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Friday, March 30, 2007

Duke/Nifong/Cooper+76 days Hoax

Updated - today's items:

"Faced with the choice between changing one's mind and proving that there is no need to do so, almost everyone gets busy on the proof" - John Kenneth Galbraith

LieStoppers blog mentioned in WTVD storyABC11 TV/WTVD:
No Decision In Duke Lacrosse Case (with video) — Special prosecutors have spent weeks pouring over documents and re-interviewing key witnesses. All that's left is a final decision and a public announcement. The big question is when?

Rumors are flying but Eyewitness News learned that as of Friday night, no announcement is planned for next week.

Instead, we're told special prosecutors will conduct more interviews at the attorney general's office...
LieStoppers forum: LieStoppers on WTVD

Rachel MarsdenGlenn Sacks blog:
Did FOX News Commentator Rachel Marsden Make a False Accusation of Rape? — Salon.com has an interesting article by Rebecca Traister which presents evidence that FOX News commentator Rachel Marsden falsely accused a Canadian professor of rape, seriously damaging the man’s career and life.

According to Traister, Marsden had been very dismissive of the damage caused to the falsely accused Duke University lacrosse players, and perhaps had her own, personal reasons for it. Traister writes:

“Marsden [dismissed] possible repercussions for the woman who claimed she was raped by members of the Duke University lacrosse team a year ago. ‘Charges are laid, charges are dropped,’ said Marsden. ‘It happens all the time. Unless she can get charged with mischief and they can prove she lied, then no, [she shouldn’t be punished]. That’s the process and the process works.’ But, argued [FOX News commentator Gutfeld], ‘Don’t you think that being accused of rape is as bad as being raped? Those guys’ lives were ruined!’ Marsden bit back, ‘Let’s give it 10 years and see if their lives were ruined.’

“…in the Duke exchange, any viewer who knew anything about Marsden, whom Fox is clearly grooming for brand-name pundit stardom, might have felt a fleeting moment of sympathy for her. That’s because the 31-year-old columnist is already well known in her native Canada as an oft-accused and once-admitted stalker who made questionable rape charges of her own 10 years ago, in a case that eventually cut short the career of a university president and changed the tenor of harassment cases all over Canada. In 1999, a professor at the same university went to the police with charges Marsden was stalking him, and in 2004 she pleaded guilty to criminally harassing a former Vancouver radio host…
comment: After watching the cable network's "legal experts" mangle the Duke hoax nothing should be surprising about the quality of the "talent" that they put on-air. Grooming a stalker and false accuser for cable punditary makes perfect sense. Somewhere a cable producer is muttering: Murphy and Marsden, Marsden and Murphy, hell has no fury like a two bitch judge and jury.

Jeff L. Thigpen blog:
Dellinger for Durham DA [rumor du jour] -- (From NCSPIN) It is widely speculated that Mike Nifong, Durham’s embattled District Attorney who is charged with misconduct by the State Bar, will not survive and will resign as part of a negotiated settlement. We have heard that Hampton Dellinger, former legal counsel to Governor Easley and announced candidate for Lieutenant Governor, is being frequently mentioned as a replacement when Nifong resigns.

Would this mean he wouldn’t run for Lt. Governor?

letter by David Highlands (St. Petersburg, FL), Herald-Sun:
Just resign, Mike
I believe there comes in the lives of most people a life-defining moment, a moment so definitive that nothing they have done before or will do after will change their "legacy." District Attorney Mike Nifong's defining moment came when he chose to pursue a phantom rape case to further advance his career.

Nifong's position as district attorney is no longer tenable. He was forced to relinquish responsibility for prosecuting a high-profile case. The state bar is considering whether he should retain his certification. He has precipitated a potential constitutional crisis as the Legislature seeks to give the executive branch power to remove an elected member of the judiciary. He has lost the credibility of both his office and himself.

The only decent thing for Nifong to do is to fall on his sword. He needs to spare himself, his family and his community the distractions of his ignominy. You need to resign, Mike. It's the right thing to do.

KC Johnson:
The Accuser and Law Enforcement — As we move past the one-year anniversary of press coverage of the case, the Liestoppers forum has been running remembrance threads, reproducing articles from the Herald-Sun, N&O, and New York Times. In this early period, the most significant piece was the March 25 N&O article, in which reporter Samiha Khanna portrayed the accuser as a courageous exotic dancer, an unquestioned “victim” of a heinous, racially motivated crime.

How would that story have played with the police photograph of the accuser from March 16, 2006, two days after the alleged “attack,” showing that she had no facial bruising or swollen eyes, as her father and Sgt. Mark Gottlieb would repeatedly claim? I suspect that most N&O readers would have looked skeptically on the accuser’s recollection that “my father came to see me in the hospital. I knew if I didn't report it that he would have that hurt forever, knowing that someone hurt his baby and got away with it.”

