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Friday, July 6, 2007

Nifong/Mangum Hoax — July 6, 2007

Updated — today's items:

Willis P. WhichardTamara Gibbs, ABC11-TV/WTVD:
Committee to Investigate Duke Lacrosse Case -- The Durham Police Department is still under fire for how it handled the Duke Lacrosse case. A committee created by the Durham City Council will begin its investigation later this month. And Eyewitness News has learned that and we've learned tonight defense attorneys and possibly the exonerated players will speak at the first meeting, telling how they think the case spiraled out of control.

We spoke to the chairman of the committee, Justice Willis Whichard. He says there's a chance we could also hear from the accuser in the Duke Lacrosse case as well.

The next chapter of the Duke Lacrosse Case is all about Durham's police department and its relationship with disbarred DA Mike Nifong.

This month an independent panel will take a closer look at how Durham investigators handled the case starting from the beginning.

"The public has a right to know," said Durham attorney Thomas Loflin. He has successfully sued the Durham Police Department. He says the committee's findings could have a significant impact on potential lawsuits against the city, individuals in the police department, and former DA Mike Nifong....

Whether the accuser will be subpoenaed is still being considered.

"If she seeks the advice of legal counsel, I could see a lawyer advising her she ought to invoke the Fifth [Amendment]" said Loflin...
LS forum: DPD Committee to Meet July 20
LS forum: Will Crystal Mangum speak?, To the DPD Committee

TalkLeft: Lacrosse lawyers to address police panel

Matt Dees, News & Observer:
Lacrosse lawyers to address police panel -- ... "Both logic and due process concerns suggest this order of appearance," Whichard said in a news release. "By proceeding in this manner, the officers will know, when they appear before the committee, what, if anything, the defendants or their representatives state was handled improperly."

The players' lawyers are scheduled to appear July 20, at the panel's first meeting. That meeting will take place more than a month later than Mayor Bill Bell, who proposed the panel, had anticipated.

The panel is charged with finding out what the police department did wrong and what they should do in the future to prevent such mistakes.

In addition to Whichard, members of the committee are:

  1. Darrel Stephens, police chief, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department;
  2. Jim Fealy, police chief, High Point Police Department;
  3. Pat Norris, police chief, Winston-Salem Police Department;
  4. Gregg Jarvies, former police chief, Chapel Hill Police Department.
  5. Ken Spaulding, attorney, Durham;
  6. Roland Leary, former sheriff, Durham County;
  7. Wib Gulley, general counsel, Triangle Transit Authority and former Durham mayor;
  8. Aurelia Sands Bell, executive director, Durham Crisis Response Center;
  9. Joseph Andrew Williams, attorney, Greensboro;
  10. Alice Sharpe, Alliance Architecture, Durham; and
  11. Belinda J. Foster, assistant district attorney, Forsyth County.
Duke Lacrosse Review Panel Schedules First Meeting -- Chairman Willis Whichard, a former state Supreme Court justice, said the attorneys for wrongly accused lacrosse players Reade Seligmann, Collin Finnerty and David Evans -- and possibly the players themselves -- would be the first people called to present information to the committee. He said that would allow members of the police department to know what the defendants contend was done wrong in the investigation before they are called before the committee...

Ray Gronberg, Herald-Sun:
Lacrosse panel sets first meeting
LieStoppers blog:
Whichard Memo to City Council -- MEMORANDUM, July 6, 2007

To: Members of Durham City Council's Duke Lacrosse Cases Investigation Committee
From: Willis P. Whichard, Chair

Re: Initial Meeting

First, let me thank all of you for your willingness to serve on this committee. It is pure public service, and it is very much appreciated. I look forward to working with each of you.

Our first meeting will be held in the Durham City Council Committee Room at Durham City Hall on Friday, July 20, 2007, at 10:00 A.M.

We will hear from some of the attorneys for the indicted Lacrosse players and possibly from some of their clients. Both logic and due process concerns suggest this order of appearance. By proceeding in this manner, the officers will know, when they appear before the Committee, what, if anything, the defendants or their representatives state was handled properly. From this point forward, the order of proceeding will the Committee's decision, but this is where we will begin.
Local News Brief, Herald-Sun:
Police groups back Hodge for chief -- The Triangle Chapter of the N.C. Police Benevolent Association and the North State Law Enforcement Association is supporting the candidacy of Durham Deputy Police Chief Ron Hodge to become Durham police chief.

The leadership of both organizations surveyed their members with the majority supporting Hodge over Hartford, Conn., Assistant Chief Jose Lopez.

Durham police Cpl. David Addison, president of the Triangle Chapter of the NCPBA, said, "... The desire for change within the department requires someone who is familiar with making the unpopular decisions. This will allow our department to learn and grow utilizing the experience and working knowledge of Deputy Chief Hodge."

