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Monday, November 19, 2007

Duke Case — Hoax Vampires & Gang of 88 Trolls

Items of interest - updated:

Hoax vampires smell blood money

Glenda and Ralph KingDorian Block / NY Daily News:
20 years later, Tawana Brawley has turned back on the past -- CLAREMONT, Va. - Many people in this rural town of just 300 know the story of Tawana Brawley, but most have no idea her family lives among them.

Brawley - whose claims of being raped by a "white cop" shocked the city 20 years ago - has long since turned her back on New York. She changed her name, converted to Islam, moved south and got a bullmastiff "trained to bite" in case someone unwanted comes to visit.

The Daily News tracked her family to Claremont, Va., once one large plantation, now a tiny town of cotton and soybean farms, with a two-room library and post office, but no police department or local newspaper.

In a wide-ranging two-hour interview, Glenda Brawley and Ralph King, Brawley's mother and stepfather, revealed glimpses into her life. [...]

Glenda Brawley and her husband have not spoken publicly since a grand jury in 1988 decided there was no evidence their daughter was raped, yet they agreed to talk to The News for one reason: They are adamant that their daughter was raped and the men who did it were never punished.

"I could be looking at the television any day and they say the 'Tawana Brawley hoax,'" King said. "What hoax?"

"How could we make this up and take down the state of New York? We're just regular people," Glenda Brawley said to her husband. "We should be millionaires." [...]

LieStoppers forum:
Tawana Brawley...AGAIN, "We should be millionaires."

Report: Family wants Tawana Brawley case reopened

comment: Over a year ago, TJN was wondering: Duke Case: Where is Tawana Brawley? The other question was: "whatever happened to those two outstanding arrest warrants for Brawley and her mother in New York State?"

Tawana Brawley addresses supporters at a Brooklyn church in 1997. Her stepfather, Ralph King, is at right.AP / CNN:
Report: Family wants Tawana Brawley case reopened -- Twenty years after her allegations of a racially charged rape became a national flash point, Tawana Brawley's mother and stepfather want to reopen the case, a newspaper reported Sunday.

Glenda Brawley and Ralph King want to press New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer and state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to re-examine the November 1987 incident, which a state grand jury ultimately concluded was a hoax, the Daily News reported.

"New York state owes my daughter. They owe her the truth," said Glenda Brawley. She reiterated her stance that her daughter was indeed raped by a group of white men who smeared her with feces and scrawled racial epithets on her body. [...]

Al Sharpton & Tawana Brawley 1988Google/AP:
Kin Want Infamous NY Rape Case Reopened -- Brawley was 15 when she went missing for four days from her home in Wappingers Falls, about 75 miles north of New York City. After being found, she made the shocking allegation that she had been abducted and raped by six white law enforcement officials.

The case quickly made headlines and drew the attention of the Rev. Al Sharpton, who became an outspoken advocate for the teen.

But a special state grand jury found evidence Brawley had fabricated her story. A former Dutchess County prosecutor who had been implicated in the case later sued Brawley, Sharpton and other Brawley advisers for defamation, winning a $345,000 judgment against the advisers and a $185,000 judgment against Brawley.

A spokeswoman for Sharpton, who was held liable for $65,000 in the case, did not immediately respond to an e-mail message early Sunday. The former prosecutor's lawyer did not immediately return a telephone message.

Brawley has changed her name and become a nurse, the Daily News reported.

John in Carolina:
Brawley Comments & Predictions -- Many people will wonder, as I do, whether Glenda Brawley and Ralph King have been reading about all that money the parents of the Jena 6 received.

People who wonder about that will be called racists by people like Sharpton.

Attorneys for the three men fraudulently indicted in the Duke Hoax will use this latest in the Brawley Hoax to bolster their contention the three men will all their lives be subject to people seeking to exploit them.

“Civil rights activists” supporting Glenda Brawley’s and Ralph King’s demands will say that’s not true.

But we all know it is.

more Brawley discussion:
Betsy Newmark: Tawana Brawley 20 years on
West Virginia Rebel: Paging Al Sharpton
Sean Hannity forum: Say it ain't so! - Tawana Brawley case to be re-opened?
Angela Winters /Politopics: ARE THEY SERIOUS?

BitsBlog: Brawley hoax redux -- Glenda Brawley whose daughter was not raped twenty years ago, is petitioning New York State governor and attorney general, Eliot Spizter and Andrew Cuomo to “reopen” the case. [...]

Len's Lens blog:
Now, that's chutzpah
Shmuel Rosner / Rosner's Guest / Haaretz.com [Israel]:
KC Johnson -- Professor Johnson, a noted critic of 'groupthink' in the academic world, and author of Until Proven Innocent, is now teaching in Israel. Readers can send questions. [...]

