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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Duke Case — Higher Education

-----Special Topics Seminar at Duke-----
Today's items - updated:

KC Johnson / Durham in Wonderland:
From the Comment Thread --
This blog has generated more than 90,000 comments. Few have offered a more intriguing perspective than the one below [...]

a university faculty, though highly and self-consciously professionalized, has many of the characteristics of a voluntary organization, like a civic or church committee, or a campaign organization, or a baby-sitting pool. There is seldom a very good match between the need as seen from a center and the competence, willingness, or availability of someone to fill the need. [...]

Another development on the local Duke scene is the “raised consciousness” of sensible alumni and institutional friends. [...]

There now is a very detailed, circumstantial, well researched and well written book that needs to be answered. The one attempt to answer it to date—Piot’s—is so pathetic as actually to amplify the work’s power by giving such a vivid example of the intellectual quality of its opposition. Any intelligent Duke alumnus of whatever age should now realize that he or she probably has more sensible and constructive ideas that many prominent Duke faculty. [...]

Do not underestimate the power of the derision and opprobrium heaped on various faculty members through various posting and especially the “Group Profiles”. These were particularly effective, because they were not name-calling but intelligently collected anthologies of the individuals’ own written opinions. It is one thing to shout out that “the Emperor has no clothes”. It is another to present the Emperor in the buff before our own horrified eyes. Professor Piot undoubtedly still has his clannish friends at their unread and unreadable academic journal. But for literally thousands of other people, not to mention hundreds of silent colleagues on his own faculty, the man is now a public fool.
Jeremy Young / Progressive Historians:
Memo to KC Johnson: Please Get Better Critics

KC Johnson:
Reflections on the Piot Principles
Question: What do the Galloping Beaver and Charles Piot have in common?

The Galloping Beaver blog:
The envelope please -- Speaking of awards, the Galloping Beaver is a finalist for best blog in our traffic class in the 2007 Weblog awards put together by Wizbang. Votes continues until Nov. 8. We are currently losing to a Brooklyn College professor who is obsessed with the Duke University lacrosse team rape case. You can vote once a day until then, so click the link and do the right thing. [...]
Best Books of 2007/Top 10 Editors' Picks: Nonfiction - Until Proven InnocentAmazon.com:
Best Books of 2007 / Top 10 Editors' Picks: Nonfiction -- Until Proven Innocent: Political Correctness and the Shameful Injustices of the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case. -- Guilty until proven innocent was a concept expressed by Duke University's president Richard Brodhead, among others, betraying a stunning misapprehension of America's justice system in the case of the Duke lacrosse players wrongfully indicted for raping a black stripper in 2006. [...]

LieStoppers blog:

Best Books of 2007 - Amazon Top 10 Editors' Picks: Nonfiction --
Congratulations goes out to Professor KC Johnson and Stuart Taylor Jr ...
Michael Gaynor:
Richard Brodhead: Move out, not on -- That smarmy man (Duke University President Richard Brodhead) really appears to be shameless.

For sure, as Duke president, he's far from blameless. His lack of leadership has sullied Duke's reputation, cost Duke many millions of dollars and will cost more (either in settlement payments or litigation costs and judgments to be paid).

If Mr. Brodhead had any decency, he would have examined the documents Kevin Finnerty offered to show him (so that he would recognize a railroading in progress).

He deliberately chose ignorance instead.

If Mr. Brodhead had any shame, he would have apologized when Duke secretly settled with the Duke Three to protect him, his administration and a significant (and terribly flawed) part of his faculty.

He did not, in the hope he could just move on and in the expectation that none of the unindicted players would have what it takes to stand up to him and sue.

He finally apologized, a bit, because he found himself on the spot and yearns to stay in his comfortable slot.

We don't know precisely how bad he is, but suffice it to say that what we know he did was "bad enough" for him to be sent packing.

Mr. Brodhead has been trying to put the so-called Duke case behind him, with Duke's checkbook, confidential settlements, a minimal apology and arrogant presumption. [...]
Zombies have taken over the Duke Chronicle-------
Editorial / Duke Chronicle:
A chance for Brodhead to do the defining -- Only one man knows what it was like to sit in President Richard Brodhead's office during the lacrosse case, with all the forces of the world bearing impossibly down on a presidency barely begun.

Yet because the Presidential Review Committee formed to evaluate the president's performance closed comments last week, we are compelled to offer the students' perspective-incomplete but important-on his performance thus far.

We believe that Brodhead should and must stay.

