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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Duke/Nifong Hoax: Day #322

Updated - today's items:

William L. Anderson:
An Evening to Remember: Watching Duke Lacrosse in Action — Since last April, I have written nearly 40 articles on the Duke Lacrosse Non-Rape, Non-Kidnapping, and Non-Sexual Assault Case, yet there was one thing I never had done during that time: meet anyone associated with Duke’s lacrosse team. This past weekend, I was able to rectify that deficiency, and in the process came to realize even more what truly "Fantastic Lies" (more on that later) have served as the basis for this ordeal.

I traveled to College Park, Maryland, on Friday, March 2, to see the Duke-Maryland lacrosse match. Since I was scheduled to speak the next day at the annual convention of the Maryland Libertarian Party (on the Duke Lacrosse Non-Rape, Non-Kidnapping, and Non-Sexual Assault Case), I figured I would make a weekend of lacrosse. . .

Duke whipped Maryland 14-7, a victory that would result in the team being ranked first in the country in the latest collegiate lacrosse poll. It was a night to remember, and for all of the right reasons. And I was quite happy and proud to be there to take in this moment of sanity and decency in what has been an episode in state-commissioned criminal behavior by people who really could learn something from the lacrosse players and their families about truth, decency, and fair play.

ACC.com: Duke's Matt Danowski Earns ACC Men's Lacrosse Weekly Honors
Matthew Iles, Duke Chronicle: Top-ranked Duke aims to continue fast start

Leanora Minai & Paul Grantham, Working@Duke/Duke.edu:
'A Place to Be Proud Of' — President Brodhead discusses how the lacrosse situation has affected the Duke community . . .
LieStoppers forum: More BS from Duke President Brodhead, Trying to Spin the LAX Case

Marcia C. Smith, Orange County Register:
Lacrosse team has ragged reputation — Duke's young men deal with now-dismissed rape allegations. - Their heaviest luggage is not the kind that gets zipped up in a duffel bag with netted sticks, helmets and cleats, and thrown into the belly of an airplane bound 3,000 miles west from Durham, N.C.

The Duke men's lacrosse team, which will play in this week's First4 Invitational at the University of San Diego, totes its most burdensome baggage in the carry-on form of a damaged reputation. . .

Perhaps the program's reputation will heal if you knew that several Duke players left after Monday's practice to tutor schoolchildren. Or that the entire team visited a Ronald McDonald House around Christmas. Or that the players have their sights on a national title as well as law, business and medical school after graduation. Or that Douglas, a midfielder majoring in biomedical engineering, says, "We have all learned so many lessons about character and responsibility because of this and paid the price." At the hefty expense of their reputation.
TalkLeft: Duke Lacrosse Team Has Ragged Reputation- OC Register

First4 Invitational - Duke vs. Loyola, Saturday, March 10th, 6:30 pm.

omments: Wikipedia has an interesting review of the studies regarding false rape reports. When the "fantastic lies" of this Duke/Nifong hoax are finally and officially debunked there should be a new push to study the problem of false rape reporting.

see: Wikipedia: Rape Reporting - False Reporting

> Duke University on their website (dukenews.duke.edu) has created a page that links the Duke/Nifong hoax and the Campus Culture Initiative (CCI) together:
President Richard H. Brodhead and the university have undertaken a number of actions involving both the team and the broader issues raised by the case. This website provides updates and information about the incident, the university's response and the extensive media coverage.
Why is Duke University building a house of "culture" on a foundation of quicksand?

What "broader issues" do false allegations of sexual assault and the criminal prosecution of a fabricated case against three Duke students by a corrupt Durham DA raise? Perhaps constitutional issues, human rights issues, legal and due process issues, or maybe prosecutorial and faculty misconduct issues? No. Duke wants to focus on other things. What a lovely farce.

> Google now lists about 26,300 pages when you do a search on: Nifong prosecutorial misconduct (about 622,00o for just Nifong).

> Google lists about 30,400 pages when you search for "Group of 88" (about 750 for "Gang of 88").

Forum topics of note:

Todd Tiahrt - R. 4th district, KansasLieStoppers:
Kudos to Todd TiahrtTodd Tiahrt (R. 4th district, KS) has sent me a WRITTEN response to an earlier EMAIL.
"It is always good to hear from constituents (OK, a mistake, but I'll give him a pass for that), even if it is regarding tragic situations.

I too am troubled by the conduct of the Durham District Attorney in the case. It would appear that Mr. Nifong violated police procedure in suspect identification and made improper and inflammatory remarks to the media. Most troubling is the claim that he withheld potentially exculpatory DNA evidence.