The Triangle Chapter of the NCPBA and North State represents more than 80 percent of the officers employed with the Durham Police Department...
comment: Breaking up the Durham PD combo of Addison and Hodge would be like breaking up Beavis and Butt-head.

LieStoppers blog:
Addison Endorses Hodge -- Revealing the latest instance of mutual back scratching in Durham, The Herald-Sun is reporting that Durham Police Corporal David Addison, the occasional DPD spokesperson who is under fire for his demonstrably false and inflammatory public attacks on the Duke Innocents, has issued an endorsement of the candidacy of Durham Deputy Police Chief Ronald Hodge...

KC Johnson:
Addison: "We Want Hodge!" -- Is it any wonder Addison would prefer Hodge? After all, Hodge is as implicated in the lacrosse case scandal as is Addison.
LieStoppers blog:
Major Mistake Free DPD: Spokesperson Misleads Public Repeatedly --
Laughter erupted when [DPD deputy chief Ronald H.] Hodge said he didn't "recall that the Durham Police Department has been involved in something where we made major mistakes in the past five years." - Brianne Dopart, The Herald-Sun (June 6, 2007)
[The deception and many lies of Durham Police Department Spokesman Cpl. David Addison] ...
"You are looking at one victim brutally raped." - DPD Spokesperson David Addison
Major Mistake Free DPD: Chief Opens Public Till For Pal --
Laughter erupted when [DPD deputy chief Ronald H.] Hodge said he didn't "recall that the Durham Police Department has been involved in something where we made major mistakes in the past five years." - Brianne Dopart, The Herald-Sun (June 6, 2007)
"Police chief adds adviser to advance his goals" - The News & Observer (May 31, 2003)
Police Chief Steve Chalmers has hired a temporary adviser to help him with organizational development, departmental planning and public relations at cost of $12,000 -- roughly a third of the starting salary of a Durham police officer...

"I thought I could take advantage of the expertise he has," Chalmers said Friday. "He was able to help me understand things that I would need to do."
DA Jeff Hunt -  Henderson, Polk & Transylvania Counties, NCNC DA
Jeff Hunt, BlueRidgeNowcom:
Despite flaws, system works well -- Unfortunately, aberrations like Nifong's decisions and misconduct as the district attorney offer certain folks ample opportunity to make rather extreme and incorrect statements, such as the untrue assertion that the other 41 elected district attorneys engage in prosecutorial misconduct regarding evidence across the state.

Wrong and irresponsible to allege.

North Carolina's system of justice, like all human endeavors, is imperfect. Its judges, juries, defense attorneys and prosecutors are honest and human. North Carolina district attorneys have a history of functioning honestly, efficiently and with the highest integrity, while prosecutors' misconduct in many other states is legendary (Illinois, Ohio, Florida, California, etc.). Our North Carolina justice system is still one of the best in the country.

North Carolina attorneys, self-regulating through the North Carolina State Bar, stepped up and performed their duty, disbarring Nifong.

His 41 colleagues as elected district attorneys have roundly condemned Nifong's actions and misjudgments while offering their assistance, which he rejected along the way...

(Jeff Hunt is in his fourth term as a district attorney. He serves District 29-B, which comprises Henderson, Polk and Transylvania counties in North Carolina)
comment: Jeff Hunt looked more like a North Carolina DA when he had his eye patch. Arrr...
Jeff Hunt
Mike Stark, CounterPunch.org:
Mike Nifong and the North Carolina 5 -- Double Standards of North Carolina "Justice" -- Apparently, there's a line in North Carolina that even prosecutors are forbidden to cross--and Mike Nifong found it...

the state bar association's decision to strip Nifong of his ability to practice law reeks of hypocrisy.

There are five obvious reasons why the North Carolina Bar Association's decision to disbar Nifong stinks. They are Samuel Poole, Christopher Spicer, Timothy Hennis, Alfred Rivera and Alan Gell.

All five men were sentenced to die in North Carolina's execution chamber. All five had their convictions overturned because of flimsy evidence, unreliable witnesses and the outright illegal actions of prosecutors. All five were released"but only after living through a combined 14 years of hell as they waited to die.

But to my knowledge, no prosecutor ever faced reprimand, disbarment, private or public censure, or criminal charges as a result of their involvement in these cases...
KC Johnson:
Group Profile: Kathy Rudy -- Group of 88 member Kathy Rudy teaches in the Women’s Studies Department; she received both her Ph.D. (1993) and her M.Div. (1989) from Duke...

In the classroom, Rudy has offered several courses dealing with her animal rights/speciesist critique. A class on “feminism and other animals,” for instance, explores such themes as, “The body has been central to feminist thinking in a variety of national contexts and across various historical periods, in part because of the way that forms of discrimination have often taken the body as both evidence of and alibi for social hierarchies; can this interest in embodiment be extended to, for example, great apes? To all non-human animals? What do we mean when we speak of having a human body, when, genetically speaking, our human body is closer to the genome of all great apes than the genome of the African elephant is to that of the Indian elephant?” ...
comment: How does M. Kathy Rudy rate her own Wikipedia entry? Wikipedia has a rule against "patent nonsense." Is this a Wikipedia loophole, where a purveyor of "patent nonsense" can be listed, but her nonsense would be flagged and excluded?

