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Friday, July 13, 2007

Nifong/Mangum Hoax — July 13, 2007

When a malicious witness comes forward to give false evidence against a man, and the two disputants stand before YHWH, before the priests and the judges then in office, if, after careful examination by the judges, he be proved to be a false witness giving false evidence against his fellow, you shall treat him as he intended to treat his fellow, and thus rid yourselves of this wickedness. The rest of the people when they hear of it will be afraid: never again will anything as wicked as this be done among you. You shall show no mercy: life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot. — Deuteronomy 19:16
Updated — today's items:

Nifong's pattern of misconduct was aggravated by selfish and dishonest motives.Anne Blythe, News & Observer:
Nifong must pay hearing costs -- The State Bar disciplinary order has harsh words for the former Durham DA -- Mike Nifong, the former Durham district attorney whose career came to an abrupt end because of his misconduct in the Duke lacrosse case, will lose more than his law license.

The N.C. State Bar, which licenses and disciplines lawyers, has ordered Nifong to pay the cost of the weeklong disciplinary hearing in June that resulted in his disbarment. He also must pay for any transcribing, depositions, witness bills, court reporter, videographer and shipping costs associated with the proceeding.

The precise cost was unclear late Thursday, but it is likely to be thousands of dollars.

"We would not expect it to be tens of thousands," said David Freedman, one of the Winston-Salem lawyers who represented Nifong.

Thomas Lunsford, executive director of the bar, was out of town Thursday and did not respond to a phone call seeking comment.

Nifong, who could not be reached for comment, has 90 days to pay the fine. State law permits the bar to require a disciplined attorney to pay hearing costs...
John Stevenson, Herald-Sun:
State bar files formal disciplinary order -- Meanwhile, Superior Court Judge Osmond Smith has set a July 26 hearing at which Nifong must explain his handling of the lacrosse DNA evidence or be fined and possibly jailed for contempt.

In scheduling the hearing, Smith said there was reason to believe Nifong "willfully and intentionally made false statements" about DNA results favorable to the three men accused of sexually assaulting an exotic dancer last year.

Specifically, Nifong indicated the results didn't exist when he apparently knew they did, according to the judge.

Smith said Nifong's alleged conduct was illegal and disrespectful to the judicial system. He also warned the former district attorney he may be arrested if he doesn't show up July 26 and has no "justification or reasonable excuse" for not being there.

The contempt hearing was requested by a team of defense lawyers, embittered at Nifong for putting their clients through a year of legal turmoil before the lacrosse case finally was tossed out in April and branded a sham by the state Attorney General's Office...

comment: Enabler laureate, John Stevenson is the one who is "embittered" that Nifong's hoax collapsed.
Letter to Wall Street Journal (page A11):
Duke Must Erase Culture of Intolerance and Fear

I am moved to respond to Charles Falk's July 7 Letter decrying the silence by the Duke administration in regard to the "Group of 88." Silence, and time, are a criminal's friend, and the Duke administration, by being silent, is an accessory to the crime that this group of professors committed.

The Sixth Amendment demands a speedy trial for those accused. Thus the saying, "Justice Delayed is Justice Denied." Perhaps the Duke administration, with its feckless treatment of its tenured staff, hopes that by being silent this will eventually blow over, and Duke can go back to teaching our children about justice, habeus corpus and the terrible villains that would deny us our rights to these things . . .

. . . And then maybe in another class, teach about irony.

But until the members of this Group of 88 publicly apologize for their actions, the moral authority of the entire faculty is questioned, and they have no right to discuss with our children about the values that we hold dear, and that brave men and women have died defending.

And it ought to be an apology as strong as the original message, say, a paid advertisement in a prominent newspaper with all of their signatures. But it should not be just one of them, breaking ranks and feeling a little guilty, claiming to speak for all of them in a 10-second sound bite.

I would never send my children to Duke, now that I can see that its faculty would gang up and deny its own students basic freedoms and rights that we cherish. I would not donate money to Duke, or attend its basketball games, since doing so supports this culture of intolerance and fear.

As long as the Group of 88, and the Duke administration, remain silent, they have the moral equivalence of a dictatorship. The original action of the Group of 88 was outrageous, but their silence and that of the administration is even more so.

