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Friday, March 16, 2007

Duke/Nifong/Cooper+61 Hoax

Updated - today's items:

Tamara Gibbs, ABC11 TV/WtVD:
AG's Office: No Decision Yet in Duke LAX Case (video) — A spokesperson for Attorney General Roy Cooper's office confirms no decision has been made yet in the Duke Lacrosse case but the investigation will wrap up in the next few weeks.

Spokeswoman Jennifer Canada says the Attorney General office has begun discussions on how and when it will announce whether to proceed with the case. There will likely be a news conference once a final decision is made.

Eyewitness News has learned special prosecutors James Coman and Mary Winstead surveyed the alleged crime scene at 610 North Buchanan Boulevard in Durham this morning. . .

comment: Cooper's office has had the case for 61 days. And it takes him over two months to visit the critical crime scene for the biggest legal mess in North Carolina history. That is marginally better than Nifong, who preferred to manufacture his own evidence. But, Cooper is putting on a show. This farce must end. Justice delayed is justice denied.

NC AG Cooper at lacrosse house - 610 N. BuchananAnne Blythe, News & Observer:
State AG tours Duke lacrosse house — State Attorney General Roy Cooper spent 23 minutes this morning with special prosecutors and other investigators at the vacant house that spawned the Duke lacrosse case.

Special prosecutors James Coman and Mary Winstead arrived at the house with Cooper and several other investigators.

The prosecutors were inside the house at 610 N. Buchanan Blvd. and in the backyard, measuring the edge of a rusty fence to the back door. . .
LieStoppers forum: Cooper and SP's at 610....
TalkLeft: Cooper and the SP's at 610 this morning.
FreeRepublic: State AG tours Duke lacrosse house (Cooper the camera hog)

Rumor du Jour
LieStoppers forum: Nifong Negotiating a DEAL, spincycle piece — Word on the street is that Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong is sweating bullets over the charges leveled against him by the state bar. We hear that a deal is being discussed whereby Nifong will step down as Durham District Attorney. In exchange, Nifong will have his law license suspended, but not revoked. This is an important distinction because of potential retirement benefits. District Attorneys participate in the Judicial Retirement System, far and away the best retirement plan of any in government.

Speculation has already begun as to who might replace Nifong as DA. Governor Easley may well have another chance to name the DA. He publicly admitted he blew the last opportunity so it will be interesting to see who he names. . .

Ex-Duke Lacrosse Coach Speaks Out (video) — Duke University's former men's lacrosse coach spoke out Thursday for the first time about allegations and the criminal investigation against three former players. Mike Pressler, who resigned in the wake of the scandal in which a stripper said she was gang-raped at an off-campus lacrosse team party, said he has always believed the players -- David Evans, Collin Finnerty and Reade Seligmann -- were innocent. . .

Meanwhile, North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper and two special prosecutors handling the case, were seen Thursday at 610 N. Buchanan Blvd., where the lacrosse party took place. . .

Something Happened - Not

Michael Gaynor:
Putting that Duke lacrosse team party in context — As the Hoax was inevitably exposed, hate-filled opportunists who wanted the Hoax to be true shifted to peddling the "the players are bad actors regardless" poison and minimizing the significance of what really happened: a bogus gang rape claim had been made by an ex-convict stripper about to be incarcerated as a danger to herself and, thanks to the media, a malevolent prosecutor and plenty of wishful thinking and willful blindness, widely believed, despite the absence of inculpatory physical evidence and the presence of demonstrable alibi evidence and other "hard" exculpatory evidence.

Since the vilification of the players was undeserved, it needs to be undone. . .

[Coleman Report] Conclusion: "If one focuses on the more important measures of character, integrity and responsible behavior...the lacrosse players have...behaved better, on average, than other Duke students."

It's a shame that the Group of 88 does not have the character and integrity and exhibit the responsible behavior of the members of the 2005-2006 Duke University Men's Lacrosse Team.
LieStoppers forum: Behavior of Duke Lacrosse Team, Statistics from Duke's Judicial Affairs

KC Johnson:
The Group's Continued Delusions — The unintentionally revealing comments keep coming from the Group of 88. . .Most professors do not consider their syllabi to be secret documents, to be shielded from public view. (I put all of mine on line, and have for years.) Can Baker seriously maintain that having outsiders examine what, exactly, Duke professors teach is out of bounds? . . .

