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Monday, March 12, 2007

Duke/Nifong Hoax: Day #328

Updated - today's items:

Justin Pope, AP/ABC11 TV:
Duke Lacrosse Case, 1 Year Later — Through the pane of a Gothic window, the office of Duke University President Richard Brodhead looks out over students and faculty strolling across the hub of campus. It's an ordinary collegiate scene -- and a far cry from a year ago. . . A deep rift, however, remains in Duke's faculty, who have spent much of the last year arguing over a raft of sensitive issues including race, sex and elitism at one of the country's leading universities. Those debates have taken place under the scrutiny of outsiders following the case . . .
Much of the friction has surrounded an ad that got little notice when it first appeared in the student newspaper last April. Titled "What Does a Social Disaster Sound Like," the ad was signed by 88 of the approximately 760 non-medical faculty. . .

the ad became the center of a firestorm. Critics said they didn't object to discussion, but that the ad defamed Duke and that its tone and language presumed the players' guilt. In mid-December, defense attorneys cited the ad in motions claiming the accused players couldn't get a fair trial in Durham.

"The idea that people would think the faculty of Duke University was prejudiced against its own students was horrifying to me," said Roy Weintraub, one of 18 economics faculty who signed a petition stating "the Group of 88 does not speak for all Duke faculty."

Some faculty who signed the ad later tried to clarify their positions, emphasizing they hadn't meant to imply the students' guilt. But many maintain they weren't wrong to use the case to call attention to important issues.

"There are no circumstances under which people are going to be happy to have the institution criticized for its participation in structural inequality," said Wahneema Lubiano, an associate professor or literature and African and African-American Studies, who has been one of the strongest defenders of the ad. "I don't have any regrets. We were not talking about the case. But to avoid the spotlight would have meant walking around a very large elephant." . . .
LieStoppers forum: AP Report on Brodhead, Group of '88', Interview with Brodhead
FreeRepublic: Duke rape case still splits faculty ...
TalkLeft: 1 Year Later, Faculty Rift Remains

Michael Hiestand, USA TODAY:
Sports on TV... — Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski, on HBO's Costas Now on Tuesday, gives what is billed as his first "extended" comments on last year's Duke lacrosse scandal. He says he was "shocked" by professors' initial concerns: It shows there's a latent hostility, or whatever you want to say, toward sports on campus." …
LieStoppers forum: Coach K to support Players on HBO

Towerview Magazine: The lacrosse issue - growing back strongerAlex Fanaroff, Towerview Magazine Feature:
SUCCISA VIRESCIT: The story of the lacrosse team's regrowth When cut down, it grows back stronger -- John Danowski is a hugger. He hugs people. He hugs his son, Matt, and his son's lacrosse teammates. Good play? Hug it out. Good practice? Hug it out. Coach just finished yelling at you? Hug it out. Matt and his teammates laugh about it, but all that hugging is probably for the best. * Because after everything that happened last spring, Duke Lacrosse definitely needed a hug.
- Sidebar: The things they learned
- Timeline: A year of lacrosse
- TowerView issue

Steve Veres, Towerview/Duke Chronicle:
They Found 88 Problems, and the Dancer Was Just One -- The professors who signed a certain full-page ad last spring have received hate mail and death threats. And now they're ready to talk.
Susannah Meadows Senior writer for NewsweekKatherine MacIlwaine, Towerview/Duke Chronicle:
Q&A: Susannah Meadows Senior writer for Newsweek -- When Newsweek Senior Writer Susannah Meadows arrived in Durham to cover the lacrosse controversy last spring, she did not even have to ask for directions. One of many reporters amid a media frenzy that hit the campus, Meadows covered the case from the unique perspective of a Duke alumna.

Question: So when you come back, do you feel more like you are in the role of a reporter or in the role of an alum?

Answer: I spent a total of eight weeks reporting the story. When I'm down there, there's no question that I feel 100 percent reporter. I often forgot that I was a Duke student-It was just such an intense story to report. I spent most of my time walking into bail bonds centers and meeting strippers for dinner at Brightleaf Square [...]
Emily Rotberg, Towerview/Duke Chronicle:
What happened to the house? -- 610 N. Buchanan Blvd. -- The Chapel may grace official University promotional materials, but for a few months last spring, one building associated with Duke dominated the national imagination on a scale typically reserved for celebrity murder trials...
Rob Copeland, Towerview/Duke Chronicle:
The Virtual Support Team — By day, Mike McCusker is just another suit in midtown Manhattan, a civil lawyer working for a large, faceless firm.