They probably would have looked even more skeptically on this recollection had they known—as we know now—that no evidence exists of the father coming to visit the accuser in the hospital...

Deputy John Carroll [2002 police report of Crystal Gail Mangum's arrest] ...

Imagine any of the March 2006 articles with this material, coupled with a mention of the accuser’s ultimate sentence: two weekends in jail and probation. Such a seemingly mild sentence for the offenses in question might have led some people to ask whether Durham was Wonderland, and what kind of justice system the city really had.
comment: Officer Carroll's publically available arrest report plus Ms. Mangum's very light sentence would have been a couple of very big red flags hanging off the hoax bandwagon as it started rolling in March 2006. Too bad there were no main stream media reporters who had the motivation to look for this information.

TalkLeft: More Info on the Taxi Caper

Alton Maddox Jr., BlackStarNews.com:
Obama; Wolf In Sheep's Clothing — Senator Barack Obama has joined right-wing forces in Congress in demanding a federal probe of Durham District Attorney Michael Nifong for allegedly withholding DNA evidence from the defense in the Duke lacrosse rape case.

It should be pointed out that none of the indicted, white students were ever in jeopardy of going to prison.

No white man, in 400 years, has ever gone to prison for raping a Black woman. Thus, the statistical probability of a conviction in the Duke rape case is zero. This is the same statistical probability for a white cop going to prison for murdering a Black person. Blacks refuse to recognize statistics and, on the other hand, see the criminal justice system as the Lotto.

Obviously, Obama has to claim that he never heard of the Central Park jogger case. Former Assistant District Attorney Linda Fairstein was the architect of sending, with impunity, five innocent Black boys to prison. There would have been a sixth victim if I had been permanently suspended from the practice of law in 1988 rather than in 1990...
comment: Tawana Brawley hoax vampire Alton Maddox pries open his coffin door to strike a blow for Mike Nifong.

Forum topics of note:
Investigation Update
What's going on at The N&O? - Titanic Deck Chair Re-Arrangement Drill

'Take Back The Night' Rally at Duke - Only 50 People Participate
Support for rape victims drops from 700 to less than 50

Michael Gaynor:
Duke Case: Reverse Racism at Work — It is noteworthy when a liberal Democrat like Senator Obama supports a conservative Republican like Congressman Jones, or vice versa. And all the Senator said was that an independent inquiry into the Duke case was needed! He did NOT speculate or predict how it should end. But, even that was too much for North Carolina journalist and television commentator Cash Michaels, who has been covering the Duke case for America's Black press.

Mr. Michaels, in an article entitled "Obama blasted for backing fed Duke case," relied on two Hoax hypers--North Carolina Central University Law Professor Irving Joyner, a black man, and the dark-haired wicked witch of the Hoax, Wendy Murphy, a white female--to discredit Senator Obama.

Mr. Michaels opened by suggesting that Senator Obama is, gasp, a politician: "Is presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama’s backing for a federal 'independent inquiry' into the Duke alleged sexual assault case a genuine concern that the civil rights of the defendants may have been violated or just simple political pandering to secure more broad-based support for his campaign?"

Amazingly, Mr. Michaels, who attacked the late Ed Bradley and "60 Minutes" for not being balanced in the Duke case expose broadcast on October 15, 2006 and applauds himself for being balanced, did not find a single "expert" supporting the Senator's statement. The key question is whether there is good cause for "genuine concern that the civil rights of the defendants may have been violated." These days it's obvious that there is...

One Year Ago:

Benjamin Niolet, Anne Blythe & Jane Stancill, News & Observer:
Lacrosse players' lawyers object — Defense lawyers representing members of the Duke University men's lacrosse team say prosecutors are trying to convict their clients in public in a rape investigation before any charges have been filed...

Sarah Kwak & Emily Rotberg, Duke Chronicle:
Police search dorm in rape investigation — Second dancer speaks to DPD — District Attorney Mike Nifong and the Durham Police Department provided details Wednesday that paint a fuller picture of the investigation surrounding the alleged rape involving members of the Duke men's lacrosse team...

Steve Veres, Duke Chronicle:
Students march, speak out against sexual assault — Brodhead meets with community to address concerns about alleged rape — With buzz surrounding the alleged gang rape continuing across campus, President Richard Brodhead started reaching out to a variety of concerned groups Wednesday.

Editorial, Duke Chronicle:
White, black-or Duke blue? — At Tuesday's press conference and in statements released since, the University did a fine job of three things: reiterating that the lacrosse team has not yet been charged, let alone proven guilty, condemning the racial slurs allegedly bandied about March 14 and attempting to repair damage to town-gown relations.

The same praise goes to the captains of the lacrosse team, President Brodhead and Athletic Director Joe Alleva for choosing to suspend play. It would have been impossible for the team to continue its competitive season-not just because of the presumed depletion of team morale. The onslaught of media attention and frequent cropping up of protesters would have made a fair game impossible...

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