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Friday, March 16, 2007

Duke/Nifong/Cooper+62 Hoax

Updated - today's items:

Lara Setrakian, ABC News/Law & Justice Unit:
EXCLUSIVE: Duke Lacrosse Accuser Not Answering Investigators' Key Questions — he woman who accused three members of the Duke University men's lacrosse team of sexual assault is not being forthcoming with special prosecutors, law enforcement sources close to the case tell ABC News.

The accuser has met at least twice with prosecutors from the North Carolina attorney general's office, which took over the case from Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong in January. In those interviews, she gave incomplete answers when asked about the alleged assault and the events surrounding it, according to sources.

The same sources added that Kim Roberts, the second dancer who attended the March 2006 party, had also refused to speak with investigators and had said she would do so only if subpoenaed. Roberts has spoken to the media about the case, including doing an interview with ABC News' "Good Morning America." . . .

Mike McCusker: Lara Setrakian, Agendist Poseur - Last June, the Washington Post's "chief legal correspondent," Andrew Cohen, moron, pushed me down the road to Blog Hooliganism. Rarely since then has my intelligence been as offended as it is today, on reading this hot steaming pile of op/ed-cloaked-as-news. . .

After quickly dispensing with the premise of the banner its first eleven lines, however, Setrakian proves herself just another pot-banger, and the piece lays down an insideously evil drumbeat...

Bull Dog Pundit (former prosecutor): The Duke Lacrosse Case: When “Victim’s Advocates” Go Too Far — I’ve got to tread lightly here. As a prosecutor I’ve worked with a number of advocates for the rights of crime victims, battered women, and other people who have had to live the horror of being the victim of crime. When the crime committed is rape or any other sexual assault, the victim advocates and counselors are often the ones who help the person make it through the rigors of the trial, and seeing that there is follow-up counseling. . .

However, when I hear the comments of Leah Oettinger, an advocate most recently with the Durham Crisis Response Center, speaking about the Duke Lacrosse case, I often wonder if some of them don’t let their mission blind them to reality. . .

KC Johnson: The Uncooperative Accuser — apparently, when massive physical evidence contradicts an accuser's story, when the accuser herself changes her story repeatedly, it's par for the course for an accuser to be allowed to "reconstruct the facts" one year after her initial allegation, and conveniently reconstruct those facts to fit the new evidence? Horrifying.

LieStoppers: Hoax-tress Exercising Her Fifth Amendment Rights? Or not... — someone should also remind Ms. Setrakian that effective journalism may require having an actual story.

LieStoppers: Accuser not answering SP's questions — "Craptacular article."
FreeRepublic: Duke Lacrosse Accuser Not Answering questions — "This is an incredibly slanted piece"
TalkLeft: Duke Lacrosse Accuser Not Answering questions — This is so telling of victim rights advocates that have gone over the edge:

Victims' advocates caution that even if accusers opts out of telling their story to investigators, ultimately deciding not to pursue the case, that in itself is not a declaration of alleged attackers' innocence.

Okay. No way for any rape accused to prove their innocence. If this lying accuser had told a consistant story the advocates would say this points to guilt. If the accuser tells various stories with none being consistant this is a sign of rape. These people are looney.

comment: Ms. Setrakain's one-sided article is not fair to three innocent men. As previously demonstrated a population where just 2% of the women are liars could have a false rape report rate of 22%. This accuser is a textbook liar. Enough.

Anne Blythe, News & Observer:
Lacrosse case probe near end — The special prosecutors who took over the Duke University lacrosse case could be finished with their investigation in several weeks, a spokeswoman for the state Attorney General's Office said Thursday.

Attorney General Roy Cooper spent 23 minutes Thursday morning at the house on North Buchanan Boulevard where an escort service dancer said she was gang-raped by members of the Duke lacrosse team. Special prosecutors Jim Coman and Mary Winstead also visited the now-vacant house, which is across the street from Duke's East Campus. They were accompanied by other investigators.

The prosecutors spent part of the time in the backyard, taking some measurements between the back door and a rusty fence. Coman and Winstead were assigned to the case in January, after Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong asked to be taken off the case. . .
KC Johnson:
Cooper Photo Op — Yesterday, Attorney Roy Cooper assumed a visible presence in the investigation... Two possible explanations: (1) This was a photo-op... 2) The investigation has confirmed that it all was a hoax... Let's hope (2) is the explanation.

John Stevenson, Herald-Sun:
Group visits lacrosse house — Cooper spokeswoman Jennifer Canada said the tour was "part of the continuing efforts to review and examine evidence in this case." She predicted the investigation would wrap up "within the next few weeks," after which the nationally publicized, controversial case could be dismissed or taken to trial.

Canada did not respond to questions about what Cooper and his assistants were looking for Thursday, or what they may have found. Lawyers for three indicted lacrosse players -- Collin Finnerty, Reade Seligmann and David Evans -- had no on-the-record comment specifically about the house tour.

