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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Nifong/Mangum Hoax — April 26, 2007

Updated - today's items:

R. Stephanie Good, rstephaniegood.com:
Works in Progress -- I have been working on a book with Nader Baydoun, Esq. about the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case which chronicles the Durham, North Carolina's disgraceful handling of the false allegations of rape brought against David Evans, Collin Finnerty, and Reade Seligmann.

The book, due out shortly, is entitled:

"A Rush To Injustice: How Power, Prejudice, Racism, and a Tidal Wave of Political Correctness Overshadowed Truth and Justice in the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case." ...


Prosecutors are endowed with the responsibility to seek justice, and how they choose to use their power is what defines who they are and what their office stands for.

But in the case of a woman who claimed to have been raped by members of the Duke Lacrosse team last year, District Attorney Michael Nifong has used his power for his own personal gain. He wielded it to build a house of cards that has begun crashing down around him, destroying the lives of everyone in his path.

This gripping tale of injustice and malfeasance is told in a soon to be published book, A Rush To Injustice June 12, 2007/ Thomas Nelson)...

Joshua Chase, AHN:
Duke Rape Case Book To Be Published June 12 -- Publisher Thomas Nelson, Inc. announced Thursday it wouldn't be able to move up the release date for a book about the Duke Lacrosse rape case.

On Wednesday, the publisher announced it would release "A Rush To Injustice..." on June 5. Those plans fell through, however, and the release date moved back to June 12.

"A Rush To Justice" is written by Nader Baydoun and R. Stephanie Good. Baydoun, a trial attorney, "exposes the political pandering of the district attorney, his neglect of crucial evidence, the way in which he stacked the case against the innocent suspects, and how he tenaciously believed unreliable victim testimony - all to ensure his reelection," the publisher said in a statement.

The book will come out the same day as "It's Not About The Truth," a book written by Duke lacrosse coach Mike Pressler.
Christopher Chantrill, American Thinker:
Democrats and the Politics of Fear -- Ordinary Americans were puzzled by the Durham accusations, and rightly so. If you go to the website reporting the annual National Crime Victimization Survey, as many people do, you can look up the rape statistics in "Table 42: Personal Crimes of Violence 2005: Percent distribution of single offender victimizations, based on race of victims, by type of crime and perceived race of offender."

Under "Rape/Sexual assaults" the survey reports 111,490 rape/assaults in 2005 in which a white was the victim. The "perceived race" of the offender was reported as white in 44.5 percent of cases, black in 33.6 percent of cases, "other" in 19.6 percent of cases.

Where the victim of rape was black, in 36,620 cases, things were rather different. The "perceived race" of the offender was reported as black in 100.0 percent of cases. White offenders? "0.0*" percent.

The asterisk means that the sample included ten or fewer reports. The federal crime statistics show that white-on-black rape was almost non-existent in the United States of America in 2005. This is about as extraordinary as the fact that ninety percent of blacks vote for Democrats.

In the United States today remarkable strides have been made in the reduction of age-old hatreds and enmities. The average American is a remarkably tolerant and inclusive person...

Rev. Luke Travers & Reade SeligmannVidya Padmanabhan, Daily Record (NJ):
Delbarton honors grad after Duke charges fall -- Headmaster: He gave an example of how to handle pressures -- The Delbarton School has awarded a special honor to Reade Seligmann, an alumnus who was one of three Duke University lacrosse team members cleared of rape charges after a year-long legal ordeal.

Seligmann, who graduated from the school in 2004, was presented with the Delbarton Medal during a visit to his alma mater on Tuesday, school officials said Wednesday.

The medal usually is given out at the school's graduation ceremony to high-achieving students, and is rarely awarded in other cases, according to school officials.

Before presenting him with the medal, the Rev. Luke Travers, Delbarton's headmaster, said that the school had supported Seligmann during his year-long legal battle, and lauded his "courage, nobility, integrity and charity."

Travers told Seligmann: "You gave us a model of how to handle the pressures that we all experience," according to the school Web site...
KC Johnson: Seligmann Receives Delbarton Medal
LS forum: Seligmann receives medal

USA Today: Alma mater honors cleared Duke lacrosse player
AP/N&O: Alma mater honors cleared Duke player
JinC: INNOCENT: Seligmann honored
Richard Hart, Indy Week:
No escape -- We are all so ready to put the lacrosse tragedy behind us...

There's the party culture and latent racism on campus the case revealed. Go back and read Fiona Morgan's transcript of a conversation between African-American students in our March 29, 2006, issue, just days after the accusations went public ("Not your video ho"). That story became a basis for the absurdly maligned ad in the Duke Chronicle signed by 88 faculty members concerned about those campus issues.

There's the student arrogance and exaltation of sports addressed by Hal Crowther in June in "Sympathy for the Devils?"