Peter McDougall
San Diego
Jon Ham, Right Angles blog:
The fortunate Duke Three Posted -- I know that sounds outrageous, but, really, the Duke lacrosse case could not have unfolded any more advantageously for Reade Seligmann, Collin Finnerty and Dave Evans. They are viewed in the eyes of the world as completely innocent. No one but a few agenda-driven lefties doubts it. They have settled monetarily with Duke University and their unscrupulous prosecutor is disgraced and disbarred. When their names are mentioned, they are seen as the innocent guys who almost got railroaded.

Harold Allen of South Kingstown, R.I., may not be so fortunate. He recently was charged with raping a woman 32 years ago when both were 16 years old. The case turned on “recovered memories” of the accuser. Amazingly, the state attorney general bought her story ...

William L. Anderson:
Nifonged in Narragansett: The Madness Continues
LS forum: Nifonged in Narragansett, Did this rape occur 32 years ago?
Coming Soon to A Church Near You... -- Linwood Wilson & The Spokesman Quartet -- All proceeds to benefit the Linwood Wilson Criminal Defense Fund..
LieStoppers Page 2:
Nifonged in California: Arthur Caromona -- The Los Angeles Times features an Op-Ed today that was written by Arthur Caromona whose wrongful conviction was set aside by a an Orange County (CA) Superior Court judge only after the teenager agreed not to sue the police or District Attorney's office. Recently, Carmona appeared before the California General Assembly to offer support for several bills aimed at preventing wrongful convictions. His editorial entitled "Doing time for no crime" echoes his testimony to State legislators...
Barry Saunders, News & Observer:
Where is the outcry now? -- As distressing as it is to admit, the dude turned out to be right.

A letter-writer, pointing out civil rights leaders' initial outrage over the later discredited rape case against Duke lacrosse players, mockingly asked me why black leaders weren't equally upset over the barbarism police say was inflicted upon a woman and her 12-year-old son in Florida.

Was it because the victims, as well as the suspects, were black?

Yep, I said...

The NAACP is holding its annual convention in Detroit this week, and in an admirable but misguided attempt to become relevant, held a mock funeral -- with horse-drawn casket and everything -- to bury the N-word.

Oy. You know what would be relevant? Burying, in prison or in the ground, the punks who did this to a mother and child...
Joseph Harris - an activist reformer in the universityKC Johnson:
Harris in His Own Words -- Here is Prof. Harris’ response, in its entirety:

Thank you for your interest in the University Writing Program. [...]
It doesn’t appear as if Harris’ response answered any of the questions asked. But, then again, that should come as little surprise.

KC Johnson:
Group Profile: Joseph Harris -- Group of 88 signatory and “clarifying” faculty member Joseph Harris teaches English and directs the University Writing Program. He received his B.A. from Haverford and his Ph.D. (in English Education) from NYU.

Harris has published three books, each of which discuss how to teach writing. His courses have included “Framing the 2004 Election”; “Writing, Rhetoric, and Democracy”; “Writing and Social Change”; and “Writing and Social Class.”

Harris has an unusually direct impact on the average life of Duke undergraduates. All Duke students must take a first-year writing class—staffed by people that Harris, as UWP director, plays a large role in selecting.

Harris’ academic writings suggest a vision of the writing program that might not be what most Duke parents expect when they encounter the requirement in the first-year orientation packet.

Harris has explained that, as a writing program administrator, his job is to function as “an activist reformer in the university.” ...
Jose Lopez Sr., of Hartford, Conn.Matt Dees, News & Observer:
Lopez apparent choice for chief -- Hartford assistant chief visits Durham today to continue negotiations -- Jose Lopez Sr. of Hartford, Conn., is in negotiations with City Manager Patrick Baker to become Durham's police chief, The News & Observer has learned.

Two people with knowledge of the search and hiring process, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Lopez will travel to Durham today to allow his wife to get acquainted with the area.

"My understanding is that it is Lopez, if she comes and there's not a problem," one of the sources said. "Apparently Lopez is excited about it." ...
Matt Dees, Bull's Eye Blog, News & Observer:
Lopez watch -- Be on the lookout for the following suspect. Hispanic male, 53, mustachioed. Looks suspiciously like Durham's next police chief.

Authorities have identified the suspect as Jose Lopez Sr., of Hartford, Conn.

The News & Observer has learned that the suspect Lopez will arrive in the Durham area via airplane this evening and spending the weekend in the Bull City.

While N&O detectives are working hard on the case, we need the watchful eyes of the public to track down this potentially job-interviewing suspect...

Herald-Sun: Sources: Lopez police chief pick

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