KC Johnson:
The Group of 88's E-Mail Canard — In the last two months, the Group of 88 has adopted a two-pronged strategy. On the one hand, they have (with the sole exception of Math professor Arlie Petters) defiantly refused to apologize or to even consider the possibility that their April 6 statement might have been ill-considered. On the other, they have fashioned themselves as besieged by “thousands” of anonymous racist or sexist e-mails. Duke administrators, including President Richard Brodhead and Provost Peter Lange, have accepted the second allegation at face value. Both issued statements condemning the e-mails—while also suggesting that such racist and sexist remarks occurred on blogs. (Neither Brodhead nor Lange, however, identified even one blog post that they considered unacceptable.) . . .

The Group, however, appears to have adopted a strategy of defining hostile, or misogynist, or racist, or engaging in “verbal fisticuffs” in a way that stretches these terms beyond recognition--with the apparent purpose of deflecting any and all criticism that comes their way. Such deception, sadly, is what we have come to expect of the Group.
Prof. Kerri Dunn - faked hate a crimecomment: Faking "racist" or "sexist" e-mail is trivial. It is worth remembering that the "Gang of 88" are soul mates of hoax artist Claremont Colleges (Los Angeles) psychology professor Kerri Dunn.

Kerri Dunn: this diversity advocate discovered her car vandalized with hate slogans on March 9, 2004. In response, classes were closed, on March 10th, and students staged demonstrations. A few days later, police discovered that Dunn vandalized the car herself. Instead of condemning Dunn, university officials framed the protests in a positive light as still having meaning given the context.

Forum topics of note:
LieStoppers: Another prof. persists linking violent culture, with this case — Duke09Parent: Several days ago DIW linked a Purdue education professor A.G. Rud's website which cited this hoax as an example of the culture of sex and violence. http://www.moodeuce.blogspot.com/ Several of us responded trying to point out that since nothing of the sort occured at the lacrosse party, usng this case as an such an example was not only an unfair perpetuation of a myth, but also it undercut any credibilty that a culture of sex and violence is even a serious problem. Amac had some excellent posts and Rud posted an essay further expanding his views of the Duke case as an example or metaphor at least for his issues. A few of the anonymous postings attacked Rud, so he wiped out all the responding posts and reposted his essay response to Amac, repeating the implication if not outright assertion that this case was an example of "simmering gang rape". Also, in his repost Rud included the link to a libelous website on Collin. Rud has now put his site on moderated status so who knows if any critical rejoinders will be allowed.

TJN: "Airbrush Tony" a/k/a Anthony Gordon (A.G.) Rud

"Sideshow Bob" a/k/a the TalkLeft forum persona for Cash Michaels was telling his posse that they can't hold him back from going after Prof. William L. Anderson.

"Sideshow Bob" to Prof. Anderson: "time to grow hair in the right places and deal with me directly."

Sideshow Bob again to Prof. Anderson: "Does he have the brass to talk to me."

Prof. Anderson promptly responded
: Cash, if you are reading this, I will say it flat out. You know there was no "brutal rape" or any kind of contact between the three young men and Crystal. Yet, you advocated their going to prison. Remember the article in which you said something to the effect of "if the state can prove any of these things, these men will see the inside of a prison for 15 years." Cash, that was evil. . .

comment: Michaels has become a carnival act, an amusement, a jester in costume working the thinning Talkleft a/k/a Cave forums hoping for attention. Austin Powers was right, there are only two things to fear in this world - nuclear war and carneys.

A public slap fight with a carney in costume like Sideshow Bob just gives Bob a chance to pull his "you are a racist" handkerchief out of his infinitely deep racist pocket and try to wrap it around your neck. No thank you Sideshow and please don't squirt us with your trick lapel flower.
Sideshow Bob has been performing at this TalkLeft forum: For Cash Michaels

flashback: One beauty of a Cash Michaels slanderous lie was highlighted by KC Johnson:
Let's Play Telephone - Just when it seems like we'll see nothing worse emerge in this case, Cash Michaels has just posted an article asserting that he:
  • was told by Karla Holloway,
  • who overheard a call to John Burness,
  • who was told by a Duke police officer,
  • who overheard a Durham Police Officer
  • say that a Mystery Witness told him or her . . .
that one of the lacrosse players used ugly racial epithets at the start of the party. Some would call this sixth-hand slander.

Kenneth Moton, News 14 Carolina:
Duke, NCCU move on after lacrosse scandal — It was a quiet spring break day on Duke University's campus Wednesday, but one year after an exotic dancer called police, Duke leaders say the scandal involving its lacrosse team has made a lot of noise.

Senior vice president John Burness says Duke University President Richard Brodhead organized five committees to report on issues like campus partying culture and the administration’s response to the incident. . .

