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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Duke Case: The NY Post — The Real Newspaper of Record

Love it or hate it Rupert Murdoch's NY Post turned out to be the real newspaper of record in the Duke lacrosse case. The NY Post ran most of the very accurate Associated Press stories about the case and spiced them with their own special Post headlines.

The Post also ran a host of original articles, opinion pieces and editorials that staked out the hard hitting truth about this rape hoax and its enablers. They even ran a KC Johnson article in January 2007.

Hats off to the NY Post, the real newspaper of record.

Some of the NY Post's coverage of the Duke case:

Editorial / December 23, 2006
NIFONG STILL OUT OF CONTROL -- "It's now the shifting sands again, the shifting factual theory . . .
It is the ethical duty of a district attorney not to win a case, not to prosecute all cases, but to see that justice is done."
- Defense attorney Joseph Cheshire, yesterday, after Durham County (N.C.) District Attorney Mike Nifong dropped rape charges against three Duke University lacrosse players but kept kidnapping and other sex-related charges, despite the alleged victim's changing her story yet again.
Todd Venezia & Kieran Crowley / December 23, 2006
RAPE RAP KO'D -- BUT DUKE DA WILL PUSH KIDNAP CASE -- Rape charges were dropped against three Duke lacrosse players yesterday, but the Long Island dad of one of the men voiced outrage that the DA in the increasingly flimsy case is still pursuing other charges - which could get the trio more than 50 years behind bars.

"It's a good step in the right direction," Kevin Finnerty, father of player Collin Finnerty, told The Post at his Garden City home. "But I don't trust this guy.

This DA is not looking for the truth and for justice." District Attorney Mike Nifong yesterday dropped the rape charges after the stripper who accused the men changed her story yet again. [...]
John Podhoretz / January 17, 2007
SENSELESS -- CHARGES IN DUKE CASE NEVER FIT THE FACTS ON THE SCENE -- LOCALS - even those who are certain no sex crime was committed there - call 610 N. Buchanan St. "the rape house." It's an ugly little white bungalow that looks from the outside like it hasn't been so much as painted since it was first slapped up just before or during the Great Depression.

Through most of last year, a woman claimed she had been gang-raped by four strapping young men in the bathroom of the Rape House - which sits directly across the street from the campus of Duke University, where the accused were college students - over the course of 30 minutes.

Maybe the accuser is still making the same claim today. It would be hard to know; she has changed her story so many times it's hard to keep track. This is the same woman who once said she had been raped by 20 people that night - which might seem plausible if they had all worked for the circus and the Rape House bathroom had been a clown car. [...]
Andy Geller / January 18, 2007
L.I. REP. TO FEDS: PROBE DUKE DA -- Rep. Peter King called on the Justice Department yesterday to launch an investigation of the district attorney in the Duke lacrosse sex-offense case.

In a letter to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, King (R-L.I.) asked that the FBI begin an investigation into whether DA Mike Nifong violated the rights of the three players accused in the controversial case. [...]
John Podhoretz / January 18, 2007
ORWELL UNIVERSITY DUKE PROFS' P.C. TRAVESTY -- IN my college days, if some body set up a bunch of tents in a prominent location on campus, it was to protest apartheid or homelessness.

Right now, a tent city's up at Duke University - the site of the most outrageous case of railroading in recent history. Three Duke lacrosse players were falsely accused of raping a woman and charged unjustly with that and other crimes by a district attorney who suppressed evidence and committed perjury before recusing himself from the case. [...]
Phil Mushnick / January 21, 2007
FESTERING ISSUES IN DUKE LACROSSE CASE -- On one hand, "60 Minutes" lately has done an admirable and thorough job, devoting two full segments to the wishful-thinking American justice system that left three Duke lacrosse players indicted for rape.

On the other hand, what took it so long? "60 Minutes" could've reached many of the same conclusions 10 months ago, when the charges against the students were first made.

