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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Nifong/Mangum Hoax — July 3, 2007

Updated — today's items:

LaxMagazine, CSTV.com:
All-ACC Academic Men's Lacrosse Team -- ... All four league schools competing in men's lacrosse are represented on the inaugural team with Duke placing a league-high 15 student-athletes on the list. Virginia followed with six selections, while North Carolina had four named to the academic squad.

To be eligible for consideration, a student-athlete must have earned a 3.00 grade point average for the previous semester and maintained a 3.00 cumulative average during his academic career.

The 2007 All-ACC Academic Men's Lacrosse team is as follows:
Name, School, Pos., Class, Major
Paul Andrews, Maryland, M, Sr., Masters - Public Policy
Michael Burns, North Carolina, A, Fr., Undeclared
Bo Carrington, Duke, M, Jr., History
Michael Catalino, Duke, M, So., Biological Anthropology and Anatomy
Edward Douglas, Duke, M, Sr., Masters - Liberal Studies

Brian Farrell, Maryland, D, Fr., Undeclared
Adam Fassnacht, Virginia, A, Sr., Interdisciplinary
Steve Giannone, Virginia, M/A, So., Undeclared
Fletcher Gregory, North Carolina, M, Jr., Business & History
Zach Hinton, Maryland, D, Jr., Kinesiological Science
Mike Jarvis, North Carolina, D, Fr., Business
Frederick Krom, Duke, A, Sr., History
Chris Loftus, Duke, D, Jr., History

Matthias McCall, North Carolina, A, So., Undeclared
Anthony McDevitt, Duke, D, Sr., History
Ryan McFadyen, Duke, D, Jr., History
Parker McKee, Duke, M, Fr., Undeclared

Nick O'Hara, Duke, A, Sr., Economics
Sam Payton, Duke, M, So., Economics

Brian Phipps, Maryland, GK, Fr., Secondard Education
Max Quinzani, Duke, A, Fr., Undeclared
Brad Ross, Duke, M, Jr., Sociology

Ben Rubeor, Virginia, A, Jr., English
Stephen Schoeffel, Duke, M, So., English
Tim Shaw, Virginia, D, Jr., History
Jeremy Sieverts, Maryland, M, So., Economics
Drew Thompson, Virginia, M, Sr., Interdisciplinary
Mike Timms, Virginia, M, Jr., Economics
Michael Ward, Duke, M, Sr., History
Michael Young, Duke, M, Jr., History
LS forum: 15 Duke LAX Players Named to All-ACC Academic Team, Duke Has League-High Number of Players
Robert Zaytoun (left), who prosecuted the Nifong ouster petition. Betty Tenn Lawrence, right, represented the petitioner.Anne Blythe, News & Observer:
Nifong resignation ends ouster effort -- Mike Nifong sent his second resignation letter to Gov. Mike Easley just 67 minutes before a Superior Court judge was to resume a hearing on his ouster as district attorney.

The two-paragraph letter, announcing the suspended district attorney's immediate resignation, came across a fax machine in the governor's office at 9:53 a.m. Nifong stated his reasons for not waiting until July 13 to leave office, a timeline laid out in his first resignation letter two weeks earlier...

Although Nifong is out of office, Brewer, the woman who filed the February petition seeking his ouster, is upset that Hudson did not rule in her favor Monday.

"It sticks in our craw that he would wait 97 days from the time he was supposed to act before acting and then let the man resign," said Betty Tenn Lawrence, the Asheville lawyer representing Brewer.

During a brief hearing Monday morning in a Durham County courtroom, Lawrence told Hudson she worried that letting Nifong resign might keep the door ajar for him to return to elected office.

Once Nifong is officially disbarred, he could ask the State Bar five years later to return his license...
John Stevenson, Herald-Sun:
Nifong's resignation ends bid to have him removed -- Brewer and her lawyer, Betty Tenn Lawrence of Asheville, had petitioned Hudson to oust Nifong on grounds of willful misconduct.

Only permanent removal, they argued, would prevent Nifong from winning reinstatement of his law license and running again for office.

"Lawyers do this all the time," Lawrence told Hudson. "They get disbarred and then ask for their licenses back. Sometimes they get them."

Lawrence cited the case of a judge in another county who once resigned under a cloud of suspicion but later ran unopposed for his former position and was re-elected.
Letter to Herald-Sun:
It wasn't the first time

I read the daily anti-Mike Nifong rants about how detrimental and horrific his actions were to the criminal justice system. Do you know what's detrimental to the judicial system? It's when a man spends 20 years locked up for a rape that we find out later he didn't commit, as in the case of Bernard Webster. Or, when a person spends over 30 years in jail for stealing a television set, as in the case of Junior Allen. These are things the black community has always faced, and now the privileged, wealthy, white community finds itself in the midst of such and is in disbelief.

Whites now see the other side of society. They know what it's like to be discriminated against because of color and economic status. Does anyone honestly think this is the first time a district attorney has bent the law to get a conviction or indictment? Black men have been falsely accused of rapes for decades, but there's a difference. When a black man gets out after being falsely accused, the black community gets an "I'm sorry." The white community gets words such as "horrific crime." The white community gets the persecution and disbarment of an elected official. We get paid off so hopefully we "Negroes" will be quiet.

