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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Duke Case — Oct. 30, 2007

Today's items - updated:

John Drescher / Melanie SillCraig Jarvis / News & Observer:
N&O names new executive editor -- John Drescher, the managing editor of The News & Observer, became the newspaper's top editor today. He succeeds Melanie Sill, who was named editor of sister paper The Sacramento Bee.

The announcements were made simultaneously in the Raleigh and Sacramento newsrooms late this afternoon and took effect immediately. Both newspapers are owned by the California-based McClatchy Co.

Drescher, 47, becomes the newspaper's seventh executive editor. He also became a Senior Vice President of the News & Observer.

"I cannot think of anyone more qualified to lead our newsroom," N&O president and publisher Orage Quarles III said in a prepared statement. "He brings all the necessary skill sets needed to help us navigate through the challenging environment that we face."

Quarles said Drescher has a passion for investigative reporting, public service and local news coverage. Sill, he said, would be missed.

"There are few people who have the passion and commitment that she brings each day to our newspaper," he said.

"I always knew it was a possibility we could lose Mel someday, or John for that matter," Quarles said in an interview earlier in the afternoon. "Now that day has come." [...]

John in Carolina:
N&O’s Hoax Editors Promoted
-- The McClatchy Company’s Raleigh News & Observer “broke” what was then called “the Duke lacrosse rape story” with a front-page "news report" on March 24, 2006 that repeatedly told readers the then anonymous Crystal Mangum was the “victim.”

The N&O followed that the next day with another front-page "news report" about what it said was “an ordeal” that ended in “sexual violence.”

The N&O withheld from that story the critically important news Mangum had given the N&O: Directly contradicting what Mike Nifong claimed, Mangum told the N&O the other dancer at the lacrosse party had also been raped, but didn’t report it for fear of losing her job.

The N&O sat for thirteen months on that news, disclosing it only the day after the NC AG had declared the players innocent. [...]

John in Carolina:
N&O Ignores Suggestion, Questions --
Just a few years ago the N&O made what it said was a sincere apology for its long history of race-baiting. The N&O promised readers it would no longer race-bait.

But soon after that, the N&O launched its deliberately false, racially-inflammatory Duke lacrosse coverage.

By withholding relevant news and promoting the lie that white lacrosse players hadn’t cooperated with police, the N&O helped bring about the indictments of three innocent white men. [...]

LieStoppers forum:

N&O names new executive editor
, Melanie Sill flees to Sacramento, CA

comment: So, Drescher has a passion for investigative reporting, public service and local news coverage. Melanie Sill did not have a passion for investigative journalism. The Duke rape hoax was christened, launched, and allowed to drift at sea on her watch.
Michael Cassidy / Docuticker / Boston College Law School Faculty Papers:
The Prosecutor and the Press: Lessons (Not) Learned from the Mike Nifong Debacle -- Using the Mike Nifong disciplinary case in North Carolina as a focal point, the author examines the disciplinary rules pertaining to public speech by attorneys during the pendency of a criminal case. In light of the Supreme Court’s 2002 decision in Republican Party of Minnesota v. White, the author argues that certain of the provisions of Model Rules of Professional Conduct, Rules 3.6 and 3.8, may violate the first amendment, at least as applied to an elected prosecutor speaking during a political campaign. While former District Attorney Nifong made several statements to the media during the so-called “Duke Lacrosse” investigation that were clearly overzealous and impermissible even under the narrowest reading of the ethical rules, other public statements that he made and was later disciplined for may have been protected by the first amendment.
Full Paper (PDF; 24 pages, 168 KB)
Michael Gaynor / WebCommentary.com:
Duke Case: Sure Sam Hummel Sure Was Wrong -- THAT man, Sam Hummel, was insistent that Duke lacrosse players had raped false accuser Crystal Gail Mangum.

The date was Sunday, March 26, 2006.

As midnight approached, Sam, then Duke's Environmental Sustainability Coordinator, sent out a group email on a Duke email account: sdh2@duke.edu.

The subject line of that email read: "MONDAY: SPEAK-OUT in response to recent rape".

NOT alleged rape!