Hoax Day - Never Forget — Today is Hoax Day, a time to remember what we've learned. Sadly, we've learned how pathetically biased and inaccurate all of our news media can be. We've learned that the media often does not correct or amend its mistakes, research its articles or prepare for talk-show "commentary." Instead they brazenly, carelessly or unconcernedly repeat the same misstatements over and over again. We understand now that this shoddy, biased reporting has NOT just occurred THIS ONE TIME ...in THIS ONE CASE. We've learned our media is unreliable a great deal of the time. They are biased and agenda driven. We will no longer forgive it or indulge it when the bias matches our own. That's a deadly path for our intellect, our honesty and our freedom. Never forget the outrageous Hoax reporting. Never forget. . .
Kill the Hoax.
Remember the Hypocrisy.
Never, never forget!
Baldo & Joan Foster, LieStoppers:
Dean Sue Gets Off Her Chair

It only took a year, my friends, to get Dean Sue off her chair.
It only took a year for a small gesture that she cares.
Those vigilante posters SUDDENLY have poor Dean Sue distressed...
Dean Sue is "completely motivated to make sure this is adequately addressed!" . . .

As a board member of Crimestoppers did she publicly decry
The pronouncement of MOST CERTAIN GUILT...or ask who? or what or why?
Did she ever have a moments care, that the team faced such duress?
Hallelujah!, NOW, she's "completely motivated to make sure this is adequately addressed!"
I liked to say respectfully, it's too little..,much too late.
A day late, and a dollar short...to step up to the plate.
Your betrayal, and your callousness...ah-h-h...but I digress...
At LONG last, Dean Sue is "completely motivated to make sure this is adequately addressed!" . ..

Feb 25, 2006, officials from Duke escorting a defense attorneyPicture Feb. 25, 2007: Prosecutors from the State Attorney's Office meet in the backyard to talk about the case. By Indy photographer Derek Anderson. Correction, March 15th: The above are not investigators from the state Attorney General's office. They are officials from Duke escorting a defense attorney.

Richard Hart, IndyWeek.com:
The house next door — For Indy photographer Derek Anderson, the Duke lacrosse tragedy that started a year ago this week was about the house next door. You can see some of the pictures he took out of his windows over the past 12 months in this week's issue. But the strange thing is, it felt that close for most of us who live in Durham.While it might seem like an eerie coincidence that our photographer lives next to the house with an image that's been blasted across the world's satellites and coaxial cables nearly every day, it doesn't seem all that strange to the people who live here. Durham's a city of about 200,000 people, but it feels much smaller. In some ways, it reminds me of America in the 1950s . . .
Indy comment: Sure, NOW it's not about meta-narratives, it's about local middle and upper middle class landowners and concerned citizens who care about individual rights. Shouldn't this be in your April 1 issue?

LS comment: I read this story as a translation of the time honored marxist dictum, "the end justifies the means."

Derek L. Anderson, Indy Week:
(roommate of Jason Bissey)
The noise next door (April 5, 2006) -- Along with working as a staff photographer for the Independent Weekly, I also work as a freelancer for other publications, including The New York Times. Last week, a photo editor from the Times called me and asked if I was available to shoot an assignment for him that day.

"Nothing too hard," he said. "Just the front of a house."

He had no idea how easy. I asked if it was the Duke lacrosse house.

"Yeah, do you know where that is?"

Sure, I was looking right at it. I live next door...

Jason heard the racially charged remark while sitting on the front porch of our house. But, thankfully, I was not out on the porch with Jason that night. I was in the back sunroom, clacking out a letter to a friend on an old typewriter. It was just another Sunday night, after all...
view of Duke lacrosse house from back window of Bissey/Anderson house
KC Johnson:
IWF Forum on the Duke Case — For those in the DC area, my colleague, Stuart Taylor, will be speaking tomorrow afternoon at 5pm, at the Independent Women's Forum, on the case. A rumor exists that the parents of DIW staffers will be in attendance as well.

For more information, see here. . .
LieStoppers: Independent Women's Forum

Letter by John Walker, Herald-Sun:
Duke is not your team — I've always admired the Cameron Crazies and felt Duke was a worthy ACC opponent. But I'm puzzled why some Durham and surrounding area residents support Duke or its teams. Duke is not your team! . . .

What has Duke done for Durham besides wall itself off from the very community that supports it, use local residents as cheap labor, and then call them ugly names?

I was born in Durham, but my team is the real local team, the first public university in the nation, the university whose mission is to serve and teach the people of the great state of North Carolina, not New Jersey. Go Heels!
FODU comment: John Walker is the reason why nfong is the da -- such hatred towards duke nad its students shows that these 3 fine young men never had a chance in this backwater hick town of angry white trash and angry black racists. Go Reade Colin and Dave! Despite these haters such as john walker you will be proven inncoent ...

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