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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Nifong/Mangum Hoax — May 2, 2007

Updated - today's items:

Wendy Murphy interview with Jim Braude of New England Cable NewsLieStoppers blog:
Wendy Murphy Interview -- In a television interview with Jim Braude of New England Cable News, Wendy Murphy threatens to continue her vicious campaign against NC Attorney General Roy Cooper, the exonerated defendants of the Nifong/Mangum Hoax, and their attorneys for a "very long time." While accusing the State of North Carolina's top prosecutor of basing his decision to exonerate the Hoax defendants on political motives rather than factual innocence, Murphy cites the Wilmington Journal as the source for her continued claims that the false accuser was paid off and the Associated Press as the source for her accusations that defense attorney's withheld 1,200 pages of evidence...

KC Johnson: More Murphy -- In a late April interview with Jim Braude of New England Cable News (scroll down), Muprhy says that bookers at MSNBC, FOX, and CNN brought her on their panel programs because they knew that she would offer a pro-Nifong view. How this explains away her pattern of inaccuracies and misleading comments isn’t clear...

Mike McCusker, Crystal Mess blog: Dear Wade, Joe, Brad, et. al. -- I think there's a very good chance that Murph is a pre-op transsexual in the end stages of syphilitic insanity...

LS forum: More Murphy
TalkLeft: Wendy Murphy says sources are Cash and the AP

TJN: Blink-O-Rama Redux [celebrities caught blinking]
John in Carolina:
INNOCENT: To Duke’s A&S Faculty Dean -- Dear Dean McLendon:

You no doubt recall that last May 18, then sophomore Reade Seligmann was subjected to shouted physical threats, including death threats. They were made first as he walked to the Durham County Courthouse with his parents and attorney, the late Kirk Osborn, and then again within the courtroom. . .

Among those threatening Seligmann were members of the racist New Black Panther Party.

I know of no member of the Arts & Sciences faculty who spoke out publicly to condemn those threatening Seligmann or to offer their compassion to Seligmann and his parents after what was a terrible ordeal.

The A & S faculty’s silence reflects very poorly on it and Duke University...
Ryan Teague Beckwith, News & Observer:
House OKs eyewitness ID measure -- The state House unanimously approved a bill Tuesday to improve eyewitness identifications in criminal cases. It sounds like something inspired by the recent Duke lacrosse case, in which a flawed identification process led to charges that were later dropped.

But Rep. Paul Stam, an Apex Republican who co-sponsored the bill, said it predates that case. The bill is an outgrowth of the N.C. Actual Innocence Commission led by former Supreme Court Chief Justice Beverly Lake Jr.

Based on scientific research by psychologists, it requires police officers to show photos of suspects one at a time instead of all at once. It also requires a "double-blind" in which the officer does not know which photos are of a suspect.

Stam, the House minority leader, said both regulations would have ended the Duke lacrosse case "two years ago." . . .
Chris Burritt& Mary Jane Credeur, Bloomberg:
Duke's Image Faces More Polishing as Applications Sag -- Duke University alumni sometimes refer to the Durham, North Carolina, school as the Harvard of the South. It's not the magnet it used to be.

Student and parent doubts are showing up in the admissions office. Applicants to Duke's freshman class fell 1.1 percent, the first drop in eight years. It was one of only two schools to sustain a decline among those ranked in the top 10 by U.S. News and World Report magazine. Ivy League colleges including Princeton University, meanwhile, had record applications.

Fresh scandal erupted this week with Duke's disclosure that 34 students in its master's of business administration program were disciplined for cheating. The school already was tainted by last year's sexual assault accusations against three lacrosse players. Widespread news coverage reinforced an image of binge drinking, although ultimately all charges against the players were dropped.

``When we tell people our daughter is going to Duke, they say, `Keep her away from the lacrosse team,''' said Sheila Walden, mother of 17-year-old Brittne Walden, a senior at Jonesboro High School in Jonesboro, Georgia, south of Atlanta. ``Instead of getting congratulations, we hear about the lacrosse team. It's a joke.''

Duke dropped off the top 10 ``dream schools'' list in surveys of both students and parents this year by Princeton Review Inc., which sells test-preparation services...
John Burtis, Canada Free Press:
The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat -- Mike Nifong, criminal idiocy, crass ineptitude -- Poor old Mike Nifong; he's prepping right now for his upcoming state bar trial for unethical behavior in withholding evidence, lying to a sitting judge, and making inappropriate and prejudicial comments about the twists and turns of his benighted case to an overeager and cheerleading press...

Well that scene pretty much represents the long roller coaster ride to hell that Br'er Nifong has been aboard these past few months as his whole wildly popular house of cards fell apart on his baize covered living room card table, as his family scurried for cover, and the suspects and now the newly minted victims, the once proud but slightly dottie victim and the now medically exonerated and describably disturbed suspect, her honest but dysfunctional family members, the "good" folks of North Carolina, the for him and agin' him college big wigs, and the rich out of town interlopers with tall talk, exchanged roles.