And there's the sad case of stripper and N.C. Central student Crystal Gale Mangum. Though there's no evidence of rape, she's still a victim.

Finally, there's what happened at 610 Buchanan Blvd. the night of March 13, 2006; the drinking, the strip show and the racial taunts are what set this saga in motion. The lacrosse players must take responsibility for that.
Indy comment: This is the single, most pathetic piece of revisionism I have ever seen... [ditto]

Jon Ham, JohnLocke.org/Right Angles blog:
Unable to let the Duke lacrosse case go -- I guess it should be no surprise that the socialist-leaning Independent Weekly sees all sorts of exploitation of the oppressed by the ruling class in the Duke case, even after it’s over and the so-called oppressed person has been shown to be the scoundrel. Still, as Richard Hart says in a column in the current issue, “Though there’s no evidence of rape, she’s still a victim.” Perhaps if Hart would take off his blinders and quit thinking of the false accuser as “a mom from the black school across town” he would see her for what she really is: an unfortunate sex worker with psychological problems who saw an opportunity for a scam. ..
Lax Magazine:
Carolina Seeks Upset of No. 2 Duke in Friday's ACC Semifinals -- No. 9 Tar Heels Meet No. 2 Blue Devils Friday in ACC Tournament: The No. 9-ranked University of North Carolina men's lacrosse team will seek its first win in Atlantic Coast Conference Tournament play since 1996 Friday night when the Tar Heels meet No. 2-ranked Duke at 8:30 p.m. at Koskinen Stadium in Durham, N.C...
Gregory Kane, BlackAmericaWeb.com:
Commentary: Still Whining About Those Accused Duke Students? You’ll Stop After Learning About Darryl Hunt -- Those BlackAmericaWeb.com readers who have either cable or satellite and get HBO can get all the gory details tonight at 8 p.m., when the documentary “The Trials of Darryl Hunt” debuts. The film should be required viewing, especially for those folks still whining about what a raw deal the three Duke lacrosse players who were falsely charged with rape got...

Is any of this sounding at all familiar? It should.

In the Duke case Mike Nifong, the district attorney of Durham, N.C., was accused of prosecutorial misconduct that smells disturbingly like what Tisdale did, except that there have been howls for Nifong’s professional scalp -- and rightly so. Nifong should be disbarred and banned from practicing law anywhere in the country, although I get the uneasy feeling he’ll soon be practicing law in my home state of Maryland.

Was Tisdale charged with prosecutorial misconduct? Has he been disbarred in North Carolina? Oh, puhleeze. Tisdale is now a defense attorney in Winston-Salem. The subject of his disbarment hasn’t even been broached.

When Nifong tried to railroad three innocent men into prison, it’s a safe bet he was reading from the Book of Tisdale, who sent an innocent man to prison for 19 years and tried to suborn perjury to send another one there...
Barry Saunders, News & Observer:
Justice blunted? Darryl Hunt qualifies, too -- Remember that righteous outrage that had some of y'all wanting to storm the Bastille and overthrow the legal system when you thought a scalp-hunting prosecutor might send three innocent Duke lacrosse players to prison for sexual assault?

I hope you have a little bit of that outrage left over for what happened to Darryl Hunt.If you think what Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong is accused of doing in the lacrosse players case was wrong -- hiding or withholding evidence, proceeding with a case for political gain -- wait till you get a look at the prosecutors and cops who sent Hunt to prison for two decades for a rape and murder they must've known he didn't commit.

You can get that look at them tonight when HBO airs the award-winning documentary "The Trials of Darryl Hunt." ...
CLE and Attorney C -- The National Advocacy Center (NAC), located at the University of South Carolina, is operated by the Department of Justice, Executive Office for United States Attorneys...

As part of its Continuing Legal Education (CLE) program, the Office of Legal Education has a Videotape Lending Library of tapes which are available for CLE credits in all states, except Delaware. Included in the OLE library is a two hour ethics training video entitled “Ethics Show with Mike Levy.”...

Had attorneys Dudley Witt, David Freedman, and Mike Nifong viewed this training session prior to the hearing, they might have saved themselves some public embarrassment caused by their "medieval" argument. Other relevant portions of the ethics seminar would have served Defendant Nifong well had he viewed them prior to March 2006:
KC Johnson:
If the Herald-Sun Had an Ombudsman . . . -- . . . His name would be Adam Eaglin. In yesterday’s Chronicle, Eaglin provided what almost certainly will be the definitive published review of the Herald-Sun’s coverage. From the paper’s slanted editorials to its ignoring news to its factual errors, Eaglin’s article reviews the Herald-Sun’s sorry performance.