And where's everyone else in the news media who rashly fueled an episode of mob and racial injustice, so reminiscent of what American blacks suffered for decades? [...]
NY Post headline: NAIL IN D.A. COFFINAndy Soltis / January 25, 2007
NAIL IN D.A. COFFIN -- Duke Prosecutor Lied: Bar Assn. -- The prosecutor in the Duke lacrosse case lied to the court and withheld evidence from the defense about the sensational rape charges, the North Carolina state bar charged yesterday.

Durham DA Mike Nifong, who withdrew from his collapsing case earlier this month, could be disbarred if convicted by a disciplinary board. [...]

NY Post: Duke Player's Pain: Life is on HoldFrank Ryan exclusive / January 28, 2007
DUKE PLAYER'S PAIN: LIFE IS ON HOLD -- As the Duke lacrosse team held its first practice of the 2007 season Friday, Collin Finnerty was 500 miles away, wishing he was there - and uncertain he ever will be again.

"I dream of being back on the lacrosse field with my friends one day, but I'm just not sure if that's going to happen," said the Garden City, L.I., resident.

"I've worked my whole life for this, and now everything just seems to be on hold until this gets resolved."

One of three Duke lacrosse players charged with raping a stripper who has since changed part of her story, Finnerty, 20, says his entire life has been put on hold since the allegations rocked the prestigious university and polarized the nation.

In his first public statements since the rape charges were dropped in December - while the remaining sexual-assault and kidnapping charges are being reviewed by the North Carolina attorney general - Finnerty detailed how the case has affected him and what he's been doing since his world turned upside down last year. [...]

NY Post: DNA & Double Standards (NY Times) by KC JohnsonKC Johnson / January 31, 2007
DNA & DOUBLE STANDARDS -- READERS who followed The New York Times' coverage of the Duke lacrosse case probably experienced whiplash after reading the Monday Times editorial that hailed "modern DNA testing" for "steadily uncovering a dark history of justice denied."

The editorial mentioned two specific examples. The first came in Dallas, where a prisoner spent 18 years in jail, convicted of rape "based solely on faulty testimony of a witness." A DNA test that Texas prosecutors had fought to block then proved his innocence. The Times also praised North Carolina's innocence commission, which has urged police to vet non-credible witnesses more aggressively.

Powerful recommendations. Yet time and again over the past 10 months, Times reporters and columnists have acted just like the Texas prosecutors the paper's editorialists condemn. [...]
Cyntha R. Fagen / March 23, 2007
DUKE CASE GOING AHEAD --North Carolina authorities denied reports yesterday that they would be dropping the remaining charges against three Duke lacrosse players originally indicted for rape.

The state Attorney General's Office quickly denied a story in Lacrosse Magazine, and picked up by Fox News, that said, "There is no case here, and they will be hearing a dismissal in the coming days." [...]
Lorena Mongelli & Lukas I. Alpert / April 12, 2007
DUKE KIDS BEAT 'ROGUE' DA -- SEX RAP TOSSED AT LAST -- North Carolina's chief law enforcer yesterday tossed the entire sensational and racially charged case against three Duke University lacrosse players, saying there was no evidence a sex attack ever occurred - and blasting the "rogue prosecutor."

Attorney General Roy Cooper said he had also decided not to bring criminal charges against the accuser - a troubled 28-year-old stripper named Crystal Gail Mangum - because he felt it was "not in the best interests of justice." [...]
Lorena Mongelli & Todd Venezia / April 13, 2007
SORRY APOLOGY -- DUKE RAPE DA'S WIMPY NOTE ON CLEARED TRIO -- Disgraced Duke rape-case DA Mike Nifong issued a weak apology yesterday after being branded a "rogue" for pursuing dubious charges against three of the school's lacrosse players, who are now weighing whether to sue him. "

To the extent that I made judgments that ultimately proved to be incorrect, I apologize to the three students that were wrongly accused," the Durham County district attorney said in a written statement.