A year ago he was being paraded around on the shoulders of cheap jacking, race chasing reporters who trumpeted his fictitious charges like the music which felled Jericho; 88 Duke professors or was it 77, who can say whether, like Mr. Nifong's failures as an attorney, they were really professors at all; sad and now sorry local pundits; "upright" evocative members of the local Black community; the "Reverend" Jesse Jackson and his criminally troubled sidekick, the also ran Reverend Al Sharpton, late from the stealing of the "Rev." Jackson's LA girlfriend or was she from Detroit, the facts are somewhat unclear in that romantic caper gone from bad to expensive and on to melancholy, too...
Baldo, LieStoppers blog: Rogue...Resign...Pension... [cartoon]
Michael Gaynor:
Duke Case: New York Times as a Big Loser -- The New York Times treated the Hoax as true because it was what The Times wanted to do.

Unfortunately, being The New York Times, it led the Far Left in what United States Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, a Times survivor himself, would call "a hi-tech lynching."

The Herald-Sun is a pathetic little paper that does its damage locally. The Times is the BIG one that sets the tone for many other newspapers as well as readers and people in other media. So sheer size and impact make its coverage the worst and The Herald-Sun will have to settle for dishonorable mention!..

What is astonishing is not Times arrogance and bias, but its presumption that it can continue to fool people...
KC Johnson:
The Levicy Exam -- Perhaps the most frightening aspect of this case comes in the realization that a massive fraud—the indictment of three innocent people without, as the attorney general publicly declared, any probable cause to do so—required so few figures from law enforcement to execute.

Mike Nifong obviously was the critical player in the case. But he had help:

  • from a lab director willing not to report all DNA test results even though state law required him to do so;
  • from an office “investigator” who the AG’s report went out of its way to suggest was unprofessional;
  • from a police officer who constructed “straight-from-memory” notes that conveniently filled in then-apparent holes in the DA’s case.

And, finally, from a SANE nurse-in-training [Tara Levicy] whose own story appeared to change every time Crystal Mangum’s did...
LS forum: Tara Levicy III - "The Levicy Exam", KC Johnson's First of a Two Parter
Stephen Baskerville, iFeminists.com:
Duke Case Demonstrates Feminist "Justice" -- The gravity of the Duke university "rape" case has been seriously underestimated, even by many of its staunchest critics. The corruption of the criminal justice system by political ideology is far more advanced than has been brought out by most commentators.

The central point to be made about this case is precisely the one even most critics have not raised: It is far from unique. If such a blatant injustice can be perpetrated against men whose case attracts vast media attention - the supposed "disinfectant of sunlight" - what befalls those who languish in obscurity, victims of rigged justice that is less palpable? "If police officers and a district attorney can systematically railroad us with absolutely no evidence whatsoever," said one defendant, "I can't imagine what they'd do to people who do not have the resources to defend themselves." Not what they "would do"; what they are doing.

Conservatives who rightly decry judicial "activism" in constitutional law have trouble understanding the equally serious corruption of the criminal justice system. Long before the Duke case, Paul Craig Roberts and Lawrence Stratton described this legal underworld in their brilliant but neglected book, The Tyranny of Good Intentions: How Prosecutors and Bureaucrats Are Trampling the Constitution in the Name of Justice.

Michael Nifong fits precisely the profile of prosecutor presented by Roberts and Stratton. They show how prosecutors and the media collude to ensure their victims are convicted by public opinion before their case ever goes to trial...
LS forum: The Duke Case Exposes Legal Feminism, How the law has been lost
The New Criterion:
Regardless of the ‘truth’ -- Some of the Group of 88 are common or garden-variety academic liberals—timid souls whose long tenure in the protected purlieus of the university surrounded by adolescents has nurtured their risible sense of self-importance and political enlightenment. But a good percentage are radicals more devoted to political activism than scholarship. Indeed, one scandal that still has not received sufficient publicity is the preposterous pseudo-scholarship purveyed by many trendy academics. A look at the CVs of many members of the Group of 88 provides a case in point, partly shocking, partly embarrassing. It’s 99 percent race-class-gender gibberish embroidered with a toxic dollop of ill-digested lit-crit-speak and infatuation with the dregs of pop culture. “Shuckin’ Off the African-American Native Other: What’s PoMo Got to Do with It?,” Soul Babies: Black Popular Culture and the Post-Soul Aesthetic, etc. This is scholarship at one of America’s best universities?...
David C. Steinmetz, Orlando-Sentinel:
Duke lesson: Presumption of innocence not negotiable -- An accusation, however serious, is not proof that a crime has been committed. -- It would be nice to think that the North Carolina attorney general's final report last Friday has brought closure to the controversy over the charge of rape of a young African-American by three Duke University lacrosse players.

After all, the report laid out convincing evidence that no crime had occurred and that the accused were not only "not guilty" but "innocent" of the crimes with which they were charged.

But not everyone believes the blanket vindication of the players and some would have preferred to send the case, however flawed, to a jury. Doubts linger about what really happened and whether the accused victimizers were really victims

Not that the lacrosse players were choirboys. If boorishness and mindless lust were chargeable offenses, every team member present at the party would have been forced to plead guilty. But the charge leveled against the players was not boorishness, but kidnapping, rape and sodomy, all extremely serious felonies...
Editorial, Montrose Press:
Duke’s true victims -- The story was one that brought together race and class and recriminations from all over the country. One irony is that civil rights leaders Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton, who both called for the head of radio shock jock Don Imus recently, also called for the three Duke students to be expelled and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Now that the case has fallen apart, and Cooper has dismissed the charges, and Nifong has issued an apology to the families that has been received as a “too little, too late,” Messrs. Jackson and Sharpton are remarkably quiet.

The question, of course, is where do these young men go to get their reputations back?

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