An early critic of the prosecution's conduct in the Duke Lacrosse case, Johnson published a highly regarded blog on the issue, Durham Wonderland. He then co-wrote, with Stuart Taylor, the recently published Until Proven Innocent. The book argues that "law enforcement, a campaigning prosecutor, biased journalists, and left-leaning academics repeatedly refused to pursue the truth while scapegoats were made" of the falsely accused Duke students.

We will discuss issues related to academia, the U.S. and Israel. Readers can send questions to rosnersdomain@haaretz.co.il.
KC Johnson:

Haaretz Blog
-- I'm a guest on the Haaretz website this week; the link is here.

LieStoppers forum:
KC Johnson in Israel's Haaretz Newspaper, Criticizes Trends in Academia
Gang of 88 trolls spew on KC Johnson

KC Johnson:
The Academic "Street" -- In her peculiar January 2007 N&O essay, Group of 88 member Cathy Davidson invented a past that never existed—she claimed rampant racist defenses of the lacrosse players on the “campus quad” in the days after the story first broke—to rationalize the Group’s ad. The Davidson essay, for the most part, took its appropriate place in the “Group of 88 Rehab Tour” as an initiative that only made the Group look more foolish. [...]

Just as it’s hard to miss the ill-concealed anger in the anonymous comments left by Group defenders, so too has it been hard to miss the anger in statements offered by Group defenders in their own name—such as Charlie Piot; or Prasad Kasibhatla (who urged people to read the Piot piece, and then boasted he would not even look at a critique of the Piot article).

In this respect, the anger of which Davidson claimed to be so concerned is far more characteristic of the Group and its defenders than of critics of the Group. Indeed, a level of fury appears to be a consistent element of the Group and its defenders. [...]
Ken Larrey / letter published Nov. 19th / Duke Chronicle:
Wolf's DSED column damaging, inaccurate -- I am profoundly hurt and disappointed by what Elliott Wolf has produced in the Nov. 15 issue of The Chronicle, "Physician, heal thyself," but I am especially appalled at the way Wolf has gone about producing it. We-Duke Students for an Ethical Durham and friends/partners-are all preparing a well-reasoned, fair and well-informed response to Wolf's column, not only as a necessity but also a courtesy to Wolf that we believe he has not extended to us, nor is it what he has provided to the readers of The Chronicle. [...]

Duke Students for Ethical Duke:
Michael Gustafson / Duke prof. / letter published Nov 19th / Duke Chroncle:
Apologies for a possible misstatement -- I was quoted in Thursday's issue of The Chronicle, in Elliott Wolf's column "Physician, heal thyself," as stating, with respect to Duke Students for an Ethical Duke, "I told them that I will not be part of this lynch mob."

To clear up what I said to DSED early on-before they had really formed-was I would not be part of *a* lynch mob. I do not believe Duke Students for an Ethical Duke is a lynch mob, nor is that why I am not their faculty advisor. I do not blame Wolf for the wording in the quote because it is entirely probable that I spoke incorrectly. I do think it is important to clear up what a huge difference in meaning one word makes as well as the timing of my statement. [...]
John in Carolina:
What "lynch mob" at Duke? -- The Johnsville News does another fine aggregation job: This time it concerns a recent Chronicle column written by last year’s Duke Student Government President Elliott Wolf, in which he was highly critical of Duke Students for an Ethical Duke (DSED)and its public spokesperson, Ken Larrey. [...]

The Chronicle editorial board has never said anything critical of the members of the Duke community who waved the CASTRATE” banner; or of the New Black Panthers when they threatened Seligmann.

So I hope you understand my shock when I turned to TC’s editorial page and read that DSED is “this lynch mob?”

Gustafson is now saying he was misquoted but he can understand how Wolf would have misunderstood him.

Gustafson says even small words matter (agreed!) and that he was talking about “a” lynch mob, not “this” lynch mob. [...]
comment: Big thanks John.
The Duke Chronicle ain't been right since they got their new pet mascot, Patsy, the ass kissing politically correct monkey.
Gabby McGlynn / Duke Chronicle:
Lax DNA lab head leaves post -- Meehan's sudden departure has sparked speculation about the outcome of the lawsuit. Some attorneys have said that Meehan's move is a bad omen for DNA Security, but others believe it will have little impact on the course of the suit.

"I don't think it's going to have any bearing on the lawsuit," Bob Sar, an attorney for the lab, told The Herald-Sun. "I wish it would, but I don't think it will."

James Williams and Bill Thomas, attorneys for two Duke players who were not indicted, said, however, that Meehan's departure will reflect unfavorably on DNA Security.