The DA, who has been accused of trying to boost his career by hustling the Duke players to prison, is facing disbarment for his handling of the case. [...]
John Podhoretz / April 12, 2007
LET THE LIAR BE NAMED & SHAMED -- HER name is Crystal Gail Mangum.

She is the woman who falsely accused three Duke University students of rape. Yesterday, the attorney general of North Carolina came forward and flatly declared the three young men "innocent of these charges."

That means their accuser is a liar. Her name is Crystal Gail Mangum.

It is the policy of the news media not to publish the names of rape accusers on the grounds that they should not have to fear public shame for coming forward with word of a horrifying personal violation.

That is a noble policy. But it needs a codicil. The codicil is that if a rape accuser is revealed as a liar, her name should be spoken loudly and often - as loudly and often as the names of those whom she falsely accused have been over the past year.

Her name is Crystal Gail Mangum. [...]

NY Post, April 12, 2007: The Duke Liar - Crystal Gail Mangum
Editorial / April 12, 2007
THE DURHAM TRAVESTY -- It's about time. North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper yesterday dropped all charges against three for mer Duke lacrosse players accused of raping a stripper at an off-campus party - putting an end to one of the worst cases of legal railroading ever.

And Cooper didn't simply announce that there was insufficient evidence to make a provable case against the young men. Instead, he fully exonerated them - declaring, "We believe these three individuals are innocent of these charges" and that, in fact, "no attack occurred."

For months, that fact has been obvious to anyone who's looked at this case.

Indeed, it became crystal clear early on that the original prosecutor, Durham DA Mike Nifong (who was in the midst of a tight re-election battle), had rushed headlong, despite all the evidence, to charge the players. [...]
Andrea Peyser\ / April 12, 2007
DUKE CASE: WILL THE TIMES APOLOGIZE? -- Worst of all, this story so neatly fit the radical agenda of our "newspaper of record," The New York Times, that the paper disgustingly advanced the hoax on its front page, long after other media outlets had backed off.

In a case of "all the lies fit to print," the paper on Aug. 25 affected an air of Timesian authority in a damning article, spoon-fed by DA Nifong. It tried to put to rest some of the alarming inconsistencies in the accuser's story about the night she was "attacked."

"While there are big weaknesses in Mr. Nifong's case, there is also a body of evidence to support his decision to take the matter to a jury," quoth the Times. And, "The full files, reviewed by The New York Times, contain evidence stronger than that highlighted by the defense."

Will the Times make reparations now? [...]
Editorial / April 13, 2007
NIFONG'S NONSENSE -- After spending a year looking to boost his career by ruining the lives of three innocent young men and accusing them of rape, Durham DA Mike Nifong now wants to avoid having his own life wrecked. So he "apologized" yesterday, following dismissal of the charges by North Carolina's attorney general.


Nifong's persecution - er, prosecution - of these young men was selfish, reckless, out of control, damaging to them and socially inflammatory. He deserves no forgiveness whatsoever. None. [...]
NY Post: Nifong apology is weakAndrea Peyser /
April 13, 2007
A 'MY BAD' SO BAD, IT'S APPALLING -- THIS is the best he's got? Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong - facing possible disbarment, potential jail time, and certainly a featured spot in hell - yesterday summoned the chutzpah to issue a mush-mouthed apology to the three former Duke University lacrosse players he personally lynched.

"To the extent that I made judgments that ultimately proved to be incorrect," he started like a ninny, "

I apologize to the three students that were wrongly accused."

With that, Nifong tried desperately to make himself into the passive victim of false information - and not the perpetrator of a yearlong "rape" hoax that, we all know, he personally orchestrated.

Let's recap Nifong's disgraceful actions of the past year [...]
Lisa Keys / April 15, 2007
VICTIMS OF A WITCH HUNT -- MANY TORMENTORS IN DUKE STUDENTS' YEAR OF SMEAR -- WHEN the three lacrosse players accused of sexu ally assaulting an exotic dancer were declared innocent Wednesday, North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper said the Duke University students were victims of a "rush to accuse" by a "rogue prosecutor."

But Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong was far from the only one pointing fingers at Reade Seligmann, Collin Finnerty and David Evans.

The wild accusations of the lacrosse players' guilt began within weeks of police finding the dancer passed-out drunk in her car in the early hours of March 14, 2006. [...]
Letters / April 15, 2007
Andy Geller / April 16, 2007
DUKE STRIP NOT SO HOT, GUYS SAY -- The strip show that resulted in three Duke lacrosse players' being charged with rape was a colossal bore - and lasted only five minutes, according to a published report.

The accuser, Crystal Gail Mangum, 28, appeared to be drunk and had trouble standing up, much less performing an exotic dance, Newsweek reports today.

She began halfheartedly kissing the other dancer, Kim Roberts, 31, the magazine says.

Though the event was portrayed as a "boys gone wild" situation, one of the three players, Reade Seligmann, says anyone watching it would have been "bored to tears."

"We didn't know how to react. It was disgusting," he said.

In a photo taken by one of the players, Seligmann, 21, of Essex Fells, N.J., appears to be recoiling as he watches the strippers. [...]
Roger Koppl / April 16, 2007
DEFENSE NEEDS DNA, TOO -- A "NIGHTMARE" that took them to "hell and back" is how the three former Duke University lacrosse players described the nearly 400 days they spent accused of raping a stripper at a party.

Over a year later, all charges against them have been dropped; ethics charges have been filed against the abusive prosecutor who withheld DNA evidence that would have exonerated the young men long ago; and the North Carolina attorney general is now calling for a law that would allow the state's Supreme Court "to remove a case" from a prosecutor in circumstances like this.

But these Duke athletes aren't the first people to be wrongly accused, nor are they the first victims of a politically motivated prosecutor. Their ordeal demonstrates that we need to make forensic-science services, including DNA testing, available to defense and prosecution teams equally. [...]
Thomas Sowell / April 17, 2007
A GUTLESS LYNCH MOB -- This year, after all the charges have collapsed, the campus lynch mob - including Duke University President Richard H. Brodhead - are backpedalling swiftly.

They deny ever saying that the students were guilty. Of course not. They merely acted as if that was a foregone conclusion, while leaving themselves an escape hatch.

What is even more important than clearing the names of the three young men charged with a heinous crime is making sure that the man responsible for this travesty of justice - District Attorney Michael Nifong - pays the fullest price for what he did.

The state bar association investigating Nifong needs to understand that this case is much bigger than Nifong.

If prosecutors can drag people through the mud and keep felony charges hanging over their heads, long after all the evidence says the opposite of what they were charged with, then any of us can be put through a living hell whenever it suits the whim or political agenda of a district attorney.
Sharrie Markson / April 25, 2007
DUKE KIDS AID THE INNOCENTS -- The three former Duke lacrosse players exonerated in a racially charged rape case lent their support to others who've been wrongly accused of crimes, at a Midtown dinner last night.

Collin Finnerty, Reade Seligmann and David Evans attended the event sponsored by the Innocence Project, which works to free convicts through DNA testing. [...]

NY Post headline, 6-14-07: DA SAT ON FACTSLeonard Greene / June 14, 2007
DA 'SAT ON' DUKE FACTS -- The lead investigator in the flawed rape case against three Duke lacrosse players said yesterday the top prosecutor knew about the accuser's history of mental illness - but didn't tell the grand jury.

Detective Benjamin Himan told an ethics panel in Raleigh, N.C., that he had reservations about DA Mike Nifong's case after learning that the woman involved had made a rape accusation once before that resulted in no arrest. [...]
Todd Venezia / June 15, 2007
DUKE DA'S DNA 'LIES' -- A defense lawyer in the Duke lacrosse rape case claimed yesterday that prosecutor Mike Nifong lied to him for months by claiming he had handed over all raw DNA data.

But Nifong was really sitting on a mountain of exculpatory evidence - including proof that men other than the players had sex with the alleged victim - which shocked defense attorney Brad Bannon when it was finally shown to him last October.