Sam was soooo sure, so skilled, so passionate. [...]
KC Johnson:
LieStoppers forum:
Candidate Cline's Extraordinary Assertion, or "I know nothing! nothing!"
Samantha Harris / Foundation for Individual Rights in Education [FIRE]:
In Response to Pressure, Duke President Richard Brodhead Folds Like a Lawn Chair -- This week, we continue the exploration begun last week (here and here) of Duke President Richard Brodhead’s deplorable actions in violation of his students’ rights and welfare in the Duke lacrosse rape case. These stories are taken from KC Johnson’s and Stuart Taylor’s book Until Proven Innocent: Political Correctness and the Shameful Injustices of the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case. [...]

President Brodhead demonstrated throughout the Duke lacrosse case that his moral backbone is nonexistent. He’s willing to take whatever actions are necessary to secure favor with the politically correct faction on campus, no matter the amount of damage to Duke students’ well-being.
spineless creatures: Patrick Starfish and Richard BrodheadNews & Observer:
Cast the Duke Movie -- When word got out earlier this month that HBO had secured the rights to blogger K.C. Johnson's book about the Duke lacrosse case, the inner casting director came out in all of us. Who should portray Mike Nifong in the film version of "Until Proven Innocent"? What about the defendants? The accuser? The lawyers?We asked for suggestions on our online forum, and you responded with some interesting choices. Here are some of the best reader picks, along with a few of our own. Have other thoughts? Join the "Cast the Duke lacrosse movie" discussion at share.triangle.com.

* Former Durham D.A. Mike Nifong
John Travolta (in his "Primary Colors" gray hair)

* Accuser Crystal Mangum
Jennifer Hudson of "Dreamgirls"

* Durham Police Chief Steve Chalmers
Bernie Mac
comment: Created by asexually fragmentation - Richard Brodhead and Patrick Starfish
Prof. Tom Sears / Oneonta Daily Star:
On The Right Side: Duke team still lacks apologies -- Everyone knows about the out-of-control district attorney who has fortunately been required to resign and has been disbarred.

After all the lawsuits are over, he will probably be reduced to selling pencils on a street corner somewhere. It will be a fitting conclusion to a dishonorable career and it will serve him right.

More worrisome are the three remaining lynch mob characters. These are the media, Duke's president and the ultra-liberal segment of Duke's faculty, all of whom's behavior was reprehensible. [...]

The faculty is too petty and arrogant to even consider an apology. Not one of the 88 signers has asked to have his/her name removed from the original ad, and one professor said "she would sign the petition again in a heartbeat."

Anyone with a brain could see they had tried and convicted the entire program, yet they feel they were misunderstood.

How about this? One professor issued this statement. "We had a long discussion about what the word regret' means (very Clintonesque), and professors weighed in and we had a whole range of very detailed discussions in terms of the etymology of specific words. We were disappointed people did not understand the intention _ it was never to rush to judgment, it was about listening to our students who have been trying to make their way in a not only racist and sexist campus, but country."

A year later and this was the best they could come up with? Imagine trying to stay awake in that professor's class. Sorry prof, everyone understood exactly your intentions, which is why you and your gang still have egg on your faces. Fortunately, these professors have few if any majors, and their courses are not required for a degree.

One blogger hit the nail on the head when she said, "One of the more depressing, yet enlightening aspects of this case is that the response of the Gang of 88 reflects a mentality of the hard left that is prevalent on many, if not most, university campuses today. The most elite' universities also are the repositories of the worst of these kinds." [...]
John in Carolina:
The Chronicle Blogger:
Alumnae discuss Women’s Initiative -- Duke invited female alumnae back to campus this weekend to discuss issues of women’s health. President Richard Brodhead was present at Friday afternoon’s luncheon to introduce keynote speaker Kimberley Jenkins.

Before introducing Jenkins, Brodhead spoke about the nature of the weekend itself.

“Whenever Dukies gather, women gather among them,” Brodhead said. “When we have reunions, men and women come. At games men and women come. At career programs we have both women and men. But there are occasions when it is good to gather just the women of Duke together.” [...]
Herald Sun reprints Gang of 88, Karla Holloway's heckling of Bill Cosby. She will be teaching a heckling course in the spring of 2008. Her next 'forthcoming' monograph will be entitled "The Heckler as Agent of Social Change." She will explore how the heckling of actor Michael Richards by blacks helped find a "perfect racist." Scholarly publishers are lining up.

Karla FC Holloway / Guest Columnist / Herald-Sun
How Cosby's stories reinforce stereotypes
David Copperfield May be Getting the Nifong Treatment
-- Sounds like Copperfield may be getting the Nifong in this case as a Grand Jury investigates the claims and evidence presented by the district attorney in Seattle. [...]

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