"What was done in the Duke lacrosse case was an obvious violation of scientific protocol," Thomas told The Herald-Sun. "I think it would jeopardize the accreditation of DNA Security. It seems to pose significant accreditation problems for the company. [Meehan's] departure is not at all surprising."
LieStoppers forum: Meehan out of job
Jon Ham / Right Angles blog:
Where political correctness will take us
-- This is the same logical end, and the explicit goal, of political correctness: To make people afraid to say what you don’t want them to say. [...]
Neil Shouse & Associates / California Criminal Defense Blog:
Mike Nifong and The Duke Lacross Case -- Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong stated publicly that a small group of lacrosse players from Duke University raped a woman. After putting these young men and the University through a living hell, it was Nifong who was the ultimate wrong doer. He has had his bar license taken from him and he, himself, is facing criminal charges. Don’t fool yourself. The Nifong problem is not isolated to Durham, North Carolina. Quite often, I find reasonable doubt that is clearly obvious in a court file provided by the prosecutor; however, the young and inexperienced prosecutor, fueled by their need for trial experience and/or directed by a supervising district attorney looking to make a name for him or herself pushes the case to trial. Regardless of what the underlying reason is, the issue is people’s lives. [...]
Willful Ignorance is no defense for Brodhead & Duke

John in Carolina:
Attorney Spilbor Knew; So Did Duke -- Duke President Richard Brodhead and his supporters use Duke Hoax myths to excuse the University's bungled and shamelful "throw them under the bus" response to Crystal Mangum's and Mike Nifong's lies and the prejudices of many of its faculty.

The myth they most frequently use goes something like this:
It was a really, really confusing time. The facts kept changing. The issues were so complex. Who could have known?
. . . I want to recongnize attorney and FOX News consultant Jonna Spilbor for what she posted at Findlaw on April 14, 2006; and for what it helps us understand about Duke University's Hoax response then and now. [...]
John in Carolina:
Good News at Liestoppers
John in Carolina:
When’s Duke’s Turn? -- “Winning By Intimidation” is the college fight song of the Academic Left which dominates most campuses and routinely fleeces alumni and friends.

Duke’s alumni and friends, good people, are especially easy to fleece; and not just by faculty Leftists.

Have you watched the last year-and-a-half as Duke caved to Crystal Mangum’s and Mike Nifong’s lies so cravenly that its President, Richard Brodhead, proclaimed whatever the framed students did “was bad enough,” while refusing to say anything critical of Nifong even months after the NC State Bar launched an ethics investigation that led to Nifong’s disbarment?

Yet we’re told by Duke's Development Office that financial giving from alumni and friends is now higher than ever.

That’s why I say Duke alumni and friends are easy to fleece.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Just ask Professors Houston Baker, Kim Curtis, Stanley Fish, Wahneema Lubiano and Charles Piot how easy it is to fleece Duke.
Then vs. now

John in Carolina:
N&O’s Sheehan & Community Silence --
Dear Ms. Sheehan:

You no doubt recall that on May 18, 2006 racists shouted threats, including death threats, at a young man outside and within the Durham County Courthouse where he’d gone to participate in a proceeding following his indictment for rape and other felonies.

The racists – members of the New Black Panthers Party and others – were so bold that in a crowded courtroom they shouted “dead man walking.”

Britian’s The Guardian reported the young man at that point "blanched."

The community response to the young man’s torment was silence.

The President of Duke University where Reade Seligmann was a student said nothing critical of the racists and nothing supportive of him and his family.

No Duke trustee, top administrator or senior faculty member spoke out. Neither did any Durham public official.

The community’s religious and civic leaders? They were silent too.

And you didn’t write a column about the threats and the silence. [...]
Gang of 88 copy cat

Damian Guevara / Cleveland Plain Dealer / cleveland.com:
Case prof gets prison for reporting fake hate mail to FBI -- A Case Western Reserve University assistant professor received a six-month prison sentence Friday for falsely reporting to the FBI that she received racially-charged hate mail.

Ramani Sri Pilla must also pay back $66,000 the FBI and university spent investigating the false claims, according to the sentence imposed by U.S. District Judge David D. Dowd.

Pilla, 41, of Cleveland Heights, taught statistics at the school since 2002. She told FBI investigators that between August 2006 and February 2007, she received four hate letters, Assistant U.S. Attorney Ann Rowland wrote in court documents.

Pilla, who is Indian, named three co-workers as possible suspects and said the letters were likely retaliation for making discrimination complaints to the university, according to documents. Pilla also sued in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court, accusing the school of not protecting her.

She later admitted that she wrote the letters and sent them to herself. [...]
Neal Best / Watchdog blog / Newsday:
NY Times columnist to leave for SI gig -- Columnist Selena Roberts is leaving The New York Times and is headed for Sports Illustrated, which recently lost its star columnist, Rick Reilly, to ESPN.

The Bristol Stompers also were interested in landing Roberts, but she evidently resisted their charm$, something few newspaper sports journalists have been able to do in recent months and years.

At last Selena can join the recent Times alumni club at SI, which includes Damon Hack and Lee Jenkins. [...]
comment: Roberts can join the proven liar, SI legal analyst Lester Munson, as part of the SI Pants on Fire Squad.

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