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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Duke/Nifong/Cooper+59 Hoax

Updated - today's items:

Flashback: March 20, 2006

Joe Neff, News & Observer:
Nifong's words prompt filing
— "Nifong presented a subpoena to Duke Hospital on March 21 requesting the medical records and rape examination of the accuser, who said three men raped her at the party."

Mike Nifong signed a March 20th Subpoena
Fast Forward: February 28, 2007

"8. Defendant admits that he did not learn of the case until after the NTO was granted and served on the forty-six Duke Lacrosse players. However, he denies that the Order was granted on March 22, 2006, as he believes the date was March 23, 2006." Defendant Nifong's answer to the State Bar 2/28/2007 . . .
TalkLeft: Another lie in Nifong's answer

KC Johnson:
CrimeStoppers Follow-Up — Dean Sue reiterated--and another board member privately confirmed to me last night--that there was and is no desire on the part of the CS board not to publicize its membership list. . .

Dean Sue said that she had seen the "vigilante" poster last spring, and had been assured by CrimeStoppers (correctly) that the organization had no connection to it. She had not seen the "horrific crime" item previously, and it appears most people on the board had not seen the item.

3.) Dean Sue reports that she has asked this matter be placed on the agenda for the next CS meeting, and that she is "completely motivated to make sure this is adequately addressed."

Frederick M. Hess, National Review:
In Loco Parentis… or Just Loco? — Duke lumbers on. - The Duke University lacrosse scandal continues to bathe that august institution in the soft light of self-righteousness and hypocrisy. One year ago, as readers will no doubt recall, three white lacrosse players were accused of rape by a black stripper whom the team had hired.

Duke students and faculty members responded with the judicious calm of professional wrestlers. Students hung “Wanted” posters on campus featuring the faces of the alleged assailants, and 88 faculty members sponsored a full-page advertisement in the student newspaper. . .

A year later, Duke lumbers on. Faculty at an elite educational institution eagerly scapegoated three young men in the service of larger agendas. Today, some professors make it clear that athletes are unwelcome in their classrooms, others use a still-hazy “scandal” to promote classroom political agendas, and still others find themselves in court — along with the tattered presumptions of classroom impartiality.

So much for in loco parentis. Would you entrust your kids to these people?

Mike KrzyzewskiAnne Blythe, News & Observer:
Support was absent, coach says — Mike Krzyzewski, the face of Duke athletics, was virtually silent last spring as the lacrosse case put the school and its athletic teams under scrutiny.

Now, a year after an escort service dancer alleged being gang-raped at a lacrosse team party, the men's basketball coach says the university should have shown more support for the players.

"The one thing that I wish we would have done is just out, publicly say, 'Look, those are our kids. And we're gonna support 'em, because they're still our kids.' That's what I wish we would have done," Krzyzewski told Bob Costas, a sports commentator who has a television show on HBO. "And I'm not sure that we did -- I don't think we did a good job of that." . . .

"We had almost 100 professors come out publicly against certain things in athletics," Krzyzewski told Costas, "and I was a little bit shocked at that. But it shows that there's a latent hostility or whatever you want to say towards sports on campus. I thought it was inappropriate, to be quite frank with you."

Krzyzewski voiced similar feelings in June during his first extensive public comments about the impact of the case. He called those who used the occasion to attack athletics "very narrow-minded." . . .

Krzyzewski, who also bears the title of special assistant to the Duke president, told Costas he did not speak out last spring because Brodhead did not ask him to do so.

"I met with my college president. I told Dick Brodhead, 'If you need me ... you tell me, and then put me in a position where I'm not the basketball coach. But I am that special assistant to you,' " Krzyzewski said. "Dick Brodhead did not bring me in."
LieStoppers forum: Coach K to support Players on HBO

Ex-lacrosse coach, reporter team up on book — Former Duke University lacrosse coach Mike Pressler and Sports Illustrated magazine investigative reporter Don Yaeger are cooperating on a book about the Duke lacrosse sexual-offense and kidnapping case called "It's Not About The Truth."