But, of course, the Herald-Sun doesn’t have an ombudsman. And so, as Eaglin discovered, the person reviewing the work of news editor Bob Ashley, columnist Bob Ashley, and co-editorial page editor Bob Ashley is . . . Bob Ashley. Ashley’s verdict on Ashley? Critical self-reflection doesn’t seem to be a desired attribute at the Herald-Sun...

Eaglin: "I hope the Herald-Sun can realize what everyone else seems to see—the Herald-Sun is setting.”
John in Carolina:
Countering hate -- I salute Ammons for speaking out the way he did and Ham for noting it in his post.

Their actions are typical of both men as I know them.

I wish Chancellor Ammons wasn’t leaving NCCU and Durham to assume the presidency of his alma mater, Florida A&M, but I wish Ammons well and thank him for his leadership here, especially during the last year. As for Jon Ham, I'm glad he's staying in Durham.
John in Carolina:
Nifong & The Copier: Be Careful -- On April 14, 2007, Raleigh News & Observer reporter Joseph Neff began a five part series on Nifong & the Duke Hoax case ... Neff cites two people as sources for his report Nifong only learned about the nontestimonial court order (NTO) on 3/23/06 when he discovered it at his office copier....

that means [ADA David] Saacks went ahead and got the NTO order without ever discussing it and the hugely troubled and hugely politically significant “Duke gang-rape” case with Nifong, who was then in a hotly contested primary race for the Democratic nomination for DA.

Did Saacks go ahead without saying anything to Nifong? Did Nifong really know nothing about the case until he made his “Holy crap” “copier discovery?"

Color me very skeptical of what Joe Neff reports.

There’s one thing we can all be sure about: It’s greatly to both Saacks' and Nifong’s advantage to be able to say they never spoke about the NTO before 3/23/06.
Roderick T. Beaman, American Chronicle:
TRIPLE LACROSSED JUSTICE - The Dukes & Durham -- As Andrew Napolitano alluded to on The O’Reilly Factor the evening the charges were dropped, prosecutors are protected by the doctrine of sovereign immunity. This means that unless they can be shown to have gone, with impunity, far beyond the scope of their duties, they are immune from liability for their actions. This is a burden of proof that few citizens have the resources to prove.

Nifong is being thrown to the wolves, as he should be. He pandered to the very basest instincts of the black community and fanned the flames of racial conflict that will take years to resolve. Interviews with two black students, one male and one female, at North Carolina Central University (NCCU) after the announcements, showed that there is a residuum of resentment against the system that Nifong catered to and made far worse than it would have been had he simply stated that the incident was under investigation and gone where the facts led rather than insisting that a crime had occurred long after the evidence said otherwise.

Michael Nifong is a thug with a legal degree working for the biggest gangster operations in the world, government. He has abused the power of his office far beyond even what The Hive of Government can defend and just like the Mafia, when someone brings unwanted attention to the organization, he has to go...
Clarence Page, Baltimore-Sun:
200 reasons to test DNA -- In a statistic that is both gratifying and horrifying, an Army veteran from Chicago is the 200th person to be exonerated by DNA evidence, according to the Innocence Project, a nonprofit New York-based legal clinic...

Rape cases often involve DNA evidence, and they accounted for 123 of the 200 exonerations.

Rape is a crime that also reveals the most evidence of racial bias. Only 12 percent of sexual assaults are between a victim of one race and an assailant of another, according to Justice Department statistics, yet 64 percent of the 200 exonerated convicts were black males convicted of raping white females. "The most endangered person to be in America is a black man accused of raping a white woman," Mr. Scheck told me in a telephone interview.

Of course, such stereotypes can cut both ways, as revealed in the exoneration of three former Duke University lacrosse players of a rape that apparently never happened. Major media and many of the rest of us, including me, found it all too easy to believe the overzealous prosecutor's scenario of privileged white college boys taking criminal advantage of a poor black woman who was working her way through college as a stripper.
Jamie Floyd, CourtTV News blog:
Innocence Project Gala -- Also in attendance, the three young men recently cleared in the so-called Duke Rape Scandal. We now know these boys are innocent and, although something may have happened to the young woman who made the charges that night, it didn't involve the three men charged. Now, thanks to the bungling of the prosecutor in the case, we will never know what happened, if anything did. Any crime that may have been committed will never be charged.

As David Evans, one of the three, noted quietly, the room buzzing with excitement all around us, their story could have been one of hard-won exoneration after years in prison; instead it is the story of three young men with the resources to fight back, to match the state measure for measure, to put the prosecution to its proof. Their case exposes in the mainstream what the rest of us already know about how the system works -- too often, it doesn't.

But last night, a time for celebration -- even though 200 people were wrongly convicted only to be cleared years later by the miracle of science; even though we honored a group that has lost a collective 2500 years of their lives; even though many have yet to receive an apology, let alone complensation from the states that wrongfully sent them to prison. It was a night of celebration because these men are free.