Any discussion of the president's performance must begin-but not end-with his response to the lacrosse case and its aftermath. For in times of extraordinary trial, a person's character is magnified as it is not during tranquility, and the lacrosse case is no exception. [...]
John in Carolina:
Chronicle Editorial: Parody or Bloviation?
-- Question: Is it possible that what editorial page editor Ryan McCartney and his fellow board members are doing today is engaging in some self-parody? Is today’s editorial a kind of mirthful prank the undergrads all caught but this aging alum missed? [...]

Brodhead discussion:
Duke Chronicle [see comments]:
Prez's Yale tenure may offer glimpse into Duke's future

The Dangers Of PC -- "But, even if they perhaps dwell too much on the faculty and journos, one of the best aspects of Taylor and Johnson’s exhaustive account is that you cannot help but notice how widespread political correctness extends. It’s not simply a case of ‘PC gone mad’; PC is now the given etiquette that everyone has to work with. All the major cultural institutions now share basic PC assumptions." [...]
Herald-Sun [reg. req.]:
Decision time for Durham -- A strong turnout for early voting has officials confident today's elections could draw record crowds.

Durham's one-stop voting period ended Saturday after 2,979 people cast ballots for local offices and an assortment of city and county bond issues. That's almost three times as many as cast ballots early in this year's October primary or in the 2005 general election, county Board of Elections Director Mike Ashe said.

"It's a good number," Ashe added. "I wish it was a lot more, but I think that tells me we're going to have an excellent turnout [today] for the municipal election. I'm hoping that over 40,000 people come out and vote."

Even a turnout in the high 30,000s would set a record. Recent elections haven't approached that figure. The most recent peak was in 2001, when roughly 36,500 people cast ballots in the general election. Turnout dropped off to 31,924 in 2003 and 22,237 in 2005.

Ashe figures it's no coincidence the peak coincided with a hotly contested city mayoral race, and also figures the same factor is helping fuel interest in this year's election.

Incumbent Mayor Bill Bell is facing a strong and well-funded challenge from City Councilman Thomas Stith. Bell is seeking his fourth term, having won the office in 2001 by defeating then-incumbent Nick Tennyson.

Today's ballot also features a hotly contested City Council race involving incumbents Eugene Brown and Diane Catotti, and challengers Farad Ali, Laney Funderburk, David Harris and Steve Monks. Three seats are up for grabs. [...]
Forum topic(s) of note:
Holloway to Harvard on DuBois Fellowship -- Karla Holloway will be at Harvard for the Spring of 2008. I did not see this announcement and picked it up from an offhand comment at DIW. Googling Holloway and Harvard shows her listed and described as a DuBois Fellow and it is now on her faculty page at Duke. At the Dubois site her project is described, in part as follows: Project “Private Bodies/Public Texts: Bioethics and Literature” [...]
U.S. Team Players Named for Champions Challenge Event -– US Lacrosse has named the players that will participate for the United States men's team during its exhibition game against Duke University as part of the Champions Challenge Weekend from Jan. 26-27, 2008 at Disney's Wide World of Sports Complex near Orlando.

The 20-player U.S. roster (see below) includes 10 players from the 2006 U.S. team that competed in the International Lacrosse Federation (ILF) World Championship in Canada, helping the U.S. to the silver medal. All 20 players participated in the tryout process for the 2006 U.S. team. [...]

The third annual Champions Challenge will feature both the U.S. men's and women's national teams. The women's Elite and Developmental teams will play exhibition games against the women's programs from Duke and Johns Hopkins in addition to the men's game against Duke. Both the men's and women's teams will also conduct clinics for local youth players as part of the weekend's events. [...]
Latest Bull City-in-Wonderland installment.

Bull City-in-Wonderland blog:
The New York Temerity


By Duff Beer Beck

Durham – The Duke Polo team suffered another setback yesterday, when Candelabra Mint, better known as “Candy Mint”, the stripper mom who was present at the alleged defilement of the captain’s pony, picked three perpetrators from a police line-up.

The three identified as "obviously guilty" by police were the polo team members already charged with the crime of bestiality: Scooter LaShon Montague, Jr., Thomas Skipper Clarence and RNC Arroz. The three young men are the children of the three highest-ranking black Republican officials and appointees of the current Republican administration. (To protect the privacy of the accuseds' parents, The Temerity is not naming which Republican administration.) [...]
Dearly Departed

The Duke Basketball Report website has apparently removed their lacrosse forum. It looks like it just disappeared without warning. Only fragments of what were some interesting discussions can be found at the Internet Archive. Is the Zombie virus spreading?

The Justice4TwoSisters blog has also been deleted. This was the potbanging, hang the rapists high blog that was part of the lynch mob, rush to judgement mentality in the spring of 2006. Author, "song4assata," has moved on to her next hoax. Remnants also remain at the Internet Archive.

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