duke case.

The Evans, Seligmann and Finnerty families must have a special insight into the ordeal of the Finnegan family.

In August 2007, Roman Finnegan told me about his family's abuse by the criminal justice system, succinctly summarizing it as "a mini-lacrosse case."

In "Not Nifonging in Indiana too!", posted on September 18, 2007, I asked: "Is the State of Indiana's pending prosecution of Lynette S. Finnegan on two counts of medical neglect relating to her daughter, Jessica, who died on December 20, 2005 at age 14 prosecutorial abuse, aka Nifonging?"

Mr. Finnegan had provided me with plenty of documentation in support of his contention that the prosecution never should have been initiated and I consulted with a forensic expert about it.

The Finnegans were willing to take a polygraph test. They knew they were being wrongly prosecuted.


First, all charges against the Finnegans finally were dismissed. [...]
Bob Allen / The World according to Bob blog:
Criminal Pigs send Wrong Man to prison -- In Fort Collins, CO evidence has been uncovered of criminal blue gun thugs falsifying evidence, withholding evidence, and perjury to send an innocent man to prison. Evidence has been revealed of a criminal conspiracy among blue gun thugs. County Persecutors, and agents of Satan in black robes of hell sent a man to hellhole prison knowing he had nothing to do with the crime. [...]

Withholding exculpatory evidence is a crime that at the least should get the County Persecutor's law license revoked. An example of this simple penalty happened when Filthy Turd of the Year for 2006, Nifong, withheld evidence in the Duke University Lacross Team rape accusations. When the criminal acts of the County Persecutor results in conviction and prison time for an innocent man the criminal County Persecutor should be sentenced to the prison term that they had sent the innocent man to serve.

Fort Collins blue gun thug Lt. James Broderick who led the criminal falsifying of evidence should spend the rest of his life in his own hellhole prison for his crimes. [...]

Erick DanielsMosi Secret / May 23, 2007 / Indy Week:
Stolen youth -- How Durham's sleazy criminal justice system sent Erick Daniels to prison for 10 years based on the shape of his eyebrows. -- . . . The judge, W. Osmond Smith III, sentenced [fifteen year-old] Daniels to 10 to 14 years in prison. Daniels screamed "mommy" as three deputies escorted him out a side door and up to a temporary holding cell on the top floor of the courthouse. He would not be able to contact his mother or attorney until several days later, when he had reached a prison more than 180 miles from home.

In Daniels' two-day, December 2001 trial, Freda Black, the notoriously fierce assistant district attorney, built a case around victim Ruth Brown's[see article below] photo lineup identification and eyewitness testimony. Brown had picked Daniels' mug from 105 photos in a seventh-grade yearbook based on, she said, the shape of his eyebrows. . .

Brown testified that Daniels was one of two masked gunmen who walked into her home and stole a purse containing thousands of dollars in cash as her 7-year-old daughter watched in terror.

In the five-and-a-half years since his conviction, Daniels has always maintained his innocence. . . But he has argued that investigators and a prosecutor rushed to close the case at the cost of justice and wrongfully convicted a kid who spent too much time around the old Few Gardens projects, once the axis of Durham's underworld. [...]

Moreover, the lead detective in the case, Delois West, wrote two chronologies of her investigation—one original, handwritten log and a subsequent typed report—and there are key discrepancies between the two that cast doubt on the legitimacy of Brown's identification. On top of that, police reports that should have been written and filed are either missing or were never made. [...]
LieStoppers forum:
Another example of Durham justice, same cast of characters
Rob Waters / Durham News:
What have they won, exactly? -- Congratulations to the winners on Tuesday: Mayor Bill Bell, and council members Diane Catotti, Eugene Brown and Farad Ali. [...]

Holding elected office won't be a total bed of roses, though. Some challenges also lie ahead, and I predict there will be some days when Bell will wish someone else were mayor. [...]

And 2008 also looks like the year when the lacrosse-case bills start coming due. The Duke players' lawsuit against the city will be costly, whether it's settled or slugged out in federal court. It'll probably take years, and the outside lawyers will be billing by the hour.

So, best of luck, all you winners. I think you're going to need it.
AOL Sports blog:
Duke Hangs 121 On NC Central -- Duke is back, baby!

The Blue Devils easily won their first game of the season by pounding NC Central, 121-56. It's back to the old ways with some new blood as the Duke freshman made a fantastic debut. Taylor King scored 20; Kyle Singler scored 15 and Nolan Smith pitched in 16.

Duke dominated in every way. They shot 56%, outrebounded NC Central 47-21, and made 27 of 32 FTs (Central attempted just 12). This was a Duke team that had the ACC's worst offense a year ago.

This was NC Central's ... a school also located in Durham ... first game as a Division I program. Remember that it was an NC Central student who accused members of Duke's lacrosse team of sexual assault last year. Charges were dismissed.
Duke Basketball Report:
Duke MBB vs. NCCU - Post-Game Thread

comment: It was mentioned once before here at The Johnsville News, but the Duke Basketball Report's deletion of their lacrosse discussion forum and the hundreds (perhaps thousands) of posts by Duke alumni about the case is an act of vandalism. Apparently this airbrushing of the biggest story in Duke history is no big deal to the PC operators over there. Moral, do not trust a forum operator to care a wit about the opinions of their members, if they change their agenda.
blueollie blog:
Notre Dame will Beat Duke… -- Sources tell me that Charlie “The Hamburglar” Weis will team up with disgraced prosecutor Mike Nifong to set the Duke football team up by enticing them to a stripper party, thereby getting them arrested and tied up in court by game day.

Duke will be forced to play with walk-ons and Notre Dame wins on a last second field goal.Yes, the Blue Devils have only won one game this year (against Northwestern) and are too chicken to play Louisville. [...]
Joe Clark & Shreya Rao / Duke Chronicle:
Gossip Web site sparks uproar -- Repulsive. Offensive. Disgusting.

Words such as these were used to describe the newly formed Web site JuicyCampus.com, which allows anyone to anonymously post "juicy" information about students, greek organizations, alumni and administrators.

The site, created by Matt Ivester, Trinity '05, has spurred controversy on Duke's campus recently as some users have made attacks against individual students.

Though many have voiced concerns about the site's content, some users on the site call it "amazing" and note that it is a gossip forum meant to be taken lightly.

"I found it absolutely repulsive," said Stephen Bryan, associate dean of students and director of judicial affairs. "I'm extremely disappointed that some of our students have chosen to post such material-specifically where individuals are named."

He added that, since Juicy Campus is not hosted by a current student, it would be hard for the University to take any sort of action to remove it.

The purpose of the site is to enable "online anonymous free speech on college campuses," according to the site's "About Us" page. [...]
LieStoppers forum: The Chronicle on JuicyCampus.com, Repulsive. Offensive. Disgusting

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