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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Nifong/Mangum Hoax — May 5, 2007

Updated - today's items:

It's Not About the Truth: The Untold Story of the Duke Lacrosse Case by Don Yaeger, with Mike PresslerLaxPower:
Excerpt from It's Not About the Truth: The Untold Story of the Duke Lacrosse Case by Don Yaeger, with Mike Pressler -- Mike Pressler walked into the bottom-floor meeting room of the Murray Building and, as he had done hundreds of times over a sixteen-year career at Duke University, prepared to address his men's lacrosse team. Forty-six players sat in theater-style chairs, all eyes riveted forward. It was 4:350 P.M. on Wednesday, April 5, 2006. The program's darkest hour had arrived in an unexpected and explosive announcement.

Pressler, a three-time ACC Coach of the Year, informed his team that its season was canceled and he had "resigned," effective immediately. While his words reverberated off the walls, hysteria erupted. Players cried, confused over a course of events that had spun wildly out of control...

Chapter 1: The Perfect Storm

It was a postcard-perfect Monday afternoon in North Carolina on March 13, 2006. A brilliant sun was accompanied by temperatures in the mid seventies. The campus of Duke University was peaceful and relatively empty with the arrival of spring break. Dukies, with the exception of athletic teams in season such as men's lacrosse, welcomed the reprieve. The city of Durham, meanwhile, embraced a new work week. Durhamites savored the crisp, clean air as they scurried around town and tackled their to-do lists. Little did they know the perfect storm had started to churn on the horizon...

The Perfect Storm?

Yes, that's exactly what would occur. Not a drop of rain would fall in Durham over the next twelve hours, but an extraordinary combination of events would devastate a prestigious university and a proud city, changing many lives forever. Not rain, not snow, not wind would cause this massive destruction.

The elements that produced this perfect storm were in a powder keg, just waiting to be ignited. That powder keg, located in the living room at 610 North Buchanan Boulevard, was packed with the politics of privilege, race, sex, and money. As the alcohol flowed, and music filled the air, the fuse was lit.

There was an explosion around midnight... People love to hate Duke. Though no one can pinpoint exactly why, everyone has a theory. John Burness, Duke's senior vice president for public affairs and government relations, believes it stems from the school's reputation. Once the darling underdog, Duke is now viewed as a powerful elitist...

The two strippers were scheduled to arrive at 11:00 P.M. The clock read 11:15 and only one woman, Kim, had shown, parking her black Honda Accord on the street in front of the house. Kim was in her early thirties, with chocolate skin and wavy hair. She wore tight blue jeans and a long-sleeved dress shirt. Kim had a pretty face, but an alternative lifestyle and pregnancy had aged her beyond her years. Though Kim was fully clothed, her stomach sagged under the weight of cellulite and her breasts fell deflated on her chest. A captain and another player met Kim on the back stoop. They talked about school and Kim smoked a cigarette while they waited for the other dancer to arrive. The player offered Kim a drink, and Kim responded "please." The player excused himself to fix the drink and, more important, alert the crowd inside the house of an important detail.

The player told his teammates that Kim, an African-American, was not what was promised by the agency...

At 12:53 A.M., the perfect storm, involving sex, race, class, politics, and lies, was set in motion when Kim Roberts grabbed her cell phone and dialed the fateful numbers: 911...

LieStoppers forum: Pressler's book, first chapter
LS forum: Pressler Book: Duke caved to pressure
FreeRepublic: Excerpt from It's Not About the Truth: The Untold Story of the Duke Lacrosse Case

FODU: A Conversation with Susan Pressler
JinC: INNOCENT: N&O "Reports" Pressler's book

Amazon.com/Threshold Editions (to be published - June 12, 2007):
It's Not About the Truth: The Untold Story of the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case and the Lives It Shattered
Goff: Burnette Reflects The Contempt of Many Towards Duke -- Durham educator and artist, Malcolm Goff, offers a frightening perspective on North Carolina Central University student Solomon Burnette’s widely criticized call for violence in response to the exoneration of the three victims of the Durham Hoax. Not surprisingly, the Snooze Room has published Goff’s letter supporting Burnette's dangerous call to arms. Claiming that Burnette’s violent screed is representative of the feeling of the “community,” Goff, whose illustrations are featured in The Cost of Privilege: Taking On the System of White Supremacy and Racism, incredibly commends Burnette’s for “advancing the dialogue.” Further, Goff hypocritically suggests that the hate piece offered by Burnette, a repeat convicted felon whose most recent court appearance on drug charges was last Friday, somehow speaks to the ills of underage drinking. Blindly ignoring the unveiled racism displayed in Burnette’s published assault, Goff characterizes “Thug U” as an example of “right-wing blogger” racism...
LS forum: Malcolm Goff, Black Racist, The "Blame Whitey" Train Rolls On
David R. Usher, MensNewsDaily.com:
Duke Rape Case: The Feminist Klan Exposed -- Duke University cannot rebuild its crumbled foundations until apologies are made to the Lacrosse players, and changes are made to campus policy and curricula to ensure that radical feminist professors cannot control the campus by manipulating students to serve the next generation up on the platter of radical feminism.