The book, called "an explosive insider account" of the case by Pocket Books' executive Louise Burke, will be published in June by Pocket Books' Threshold Editions.

Pocket Books and Threshold Editions are imprints of Simon & Schuster.

Pressler resigned as head coach of the Duke men's lacrosse team under pressure after news first broke about the rape allegations -- since dismissed -- against several members of his nationally ranked team.

The publisher said Pressler's book will reveal for the first time what really happened after the off-campus lacrosse party and how a rush to judgment affected the lives of those associated with the incident. . .

Forum topics of note:
LieStoppers: Roy Cooper's Political Farce Drags On, Eight Full Weeks of File Review

comment: Dan Abrams (JD '92 Columbia) of MSNBC reviewed the case file over a weekend and saw that there was no case. There are probably less than 300 pages of real substance in the case file. Roy Cooper and his special prosecutors are playing politics with this case and they are continuing the injustice and the hoax.

LieStoppers: Sean Hannity tonight 3/13 — They will be discussing the lax case 1 year later. . .

LieStoppers: The Birth of a False Prosecution — 72 hours in Labor from March 21st to March 23nd . . .

Michael Gaynor:
Truth and Tricia Dowd, yes; Hoax and 88ers, no — Ms. Stancill's sympathy was reserved not for the wrongly prosecuted and their families and friends, but for an 88er, Duke English Professor Karla Holloway, whom Ms. Stancill described as "a prominent African-American faculty member [who] resigned in protest from her university committee assignments, including a Campus Culture Initiative that grew out of the lacrosse scandal." . . .Ms. Stancill ignored the collapse of the Duke case and instead focused on Professor Holloway's worry. " that once the case ends, Duke will not deal with its larger problems."

Mrs. Dowd wrote a moving piece on truth and shared it with me. I hereby share it with you:

'Three things cannot long be hidden the sun, the moon and the TRUTH ." Confucius

As the one year anniversary of the Durham/Duke Hoax approaches, I reflect on the past year with the hope of finding the answer to one question that plagues me daily; When did the truth cease to matter?

For anyone who has followed the evidence, the truth is that there was no rape, no sexual assault and no kidnapping on the night/morning of March 13/14. The truth has become, at best, secondary to:

1. Those who want these three innocent young men punished for sins of the past.

2. Some of the gang of 88, who want to promote their own personal and political agendas.

3. Pres. Brodhead and Chairman Steele who are more concerned with Duke's image than the truth.

Twelve months ago, Nifong, with the help of his enablers, may have been able to try and hide the truth. However, through the Herculean effort of the defense team and numerous bloggers, the truth has been painstakingly unearthed. Then why are Collin, Reade and Dave still indicted for crimes they did not commit? Why has the Gang of 88 not admitted that their judgment may have been clouded by the emotionally charged atmosphere of the time? Why have Pres. Brodhead and Chairman Steele maintained the position that canceling the lacrosse season, firing Coach Pressler and not supporting their students from day one of this travesty, was not a mistake?

It seems the facts and thus the truth has fallen on deaf ears to these groups.

All three groups cling to the ideal, 'something terrible happened in that house.' Yes, that is the truth. The something terrible that happened was that Crystal Gail Magnum perpetrated a hoax, damaged the lives of forty seven young men, their coaches and the city of Durham with the support of her enablers. Nifong, the Gang of 88, President Brodhead, and Chairman Steel continue to propagate this travesty of justice.

Many of Crystal's enablers will contend that the 'something terrible' was racism and sexism. Yet, they are unable to substantiate these claims with any facts. The truth is that the Coleman report and the word of past and present African American teammates state this team was not racist. The truth is that one racial epithet was stated by one team member after being provoked with a racial comment by the second dancer. The truth is that even one racial slur is not acceptable, but a racist team it does not make.

The truth is the team hired strippers, just like many other Duke athletic teams, sororities, fraternities and Duke employees. The group of enablers may find this morally inappropriate, but morals are personal values, they do not speak to the truth.

The TRUTH is that Collin, Reade and Dave are innocent.