Now we must figure out why they went to prison in the first place. And fix it.
Welcome to MikeNifongDA.com [MikeNifongDA.com is for sale] -- Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong's campaign website, mikenifongda.com, has been revised. Once used to tout his campaign for DA, the site, registered in January of 2006, now offers advertisements for ethics training, election services, criminal defense attorneys and more...
Truthtelling in Durham -- There will be a National Day of "Truthtelling" in Durham, North Carolina, this Saturday. No, I am not making this up. When I first read this, I thought perhaps the Feds would be descending en masse, surrounding City Hall and the Courthouse, and letting no one leave until the extent of the corruption and criminal wrong-doing in both places was fully exposed. Apparently, that is not the case ... or not yet anyway. The National Day of Truthtelling, according to a quick look at some of the sponsoring participants on their website, appears to be just another feel-good/flex-flaccid-muscle day for the usual suspects: your friendly neighborhood Marxists, your Professional Victims, a few women who never got over not being invited to Prom, and some guys whose Mommys make them bang pots instead of play ball...
John Feinstein (Duke graduate/sports columnist), Washington Post:
Time for Some Perspective (April 16, 2007) -- Imus and Duke are neither horrific nor tragic. Just disturbing. In the Duke case, the arguing broke down the same way as it did in the Imus case. Right from the beginning, it was the (largely white) right-wing media screaming that the Duke players were victims and the left-wing media saying that this was a case or rich, arrogant kids out of control. This time, both sides were correct.

The Duke players were victims of a prosecutor, Mike Nifong, who was either overzealous or incompetent or both. They were also the victims of their school's leadership, which completely ignored an escalating situation, then threw the entire team right under the wheels of the bus in order to save itself. The flip side though is that these were not innocents. This was not a case of one party gone awry, this was a case of a group of out-of-control kids getting themselves into a very bad situation -- probably at least in part because some of them were screaming racial epithets at the two strippers they had hired for the evening.

This wasn't just boys being boys. This was a team about whom a Duke administrator had written a report two years earlier describing them (the lacrosse team) as, "a train wreck waiting to happen." Tallman Trask, the university vice president who was handed that report, did nothing with it. He informed Joe Alleva, the athletic director, that it existed and Alleva did not so much as ask to see it. And yet neither one of them has been fired in the wake of all this. Only Mike Pressler, the coach, who according to Duke's own report was the one adult on campus who took some action after the report, was fired.

President Richard Brodhead wasn't wrong to suspend the team's season after the initial reports came out. If nothing else it sent a message that accusations of rape would not be taken lightly, even if Alleva's initial response, "this is an unfortunate incident," was laughably stupid. But once all 46 players had been DNA-tested and no DNA from any of them showed up on the accuser's body, Brodhead should have allowed the season to continue. At that point the burden should have fallen on Nifong -- who probably should be disbarred given his behavior -- and not on the players since at that moment Nifong had produced zero evidence of their guilt. He never did produce any evidence at all which is why the charges had to be dropped...

The larger point is this: the white guys aren't always right and neither are the black guys. In the Duke case, the truth clearly lies in the middle: no one on either side covered themselves with any glory...
LieStoppers forum: I was wondering what Duke grad John Feinstein was, saying these days. Not wondering anymore -- There was no rape. There was no assault. There is no "middle".
Jim Romenesko, Poynter.org:
No locker-room hack -- From DAVID BOARDMAN, executive editor, Seattle Times: I am not a student of the Duke lacrosse case, nor do I have any desire to dip even a toe into the muck surrounding it. But I cannot abide seeing the reputation of one of the finest reporters I know, Duff Wilson of The New York Times, be ravaged.

Particularly misplaced is the characterization of Mr. Wilson as an incompetent locker-room hack who was in over his head and needed rescue from a "more serious" reporter. Yes, David Barstow is a world-class journalist -- and so is Duff Wilson.
LieStoppers forum: No locker-room hack
Richard Owen in Rome, TimesOnline:
Grandmothers arrested over satanic sex abuse at school -- Three women teachers were among six people arrested yesterday accused of sedating and sexually abusing children as young as 3 at a school near Rome.

The teachers — two of whom are grandmothers who had taught at the school and at Sunday school for decades — are said to have part in the repeated abuse of 15 children aged 3 and 5 for a year, filming them in sexual acts with satanic overtones at the teachers’ homes and in a wood...
TimesOnline comment: I am instantly reminded of the book "Michelle Remembers." It was a total hoax that set off a period in America known as The Satanic Panic, where every parent was certain that Satanists lurked around every corner, and one could always count on torrid tales of Satanic rituals on Sally Jesse Raphael or Geraldo.

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