At night, though, he steps into his metaphorical telephone booth and emerges as NDLax84, proprietor of the aptly named "Crystal Mess" blog, which has offered commentary on the Duke lacrosse case since last June. . .

KC Johnson... William Anderson ... LaShawn Barber

La Shawn Barber: Duke Lacrosse Players’ ‘Virtual Support Team
— Wednesday marks the first anniversary of the “Duke rape case.” Questions: 1) What was your impression/reaction when you first heard about the so-called gang-rape committed by Duke lacrosse players? (Here’s mine, but don’t let that prejudice you.)
2) What has this case taught you about race relations in America, if anything? . . .

comment: thank you for the link La Shawn

KC Johnson:
CrimeStoppers Update — I wrote to Judge Richard W. Carter (Ret.), Director of Legal Services of the national CrimeStoppers organization, to ask whether the refusal of the Durham branch to release its board of directors is consistent with the organization's policies. Carter's response. . .Therefore, the police department was correct in not releasing any information about the Crime Stoppers board of directors. . .

As we have seen in Durham, a structure essentially accountable to no one is a structure ripe for abuse.
TalkLeft: Duke University's connection to Crimestoppers: Basis for civil suit?
LieStoppers forum: CrimeStoppers Nifongery - revisiting the wanted posters

related [the big blog daddy, InstaPundit, has taken note of this CrimeStopper story]:
InstaPundit.com: Only in Durham - KC Johnson refers us to the indefatigable John in Carolina for more coverage of the Duke lacrosse situation...
KC Johnson:
Addison, CrimeStoppers, and Duke — [Dean Sue] Wasiolek told the parents that her sources said the accuser wasn’t credible—that the accuser’s story kept changing, the Durham Police knew she was a prostitute. It seemed hard to believe that a dean of student life would have such contacts. But a CrimeStoppers advisory board member certainly would.

Wasiolek’s dual Duke/CrimeStoppers role reveals an obvious conflict of interest: what happens when the interests of CrimeStoppers and Duke students do not coincide?

In this instance, it clearly is in the interests of Duke students that Addison and the CrimeStoppers advisory board explain why the organization publicized misleading or outright false information. But it is just as clearly in the interests of Wasiolek, others on CrimeStoppers’ advisory board and Addison to maintain its “wall of silence” regarding the production and dissemination of the “wanted” poster. . .

William L. Anderson:
The Duke Non-Crime Hoax at One Year: What Have We Learned? — What have we learned? We have learned – once again, and to our sorrow – that the individuals who represent the state often have the proclivity to do what is wrong – and they have the powers to carry out their evil deeds. It seems that the only antidote has been the use of vast quantities of what Louis Brandeis called the "best disinfectant": sunlight. After a year, the sunlight is shining and perhaps – perhaps – the authorities of the State of North Carolina who have been so badly exposed will end this illegal, unwarranted, dishonest, and malicious prosecution.

Michael Gaynor:
The "liberal" problem: wanting the hoax to be true — With the first anniversary of what may be the world's best known, worst planned and least enjoyable sports team party imminent and the complete collapse of the opportunistic, oppressive and opprobrious case that resulted from it inevitable, it is fitting to focus on the general societal problem that has been exposed: "liberal" wishful thinking. . .

The Group of 88's attitude toward the Duke case exemplifies the "liberal" problem with it: wanting the heinous charges to be true.

A Durham e-mailer highlighted what he described as an "oddity" in relating an experience of his own related to the Duke case:

"One of the odd things I ran across early on in this rape hoax was that two of my 'liberal' friends (both female) stated that they 'hoped the stripper was telling the truth.' I pointed out that by that they are saying that they wished rape on someone, and would it not be better if she was lying because that would mean she would not have been raped. They then rephrased their statements, but the fact was they would prefer that the guys get punished, even if it meant the woman was raped, than have some accused males go free because she lied. I think some of the Duke 88 are in a similar situation. . .

Brianne Dopart, Herald-Sun:
In the shadow of the Duke case — In 2005, police took 61 rape reports. The Crisis Response Center helped 109 people who said they were victims of a recent rape or sexual assault. In 2006, police got 100 rape reports, and the Crisis Response Center provided services to 102 people. Eleven were gang rapes, said Aurelia Sands Bell, the center's executive director.