I don't endorse these young men going to jail nor do I support Nifong. What I'm saying is that Nifong almost ruined the lives of these men. Guys like Nifong are ruining the lives of African-Americans as we speak in this so-called great nation.

Hopefully, since the privileged have felt the unfairness of the biased system, it will begin to change, maybe. But, like one of the lacrosse player's mother stated on television, "Mike Nifong messed with the wrong group of people."

He sure did.

Amir Holding

LS forum comment, kbp: It's so ironic that so many of us told Cash directly and posted comments to many others in the various media outlets, since very early in this case, that they were on the wrong side of the fence whining. That they should use this opportunity to point out ALL the cases that lacked justice and ALL the individuals that had abused those in their community using authority in an improper manner.

It's even more ironic it took them a few weeks after Cooper's announcing that the players were INNOCENT before they finally jumped on board.

The ultimate irony is that they still have the same self-serving leaders in their communities.
Dick Little, (Calif.) Paradise-Post:
Duke lacrosse case was handled incorrectly -- ...Nifong was not the only person guilty of this miscarriage of justice.

The administration, faculty and staff of Duke University were equally as guilty because of their quick response to condemn the young men involved.

The Duke University case is evidence the academia's "politically correct" madness is out of control in this country and needs to be reigned in.

Academia has given out too many victims badges to minorities and woman in their lust to emasculate this nation.

How much did this cost the families of the three young men charged in this case?

Think about the legal bills they had to pay just to keep their sons from sitting in jail while an out of control district attorney supported by an academic administration that took political correctness to new levels of stupidity to show their colleagues they would not tolerate any intolerance toward a minority, no matter how flimsy the evidence attempted to ruin their futures.

We all have to hope this incident will put a "chill" on those inside of academia (and everywhere else for that matter) who will put "political correctness" at the forefront of their actions without any concern for the people (mostly men) they have ruined.

I'm sure there are some out their who will stand up and declare that "evil" has been carried out against minorities and women over the centuries by while men, and it must be stopped, and that Nifong stood up against these forces of "evil."

Let's put a lid on it, shall we? Let's return to a point where men, women, blacks, and other minorities are equal under the law.

We need to strive for equal justice for everybody, not just women and minorities. Because this case involved minority victims, the university leadership assumed "guilt" on the part of the players, and not only tarnished the lives of the three young men, but the entire team by canceling their season...
KC Johnson:
Defending the Indefensible -- Today’s post examines another peculiar aspect of Brodhead’s approach: the president’s defining the statement as innocuous and unrelated to the specifics of the lacrosse case—even as some Group members themselves have admitted that their intent was to criticize the lacrosse players...

In light of such remarks, how is it possible to explain Brodhead’s persistent defenses of the Group’s statement—and his implicit rebuke of the Duke faculty members who have had the courage to criticize the Group?

Moreover, whether from fear or attraction, Brodhead’s disinclination to criticize the Group has included silence on one matter (the phony departmental “endorsements” of the ad) that even some of the most extreme Group members considered improper at the time.

Tomorrow’s post will explore these issues.

LieStopppers blog: An Ad About The Lacrosse Team Incident...
Letter to (S. Carolina) Island-Packet:
Media owe Duke players apologies for coverage

I read an interesting ad in a major newspaper that congratulated the Duke University men's lacrosse team on coming in second in the 2007 NCAA national championship.

I am sure we all recall that during the past year, three team members were charged with rape. Little defense of these three students could be found in the newspapers or on the evening news.

I understand that 88 professors and teachers at Duke paid for an advertisement essentially convicting these students long before any trial had proved their guilt. The president of Duke University remained silent during the students' many months of ordeal.

Some media outlets reported the home addresses of these students and reported on second homes owned by their parents, possibly to imply that these students were rich white males. No articles that I saw apologized for the conduct of the press in the matter of the Duke students.

The silence of the press and the major news networks gives witness to the political calling of their ownership and of the reporters who want us to believe that their stories have honest research behind them. We believed at one time that the freedom of each individual needed to be protected in order to protect the freedom of the whole society.

The Duke encounter must show all of us that we must stay alert and question the purposes behind political journalism that tries to appear as factual reporting.

Sid Etkin
Bluffton, SC
Forum topic(s) of note:
TalkLeft: Gaynor July 02, 2007 -- This is the fourteenth Michael Gaynor article that has been linked to from Tallk Left...

LS forum:
Civil suits, after the Duke settlement
John in Carolina:
Changing Nifonged -- According to the Urban dictionary Nifonged describes the railroading or harming of a person with no justifiable cause, except for one's own gain. It is someone being taken advantage of unfairly by someone without scruples or morals.

The dictionary gives as examples of usage: Being Nifonged, Getting Nifonged, Nifonged

We’re hearing Nifonged used by defense attorneys who feel their clients are being railroaded. A popular columnist recently suggested “a new reality show championing the cause of folks who’ve been trampled by such soulless narcissists. The show could be called, ‘Help! I’m being Nifonged!’” ...

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