Wikipedia: Patent nonsense -- Content that, while apparently meaningful after a fashion, is so completely and irredeemably confused that no reasonable person can be expected to make any sense of it whatsoever...

related: TJN - The 'House of Bunk' franchise
Duke Names Seven New Members to Board of Trustees -- Seven new members of Duke University’s Board of Trustees were announced Thursday by Robert Steel, chairman of the trustees.

Benjamin S. Abram ’07 of Chapel Hill, N.C., Jack O. Bovender Jr. ’67 of Nashville, Tenn., Ben Kennedy ’00 of Baton Rouge, La., Elizabeth Kiss of Atlanta, Marguerite Kondracke ’68 of Washington, D.C., Michael Marsicano ’78 of Charlotte, N.C., and Ann Pelham ’74 of Chevy Chase, Md., began their terms on the 37-member governing body on July 1.

“Our new trustees bring valuable leadership experience from a wide range of professions, yet all possess a deep commitment to Duke,” Steel said. “As the trustees work with the faculty and the administration to help Duke achieve its strategic aspirations, I firmly believe that the counsel and insight of our new trustees will prove invaluable.”
Herald-Sun: Duke adds seven trustees to board
(Japan) asahi.com
EDITORIAL: False conviction -- A 40-year-old Toyama Prefecture man who spent 25 months in prison after being wrongfully convicted of rape and attempted rape said before his retrial that he wants more than a simple acquittal. "Just being declared innocent is meaningless," the man said. "I want the retrial to reveal the whole truth."

His false conviction came out when another man confessed to the two crimes.

The innocent man has every right to know why he became a victim of such a flagrant judicial error. But disclosing how he was falsely charged and convicted goes far beyond his personal vindication. This is a superb opportunity to shed new light on the structural flaws in Japan's justice system, on how investigations and trials are conducted...
Ray Gronberg, Herald-Sun
Lively municipal election shaping up as filing opens -- Filing for what's shaping up as a lively city election opens today, as candidates prepare to battle for the mayor's chair and the three at-large seats on the City Council.

The filing period begins at noon and will run through noon of July 20, county Elections Director Mike Ashe said. There will be a primary on Oct. 9 to winnow the field if more than two mayoral or six council candidates emerge. The general election will follow in November.

Mayor Bill Bell intends to run for re-election, and it's clear that one of the council members whose terms are up this year, Thomas Stith, intends to challenge him. Stith's plan assures that there will be at least one vacancy on the council for voters to fill.

The other incumbents whose terms are up in this cycle, Eugene Brown and Diane Catotti, have indicated they'll seek re-election. Brown said so during a brief interview with The Herald-Sun late last month, and Catotti took the first step when she registered a finance committee with the election office.

Two prospective challengers have emerged for the council seats.

Inter-Neighborhood Council President David Harris hopes to duplicate the success Councilman Mike Woodard had in 2005 of parleying the leadership of the INC into elective office, and is an all-but official candidate.

Another man, N.C. Institute of Minority Economic Development executive Farad Ali, is also weighing a candidacy...
Cash in the Apple – recently honored as the Best Column Writing of 2006 by the National Newspaper Publishers Association.

Cash Michaels, Wilmington Journal:
CASH IN THE APPLE, ''FOURTH OF JULY A GOOD TIME TO ASK WHO WE REALLY ARE'', WEEK OF JULY 5-11, 2007 -- As much as we’d like to think that we’ve overcome the deeply rooted divisions we have in race relations, an episode like the Duke Lacrosse case comes along to prove we really haven’t advanced that far at all.

America has also become a scary place to raise our children, given all of the negativity and sexuality in the culture, and the dangers that await our kids both inside and outside the home.

And don’t get me started on the mounting challenges in the African-American community as it relates to youth, crime, opportunity and education...
comment: When exactly will Cash 'in the bag" Michaels start on the "mounting challenges in the African-American community?" What the hell, flaming Ann Coulter is more fun.

LS forum: C's reflection in a pool of Bat Guano, No Hate, just turn about as fair play
Forum topic(s) of note:
LS forum: Lil' Kim FAILS DRUG TEST, Use of Controlled Substance -- This is from the NC Dept of corrections. Kim had this possession/ use of a controlled substance added to her record Nov. 16th, 2006...

Kim Roberts -  Kim PittmanKim Roberts a.k.a. Kim Pittman (Mangum 'partner')

comment: So where did all of Crystal's money end up?
TJN: Who Robbed Crystal Gail Mangum?
TJN: Who Robbed Crystal Gail Mangum? - Part 3: The Art of the Heist
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