One thing is clear: feminist campus activities at Duke in 2006 did not occur because of spontaneous student outrage. They were organized by professors in the Women’s Studies department in cohort with national feminist organizations such as the National Organization for Women and the American Association of University Women.

The “take back the night” rally at Duke was organized in the same style Castro orchestrates public events in Cuba. Students were spoon-fed agitprop and then sent out to put on a show for the media. What a carnivale of hate it was! Wanted posters with photographs of 40 members of the Lacrosse team were posted all over campus. Wild epithets were brandished about a “culture of rape” that exists on college campuses.[i] Students were told to come forward and tell “stories” about “rapes”. Walls of protesters emerged brandishing sexist signs.

Even the Duke Divinity School participated in the rampage,[ii] ...
Eugene Narrett, WorldNetDaily.com:
The unmentioned parallel to Duke rape case -- The storm of the Duke rape case has subsided. Aside from an aftershock should District Attorney Mike Nifong ever be indicted rather than merely chastised (what a cheap, made-for-the-media ending that was), the enormous significance of this matter will be buried by today's and tomorrow's catastrophes and absurdities. But there is one major area of American life, beyond the reverse racism and victim feminism that predictably went unmentioned throughout the saga: the routine, vicious, life- and family-destroying methods of the divorce industry and courts.

Read carefully, because more than the damage done to the students at Duke, the injustices and damage of the Divorce Industry tear out the heart of our constitutional republic and of the relationships of trust, honor and honesty.

In closing, we will consider why the torrent or media coverage somehow missed or buried the connection.
KC Johnson:
Crying Wolf -- In an effort to position themselves as the true “victims” of the lacrosse affair, an extremist faction within the Group of 88 has alleged a “concerted” effort or a “conspiracy” targeted against them, characterized chiefly by threatening e-mails or phone calls.

Some Group members have received vile anonymous e-mails. (I have as well.) Such e-mails are a terrible side effect of the anonymity the internet can provide.

The Group’s claim, however, that others are endorsing violence against them is more than a bit ironic coming from the very same professors who signed an April 6, 2006 statement saying “thank you for not waiting and for making yourselves heard” to protesters who had, among other things, carried banners reading “Castrate” and “Measure for Measure” and who had distributed a vigilante poster around campus...
John in Carolina:
An invitation to Duke's Prof. Chafe -- Every decent blogger condemns those making physical threats to law abiding people. We also condemn those who make unsubstantiated charges that can often be false.

You surely know some people sending emails and making phone calls are not always who they claim to be and don’t necessarily believe what they say...

In such a tense and dangerous time, whatever possessed you, many other Duke faculty and 15 academic departments and programs to issue your statement and go out of you way to say: “to the protestors making collective noise, thank you for not waiting and for making yourselves heard?”

If you don’t feel you can answer for the others, will you answer for yourself?

In the last year I’ve seen copies of many hundreds of civilly worded emails sent to you and other “88” faculty members. They’ve raised important issues and asked reasonable, fact-based questions.

But rarely have those emails received similarly civil and fact-based replies addressing the issues raised and the questions asked...
Ryck, TownHall.com:
The Duke Lacrosse Team Gang Rape Intermezzo -- We now have a profusion of evidence and testimony to show that the slimy political theater known as the Duke Lacrosse Team Gang Rape Intermezzo that starred Crystal Gail Mangum in the lead role and the Durham County, North Carolina District Attorney Michael B. Nifong as a vote-hungry buffoon with a short set of instructions who have lied , twisted and distorted this event and it is now just a phony rape case. We need to give this pair the Tawana Brawley Award for political excellence in criminal investigations. The New York Times, as usual, come in mightily and blindly without sufficient facts on the side of the far left and are prepared to publish anything that supports racism and reverse discrimination anywhere in the US. They are just that sick.

This outrage soared out of control because it was politically correct to assume that a pack of white boys would naturally rape some poor innocent girl just trying to get by as she worked her way through school. All this was a lie. But, the truth has little impact while working the levers of politics as this event surely demonstrates.
KC Johnson:
Globe Readers Rebuke Murphy -- Two letters in today's Boston Globe rebuke adjunct professor Wendy Murphy's misleading, guilt-resuming recent letter to the paper. A West Roxbury writer noted, correctly, that "it's hard to imagine a more compelling vindication of Cathy Young's opinion of Wendy Murphy's stance in the Duke 'rape' case than Murphy's own letter condemning it. I have rarely read a more twisted and venomous piece of self-serving innuendo."
Forum topics of note:
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LS: LSC Appreciation Thread, Let's Break Something Off for LSC [Tremendous job]
Pulled from the spam filter:
So Chelsea Clinton is visiting the troops in Iraq and runs into a top Sergeant. Tell me she says to him, what are your three greatest fears. The Sergeant replies:

"Osama, Obama and your Momma."

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