The TRUTH is that many wanted to believe the 'Fantastic Lies' of Crystal Gail Magnum and Nifong.

The TRUTH is that the only constant over the past twelve months is that Pres. Brodhead and Chairman Steele have continued to disappoint the lacrosse families for their failure to admit they made a mistake. It is difficult for many to admit they were wrong, but an apology when you have treated others unkindly or unfairly goes a long way to begin the healing process. (The truth is I know first hand how difficult it is to apologize, for after sending Prof. Holloway an e-mail, which I believe had many relevant points on the Durham/Duke hoax, I sent Prof. Holloway an apology for attacking her personally).

The TRUTH is that these three young men should have been afforded their constitutional right of due process, and all citizens should have been appalled when these rights were denied.

Sir Winston Churchill stated, 'Truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it and ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.' In the end, when others begin to fall, as they have, Duke lacrosse will stand tall because we have truth on our side.

KC Johnson:
A Tangled Web — The problem, however, with constructing a case upon a tissue of procedural violations is that decisions taken at earlier stages can have haunting effects later on. So, it appears, was Nifong’s decision to share with the world the details of an April 10 meeting that he has now denied to the Bar ever took place.

Joan Foster, LieStoppers:
The Question

What a sordid, shocking story! Easley, hang your head in shame!
Nifong was a national pariah before you even said his name!
Now, you and Mr. Cooper have the power to say STOP!
It's been One Long Year of Legal Farce, but STILL your leadership's a flop!
Crystal's ever changing stories, Nifong's "Fantastic Lies"
Gottlieb leaning on poor Elmo, the notes that took months to arrive.
No evidence, no DNA, (Well ...NOT from the three accused)
Just a troubled, well known "escort," taking pills and drinking booze.
What gives HER credibility over 47 witnesses and Kim?
Is THIS Carolina justice...indictments on a whim?
Hey, Mr Easley, Mr. Cooper, is ruination local sport?
Intimidate them and they'll plea...just like in traffic court!

Barry Saunders, column, News & Observer:
Milestone for a millstone — With today marking the anniversary of what is now universally known as the Duke lacrosse case, we know that Duke has implemented some changes. The school has not exactly cracked down on students -- nor should it have to, since everyone enrolled there is presumed to be grown -- but it is demanding that they behave. . .

Again, depending upon whom you believe, March 13 was the day a couple of strippers forced their way into a Bible study meeting at 610 N. Buchanan Blvd. and forced members of the Duke lacrosse team to watch as they gyrated. Or it's the day a stripper who went by the name Precious said three men sexually assaulted her as she tried to dance her way through college.

The emotions evoked by the charges and countercharges have died down, if not died. In the nights leading up to the anniversary, there've been no teary marches, no candlelight vigils, no chanting protesters. There were plenty of each a year ago, when 610 Buchanan was viewed as hallowed ground in the fight against sexual exploitation and racism.

Duke, to its credit, had already begun efforts to rehab its image and the houses it owns in that neighborhood before this incident took place. Or didn't. . .
Jon Ham, Right Angles blog:
Duke lacrosse anniversary — But how did The News & Observer mark the anniversary? With a column by race columnist Barry Saunders that still gives equal weight to the accuser’s story and the undeniable and exculpatory facts that have come out since the original allegations were made. Saunders ridicules the lacrosse players’ version of events, which has been supported by mountains of evidence, while still taking seriously the accuser’s version of events. . .

This is typical Saunders. I’m surprised he didn’t allege that the party was organized by Michael Bolton or Yanni, his two traditional white-man foils. The only thing missing today was any reference to his past incarcerations and brushes with the law, which he uses frequently, apparently to bolster his street cred.

admin note: TJN has been counting the hoax days from April 18th, 2006, the day that Reade Seligmann and Collin Finnerty were wrongly arrested. It looks like that calendar will have to changed to fit the consensus that March 13-14 (dates of lacrosse party) is the anniversary of the hoax. NC AG Roy Cooper and his office have had the case since January 13th, 2006, 59 days ago.

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