But several acknowledged they were impressed with the thoroughness of the attorney general's investigation, noting that the special prosecutors had interviewed numerous lacrosse players and others with knowledge of the case. . .

KC Johnson:
CrimeStoppers Poster — The David Addison-produced CrimeStoppers poster has received less public notice; it seems to have been distributed more in the community rather than on campus. Issued on March 28, it was not modified until April 10--a period of two weeks. To my knowledge, Addison never distributed a poster explaining the reasons for his modification. Here is a copy [pdf].

CrimeStoppers Wanted Poster

Mike Nifong a/k/a Durham Strangler - strangles truth to deathLieStoppers:
Nifong Explains The Chokehold — "But let me point out that the evidence that she would present with respect to that particular situation is that she was grabbed from behind. Somebody had an arm around her like this, which she then had to struggle with in order to be able to breathe, and it was in the course of that struggle that the fingernails—the artificial fingernails broke off...."

73. Defendant admits that he made statements to a reporter from MSNBC consistent with those statements outlined in paragraph 73 which statements relate to facts contained in the Affidavit*

*“... She claimed she was clawing at one of the suspect’s arms in an attempt to breath while being strangled. During that time the nails broke off.” - (Affidavit of Assistant District Attorney David Saacks)
LS comments:
> Don't forget, he never spoke to her.

> Nifong never heard from the accuser how she was allegedly strangled. He didn't know how she would describe how the alleged attacker approached her (from behind, from in front, from the side, etc.)

> "But let me point out that the evidence that she would present.."

"Would present"? That means she hasn't already 'presented' it. Which means she hasn't already said it. In other words, he's making it up.

Unbelievable. Right in front of a camera, Nifong is admitting that not only can he not 'present' the facts to justify destroying the lives of three innocent young men, he can't even 'present' the words.

TJN: The Durham Strangler — "This video will follow Nifong to his grave."
TJN: The Durham Strangler, II

Kathleen Eckelt RN, FNE; Forensic TalkKathleen Eckelt RN, FNE; Forensic Talk:
Duke Lacrosse and the Missing Fingernail Scrapings — Many are questioning why there seemed to be no fingernail scrapings sent. Apparently, some believe that these scrapings should be routinely sent with such exams. While I certainly understand the sentiment, it's not always the case.

While our exams are pretty much standardized, each jurisdiction and crime lab request may be different. Not every SAFE unit sends the exact same evidence routinely.

I read the published list of evidence sent in the rape kit involved in this case. Quite honestly, it appeared to be pretty thorough, except for the fingernail scrapings. In fact, it encompassed more than we send to our crime lab. . .
TalkLeft: DNA Report - No Nail clippings.
LieStoppers: SBI DNA Report...

Rumor du Jour update:

LieStoppers forum: Nifong Negotiating a DEAL, spincycle piece — [Durham DeepThroat, "Kemp," checks in from the Turks]
Do you think your Bar Buddy might like to go out for a drink with you?
I am in the Turks, so not this week, BUT I have already asked this question before.
The Answer?

Whoever is spreading this rumor is a flack for Mikey. Chances of suspension,

Stepping down from his DA position is NOT a bargaining chip. When he is disbarred, he is NO Longer the DA. I guess you say, he done "Stepped Down"

Sir can I have a diet rum, please? NO! Darn Lent!

former Duke coach Mike PresslerFoxNews.com
Former Duke Lacrosse Coach Breaks His Silence About Player Rape Allegations (video) — The Duke University lacrosse coach who was fired in the alleged rape scandal has come forward, saying that the "truth" the team knew all along about what happened that fateful day in March last year is finally coming out.

"I made a promise to those 47 players I would tell the world the truth at the appropriate time and the appropriate venue," Mike Pressler told FOX News on Thursday.

"I think again, the evidence is coming out daily, if not weekly. I think the world is seeing the things that we knew early on in March. We remained silent for that period of time because we believed in those two words: The truth. There was no reason to debate that publicly, we were going to stand by it, stay the course … the evidence is coming out as we know it."

Pocket Books is scheduled to release in June a book entitled "It's Not About the Truth: The Untold Story of the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case and the Lives it Shattered," written by Sports Illustrated investigative journalist Don Yaeger, that tells Pressler's story. . .
LieStoppers forum: Pressler on America's Newsroom, On Fox at 9
TalkLeft: Former Duke Lacrosse Coach Breaks Silence

KC Johnson:
Moving Forward with McClain — In recent weeks, a consistent mantra from the Group of 88 has been the need to “move forward.” A late February op-ed coordinated by Group of 88 stalwart William Chafe raised the theme the most explicitly, with the accompanying caveat that how the arts and sciences faculty responded to the lacrosse case should, at all costs, remain unexamined. . .

[Paula] McClain’s presence as chairwoman of the Academic Council means that the Group of 88’s response to the lacrosse affair will remain alive for at least the next two years, since any position that she takes will have to be viewed in the context of her apparent desire to promote the most extreme aspects of the Group’s agenda.

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