"It just kept getting worse," Bannon claimed at an ethics trial in Raleigh, N.C., where Nifong faces possible disbarment.

"I would find another one of the items that had male DNA that excluded our clients and their teammates, and then another and then another and then another . . ."

NY Post: pinhead prosecutor blubbered like a babypinhead prosecutor... blubbered like a baby

NY Post June 16th: TEARS OF VICTIM & D.A. ROGUEEditorial / Todd Venezia / June 16, 2007
TEARS OF VICTIM & D.A. ROGUE -- DUKE 'PERSECUTOR' SAYS HE'LL QUIT -- The pinheaded prosecutor who famously botched the Duke lacrosse rape case blubbered like a baby yesterday as he declared he would resign his post because he nearly destroyed the lives of three innocent young men.

"My community has suffered enough," DA Mike Nifong whimpered during testimony before the North Carolina Bar Association, which called a hearing to decide whether he should be disbarred. [...]
Editorial / June 16, 2007
GOOD RIDDANCE, MIKE NIFONG -- With tears in his eyes, Mike Nifong yesterday announced that he is resigning as the district attorney of Durham County, N.C., over the now-dismissed rape charges he brought against three Duke students.

What took him so long? Nifong made the dramatic disclosure while testifying at an ethics trial that could - and should - result in the loss of his law license.

According to Nifong, his "community has suffered enough."

Well, that goes without saying. [...]
Leela de Kretser / June 17, 2007
DUKE D.A. STRIPPED OF LICENSE -- SOCKED BY BAR OVER RAPE CASE -- The disgraced district attorney who prosecuted the Duke lacrosse players was disbarred yesterday after he told a disciplinary panel that was the punishment he deserved.

Former Durham County prosecutor Mike Nifong was hit with the harshest punishment the North Carolina Bar Association could dish out after a committee investigating the disastrous rape-case prosecution found him guilty of breaking several rules of professional conduct.

Editorial / June 19, 2007
NIFONG'S ENABLERS -- Mike Nifong is all but gone - resigned as Durham County district attorney and disbarred by the North Carolina Bar Association for his attempt to railroad three innocent Duke lacrosse players on rape charges.

But what about the other members of the lynch mob?

Like the Durham City Council, whose members charged that the Duke lacrosse team "has been a ticking time bomb that has not been dismantled." Or the area residents who picketed with "wanted" posters of all 46 team members and signs that read, "Don't be a fan of rapists."

And what's to be done about the most outrageous perpetrators of all?

Namely Duke's Gang of 88 - the faculty members (more than 10 percent of the entire staff) who signed a contemptible public statement that not only assumed the players' guilt but hailed the "collective noise" that led Nifong to file his dubious legal charges?

"What Does a Social Disaster Sound Like?" asked their manifesto, citing the purported attack as proof of the "racism, sexism, sexual violence and homophobia" on Duke's campus. [...]
Todd Venezia / September 8, 2007
BLUE DEVIL GETS 24 HRS. IN HELL -- With the sound of jeers ringing in his ears, disgraced Duke lacrosse prosecutor Mike Nifong was locked in jail yesterday on contempt-of-court charges for botching the case - as three players he falsely accused of rape announced they are seeking $30 million from the city of Durham, N.C.

The fallen lawman has been sentenced to serve 24 hours in a Durham jail after a judge determined he lied to the court about evidence that eventually proved the three Blue Devil players were not guilty of rape. [...]
Thomas Sowell / October 3, 2007:
CAMPUS COWARDS' SICK DOUBLESPEAK -- AT the very bottom of page 28 of last Sunday's New York Times, right opposite the obituaries, was a news item almost exactly the size of a 3-by-5 card.

It was a fraction of an Associated Press dispatch about Richard Brodhead, president of Duke University, apologizing for "not having better supported" the Duke lacrosse players last year when they were accused of rape.

When this story first broke last year, it was big news not only on the front page of the Times but on the editorial page as well. [...]
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