The Herald-Sun asked the District Attorney's Office for a list of rape charges that resulted in convictions.

Candy Clarke, an assistant in the office, said there is no way to link the incident numbers the police assign to charges to the case numbers the DA's Office uses. Clarke called it "a glitch" in the system.

Patrick Tamer of the state Administrative Office of the Courts in Raleigh said one person was convicted of rape in Durham in 2006.

Tracey Cline, who prosecutes the county's sex-crime cases, didn't return several phone calls seeking comment. . .
Nifong, the Glitch in the System — Ms. Clark pretends that a glitch in the system is to blame for the District Attorney's office being unwilling to acknowledge that only one conviction was obtained. While Ms. Clark’s excuse for withholding the information requested by the Snooze Room does not appear to have merit, she may indeed be correct that there is a glitch in the Durham County justice system. That glitch has a name: Nifong.

Benjamin Niolet, News & Observer (2/20/07):
Nifong's problems just static in courts

LieStoppers forum: Only One Rape Conviction in Durham last year — 100 rapes reported, one conviction. . .

Joan Foster, LieStoppers:
March 14 Manifesto — One year ago, most of us thought newspapers researched the facts of a story BEFORE they reported, accepting some responsibility for accuracy. We thought university faculty would never publicly trash their own students in order to trumpet their pet theories. One year ago, we thought police took notes contemporaneously, not crafting them into a novelette months later. We thought "open discovery" meant "open discovery," not a GO Fish expedition few folks can afford. We thought district attorneys were the Good Guys searching for truth, not Media Grubs who view indictments as political ploys to win voting blocs in losing campaigns.

Now, on these counts and more, we know differently.
Now we know Nifong.
Now we've experienced the Hoax. . .
Brand, LieStoppers:
Scapegoatology 102: Sin Selection — Selection of the sins to be placed on the unsuspecting goat is a crucial step in the scapegoating process. If the community as a whole doesn’t buy into the sin, the entire scapegoating process, and the scapegoater himself, are placed in considerable peril. Nevertheless, if the aspiring scapegoater pays attention to the considerations discussed in this essay, and possesses the imagination and the gall to use a bit of free association and spin-doctoring, the opportunities to find, and ascribe, suitable, acceptable “sins” to an unsuspecting scapegoat, are virtually limitless.

Anthony Gordon Rud: 'I'm not that smart'
Wanker Watch:

Reading back over Mr. A. G. Rud's repartee with the commenters on his blog, regarding his idiotic blog posting, "The Culture of Violence and Privilege Behind the Duke Lacrosse Case," you have the feeling this Purdue associate professor went into an intellectual gun fight by baring his teeth and waving his pen knife.

Here is snip from Mr. Rud's post:
"And for all those who think Tom Wolfe's campus novel I am Charlotte Simmons (that I taught a year ago and will again in a few weeks to my graduate class) doesn't capture life on today's college campuses...read on. Of course this is not just Duke, nor just lacrosse. It is just the latest, most egregious, and shameful example of young privileged men behaving badly, how elemental urges (bonding like organized crime) take over at an elite liberal arts environment..."
wanker: one who wanks"... "jerk"... In particular, it may connote a self-obsessed, show-off person (usually male)
see: Anthony Gordon (A.G.) "Tony" Rud Jr.

LieStoppers forum: Rud's Blog

update Mar. 13th: Rud does a take two - Perfect Storm (see comments again) - "Furthermore, the Purdue professor who took me to task does bring up some good points, in particular, by suggesting that the fallout from the case has more than tarnished a few lives. I probably didn't give that enough thought in my original posting."...

2nd update Mar. 14th: Rud updated his "Perfect Storm" post, He wrote: "I have decided that a miscarriage of justice has occurred, Nifong appears to be mostly at fault with that, and some lives are already scarred and we are not at the end of it.... in contrast to the trolls I expunged from this blog, I stand by my views..."

3nd update: A.G. Rud has deleted all the comments on his blog. This after he said he "expunged" just the trolls' comments, apparently everyone was a troll. The intellectual beating he took was not pretty. Rud's poor logic and reasoning does not reflect well on his specialty, 'educational studies'. Is higher education in fields other than math or science really worth the money?

note: It has been 328 days since Reade Seligmann and Collin Finnerty were wrongly arrested on April 18th, 2006.

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