One of the pillars of our judicial system is the right to a fair trial. I have contacted the US Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales, to look into the matter. I hope he will do so and determine whether it constitutes prosecutorial miscondcut."
KC Johnson: Add Tiahrt to the List
Something is wrong with this Picture — Civil Rights groups not caring about innocent people's Civil Rights. Black journalists saying they only care about their people (even if they are the one perpetrating the crime). The News media totally uninterested in a year long persecution that looks to be wholly politically and racially motivated. Women's groups rushing to convict these young men and being totally silent on other alleged Rapes and sexual violence where the suspects are black. Activists on campus inserting themselves into an investigation while totally ignoring other similar reported crimes in the area. . .

Kathleen Eckelt RN, FNE; Forensic TalkKathleen Eckelt RN, FNE; Forensic Talk:
Forensic Testing of Semen and Sperm — I've been asked to comment on the DNA testing for sperm and semen. . . Duke Lacrosse Timetable

According to the reports, DNA of multiple unknown males were found on the body and clothing of the accuser none of which matched any of the Duke Lacrosse players. We know there was male DNA because a sperm fraction was done. The head of the sperm carries the DNA. With a sperm fraction, a lysis is done in order to analyze the DNA.

What I find interesting is the time frame, considering that the accuser had stated that she had not had consensual sex for a week. OK, seven days. That's 168 hours. According to varying reports, the accuser was examined somewhere between 3am and 9am on March 14th.

According to a source for my previous post on this subject, the time frame for doing a Y-STR test is usually up to 48 hours, with a partial found at 85 hours, and a subset using 11 loci at 4 days:
"We have exemplified the potential utility of MPI and MPII in operational casework by their ability to dissect out the full 19 locus male haplotype in vaginal swabs taken up to 48 hours after intercourse. Partial profiles can be obtained 85 hours after intercourse. A judiciously chosen eleven-locus subset of our nineteen Y-STR loci is able to obtain a male donor profile 4 days after intercourse."

KC Johnson:
Josh Perlin Discusses Due Process and Civil Liberties — On several occasions, I’ve noted that the college press has featured a higher percentage of quality articles than its counterparts among mainstream print publications. Every once in awhile, however, a column comes along to shock the senses. Such was the case in a piece last week from a Cornell student named Josh Perlin.

Headlined “Seligmann Not Worth the Hassle,” Perlin’s article, which strongly condemned Brown other Ivy League institutions for a “lack of judgment” in recruiting Seligmann, featured some of the most tortuous logic to appear anywhere in print about this case. . .

Philip Wood, LieStoppers:
“Some thoughts on Lying, Cheating, and Stealing” — The current issue of The North Carolina State Bar Journal features a timely article entitled “Some Thoughts on Lying, Cheating, and Stealing,” co-authored by John Winn, Associate Professor of Business Law at Shenandoah University’s Harry F. Byrd School of Business, and G.S. Crihfield . . .

Perhaps with Nifong’s transparently deceitful response to the Grievance Committee in mind, Winn and Crihfield decry the damage done to the grievance process and the profession by those who extend their dishonesty in an effort to avoid discipline. They appear to hint that it may be the misrepresentations and absence of contrition in Nifong‘s petulant responses that place his license to practice in the greatest jeopardy. . .

Philip Wood, LieStoppers:
Former State Bar District Officer Disbarred — On February 1, 2007, a North Carolina State Bar Disciplinary Hearing Committee, chaired by F. Lane Williamson, warmed up for this summer’s anticipated action against Defendant Nifong by disbarring Durham attorney Teresa Smallwood. . .

Considering that Defendant Nifong will also face a Disciplinary Hearing Committee chaired by F. Lane Williamson, it bodes well that his numerous misrepresentations to the Grievance Committee will be viewed in the same unfavorable light. If an attorney in private practice does damage to the Bar, the legal profession, and the administration of justice by making false statements to other attorneys, the Court, and the Bar, it stands to reason that similar deceit by a district attorney can only be viewed as causing greater harm to those same institutions.

John in Carolina:
Anderson: H-S "simply enables" Nifong — Bill's right: the H-S should be ashamed. But it won't be. Since coming to the H-S in Jan. 2005 Editor Ashely has been the driving force behind three dramatic, recent changes at the H-S. Two of them are large drops in ad revenue and circulation.

The third? Ashley’s "moved" the paper to the point where noone there will publicly acknowledge shame for the H-S's shilling for Nifong and those who’ve conspired and enabled the frame-up and continue to do so. . .
John Stevenson, Blog Hooligan II — When those who once steadfastly championed him, despite his obvious wrongdoing, have begun to turn against him, it is a sure sign that his days as petty tyrant prosecutor are coming to a close. At this rate, perhaps even Bob Ashley may soon decline to pick up Nifong’s dry cleaning. Nifong need not fear being entirely alone though - he’ll always have Victoria Peterson and John Fitzpatrick to champion his misconduct.
KC Johnson:
Paula McClain: Rationalizing Nifong — So not only did [Duke prof. Paula] McClain, who also signed the “clarifying” letter, refuse to make a statement supporting Duke students’ due process rights, but she rationalized Nifong behavior that the bar (and most legal observers) deemed unethical. McClain did not respond to an e-mail requesting comment.

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